Tuesday , October 3 2023

ND Avengers tells Oshiomhole, Sylva, Boyloaf to stop using its activities to promote political MEND

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The Niger Delta Avengers on Sunday in a statement signed by its spokesman Brig. Gen Mudoch Agbinibo called on the governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, former governor of Balyesa State, Timipre Sylva and others to stop latching on its activities to promote what it described as “Political MEND”

 While declaring not to be surprised by the resurrection of the defunct MEND by these personalities NDA said that “The people of the Niger delta know that the likes of Timipre Silva, Boyloaf and Ayiri Emami are professional conflict merchants in the region, the only surprised entry is the outgoing Governor of Edo state Adams oshiomhole which reason is not far fetch as such he want some assistance and machineries from the criminal elements of the defunct MEND.”

Below is the full text of the statement



The high command of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) condemn in strong term the continuous efforts of Mr Ebikabowei Ben (Boyloaf), Ayiri Emami, Timipre Silva, Adams Oshiomhole and their paymasters to link and catch-in our activities to promote their political MEND that has purportedly named a team to negotiate with the Federal government. We are not however surprised by the resurrection of the defunct MEND by these personalities because these are groups of settled Ex-fighters that they have been arming, regrouping and rebranding over the years. The people of the Niger delta knows that the likes of Timipre Silva, Boyloaf and Ayiri Emami are professional conflict merchants in the region, the only surprised entry is the outgoing Governor of Edo state Adams oshiomhole which reason is not far fetch as such he want some assistance and machineries from the criminal elements of the defunct MEND.

We are making the last appeal and warning to this so-called MEND to excuse the NDA from their criminal ways and gangs ups. Nobody can ambush the struggle, the world knows that Boyloaf and his group of bank robbers have been settled since 2009 of which he is still collecting stipends for ghost names in the presidential Amnesty program (PAP). Please Mr. Victor Ben (Boyloaf) if you and your criminals want to resurrect the defunct MEND and negotiate with the Government that is your business but stop using ghost names to collect money from the Presidential Amnesty program. That is our only advise and remember we know all your activities.

We once again, restate that we are not going to be part of any dialogue and peace that will achieve only “The peace of our time” what the NDA want is Peace with honour which will enter the genuine framework in setting up the short , medium and long term action plan to the restoration of the essence of quality human life in the Niger Delta.

Brig. Gen Mudoch Agbinibo


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  1. Dey are fools avengers fire dwn evil APC pple dat love peanut

  2. Imuetinyan M Ogierhiakhi

    Oshiomole big log dey yur eyes, u want go Comot dust for anoda person own…….busy body governor.

  3. All these shameless people are APC and Buhari’s Business partners. They can’t be trusted for meaningful out come

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    • Haters like you don’t suppose to be on FB. Because you are still underage with your comments

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    • @Otori Abdulkareem, why are you so bitter, angry with everything including your self . Bros take i easy o whether you alive or death today Nigeria will still continue. Pls bring down your temper everybody cant be one person we disagree to agreed and that s What matter. Sorry.

    • @Auwal sorry for yourself because if you are wise you wouldn’t have intruded in my comments tallness of Displaying your level of Illiteracy

    • @ Abdulkareem, are you referring to Bisfrans or Igbos? If Biafrans please Biafrans are not a race neither are Igbos a race. If you want to insult Igbos please be straightforward, don’t do that separation. I was just passing by when I saw the insults. Hatred consumes energy and dries you up while the person you hate grows fatter and more prosperous, please direct your energy to better things like providing for your family, Nigeria will not feed you neither will your hatred earn you a kobo. Abeg park!

  4. They will meet their Waterloo very soon.

  5. What is their demand? Free dasuki or fiscal federalism? Hmmmm

  6. Gen mudog. U were a failure in de army or what ? U will end up in shame. Avengers keep bombing, shameless lazy pigs who cant turn one kobo to two. Women shall contineu to feed ur next ten thousand generations to come..lazy thief

  7. All of u talking Against Avengers should close ur Dirty mouth

  8. Those of you against Advangers are cowards, hypocrites and narrow-minded, if not these people federal government wouldn’t answer any Niger Delta people, the Yorubas that are cowards are suffering from the unfortunate victims of Fulani imperialism,they are cowards, by the time hausa Fulani will used and dump them, they would wake from their slumber to be realised that they will cry alone, as for hausa Fulani, why did they decided to dialogue with people they considered irrelevant, irresponsible, and Comon criminal??? Go and drill the crude oil from your father nyash,!!! COWARDS, we are Niger Delta people and we shall remain so!!! Who is fooling who in this country!!!

    • Tell the avengers to continue bombing till nothing remain to bomb…. I wish they should even bomb there roads and other facilities that belong to government. Who cares

    • But Yoruba are not cowards when they file behind uncle jona abi

    • This is d 1st time d yorubas & d north are having political romances since independence, yoruba was always in opposition & some fools now refer to yoruba as cowards then what are we going to call them who have veen doing d bidding of d north since independence. All iggings were always carried out in their creeks.

