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Indinmi and daughters

Nigerian Billionaire condemned by Ijaw Youths for donating N4.2bn to American university

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The recent donation of N4.2billion to an American University by Nigerian billionaire, Alhaji Mohammed Indinmi, is still having negative reverberation in the country as the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has described it as irresponsible and as a waste of Niger Delta Oil money.

Idinmi, who is a close friend of former Military President Ibrahim Babangida is the sole Founder and Chairman of Oriental Energy Resources Limited, an oil company allocated oil blocks during the administration of Babangida. Babangida’s son is also the husband of one of the daughters of Indinmi.

Recently, two of his daughters, Amouna and Hauwa, graduated from the University of Lynn, in Florida and the billionaire donated $14 million (N4.2 billion) complex named after himself “Mohammed Indimi International Business Center” to the University.

In a statement issued by IYC on Tuesday and signed by its spokesman, Eric Omare, the Council said: “it is sad and provocative that Mr. Mohammed Indinmi who operates in different parts of the Niger Delta region and has failed woefully in his corporate social responsibility to the host communities could donate such a whopping amount of money to a private institution in faraway America whereas the communities and people hosting his company, Oriental Energy wallow in poverty. Mr. Indinmi has no single record of contribution to community development in Nigeria, not even in the terrorist ravaged north east.

“We state that the money Mr. Indinmi wasted in far way America is Niger Delta money and the people of the region must work towards recovery all their resources in the form of oil blocks awarded to people like Indinmi.

IYC called on youths of the Niger Delta region to close ranks and work towards addressing the aged – long injustice of past Nigerian Presidents awarding oil blocks to their friends and relatives while the people of the Niger Delta region wallow in poverty.

Omare further stated that “The forthcoming IYC conference of Niger Delta youths on Thursday, the 26th of May, 2016 in Warri, Delta State provides the opportunity to start the journey. Niger Deltas must reclaim their resources.”

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  1. Ds Alhaji should be in EFCC cell. What is he doing for a leaving. There are a lot of poor Nigerian Students, how many has he help. Money miss road man.

  2. He is an asshole. Emptying a cup of water into a river. How can they believe we are broke? Eye service goat.

  3. Idiot aboki, tif our oil moni go form big boy. Damm u

  4. Buhari won’t see this thief

  5. Anyway he she should have donated that huge sum to the war ravaged north east or even his own State of Borno. Another Nigerian Elite in action.

  6. Eeeeewooo! Nwoke a egbo madu!! Nigerian, dash America money? heeeeey, Olorun shanuwa oooo!!!

  7. Just imagine, using a teaspoon to fetch water into the ocean ! Alasehan / asedanu.

  8. He should have donated d money to Ekiti State govt,at least dat would have settle two months salary arreas.

  9. Hundreds of thousands of Almajiris are in his state roaming the streets. Not even basic pry 6 education. Anyway, tomorrow the will honour him with doctor. Aboki sorry o!

  10. Have a slice of West Point Gardens, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos and Imo state

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  11. Indimi is a perfect example of a brainless fool. Taking coal to newcastle! I dnt blame him.

  12. While hunger is wailing people of Borno and IDPs.

  13. Mr billionia how many time have u help your people

  14. one of d reason y western should colonise us again,idp camp is there,army needs motivation to counter insurgent,u can better d lifes of million Nigerians by providin jobs like Dangote rather u chose to help those that dont need your help.The oil bloc should be withdrawn&EFCC shud probe this man.


  16. What concern ijaw with indimi,,, let them talk of jonathan

  17. Alhaji indinmi has aproblem if not he is am indegin of borno state were d boko haram has being killing his peoples ?and more so the maiduguri were their is IDP camps or IDP are scarted all over nigerians which he idinmi

  18. I no see how Thunder No Go fire this Idoit.

  19. all the money looted in Nigeria is done by Northerns. they sheard our oil blocs among them selfs, using the money to them self. soon, i mean very soon, there hands will not touch that oil again. foolish cows!

  20. Efccc nothing will not see this

  21. Idimi family own oil bloc you can see why am in support of ND advengers activities in short there should blow up all the oil bloc

  22. Indium or whatever his name may be is a typical black man whose desire is all ways to make his Whiteman master happy.

