Tuesday , October 3 2023

International Business

Ukraine war: Putin fires hypersonic missiles in new barrage, may be forced to use NUKES as Russia’s army continue to suffer setbacks

At least nine people have died in a new wave of strikes across Ukraine in which Russia used powerful weapons, including rare hypersonic missiles. Russia had reportedly not fired Kinzhal hypersonic missiles – which can evade air defences – since the early months of the conflict. The latest barrage was the most severe to hit Ukraine for weeks. It cut …

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BARCELONA star Gerard Pique’s £17.25million hotel stalled after 250 graves were found on the grounds.

Barcelona veteran Gerard Pique is facing some business setback and the reason for that is not something you would expect. The works on building the luxury hotel in Malaga were put on hold after…250 graves have been discovered at one of his properties on the Costa del Sol, as per Marca. Pique splashed around 20 million euros to purchase the property. The 35-year-old …

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Nigeria blocked from appealing High Court’s $1.7bn JP Morgan ruling

A British High Court judge Mrs. Justice Sara Cockerill has blocked the Federal Republic of Nigeria from appealing the court’s decision last month to dismiss its $1.7bn (£1.4bn) claim against JP Morgan, over claims the bank acted negligently by paying $875m into a bank account linked to a convicted money launderer and former Nigerian oil minister Dan Etete. The High Court …

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Nigeria Loses $1.7B Negligence Suit Against JPMorgan

Nigeria on Tuesday lost its claim accusing   JPMorgan of $1.7B of negligently transferring hundreds of millions of state funds from an oil deal to the country’s former oil minister after a judge held the country failed to prove it had been defrauded. The High Court has dismissed Nigeria’s lawsuit, finding that JPMorgan Chase hadn’t breached its duty to protect its …

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Canada to ban foreigners from buying homes in $10B plan to tackle soaring house prices

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has proposed a two-year ban on some foreigners buying homes. The measure comes as the country grapples with some of the worst housing affordability issues in the world. Prices have jumped more than 20%, pushing the average home in Canada to nearly C$817,000 ($650,000; £495,000) – more than nine times household income. But industry analysts …

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Tinubu Square Names Jessica Mann as General Manager

Tinubu® Square Group, the leading software provider for the Credit & Surety industry, has appointed Jessica Mann as General Manager of Tinubu Square Americas. Through its technology platform, Tinubu Square Americas processes CIRCA 50% of the bonds issued in the US.

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