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George Best kissing his ex-wife Alex ( Image: ExpressStar)

Hidden footage ‘captures ghost of George Best’ which ex-wife says she is haunted by

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George Best’s ex-wife believes the footballer’s spirit could be in her Surrey home. The woman said she has experienced some strange phenomena that she cannot explain, such as items disappearing


By Claire O’Boyle


As one of the best footballers who ever lived George Best famously ghosted past defenders as if they weren’t there.

Now his ex-wife Alex has revealed she believes he could still be ghosting around – but this time as a spirit in her Surrey home.

Since the footie star’s death 16 years ago, model Alex has experienced strange phenomena and goings-on which she has never been able to explain – items vanishing from sight only to reappear in the middle of a room many months later, heavy furniture moving, lights flicking on and off again, and the TV suddenly bursting into life with no human interference.

“I’m convinced spirits have come to visit my 200-year-old house,” she says. “And now I think George could have been one of them.”

Indeed the star’s first-ever spooky experience came on the day Manchester United icon George was buried on December 3, 2005, after his death aged just 59.

Alex Best with the presenters of Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted

Alex Best with the presenters of Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted ( Image: Discovery+)

“On the day of George’s funeral I was staying at a hotel in Belfast,” recalls Alex. “I remember it was an early start that day and obviously it was very emotional. Just as I was leaving through the hotel door the shower turned on full blast. On its own.”

And in an astonishing moment caught on camera, a book, by itself, shoots out from the back of a shelf by around six inches. When investigator Barri Ghai looks he finds it’s an authorised biography of George Best.

“I don’t think that’s a coincidence,” says Alex, who turns 50 later this month. “I’ve got so many books on that bookshelf. I’ve got books on films, antiques, all different autobiographies and yet the book that shot out was George’s. That moment made me really think he could have been one of the spirits.”

The team tell Alex it’s highly unusual to capture such apparently startling supernatural movements on camera. That is, they say, unless the spirit wants to attract attention.

“Are you surprised that George made an entrance, an appearance, of that nature?” Barri asks her. “No,” she laughs. “Not at all. Cheeky monkey.”

Alex was shocked when footage showed a book moving

Alex was shocked when footage showed a book moving ( Image: Discovery Plus)

“Something like that would be typical George,” adds Alex. “Before that point I’d thought the spirit had just been a child because it was mischievous and playful, but George was mischievous as well. He was always playing around and trying to make people laugh.”

The model turned property developer, who was married to George for 10 years before their divorce came through in 2005, says the couple always had a strong connection.

“Even though there were difficult times of course, and we’d separated by the end, we were always friends and I always loved him,” says Alex. “I still do. We’d never discussed what we thought about ghosts and things like that, because I’d always been very skeptical about these things until all this began. But George and I both had a spiritual side and a strong faith.

“He’d keep a bible by the side of his bed. As a couple we always had a very strong connection but you want people that you love to have moved on, so in a way I hope George hasn’t been one of the spirits to have visited me, but I’m open to the fact he might be.”

Alex Best

Alex has experienced strange phenomena at her home ( Image: Discovery Plus)

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