Wednesday , November 29 2023

Militants destroy Chevron Platform, vow to attack Lagos, Abuja

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The Niger Delta Avengers are living up to their promise of attacking and destroying oil and gas facilities in the Niger-Delta. The militants, who last night vandalized Chevron oil platform near Warri have also  promised to shift their activities to Lagos and Abuja.

The militant group at about 10:40pm on Wednesday destroyed the Chevron valve platform said to be the most significant platform for chevron because it’s the main connecting point where all other platforms linked up and it’s a fulcrum to chevron BOP and the Chevron Tank farm.. With the valve platform blown all chevron activities are now said to be halted.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Spokesperson of the Group, Col. Madoch Agbinibo said, “This is what we promised the Nigeria Government that since they refuse to listen to us we are going to zero the economy of the country”.

“As for zeroing the Nigeria economy we the Niger delta avengers is done with delta state major oil installations. Now we are taking the fight out of the creeks of the Niger Delta. We are taking it to Abuja and Lagos now”.

Continuing, the statement said, “We want to pass this message to all the international oil companies operating in the Niger Delta that the Nigeria Military can’t protect your facilities. They should talk to the federal government to meet our demands else more mishaps will befall their installations”.

“And to the Military we are the masters of the creek and its time for you to admit you don’t understand the terrain. Making it impossible for the Nigeria military to stop the activities of the Niger Delta avengers”.

“Not until, our demands are met no repair works should be done at the blast site. Whoever that is going there for any repair work will be doing that at their detriment”.

“The high command of the Niger Delta Avengers wants to use this medium to thank strike team 6 for successfully blowing up of the chevron valve platform. And we are ready to protect the Niger Delta people”.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Let’s watch and see how the game will end nah…

  2. Though I am not in support of militancy but this guys are more matured and have their points than Northern Boko Haram Terrorists in carrying out their activities. They just passed their messages without spilling blood.

  3. me no nonese will soon come 4 u

  4. IFEDI,u re correct joor,d militant ee fighting for a course,buhari have deploy soldiers der already,bt have done nuffin concerning d boko haram and fulani herdsmen dat re killing everyday

    • See this mumu we Will all pay for this act you even look poor you will soon knw the effect of it mumu

    • Which effect at mr musa tukur,my friend am a full blooded delta boy wit badges and vessel in d river fetching me cash,and i have fools like u working under me and am paying dem,look at ur bar head suffering from malnutrition .Even d Fulani’s and aboki like u re clearing my building site,so u can’t see am poor,if u need d definition of poverty ,look at urself in d mirror becos u re a perfect example,we d Niger deltans,we sure know how to get wat we want and God bless yaradua of blessed memory becos he is educated,not idiot like buhari and musa tukur,Relax idiot,aboki like u,watch out for part 2

    • Good, let the fulani and the army kill all the niger delta, idiot

    • And let d Boko haram wipe out the northerns. Bunch of idiots

    • I don’t no why igbos are so myopic so greedy in their reasoning

    • Alex did I hear u said buhari did nothing about bokoharram . I wonder y some people like to display thire ignorant on social media. even a child of 2yrs knows that one of the biggest achievement of buhari administration is ending bokoharam terro.may God forgive u anyway

    • Dawood saleh,end which boko haram,if he did,den y did he travel to Cameroon to partner wit d president to fight d terrorist,any way I don’t have time for u becos u don’t read news,may b u re in d bush escorting cows like ur fellow brodas

  5. It is better you stay where you belong.

  6. Let FG settle them or meet their demands ,this ppl are dealing with national resources ,let FG do something b4 this will cripple d economy system in this country


  8. Chidozie Ifedi, there is difference between human beings and uncivilized wild animals now!.

  9. That my people biafrans land is blessed

  10. Foolish I would say. Why not go and Vandalise those who stole so much from the Treasury so that we can celebrate and honor u with “Order of the Niger Protector” huh. Let dem be arrested and tried forever.

  11. Dat is well come devalopment

  12. i believe if they dared Abuja and Lagos they were heading to destruction.

  13. Nigeria, an abomination and a colonial bondage. It will join Yugoslavia in the dustbin of history. Land of killers, hypocrites, betrayal, liars and murderers.

  14. Weldon boys, pls do BLOW more. We love it…

  15. @Bunmi Kola who is going to destroy dem? U or who

  16. Here , i can realize that many people are animals in human flesh, there comments show this my assertion.

  17. Stupid militant . Hmmm am lust praying 4 my naija 2 get better

  18. Yugoslavia….. Go and read the history of Nigerian Civil war and its effects , then you will know and appreciate the difference btw War war and Jaw Jaw. Those who spent one kobo coin with a hole in the centre will evaluate the magnitude of the challenge better than the Indomine age boys.

