Sunday , March 26 2023

FG plans dialogue with militants to end pipeline vandalism – Lai Mohamed, Kachikwu

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The Minister for Information and Culture with the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, Monday, said the Federal Government is considering opening a robust dialogue with the Niger-Delta militants on the need to stop militancy in the oil rich region.

The duo who spoke an interactive session with a coalition of civil societies in Lagos, chaired by Dr. Moses Ilo, founder of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, stressed that nefarious activities of militants is currently sabotaging efforts being made by the government to revamp the nation’s economy.

Mohammed while lamenting the situation said there was no other solution to the issues happening in Niger Delta other than engaging them in meaningful dialogue.

According to Kachikwu the government has come to realize that rolling out military tanks against the militants would not solve the problem.

“The military barrels cannot stop or solve problem of militancy in the Niger–Delta region. I will have to go back to my brothers, they are our brothers we will go and dialogue with them,” Kachikwu said.

He said the continued audit of the country’s daily fuel consumption resulted in weeding out 10 million liters of fake petroleum products that was daily subsidized by the previous administration.

Kachikwu lamented that the fund spent in subsidizing the pretentious consumption daily could have been used by the Federal Government to fix the refineries, roads and other basic amenities across the country which would have helped improve the Nigeria’s economy.

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  1. D militances shld rememba dt d way dey lay their bed is d way dey wud lyd on it. Sabotagin d gvt eforts n creatin economic recesiv is a greata felony. Dey sha nt go unpunished. D law of d land sha take its efects sona dan leta.

    • Which law? We dont have laws in this country o if not PMB will never be president wake up Garba if there is a law why is obasanjo, tinubu, and all PDP thieves roaming freely? Funy you remember law becos we are loosing oil from the north?? Ka dane riyan nan.

    • Pmb has no respect for law,he is a dictator

    • Dos wu ar supose to justify d already unjustificatn futher subject d issue to crinkum-crankumby. Anyway, lif is an inclusn of myopic tinkers; may be u shld go n reamend d law n stand as d frontier. If d law is nt efective hw cum d Nigerian Soldiers ws able 2 capture n kiled d hoodlum cald militants? D law of consent dt is d highest law of nature dt dwel in every soul sha justify d issues. We can nt win d batle n lose d war, wit d fact dt d law may or mit be silent abt sum isues dos nt signify lawless society. Yes i no, Nig.wil nt jst fold her arms restricting invitatn n aproaches abt d issue; Nig.wil nt just be looking for their fud to be stolen by dog. D lackadaisica behavioras sha soon experience n experiment d consequences of being a fruga even to anoda person’s interest. Wakin up or asleep, wat must be said must be said.

    • U sound lik novic. If wat u named is wat u ar in2, it mit hv cosed damages to ur brain; anyway, may God delivered u cos’, u ar in tota darknes. Bisalam.

  2. Government should also use the military alongside the dialogue.These niger delta terrorists dont understand negotiation.

  3. The grouping of the economy continues…..until a new government comes in place. by 2019…..tell Behar to do his worse.its now a norm to bargain for power by violence….its called KARMA

  4. Mr Lai of fake news generation of lai and lai of hardship in chain level fool

  5. Una sabi take waiting una throat sabi swallow by force abi na wash una our land said No desist from our region b4 we provoke becus ur lai state go turn 2 truth state 4 real mr anti lai agent error in chain ur fada all dis sabo yoruba and hausa una go soon kasa

  6. I think the yoruba and aboki say that nigeria will do without the niger delta oil no need for the dialogue ,invest in agriculture forget about oil

  7. Scraping ammesty programme by Apc led federal Government causes the militancy. Why should the federal government scraped ammesty programme?

  8. Don’t negotiate, crush them! Na today

  9. Isn’t it the first thing they should have done!? Buhari think it’s done with military might! Him thinking no reach! E no Sabi am! Straight up!!

  10. No dialogue with terrorist

    • SULEMAN you don’t know what you are saying, the militant should keep quiet nd allow the North steal nd Loot thier oil money dry abi, 80pcnt of oil blocks is in the hands of Northern cabals wen they don’t hv oil in thier soil. is it fair?

    • They are ignorance and their criminality make them thinking that other Nigerian s are looters like them

    • salihu or what ever you called yourself, go there and fight them you think they’re boko haram? ask the military that are there they will tell you far is easy to fight militant in Niger Delta. do you know how many military personnel that have die so far without the death of a single militant? are you reading news? You think is sitting in your house and be making stupid comment on facebook? even army high command have advice government to dialogue with militants, army confirmed that is not easy to fight militant in the Niger Delta army said it clear that time have change, these boys are well arm and being sponsored both within and outside.

    • @Salihu Suleman , it seem you have sachet water in your head not brain!! You just want to see your writeup on Facebook…!!! U’re a F@¢π’ing goat…!!

    • Don’t warry burtai will deal with any fool in this country whether you are a boko haram , shia haram or N delta &igbo terrorist

  11. Make una make sure Una dobale for d militants

  12. Millitants or Boko Haram siblings?

  13. I will advice d militants not to dialogue with d government if Lai Mohammed is a representative of d government.

  14. A good rethink on Buhari’s Scorch earth policy..Force can’t always has its way in democracy.

  15. what state is this man from?

