Wednesday , March 22 2023
Adams Oshiomhole

Is Oshiomhole, APC candidate in the September 10 Governorship election?

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While it is acceptable for him to be interested in who succeeds him as governor, his conduct is beginning to reminiscence the do-or-die approach of former President Olusegun Obasanjo when he went all out to ensure that Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua succeeded him. In his desperation, Obasanjo did everything inconceivable, resulting in the election being discredited by many credible independent observers. Even the beneficiary of the unpolished tactics employed by Obasanjo self-confessed that the election was blemished

By Charles Igbinidu

Last week, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) released the names of candidates of the different political parties in the forthcoming governorship election in Edo State. From the names released by the electoral umpire, Mr Godwin Obaseki and not Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

It is also a well-known fact that even if he is interested in continuing as the governor of the state, he cannot because he is constitutionally barred from contesting due to the imposed limitation of a maximum of two terms for the President and governors.

However, from the way he is carrying on, one gets the impression that Oshiomhole is the candidate of the APC. He seems to be so enamoured by the governorship seat to the extent that he wants to continue to govern the state by proxy after the expiration of his second term.

Having succeeded in imposing Obaseki on his Party at the expense of more popular and sellable aspirants like Dr. Pius Odubu, Oshiomhole seem to desperately want to also impose his chosen candidate on the people of Edo State.

Since the campaigns for the election started, Oshiomhole has relegated the candidate of his Party to the background.


Speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting of the All APC in Benin City on Wednesday, Oshiomhole said “the campaign of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the forthcoming governorship election in the State is dead on arrival”.

He said the APC is the only party that offers hope to all our people, adding “whether you like it or not, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) engine is dead on arrival. The early morning signals are clear. For the first time since 1999, a candidate was being presented to the people of Edo State for the most important single job, and the key pillars were there fastened to their chairs and their tables, none of them could stand on their feet to say one word. Has the Oracle not spoken?


 “Also, the “applicant pastor” said we have our fathers here and he called the fathers and you know when a child calls more than one father, you know what he is! But if you have three fathers seated next to each other, none of your fathers could stand up, take the microphone and said, yes you are my son; I present you. Did you observe that? Has papa not already disowned his child? Did papa testify for the child?”


Obaseki’s voice was never heard. In fact majority of Edo people cannot recognise the voice of Obaseki because he has really not been heard asking to be elected as a governor. It is Oshiomhole that is telling the people to vote for Obaseki. Oshiomhole should be informed that the people are not interested in hearing his voice but that of Obaseki.

 It is ironic that Oshiomhole, who used to be very trenchant and virulent in his campaign against godfatherism, now wants to transmute into a political godfather in Edo State.

While it is acceptable for him to be interested in who succeeds him as governor, his conduct is beginning to reminiscence the do-or-die approach of former President Olusegun Obasanjo when he went all out to ensure that Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua succeeded him. In his desperation, Obasanjo did everything inconceivable, resulting in the election being discredited by many credible independent observers. Even the beneficiary of the unpolished tactics employed by Obasanjo self-confessed that the election was blemished.

The prime factor that drove Obasanjo into adopting the undemocratic approach seems to be the same factor driving Oshiomhole. Obasanjo didn’t want former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to succeed him; the same way Oshiomhole does not want the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu to succeed him.


My plea to Oshiomhole is that he should not, like Obasanjo go all out   to manipulate the September 10 governorship election in favour of his preferred candidate. He should allow the people of Edo State decide who should be their next governor.


Oshiomhole should not also forget how the desperation of some political godfathers both at the state and the federal level almost deprived him of becoming the governor of the state until the judiciary intervened.

Also, why the desperation to impose a successor? Who told him that if Obaseki becomes the governor that he would operate under his apron-string. The polity is awash with governors who were imposed by their immediate predecessors but who immediately they were elected went all out to extricate themselves from the control of their benefactors.




About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. It’s now clear to him that his games are over

  2. He is APC god father of Edo state

  3. I am the God of creation, I am not here to support PDP or APC. Adam is a mad man to open is mouth and talk of APC again in Edo state. Since Adam take that slop what is a development of APC for those pass 8 years? OK now Buhari is now in Asok Rocks what is a change in Edo state for a year and now? Edo people are not fool. We will vote APC out in our state, Vote Adam out ooo.

  4. Is there sin God father in edo state

  5. The funniest thing is that Obaseki is not even talking…. His ‘dad’is doing the talking for him. …Oshomhole is a desperate man but he will fail this time woefully

  6. Wat is osho doing. He has to stop ✋ fooling Edo people. Obaseki is trator he betrayed his broda.he will betrayed os.we will not vote for name sake OSAGIE IS WINNING EDO STATE GOVERNOR…

  7. Ask me oooo. I tire oooooo. He is always carrying Obaseki like a baby everywhere. Dubious people. shame on you! shame on APC!!

  8. D tin tire me self. Dat means obaseki is dull like odubu

  9. Why is pdp always mentioning his name instead of APC or Godwin? The day they flagged up they did not mention APC at all it was Oshomole they were calling.