  19. Divin patrick, u talk about nigeria economey will be crippled if buhari did not dialog with those boys ,my brother what cripppl again do u want to witness in nigeria today to compar what is goin on now in nigeria? is like u still have money in ur acount which u make in time of gej? buhari hav aleady crippled everytin in nigeria he did not come for any good oo he came to kill nd destory he came to pack money to rich his family he is not there for any good he come to acomplish his devilish agenda do u know how much only one travel cours nigeria nd buhari hav travel up to 30 times in 8months

  20. Pls you people should stop this nonsense, there is no gain in blowing pipeline instead you people should go after the politicians they are the problem of Nigerian

    • Blessing ifeoma, you are correct and God grace and mercy shall be there for you, in Jesus name Amen

    • God bless you Ifeoma. In fact the politicians in the region are responsible for the violence playing out there. Unfortunately they politicians are so unfeeling that they care less about the fates of the misguided youths they have recruited on this suicide mission. Same for the environment that’ll suffer more degradation. May God deliver this country from these vagabonds in places of responsibility and authority but have turn around to betray the trust on them.

  21. tell us what they are fighting for?

  22. Any body supporting dastardly act of destroying our economy is in sane. Take it or leave it we would all be paying for it either through fuel shortage or in case pmb should never be blamed. And i urge the security agencies shout open fire on any economic sabotuers they should not even waist their time in trying arrest them, since their elders cannot prevail on them to stop what they are doing. Nigeria is greater than any body.

  23. Thank god oil is now in south west you this criminal call minitait are economy sabotage they will killed them like boko haram

  24. These people are not serious.

  25. Buhari should stop threatning this guys with his comments, afterall this oil is not coming out from his country home Daura. Even his own state Katsina have never generate any form of revenue to the federal govt of Nigeria so he should handle the situation with extra carefulness

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  27. Has done nothing concerning book haram?? U gat to be kidding me @alex

  28. Those how live wet guns them well die by guns let them came

  29. The army dare the militants, if they are born of men!!!!

  30. @Sulaiman, if Buhari likes let him deploy the whole Nigerian Army to Delta Region kill every living soul, he will achieve very little. Who so ever remain will continue the struggle. When Abacha killed Saro Wiwa, he thought he has silenced the voice of Delta. But what happened thereafter. But Yar adua and Jonathan came and negotiated with these militants who are fighting for neglect of their Region where 90% revenue accruing to the Government is derived and peace rained but Buhari came only for him to reverse all the agreements, arrest those who legitimately carried out contracts they entered into with the Federal Government. Meanwhile Buhari is planning how to rehabilitate his members the Boko Haram that took arms against the Government with just no cause than religious belief. The only way for Buhari is not the use of his Military might against these Deltans Militants but let him use the same peaceful means. Buhari should remember that if this oil which is the main stay of Nigeria were to be in the North by now they would have driven us away since with their terrorist style of their life.

  31. These militants should not be taken lightly! Serious action should be taken to nip them in bud! They are holding the country to ransom! Killer squad who will shoot at sight should be sent to tackle these drug addicted criminals! Wipe them out once and for all, Nigeria Army!

    • Habu will u not join the military to go and fight the Niger delta freedom fighters abi your mate know dey the military backward hausa fulani’s almajiri.

    • Sharuuuup, mumu! Brainless pig!

    • …nigeria army…, are you not man enough-coward you!

    • my guy army might and power can only be exercise on land but not on water. those guys cant be stoped bcos they come oprate and leave 2ru water so tell me how soldiers dat were trained in forest and desert can stop them?

    • Habu Muhammed dun d fear, no fear. If Boko haram was nt wipe off for killing innocent souls, millitant wont be wipe off for demanding for their right. Wen wil north love south d way south love them, we allow them to rule use for many years bt d stil hv dat hatred. Is it becos of religious belief or wot?

    • Na you allow North to rule you? Na politics man, if you know how to play it you win! Until you learn the game of politics, u will remain wailers! By the way since the return of democracy in 1999, the south ruled for 13 years out of 16 or 17 years, na only you get Nigeria? The north should not rule, abi?

  32. My pple my pple. Which one is buhari going 2 face, militantancy, his brodas fulane, monkey hand in ogbono soup called b. Haram. Why is buhari NT travelling again? . We are in an un-governable sutiation. Up bahari ===. Airforce.

  33. who u people think ur doing all this for

  34. Emmanuel you are right but cuttin of head can never be a medicine of headache.Only common people will suffer

  35. May God 4give those ppl but punish their idol

  36. OK. may they return home alive after the attacks

  37. It shall never be well with buhari and his family, militants blow everything down.

  38. den no born ur father to attack Lagos. u no dat where ur life is.u are just jealous of lag.tanx God its not in boundary between ux.u av tried West in civil war and u meet ur doom. ur head dey our pocket.we anxiously waiting for u.ready to counter in any direction.dont take accomodative for a fool.we unleash d greatest juju u neva see before

  39. let the Refinery in kaduna be destroy. let all the oli pipe lines from south south to North be destroy, we are going 4 division of Nigeria. as fulians are destroying lives of South east & south south lets cut down the oil industry.

  40. Enough of silence over the issue of these militants . Nigerian security agencies should not watch while these idle people destroy this country.

