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His siblings are of normal weight (Image: Caters News Agency)

World’s fattest boy weighs 197 kg at just 10, eats food of four adults

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Mohammed Arbrar, from Pakistan, weighed 19 kg at six months and now has to undergo weight-loss surgery in order to save his life

The world’s fattest boy weighs 31 stone (197kg) at just 10-years-old – and will have to undergo weight loss surgery in order to save his life.

Mohammed Arbrar, from Pakistan, struggles to stand after regularly scoffing meals meant to feed four adults.

Despite weighing just 8lb at birth, his parents say they were stunned when he began gaining weight rapidly – and tipped the scales at three stone when he was just six months old.

His doctors say he is the fattest boy in the world – weighing even more than Indonesian Arya Permana, who hit headlines when he was revealed to weigh 29 stone (184 kg) three years ago.

His parents, who have two other healthy children, say they had never heard of obesity.

As an infant, he was always hungry and would drink five times as much milk as his elder siblings – downing two litres at every feed.

He was so heavy that his mum Zareena could not change his nappies alone and had to get a specially-made bed to take his weight (Image: Caters News Agency)

He was so heavy that Zareena could not change his nappies alone and had to get a specially-made bed to take his weight.

Zareena said: “He weighed eight pounds at birth but his weight never stopped growing.

“He used to drink two litres of milk when he was only two years old.

“It was like his stomach never filled up. He always cried for more food.

“It was very difficult for me to even carry him. We had to make a special swing and a bed for him to change nappies.”

With his massive frame, even basic activities like walking and sitting are an uphill task for the pre-teen boy.

Despite having three siblings, an older brother and a sister and one younger sister, Mohammed cannot play with them.

He has never been to school as he cannot take more than three steps at a time.

But now, his parents are hopeful that Abrar would be back to a normal weight after the country’s best-known bariatric surgeon, Dr Maaz ul Hassan, has agreed to perform a life-saving surgery on him.

Bariatric surgery includes a variety of procedures, including gastric band surgery, on people who have obesity.

Dr Maaz said he is the ‘fattest child in the world’ (Image: Caters News Agency)

Zareena said: “We had never heard of obesity. When he was a baby, he was beautifully plump and we were proud of his frame.

“By the time he was six years old, he was already 15 stones and ate meals meant for four adults.

While Abrar’s parents made a conscious decision to never feed him junk food, he could easily gobble down four plates of rice or 10 chapattis with chicken curry at one go.

Zareena said: “His hunger was never satiated. Whatever I cooked, he would finish half the food and the rest of the food was eaten by five of us.”

Abrar’s alarmed parents took him to several doctors to seek medical help, putting him on strict diets but young Abrar could not follow the regimen often giving up on it due to his appetite.

The desperate parents finally met Dr Maaz two months ago who showed them a way through bariatric surgery- a procedure of achieving weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach and gastric band.

His mother added: “We struggled a lot finding the right treatment for him. We never lost hope of getting medical help.

Mohammad with the team of doctors before the surgery (Image: Caters News Agency)

“I am happy that finally Abrar will get the operation he needs to help him live a normal life.”

“We understand that he has a disease of eating too much food and he needs to be treated differently.

“I am sure he will lose weight just like Dr Maaz’s other patients.

“I am hopeful that with proper diet and exercises and activities like swimming and sports, he will one day be a normal weight.

Dr Maaz said: “He is the fattest child in the world.

“He is even fatter than the Indonesian boy.

“When he came to us he could not even take three steps at a time.

“He is an obese child although there is no history of obesity in his family. His parents and the two siblings are perfectly normal.

“He has an endless appetite and his parents said he ate a lot for his age.”

Abrar will undergo a laparoscopic sleeve surgery in which the outer margin of the stomach is removed to restrict food intake, on Friday.

The surgery is expected to last for an hour, and after the operation, Mohammed will be fed a liquid diet of buttermilk, chicken broth, and fruit juice.

Dr Maaz said: “We are going to perform a laparoscopic sleeve surgery on him as it is best for the people under 25 years of age.

“Although I usually take 30-40 mins to carry out the surgery, on him we are expecting it to last for an hour.

“Initially, we will give him only 50 ml of liquid every half an hour and gradually increase it to 100 ml.”

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