  23. Indimi has mental disorder

  24. This is not done at all, it was not rewarded frm ALLAH why dis man did’nt go to orhpanage home and donate, donate to widow, pay 4 school fees . All what i know is that “WE BROUGHT NOTHING FROM HEAVEN & WE SHALL RETURN WITH NOTHING”

  25. Donating N4.2b to America University, i’m sure this didn’t make news headline there. This mumu man never baf like Buhari. Yeye d smell

  26. This man deserves to be hanged. What a wicked soul.

  27. U see it? Foolish pple dat lack sense on how 2 develop dea country, u give dem dis kind of money wch am sure de money belong 2 Biafra country our oil money but stil u no use it do any tin 4 nigeria ur country, shame to u ewu but nigerians re cryin of hardship no money 4 budget bc buhari nd his members is after dea own puket ntn more soon God of de poor ll judge u all nd suffer u all 4 wat una did to de poor ones.

  28. Why blaming the man,IS IT YOUR MONEY?

  29. Na God go ponished him idiot man If he use that money to sponsor scholarship wil people nt benefit from him

  30. Throwing bucket water into d ocean.

  31. I querried those of you that is lambasting this man on how he spend his own personal money.

    Is he a politician? Is he the father of almajiri? NO. Unto him that has, it shall be given unto him he wil have much, but unto him that has not, even the little one he has will be taken away from him.

    So i support him let him give it to people that will use very well instead of given it to this lunatic in disguise

  32. Hausa/fulani again, that man deserve to be execute either by stone, electric or thrown inside ocean

  33. How e carry concern una . No bi em money again. Asare wey carry em own go build football academy and university outside Nigeria Nigeria not good for de projects. Abeg make I hear something

  34. Danco music refuse to pay Sky b his #20million royalty money instead insist he doesn’t have any money to pay the young star, sky b heading to court and EFCC, pls help me share dis art of wickedness. He buy my video and audio CD 600k wit agreement of paying me my royalty if the song sale now he say he will kill me if i try to disturb him about my royalty all my suffer and all that money he made out of my dream.

  35. Mi, i no blm d mn cos he has an opportunity !

  36. I say it again that Alhaji Mohammed Indinmi is free to spend his money as it pleases him, no matter how invidious what he did might be in the eyes of the public. If he did not contribute to the rehabilitation of the IDPs in the Northeast, does he need to be castigated for that? Did he mastermind the Boko Haram Insurgency? Was he the abductor of the Chibok Girls? Until Ndinmi is indicted and convicted of looting or appropriating funds belonging to the State, no one should criticise his manner of spending. Leave Indinmi alone. To do otherwise is to be envious of someone else’s wealth.

    • He is a theft, this uncircumcised philistine is use our oil money to develop the north,,, hahaha you cannot

      Parasites who contribute nothing to Nigeria economically are bent on taking over Nigeria states and their oil!! Lazy parasites they are!! Their only interest in Nigeria is in power and oil/economic resources!!

    • Where and how did he get d money? Thieves

    • @ Uche Asede. I don’t know Alhaji Indinmi’s background and how he made his money should not be anybody’s headache. The material issue here is the rationality or otherwise of the infrastructure he endowed to a foreign University to mark her daughters’ educational achievement. My own personal opinion which I’m convinced that the law and even morality itself will support is that Indinmi is free, under the sun, to spend his money as he deems fit and proper. We should not be concerned with the political, economic and social insinuations in Indinma’s private life, moreso as he’s yet to be accused and convicted of having stolen the money. The Yorubas say “nkan to ba wun olowo ni nfi owo ree ra”.

    • and he is among the people that owns oil wells in another man territory.

  37. Let im lavish d mny jare.

  38. The stupid man went to university of maiduguri nd also frm dat place nd hasn’t done nothin to his ppl bt can spent such huge amount of money to the ppl dat doesn’t need it,,,,,,useless idiot

  39. You can c why some ppl r fighting to get der oil block bak, bcos dose dat r enjoying d largesess coming 4rm d oil blocks r nt even helping matters in anyway.