  41. Oil condemned their land,no land for cultivation anywhere and the govt neglected them,instead of using diplomacy to settle their case,you decides to use force just because you think you have the authority…authority to be a fool?

    • But bombing oil installation will result in pollution and further degradation of the land. So who is going to bear the brunt? It’s the same oil bearing communities. I think the elders in the Niger delta should call these misguided tools in the hands of opposition politicians to order before the situation escalates.

    • So when oil destroy their land as u claimed, what was amnesty for? What did jonathan their son do to clean up his region for his 6 years in office? Those oil companies destroying their region how many of them was penalised? The president emerged from same region for 6 years, Petroleum minister from same region what do they do to help their people? But they should get something straight now, no one is talking of rule of law no, when d case is d reverse some wailers will remember rule of law. Let’s all wait and see.if that’s d best way to ask for their right we shall all see.

    • Why cant buhari maintain the agreement the former govt had with them?

    • Which agreement? Is it the one that handed protection of the nation maritine to a single individual? Where in d world is such done? The armnesty that was to expire by december is still on going. Take a look at d drastic drop in d monthly allocation to d oil producing state,don’t u know d Niger delta states are victims of the destruction also. If u dont know,a child dt says his mother would not sleep must prepare for vigil also.

    • Olusoga akinsuyi when that one man you claimed handled maritime protection did you hear anything bad like we are hearing now???? For Christ sake they are Nigerians and the way forward is to give them a sense of belonging.

  42. Just imagine.were r will aheading to in 9ja.soon mobil n shell..

  43. We missed yardua, the best president, man of peace. Not this trouble maker

  44. The zoo must fall! We cannot continue to feed ingrates and arrogant parasites.

  45. Militants wuna don start wuna own????abeg we need to step up in this country

  46. Yes Very gud, very very gud my guys, i luv una! more blasts, more destruction of oil equipment, and more shipwrecks. abey una do everything possible to stop oil flow everywhere in nigeria. go lagos , go to abuja and destroys all go there. if war should come today we shall fight. boko buhari is dead wood, semi-illiterate , idle and senseless being . i want us to put boko buhari self righteous to shame. hausas should always look beyound sentiments. we must fight for our land. total avengers(declare).

  47. Buhari will only see peace the day he will release Nnamdi Kanu my HERO. You can’t use force to solve every problem, i saw fire coming on this nation if things continue in this way.

  48. They cannot attack Abuja! Their boats can only use d waterways.

  49. They are counting their days

  50. Haha,lolx nice work.pls bomb more

  51. I have always chided,Unless the needful is done,nigeria would not witnessed seren ground for political and economic just.lets go back to true federalism,that will creat economic viability to the six regions.note,with this existing system in practise,some states will remain unproductive and unproactive.this has remained my independent opinion

  52. These people called avenger militants are destroying their fatherland, this is stupidity and uncivilised

  53. Cowards, you Will be text after boko haram.

  54. They should not try it bcos ben bruise nd other Ijaw prominet are in lagos enjoy peace,they should not bring etnic crisis into Yoruba Land, No tribe can Clam ponopoly of Violenc. These are the pple Fayose and others have been clamouring for.

  55. Isaac Adaka Boro, remember him? A struggle never dies.

  56. habu ur praying dat buhari shud kil our pple. is d oil in ur land. why is it dat all northerners want to die bcos of d oil in my niger delta.ur prayer wil back fire.u tink u wil kil us & take our land

  57. @Egbokhan, thank you for this piece. A word should be enough for the wise. Its not all about dragging these innocent youths in their prime to death. Too many souls have been lost already. A rethink, which I believe is necessary.

  58. I trust my president he will deal with those bastard that call themselves militant even though we av got nothing to lose, they and their children will suffer d lost. Useless pple with foolish ideology

  59. Make your zone to be a war zone.

  60. What is d difference btw militia n terrorists when both have gun as their god?

  61. Militants or criminals!!!

  62. Whether they like it or not change has come to berth.

  63. I’m still waiting for the change

  64. Abu Muhammad, did you people take Strong hands on una Boko Haram and the Fulani’s, you are really stupid, animal

  65. There is something we Nigerians fail to understand,Northerners can not do without the Southerners like wise Southerners can not do without the Northerners.what I mean here is this:Southerners are so bumptious of oil deposited in their land according to them they are the heart of the nation.I am not trying to dispute it but I want them to know that oil is not food.It is the Northerners that produce food they eat because their land is more productive compared to the Southerners’.If Northerners refuse to produce what will be the repercussion?Food security is the most important thing;no food no life. Southerners have oil in quantum,all Nigerians are aware of it. Without the money the Federal authourity realises from the oil deposited in the South honestly speaking 98% of the project will not be executed.If there is no money to buy arm in order to fight terorrism then we are dead already.If there is an outbreak of a disease before it is put under control many people will join their ancestors.In short,money answers everything. In conclusion,let us bury the hatchet,come together and move the country forward.May God help us.Amen.

