Friday , April 12 2024

Russia will “never” win in Ukraine , Biden vows

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JOE Biden hit back at Vladimir Putin’s deranged nuclear threats this evening as he vowed Russia will “never” win in Ukraine.

Biden used a major speech in Poland to taunt the Russian tyrant saying Kyiv “stands strong, proud and free” a year on from the invasion.

He spoke to cheering crowds in Poland alongside president Andrzej Duda following his historic trip to Kyiv yesterday.

The US President, 80, spent the day praising Nato as “stronger than ever” and reassuring his allies of Washington’s continued commitment to Europe.

And then he delivered a key speech at the Royal Castle, the same location where he condemned Putin last March just weeks after Vlad’s invasion.

Biden said Putin believed Nato would “fracture and divide” – but in fact the alliance was more united than ever.

US president Joe Biden vowed Russia will 'never' win in a speech in Warsaw tonight

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