  16. I think diplomacy is d key . security nd risk experts shud be used dialogue.with d militants.

  17. D better talk with them.

  18. negotiation and dialogue is d best way to resolve our differences/conflicts, there shld b mutual understanding which leads to mutual agreement, i pray dat we will embrace peace and come together as one pple of Nigeria nation, we shld know dat we cant leave without each other, dat we need each other as brothers and sisters, uncle and auntys, fathers and mothers, to leave together as one again and grow, one Nigeria dats wat we are

  19. why would the North allocate 80pcnt of oil blocks to themselves wen they don’t hv oil in thier soil? the militant are fighting for the right of the region, otherwise nobody would listen to them. if the oil was to be in the North they would hv pull out of Nigeria along time ago. the North are the problem I this country, the are the highest criminals nd looters in this country.

  20. This government is not sincere o! Avengers watch your back!!!

  21. Noooo dnt dialog go n crush dem

  22. Fake news. Release nnamdi kanu, release biafrans or the zoo will drown!

  23. We never rich were we Dey go

  24. In as much as this is a good move but its late, i am from the north but i bare witness that the Niger Delta has been feeding all of us in this country but has not been treated fairly. Following history of the military way of handling issues i advice the avengers to make a list of what they expect or want from the govt and not meet with them bcos if anything goes wrong there will be a war and lives and properties will be lost. So lets avoid blood shed none of the parties involved should show trust and the meeting can hold in the North or the west. Not in the Niger delta region.

    • you shall leave long for ur truthfulness.

    • You re a fool, it is cocoa money dat our own dear late Pa Awolowo used 2 build d west,& not oil money. By d way, anoda Yoruba source of income is Accademics,& we reaps a lots 4rm dia by producing world class Lecturers, Proffessors, Lawyers, Doctors, Teacher, & Politician of repute, even world class farmers. Yorubas has neva, i mean neva depend on oil 2 survive,& believe me, its goin 2 be d last thin 2 do 4 Yoruba race. #GODBLESSYORUBANATION_and_GODBLESSTHEFEDERALREPUBLICOFNIGERIA

    • TK Lawan you are the biggest fool I have ever seen the yoruba tribe is now a tree that make a forest so how much revenue is generated by all the yoruba state internally every month yet their is constant federal allocation give to Western States or are you daft you don’t know how the professors in your family are paid I guess you are not even aware apart from lagos the yoruba has no other geese that lay gold egg in terms of revenue and how possible was that it’s as a result of the Western politicians as a result of 1966 civil war holding all the other sea ports in Nigeria to ransom and making it obsolete in other to develop lagos no wonder majority of industry are sited in lagos and ogun and only few in PH as a result driving internally generated revenue of these States high and fostering development there with out divide and rule political structure placed in Nigeria lagos won’t see the back of cities like porthacort calabar Akwaibom and Aba just activate these other Sea ports in calabar, warri, Akwaibom and porthacort for total function and you will see lagos fall… #As_If_You_Can_Read_And_Comprehend.

    • @ ifeanyi Tanx its like TK did not read what i said cos i dint mention yoruba. @ TK grow up read first, understand then comment

    • What about the federal allocation that goes to Yoruba states. Where does it come from?

  25. Release Nnamdi Kanu before any negotiations, without that forget everything.

  26. see lai/liar muhammed looking like someone that is soaked in alcohol,snuff and tobacco….ready for the mogue,no wonder he thinks and speaks rubbish.i still maintain that the northerners are the worst as presidents,to manage the economy or any post.

  27. The earlier they do it, the better. Gone are the days government bulldoze their ways through any community and get away with it. The land is own by somebody, You can make your laws claiming the land for the government.
    The fact is that where ever you go, you will meet with the owners of the land and every thing in or on the land. You need their permission, dialogues and negotiations to access their land. They are not to be killed for their God given endowment.

  28. Now we are talking of dialogue when we would have completely avoided resurgent of millitancy,pmb high handedness will not lead us anywhere.If pmb had envigorated amnesty programme and sustained pipeline contracts by the last adm,the millitancy would have been averted.If the contract is very high,u review it downward to engage the boys than to terminate the contract.Now check the amount the gov was spending to secure the pipeline and what the gov is loosing now they are bombing the facilities,you can see that gov lack wisdom and clueless

  29. Buhari n liar Mohammed should go n fight them, y talking abt dialogue when its already late, APC govt is not serious n has no clue to lead this country, APC a party built on lies n propaganda

  30. Let another ministers tell us this, this two are chronic liars, so there is nothing to believe about them

  31. I don’t want to hear this lai lai Mohammed talk again. is pist me off

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  33. You people are yet to understand stand and believe that it’s too late for a contraption called Nigeria, that’s fantasticaly corrupt. what are they dialoguing when they have told you it’s Niger Delta Republic?

  34. Do I hear APC mention sabotage ??
    God help us. Amen.

  35. Best idea to end the pipeline vandalism. May Almighty God help to have a longlasting solution.

  36. Yes, the govt.has the upper hand so it should apply the carrot & stick approach.
    If the animals could be sensible enough to the carrot, so be it but if they decide to think otherwise, the govt. has the option of using the stick.
    May God help reason positively.

  37. Nnamdi Kanu is expected leading dialogue for NDA,therefore release him first. The ealier the better for your country Nigeria.

  38. Wat useless dialogue, wen boko haram was killing BIAFRANS during GEJ time all efforts made to dialogue with them failed automatically, to me d best option is let go of Nigeria, let everyone answer his father name period

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