    • Lawal thats d more reason to divide this good for nothinn contraption so that every region’ll be self reliant,if u don’t’ve oil u import,likewise food n everybody’ll live hapily everafter…division is d solution..i hate livin in d same country with vagabonds hu values cow to human lives..

    • Mr.Godwin,I still say that the regions we are talking about need each other.If u look at Sudan for example,the Northern region felt more important in all aspect than the Southern region like wise the Southern region felt more important than the N……….For example, Southern region felt marginalized by the Northern region,and since it has oil its people called for disintegration.But at the end of the day what happened after the separation?The both regions are regreting.I dont support the separation of south from the north God doesnt make a mistake.Thank u.

    • A palm wine tapper,,,u cant tap all ..lolz

    • Mr.Edeson who is the palm wine tapper?Anyway my own is to advice all of us to think twice before we go into action.We Nigerians have a mentality of destroying what took us several years to acquire.Boko Haram started like play, destroying what their grand parents gathered.Militant too will end up destroying their own properties before going outside.May God touch our heart.

    • is mellon soup from the north? bitter leaf soup,agbonor soup akro soup bangasoup ,edekaikon soup ,ofe nsala , vegetable soup,black soup ,oha soup soup and many more ,which one do you have in thenorth tuwho only ,pls we dont need you hausas

    • Inem there is nothing u can do.You dont like us,so what?I am happy to tell u that God loves us.Whoever hates us hates our creator.We love u so much.

    • Mind u @joshua lawal wula nt all food comes 4rm the north ok.

    • @ joshua you realy touch my heart..keep it up bro

    • Osas,Inem mentioned different kinds of soup available in the south,but can someone survive with soup?Soup alone cannot eliminate hunger.I still accentuate that we need each other in order to survive.

    • I think u are different from other northers,u reason like a christain. But the truth must be said,the only solution to this country is disintegration.

    • Lawal..honestly speakin u sound a bit matured unlike most of ur counterparts but then we d igbos prefer to live even worse than south sudan than to live together with ppl hu kill for as little as a cartoon provocation in france..just recently sabon gari mkt n singer mkt was raised down by inferno both in kano just to spite d igbos…..i tell u there’s nothin left to salvage in this useless country…we both hate each other n u know it,WHY D PRETENCE????

    • Ndubuisi and Godwin,it is too bad the way things are going.Only God can call Nigeria to order.May God help us,that is the only thing.

    • Joshua have made a good point. But Josh, we don’t hate ur pple, I 4 one love d North. Just that the way d marginalization is calls 4 deep reasoning

    • who is even deceiving the northerners that they have food? rice is imported, beans we plant it here and we can substitute Goat meat for cow, so who is fooling who?

    • @#Lawal, you are very informed may be because you are a northern Christian

    • Honestly speaking, you have the mind of Christ in you. Your thoughts are Godly. God will help Nigeria in Jesus name

    • Its not true, let Nigeria divide into north and south, we have nothing in common with the terrorist nort

    • @Joshua Lawal Wula, you spoke well but tell Buhari to treat Niger Delta the same way Yar Adua and Jonathan did without demilitarising the Niger Delta Region thinking that will solve the problem. These people are fighting a just cause that was why when Yar Adua and Jonathan came to power, they have to make peace with region but the only thing Buhari appears to know is the use of force. Buhari cancelled all the agreements and contracts arrested and detained a number of those who entered into these contracts with the Federal Government an arrangement that brought peace to the Region. Wula was talking of food in the North, I am sorry he appears ignorant about the South, he need to pick up his geography text book. There is no crop that grows in the North that can not be grown in the South not even the so cattle that they are now using to cause us nightmare. Buhari would have been a wise man if he could put a similar arrangement in place to sustain peace in the Region than massing troops there.

    • Since the northerners have food and the southerners have oil, let us divide the country so we can exchange our goods as international trade.

    • My brother u have spoken well, u re quite deferent from other but the fact is that the hatred is too much in this country, if this country can be divided u will see that the both tribes will be doing well and there will be no corruption again, I know our leaders doesn’t support it because of what they re benefiting.

    • I have heard you all,thank you very much for your replies and suggestions.May God bring solution to all our problems in Nigeria.May God calm all of us down.Our leaders cannot do without God.My prayer is may God touch our leaders’ hearts so that to rise to the responsibility,to the challenge of personalexample which are the hallmarks of true leadership.

    • @lawali personally lam disturbed with the happenings in this country but God who made to be one will intervene and help us .He restore our unity again.How does blown of pipes help our strungling economy .? Iam from ND but truth is bitter blown of pipes is an action with negative effect the eviroment, the economy all will affected .what is for God shake

    • Please try and think before you talk. The money the northerners sells from their farm produce how does it affect the southerners. The Niger Delta oil is a national cake while the Hausa foolanis farm produce and their cows are individual business. Please be reasonable

    • You ppl are evil and wicked. we dont need u ppl anymore. On #Biafra we stand!

