Friday , December 9 2022
Heni Nuraeni and her baby son (Image: CEN)

Woman claims she was pregnant for just one hour before giving birth to son

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Heni Nuraeni, who already has two children, claims her baby formed inside her in just one hour rather than the normal nine months before she gave birth in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia.

An woman has sparked social media controversy about a miracle birth after she claimed she had only been pregnant for one hour before giving birth.

Heni Nuraeni claims the greatness of God miraculously formed her baby boy in a single hour before he then arrived in the world.

The 28-year-old from the city of Tasikmalaya in West Java told local media: “At first when I was at home there wasn’t anything strange.

Heni claims she was pregnant for just an hour before he arrived (Image: CEN)

“And then I felt something move in the right side of my belly, and I was taken to my father’s house.

“I had cramps and within an hour we called a midwife and I gave birth.”

She claims she knew the baby had not been there previously because she had been menstruating regularly in the past nine months, and had even been bleeding shortly before she gave birth.

After her claims were widely spread on social media, obstetrician at Bandung’s Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Dr Ruswana Anwar, said women were sometimes unaware that they were pregnant in around one in 25,000 cases,

The doctor added that this was known as a cryptic pregnancy.

He said it might be that she had put on weight and therefore not realised that she was with child.

However, he insisted that it was impossible for a woman to give birth after just an hour of becoming pregnant.

He said that the idea that she was still menstruating was highly unlikely, however, it could also be hormonal imbalances during a cryptic pregnancy.

Both mother and son are doing well.

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