  40. Is it not pouring a cup of water into the ocean? Check, it must be an Hausa man who doesn’t know what to do with money and yet his people are badly backward in all ramifications. Lol

  41. And to pay 50% derivation to Oil producing states is so difficult for this twisted minds,

  42. Yes that is nigeria and morthencrazy. Buhari and efcc have not seen him and invited him for questioning on how He controls such wealths and how he acquired them. On the other hand borno state is already an IDP’S STATE soon it will change from borno state to IDP’S STATE yet the moron donated 4.2bn to the western States, i keep saying it as long As muslims are given presidential opportunity nigeria will continue retrogresing till 2001. He has done nothing to the idps and nigerians in his own State and country but just doled out 4.2bn to the western world.

  43. Only God can save the poor Nigerians from the hand of the conservative of this country IJN

  44. Free and easy money. What do you expect? Will cow, tomatoes, onions, cabage, carrots, cucumbers, lettuces and fura etc give him such money? NO!!! It can only be oil. Therefore Support Movement for Actualisation of Biafra today so that all these resources they used gun collect from us will stop. Unit Biafra support NDA. Biafrans are special people GOD Bless in all round, let us unite and take what is rightfully belongs to, use it develop ourselves and our land and SERVE our GOD without fear and intimidation. May GOD give us Wisdom.

  45. And the man is from Borno state? Me i no blame Avengers again ooo

  46. Why millions are dying in Nigeria? He needs to be repatriated to the USA.

  47. OML 115 known as Oldwok field Ebok field OIL wells were awarded to Alhaji Mohammed Indimi an inlaw to former Head of State Gen. Ibrahim B. Babangida. The two Oil fields worth $200 billion Dollars. Do reseach!!!

  48. See the beatifull ladies beside him. Ladies @ work, they hav taken control. Let him donate his life.

  49. I don’t blame him, l blame the idiots that gave him oil well. Many are still doing the same thing though not to foreign universities but to terrorists

  50. He did what he want b/c he has the power nd authority but i think that’s a total robbish b/c we dnt know what indimi is benefiting from them nd whatever he has the benefit i think they re nt better than his state of birth borno state nd every one knows there’s a lots to do in borno such as pple in idp camps houses destrooyed by the insurgents medicals nd a lots so what he did dosnt make a sence to as as nigerians especially the maidugurias he should have learn some lessons from aliko dangote who promise to feed the pple in all the IDP camps such a person with human fillings.may god bless him may god bless nigeria

  51. Forget it, Nigerian don’t sew where they will not reap.

  52. Ijaw Youth Council sometimes bastardise issues childishly.

  53. Agama Bernard u have spoken well

  54. most foolish human been ever,any other country can praise u,but in Nigeria here,u will get nothing but insult. ur people are dieying here and u are wasting money to people who dont need.

  55. and you are telling me that the Niger delta Avengers should not drive away the useless northerners who control about 90% of the oil blocks in the niger delta.

  56. what is his business? Security agents needs to do a thorogh background check on him, if nothing is linked to him as corrupt practices, then he is even free to dash obama more than that but later buhari will start singing corruption song in the south, the rich guy even hates his fellow northerners wishing them death through poverty while making friends with the Americans oh my God igbo man is wiser than these people

  57. Hahaha hehehe das Zoological 4 u evil every where full of evil my gudness me

  58. That’s good let him die over there, because his relative and his friends are suffering here in maiduguri,

  59. His license must be withdral

  60. Well, to me and the entire US that donation is practically nonsense.

  61. Na fool, charity start from home, the American investors we mock him after that lol

  62. The Billionaire is a disgrace to his people, Nigeria & Africa. N4.2billion donation to a University in the USA by this Nigerian billionaire whose state is among the poorest states in Nigeria is madness! U can see how people like him from Borno state have encouraged jobless & ignorant youths in the North-east to become member of the Boko haram terrorist. N4.2billion is enough to build more than ten Youth Empowerment Scheme Centres across the country in order to make some Nigerian youths acquire skills or training. It is unfortunate.

  63. Charity beging @ home. Hw many Nigeria institutions have u ever help? U just have to be probe. Idiot.

  64. He is a mad man They are many like that in this nation ” ROBBING THE POOR PAUL TO PAY THE RICH PETER “

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