    • Mr.Preye if u bend down watching somebody’s cunt another person is behind u watching urs’.Ask urself,if all of us (Northerners) are wicked based on ur statement then are all ur people(Southerners) good?There are good people and bad people anywhere u go.

    • n who told u dat northerners land are more productive? Com to east n south n see qulity farm products.

    • Mr.Ebuka I have not said ur land is not productive,but like Niger-Delta for example,their land and water are polluted with oil,crops find it very difficult to grow,aquatic animals are killed,even their source of table water……………I am not saying u people are not producing.But willy-nilly I want u to know that about 85% of food in Nigeria is produced in the North.

  66. They haven’t got even up to 0.1% of boko haram. They’ll soon confess

  67. Why are we destroying our economic?

    • Iam a ND man for Godsake iam not happy with these blown of pipe for the sake of little children they should forgive even if the adults offend them our economy is suffering we doing more it

  68. God bless Niger Delta Militant…

    Abeg i wan buy militant form o

    I rep #DELTA(UMUTU)

  69. Thieves, chopping door has closed, they have started again. Its even the niger delta people health they are endangering. The will soon be treated like the bokos. You think its only niger delta have oil. What a foolish thought. Did any one came to this world with oil? Do you even have land? Which land is your own. In the 60s and 70s which resources was used for the whole region. These are the reason we are not moving forward. Very soon you people will drink enough of the oil. Which course, thieves who are amassing wealth while their people still suffer.


  71. I think say buhari sent armies there

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  73. Big boy u don’t make noise at all

  74. Well done boy u made me proud

  75. another madness from the niger delta.

  76. Those people shouldn’t take Buhari gentleness as weakness, also they should remember that he is a retired army general.
    He could do many things to tame those boys, including declaring state of emergency in that region allowing army takeover and the consequence with be felt badly by citizens of that area.

  77. The bible says that at d last days nation wil rise against nation, son wil rise against father pls lets leave violence nd pray that buhari wil do d right thing 4 Nigerians.

  78. Pls we are wating for u in lagos and u will know dat dey dont play in lagos. ( fools ) if u all die tell baba GOD dat u are fighting for millitants. Lagos has many ways of dealling wit people like u. Just dare lagos govt and c wat will happen to u and ur so called family.

  79. I am sorry for these so called militants…. don’t take d President’s silence for weakness, it will not take him anything to have u and all ur people pay in double fold

    • The boys behind this operation though lam not in support of it are very educated they know and have reason for their action,the government should not make the mistake of responding with force let sitdown and know their reason for the action .you think they are mad @ fumi ?

  80. let them come…..won nii kii omode maa dętę…to ba tii le da inugbo gbe

  81. Baba must descend on them, they shud get ready bcos they ar next to boko haram !

  82. Karma of what they did to Jonathan, trouble every wher,e

  83. Haaa,this one is a seriose matter!may take control.

  84. Na wu we go face sef? Boko boiz or dis militants? We’ll handle dis militants, lyk we address boko boiz. Wot nonsense.

  85. Where are the bubu military who want to treat them as boko haram

  86. What i knw is that history of this nation bear witness to southners right from 1967 to present day what they has suffer in the hand of the northners.

  87. Oh Allah ! We are praying 4 one Nigeria !!

  88. Second war, who will be the war chief?

  89. Only fools sets their houses on fire, destroy their farms & crops, & start rejoicing & celebrating. God please don’t make me a fool.

  90. U people play with fire .I trust my President

  91. D so calld fed gov sud go 4 a peaceful negotiation… Dere are fightin 4 dia right. There are d rightful ownas of d oil why sud dey b marginalizd?…..pls militant continue wt u struggle even God abv wil guard u frm allience….


  93. When the diversification progresses, the idiots would later regret the damages they have done to their fatherland.

  94. There is no need for to continue insulting ourselves. The better truth is that we cannot co-exist as one country, it is as simple as that. There is no love between the Notherners and the Southerners. No matter how the love is preached the Hausa can never love and we cannot be free with them.

  95. guys keep on dnt luk back

  96. If ure a student of History,U will understand dat Nigeria existed greatly nd economically viable b4 d discovery of OIL. What was then d major contributions of d Niger-Delta? War might consume d planner nd starter of it first b4 peaceful nd law abiding persons. Ask d living Biafra soldiers,pls dont try d Federal MIGHT.

    • Your mama for calling biafra…..agbaya…..ewure

    • My opinion has proved dat some people lack home training,matured nd responsible manner to contribute anything reasonable on dis platform. Gudmrg my gud friends nd patrotics Nigerians.

    • U an idiot useless yorubans,tunda strik ur mouth for mentioning biafra

    • If federal might destroy the Nigerians or the Nigerians destroy the federal might, who stands to loose? Nigeria or India?

      Is the federal might going to destroy foriegners? Or are Nigerians going to destroy a foriegn federation? Either way Nigeria looses. Whatever happens in Nigeria it is Nigeria that gains or loose?

      The more the federal might is used against the citizens the more Nigeria disintegrates, not India. Those who will finally break away will be the only winners but Nigeria will remain the looser either way.