  10. I don’t know for him he that has turn to become another thing

  11. I wonder the level of ambition…crying more than the bereaved…Looking for a son to cover his atrocities…

  12. Pdp should be talking about Godwin and not Oshomole

  13. If good is easy to get? Let Lucky also come out and talk or campaign for PDP candidate. If you have a good father you will always be proud of him where ever you go. PDP are jealous..

  14. oshio is a disgrace to d state.d person dat could nt even read a wrtten speech is d one he brought.shame on Apc

  15. Ize Iyamu no get who go talk for am. Shey lucky say him wan anoint the next governor of the state. Make him come do am na

  16. He is working hard for his candidate, to hide his loot.

  17. Na so oshio campaign for Uyi Igbe and he lost…oshio go still loooose again

  18. Yes. He has a stake in it like every Edo person. He has undeniable right to promote the interest of his candidate. Lucky Igbinedion, former action Governor, should gear up to campaign for Pastor Ize-iyamu the candidate of PDP. Orbi is doing well in this regard with comical relief.

  19. Don’t be surprise that during Governorship Debate, Oshiomhole will not allow Dogwin Obolorseki to participate or Oshiomhole will represent him. I go laugh the way Ize-Iyamu go finish them

  20. Yes ooo, for THIRD TERM,. He should go and ask OBJ what happened about third term. Hahahahaha lol. FAILURE.

  21. Nobody wants to see his child fail an exama clean case during d first school leaving certificate exams i saw fathers,mothers with hope and passion for their children they will stay from morning till nite for their child some come with bible praying for d success of their children. dis na just primary six more of an election,where na devil and saint dey contest if u were dat governor will u allow a devil take after u ? my bro we know d answer o. so no talk about oshobaba he love dis state he want d best for us if those PDP will na thief dem wan com thief. Pls vote APC..t

  22. Oshomhole has a stake in the election, he has ruled over the state for 8yrs, who takes over from him should not only be his interest, the outcome of the election will be a vote pass on his administration.

  23. He is the candidate o! If that pastor takes over, he will be on the run for the rest of his life.

  24. He has to plant a stooge to cover his numerous atrocities. Jagaban has been doing that in Lagos.

  25. I spent more than a month in Auchi recently, and transversed the lengths and breaths of Edo North, Oshiomhole’s senatorial zone. I listened to what the masses had to say about the APC govts – Benin-City and Abuja. I purposely stayed back at the newsstands after buying my papers to feel the pulse of the real voters.

    From Agenebode to Uzebba; Ikpeshi to Okpella; Ozalla to Ikhin to Sobe to Ihevbe to Ososo, the masses are ready.

    They are ready to give Oshiomhole and his deceptive party, the APC, a rude – no, crude awakening come September 10th.

    Majority of the people can now see through the grand shenanigans and faffing proclivities of the APC!

    • You obviously do not know where we are coming from. We the Edo’s know what we went through between 1999 and 2007.
      The PDP’s government underdeveloped Edo, the emergence of Oshiomole changed that.
      Any right thinking Edo must compare where we are now to where we are coming from ;Why we do not want to be associated with the Igbinedions and the Annenihs.
      Those years of afflictions are gone and gone forever.
      This election will be PDP’s funeral in Edo.

  26. .

    I confuse my pipo.Or na expo APC wan use for di next election. Di person wey wan do wan do the exam nor dey cucuma read sef.

  27. Who the gods want to destroy they first make mad

  28. My friends asked me, if Governor. Adams Oshiomhonle is running for the third term in office as governor of Edo state? First i do not know why they were asking me. I told them no. Untill one them told me to watch APC compeign on TV. He said they were suprised that close to two hours Oshiomhonle had been on stage talking, it was thesame thing yesterday and the day before. They said why is Obaseki not talking to Edo people they asked. I said i don,t know, i am not part of APC compeign organization. I know Obaseki will talk when the time comes, Obaseki will debate with Ize- Iyamu when it’s time, Oshiomhonle will not do the debate for him.
    Obviously if God opens our eyes to see some situation ahead of us, will learn how to respect some certain behaviors in some people which we called abnormalities, because one day will find ourselves behaving more crazier.
    In 2007 General Olusegun Obasanjo carried the late president Ya’Adua, across the whole federation and took charge of the PDP compeig. Mr Adams Oshiomhonle was one of the then ACN members, who accused Olusegun Obasanjo of abandoning National issues for compeign, that if PDP and Ya’Adua cannot compeign for themselves, it simply mean General Obasanjo is still pursuing his third term aganda.
    In 2011, in the heat of the presidential compeign, Oshiomhonle reminded Obasanjo to mind his Ota farm, and challenged Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to a public debate with the ACN, presidential candidate Mr Nuhu Ribadu. It is laughable seeing Mr. Adam Oshiomhonle not only leading the APC compeign in Edo state, he alone will play all the roles for each day. Not minding the affairs of the state any more. He will do all the talkings, dancing, all the demonstrations and all the accusations on stage. I know for real, that if Oshiomhonle leaves the compeign for Obaseki and Edo state APC, pastor Ize-iyamu and his team will win before the election is conducted . Oshiomhonle recognized that PDP and Ize-iyamu are out to give him sleepless nights.

  29. the fear of ize iyamu has turn oshiomule to a confused man

  30. Oshiomhole wants to shield Obaseki as much as possible, because Obaseki is one dullard, and we hear he’s not in the best of health

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