    • Aondoakaa, you get mouth. I don’t blame you. Maybe the so called road was build with your Papa money. EWU CAN BEER.

    • Keep on deceiving ur self.

    • Wait on the day they would bomb your mother and wife and children. Sebi when boko haram started most of the Northern er are supporting them

    • Hammed u r stupid,bring it family n it GENERATION allow after u hve find bombing ur lives

    • The way your beloved Niger Delta leaders have been fooling you. Building universities and other investment outside Nigeria, collecting sit at home allowance for busy doing nothing; Ask yourself the question again who is fooling who?

    • Dis post shows ur thinking faculty is very shallow, anyway since u support d bombings in niger delta, tell ur brothers to continue…. D only thing I wish for u is that u RECEIVE SENSE!

    • Let them continue to bomb until nothing will be left. Bassey, l pity people like you for your short sighted thinking. Pls invite the ND Avengers to bomb your state so that the federal government will also attend to your problems.

    • Yorubas had romances during Col Gowon era and were disgraced later on,they had during Rubadu time,they had also before and on Obj time and so forth…………if you truly meant well for Nigeria,or your so-called one-nigeria,let’s freeze Oil Production, let’s freeze all Oil Blocs, and then let’s show d world that the so called Nigeria really LOVE being together with our previous Natural mineral resources,,,,,, YOU R JUST AFTER THE OIL,Period!

    • You that are not cowards ,what are your political gains ?We are not militaralised

    • Hmm!!!! @ James Aku Karia, I see a lot of sense in your view up here,,, I think that’s a good way forward…

      I’m a Yoruba prince, never mind to probe further

    • Mr Edet, you are not exposed! Your naive and narrow-minded level should teach you that Nigeria is no longer one, that it’s only the oil of Niger Delta that forces this false unity you think to experience, very soon your myopic eyes will open!!!

    • Hahahahaha, as old as you are@ Sunday Olaiya,I pity you, by the time hausa Fulani finish using and dump you, you will realise that you don’t know anything, you claim to enjoy the political romance like a newly wedded wife , don’t worry we are watching, at the end, you will still run to Southsouth and Southeast claiming that you are brothers! Hypocrites traitors!!!

  9. Unreasonable demands. Let’s them continue destroying their nests. They will soon realise that.

  10. Lazy people always like to fight with arms, if you want to fight a good fight use your brain not arms.

  11. Avengers ar our big brothers we ar praoud of them so get lost u fools

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  13. Continue to bomb d pipe line in comunity.fulani pple will suffr it.lazy roges

  14. My brothers in the creeks I told u people to start with OSHIOMHOLE if u want to start deally with niger delta governors he talk too much. I regret in having u as my state governor

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  17. They are stupid for the released

  18. You are here making noise why can’t you go and joint them to destroy the pipelines

  19. They will soon die by hunger because they have no land to farm

  20. If any of den talk much, he should b attacked immediately no rubbish

  21. Dey are not like d boko haram dat kill innocent souls,,,dey fite for wait dey bliv in…..stop makin noise

  22. Betrayers of the Ijaws and Niger Deltans should know that they will surely reap the evil they have sown and GOD ALMIGHTY will not let them go unpunish

  23. Una talk sef don too much, pls take action, if na that monkey that calls himself Adam, shut him up once n for all. Too much making mouth reduces ur power n action.

  24. If you don’t like what NDavengers are doing.. Go and hung transformer and burn like pipelines

  25. It takes a real men and self realisation to fight for ur right Nigerian should learn to be truetfull

  26. i knw its only d hausas that wil nt b hapi bcos avengers wnt 2 avenge

  27. Please it will be better for you people to close ur dirty mouth if you don’t know what to do plz

  28. Plz locate zoo aso rock abuja 4 nxt bombin

  29. Hmmm….., haven’t gone through this post and all comments, abuses all and all that, let’s be honest to ourselves, does it look as though we re 1 Nigeria? Out of the abundance of heart, the mouth speaks.
    Food for tots

  30. oladotun u sound as if u like them u don’t and u know so the oil have stop go fin work and do u lazy fool like u

  31. It’s so funny reading comments here. D Igbos are here praising avengers for bombing pipelines. But dey refused to bomb pipelines in their domain of Abia and Imo states despite their ppl being killed wen they clash wit our security agents. HYUNDAI want to build a refinery in Abia state.Dey met wit d state Governor yesterday,land has been provided by d community. Niger Delta wake up o…..Proudly Niger Deltan

  32. i can see the cowards making noise

  33. Gen.Mudoch, go for them and bring three of them down or they will sabotage your group.

  34. Na whaoooo Nigeria which way

  35. Go after both they are thieves Up avengers .

  36. D freedom fighters fighting for their rights

  37. This Country is terribly sick. I am so afraid for it. The whole fibre of brotherhood is ripped beyond repair. Our hatred for one another is unbelievable. Some think they are better than others. By whose order if I may ask. Let’s thread softly my brothers and sisters. God is definitely in control.

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