    • My frend let me educate u,de niger delta was producing & exporting palm oil & kernel including cassava b4 crude oil.De s.west produced & exported cocoa while de north was and is stil very rich in groundnut.So no region was lacking behind.And come 2 tink of it,derivation then stood at 50:50. Why has ur ppl made it 2 be 13:87 now? Pure injustice.We need resource control or a total break up into de six zones.

    • Mr adeyinka adedoyin what happend to the cocoa from the west, palm oil from the east and grandnut from the north????? Tomorrow you will start calling igbos greedy people abi????

    • History is a great humanizer as per excellent. Those that don’t want to learn from the study of History are. not to be classified as human beings because their cranial capacity is always low. God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    • #Adeyinka Adedoyin u are so filled with bias and sentiment. I don’t think u were a good History student otherwise u would have known that b4 the discovery of oil the Niger Delta has been contributing to the nation immensely with Cash crops such as Palm Oil, palm kernel, Rubber, Timber, Cassava just to mention but a few being exported. U have just exhibited ur naivity which tells me u weren’t attending History classes. When u want to talk next time talk with facts

  97. No be smal thing “izor kimi bomuni”

  98. All the madness will not take us anywhere because threat, intimidation and militancy will not change the direction of this government at all. Gone are those days that the militants in the Niger Delta use all sort of intimidations to achieve selfish interest, today no way. Infact what peace cannot give you violence or force cannot give you. So be warned.

    • If your buhari will do half of what is in Abuja for Niger Deltans then there will be no problem. You use their oil Money to develop North and Abuja then back home they hv nothing to fall back to . The amnesty deal that was done during Gej was canceled by your buhari then why will you not expect trouble with high employment & inflation rate rising everyday.

  99. bokoboys will be learner’s to them

  100. Bokoharam will bomb mosque,church, school, market ,communications facilities,bridges, roads,government facilities etc in d north n no horsemen fool’s from the north reacted, just to blow oil facilities this useless people r complaining.Niger delta Avengers loading.

  101. Is that NIGERIA’s motto Unite and Peace? Watch their tongues special igbo people.

  102. Do your yr worst…what did u know abt the war…when yr pple was there what did u do…..about gboko harram…or abt yr states….why u did not developments yr area…or states very well…what did u do abt refineries in yr states….did u make it working very well…..u can start the war….now as u wants…many of u will be cleared away….and the land will be take away from u….u will be blames….killed…and nobody will gives u …any supports…army will take over all yr places…many of u will be killed…beware sai baba av more supports countries to finished all of u….selfish…liars…thieves…cowards…pple…

  103. buharia take care with this people.

  104. Nonesense try and enter north and see how northerners will finish south east and south south mad peoples go to lagos but don’t even dream of coming to north idiot inshort come we are ready to welcome u guys to the destruction zones #INTERNATIONAL TARABA STATE!

  105. I love this.if the north think they are almighty we will tell them that they are maggots.

  106. What a joke! Wu ma wan chance PMB?

  107. hey you that knows how to post and condemned do it well I am a Niger deltan and this is creminality yes you know how to write but let me remind you it is when you today and stay alive tommorow that you will have more to write this is not the time of atike oo wey una go talk talk go free now as you talk we will trace you finished you and your family so no body stop you talk well . you don’t have mouth to condemned the rubbish that buhari and his brothers are doing but you will have mouth to fast condemned our fight for freedom because of your selfish aim don’t worri talk you have running mouth abi we are not on Facebook business we are on real deal so keep on talking but remember that I warned you .

  108. OCCUPYINGMINDS: # NIGERDELTAMILITANTS …Every time a Crude Flow Station is Destroyed by Militants in the Niger Delta, The Environment is Damaged; Our Land is Polluted and Our Communities are subjected to more hardships…Let the Bombing Continue, who will loose?…The Government of PMB is dragging the Nigerian Economy away from Crude Oil; Lagos State has Joined the League of Oil Producing State and the Northern Part of Nigeria whose Reserves have been Cynically suppressed over the Year will begin production within the next couple of months or within the next two years…With time, We from the Niger Delta would have destroyed our Lands so much that future generation will curse us, their Fathers and Mothers for killing their dreams. Let the Stupidity Continue my People…Don’t stop the blowing up of pipelines. Everyone of us thinks that a Blown Pipeline is an attack on PMB and His Government of Change…Insanity on display I must say. Kano and Lagos are Leading the way in Tomatoes Paste Production and Tomatoes don dey scarce shebi? The Northern Landmass alone is about 4 times the entire Landmass of the SS and the SE; Agriculture will revolutionize the North within the next decade…We from the Niger Delta will use our Oil to sock Garri and we think we are punishing Nigeria? Think Again, but Kontinu. I have been reliably informed, that the More Pipeline we blow-up, the more the Resolve of this President to get the Nigerian Economy off oil…The More the Presidency block loopholes; The More the desire for alternative Revenue; The More the Nigerian People get pissed off by our Stupidity. The Future is Lost to the Greedy, Selfish Demons of Today. Blow Pipelines if you can, Nigeria is moving on. We have a President who is capable of making the hard decisions and willing to firmly sustain those hard choices. Blow Pipelines abeg. Let Nigeria Suffer and Let our land be wasted. Kontinu killing your own future by your own hands. WEEP NOT FOR THE NIGER DELTA!!! OUR ENEMIES ARE WITHIN!!!

  109. Ahaaaaaaaaaa lol, lagos kwa omo this na land of no return for the niger delta militant o………………….

  110. Marginalisation every where in biafra region. It’s well with biafrans! Keep faith alive! Forward ever backward never! United we stand! One love beloved biafrans! Our God’s able to deliver us!

  111. God will arrest all of them

  112. Like Blood diamond,
    liquid Gold will soon turn to blood gold.

    May God help us.
    Anybody that talks about war or uprising should make his family are at the forefront

  113. Nigerians are too lazy. This country is too bless to be talkin about oil, oil n oil.
    I wonder o the countries that do not have oil, dont they survive? Some have not travel wide and far this country. You just sit down in your villages and condem.
    In my town (kafanchan) we have more igbos doing bussinss and have personal houses than the indigines.
    When you are talking about the north note that plateau, taraba, abuja, kaduna, kogi, niger, benue are all parts of the north.

    Bomb the whole oil companies and see who hunger go kill.

    Go maiduguri go see waitin dey happen. Hunger and poverty. Na dem carry dem hand destroy every business and commercial activities.

    Waya. Niger delta na una turn.

    We dey jeje dey look


  115. Those offering their ‘Like’ on this post must be out of their senses. What is their to like in destroying your grace to good life? Unless you are mad of senseless ignorants.

  116. The only place you people can do that nonsense is niger delta region, nothing you people will do to doe’s place that you mention, but if you try it, that is where you people will get heavy problem that you never escape from it, just continue destroying your state economic and be happy, fool’s.

  117. plz I want to ask 1question what do yoruba and hausan /fulani contrinute to Nigerian economy , I need answers

  118. Haruna I don’t blame you because you don’t know what you are talking. Entering internet to make senseless comments is not civilization even your grandpa Buhari already knows and even made a remark earlier on that Igbo’s don’t rely on government like northerners do. Igbo’s fends for themselves. Northerners are the frustrated ones

  119. Let dem com i tink dey we smell peppe

  120. Why are u destroying ur papa land? why are u not allowing ur villages to grow like d other cities? Pls try to rething and repent. At least during d fuel scarcity everybody sufered it inluding ur brothers too. So if Buari can kill bokoharam how much more millitant, we dont pray for killing but peace, nothing like bc buari is a warrior

  121. Good, left to niger deltans. If you like distroy all the niger delta,,, i don,t depend on oil,,,

  122. @Emmanuel, Do know that government is a continues process? where was the Niger D

  123. we are not after everybody people should just fear the consequences of there action
    ~President Muhammed buhari

  124. there killing there land is there any settler in that place mtcwee is only shoe shinners

  125. God we’d catch uOne day

  126. Fighting will take this country no where. We are all Nigerians let’s be proud of our country 4 once.

  127. You people are destroy ur futhure

  128. If Nigeria collapses it’ll disintegrate and Niger Delta people will become free. So, whatever available alternative the Niger Delta people use in achieving their freedom shouldn’t bother the northern and Yoruba parasites because what Niger Delta people need right now is freedom to own and control their resources and destiny, and it must surely be one day.

    • …and thé members of thé niger delter currently serving in the government are comfortable without thinking of resigning to return and support their kins men in their agitation of self determination. What a contradiction!

    • Amole Akinwale: don’t bother about Niger Delta people they don’t have anything in common with your parasitic Yoruba cowards. Think about how your Yoruba parasites will survive without oil monies because the time has come already.

    • Your entire people had once feed on southwest cocoa before the discovery of crude oil… if you had ask for freedom before independent. Maka why dem go give you . Selfish uninformed.

    • Ayelokun Hercease Olanrewaju: learn how to read wide and forget hearsays. till date Niger Delta people are the only people that have not benefitted from any other region in Nigeria. Cocoa and groundnut pyramids were propagandas the British used in decimating Niger Delta people because their sole interest was in Niger Delta resources. They divided Niger Delta mostly the Ijaw nation that didn’t allow them to rule over them into two parts and forcefully put one part as slaves to the Yoruba parasites and the other part to Igbo’s to enslave them, so as to weaken their resistance power to colonialism because they saw that the Niger Delta is the richest region in sub-sahara Africa but unfortunately, they were unable to tame the Niger Delta people hence the option of using their fellow black men to oppress them and siphon their resources that had worked well for the British till date. They amalgamated Nigeria because of Niger Delta. The Biafra war was fought because of Niger Delta. And now Nigeria is about to break up because of Niger Delta. Google ‘the history of Nigeria’ and ‘the history and development of exploitation and exploration of crude oil in Niger Delta’ and you’ll find out that it was British and Dutch that spent their money through Shell/BP for all the exploration work in Niger Delta not even a dime from Nigerian government so, where comes the paltry cocoa and groundnut money. The oil palm had been the richest cash crop in Nigeria before and after the discovery of crude oil.

  129. The once on the street that have not join is deadly than the one that is acting na, and they ar tans 50

  130. Dats good buhari cannot do anything instead he wil jst die bcos of our oil, greedy man

  131. In my own opinion, FG shud buy d oil 4rm dm. Aftr al Northern pple do sell dea land produce 2 us. So y wnt militant sel dea own land production.

  132. thanks guy for u v spoken well & said it all@Emmanuel idemudia

  133. Destroying oil facilities is not the way forward, what the Country needs now is peace.


  135. St the end of it all,both de rich n de poor;de mighty n de weak will b running helter skelter. So lets see hw the clash of de titans will end

  136. Tor Allah will help and control all of us Amin…… Patient pls Nigeria pls

  137. What struggle are u talking abt@Emmanuel Idemudia, so u are supporting d act done by those stupid militant, sentiment will not allow u pple to say d truth. GOD will xpose those behind this attack

  138. And yet for stone throwing people club and catapult the army killed over hundreds. Where is the army in this situation?

  139. Abeg make dem come sambisa forest,na there e dey happen live.

  140. politicians should stop politiking with juvenile. why this kind of dirty thing. when government goes to the south, bokoboys will spring forth and when the north is power, militants will rise up. by the way, how come these guns and weapons of war in the hands ordinary citizens. that is also govt weakness. if we are one nigeria, let all these sentiments stop. religion sentiment should also be tracked. constitution that will favor everybody at the same time should be adopted. programme like football and others shd be introduced. any citizen of nigeria qualified can contest election as governor, local govt chairman, president in any part of the country

  141. Is destroying pipe lines d answer? Instead d militants would causin more hardship, unemployment, and poverty in d community. Lets reason wit our brain not muscles, or anus.

  142. If to say na Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba get this oil, ehhhh our name for be sorry.
    But God strong pass them. We the Niger Delta owns the oil and yet u treat us poorly. This is wickedness of the highest order.
    Hausa/Fulani go back to farm and cow and leave our oil for us ooooooo.
    Tufia. Na curse? Na wetin? Una too like oil this blood sucking killers.

    • Ah!Even now no be sorry be una name?no b today una called sorry na,c mumu so u neva no say una name na sorry???

    • @ po,nobody is treating u poorly, its u pple that are treating urselves badly, imagine,for six yrs,ur people were in power,no pple oriented programs that could better d life of ur ppe. Instead,it was money sharing among a neglible pple. Tell me any big project that was done in d six yrs tenure of ur brother. Instead at every FEC meeting of wednesday, EAST…..WEST road,which am quite sure was not completed. Its a shame on u pple if u dontt know, ponder on this, my submission for now

    • Niger delta get bigger allocation every month.. what do they do with it… ogogoro

    • Your people had once feed on Cocoa before the discovery of oil which came from south west and i don’t think you’re treated like a slave….I think you should fight your governors not the federal government because all allocate been sent down there how do they manage it ? Throughout the 6 years of Jonathan it has salary scheme for militant and tombolo was give a wallop contract of over #10 billion to construct universities across your region , where is it ? You’re been decieved by your ignorance. All your leader are selfish fight them before you fight government .

    • I pity u. U are suppose to be in zoo. Thief. This wicked act u ad fulani herdsmen dey execute go soon backfire una. Rubbish u. Mugu @Tahir

    • While u made a good point but when u look at it very well, u will see that we marginalized. It was by luck GEJ became president. He did well for Hausa/fulani and yoruba than we because he believe in One Nigeria Bulshit but now ur PMB has showed that he hate our people. That’s bad because we will not continue like this. Check the killing of Fulani herdsmen every were and what has PMB done. This is bad @Akindele segun

    • @Tijani Sunday u are the biggest idiot i have ever seen. Ur the world most stupid man. Ur point is childish and ur brain is amateur.
      Make thunder fire u. See mouth wey dey curse. I no blame u. Oil don make u rich. Mugu

  143. in this country we need #equal_right , we don’t need any justice, coz we re in lawless govt .

  144. The boys are not smiling atall.

  145. If the oil was in the north, they would have driven all other tribes from that area.

  146. Barack Obama _ One Nigeria::: Oil And Gas???

  147. Now all of u r busy applauding them when govt will show strength let no one complain oooooo

  148. I think late yardua aproach shld be applied to niger Deltans becos how do you consoles a persons mother killed by a lion? Negotiate with them,embark on mass development like Abuja dat has become African America, if any niger Deltans shld oppotuned to visit Abuja,infact he wil chose to fight with last drop of his blood,enough of white elephant project in Niger Delta,Give them sence of belongings and by so doing Nigerians will live peacefully in any part of nigeria without fear of being attacked. May God save Nigeria Amen

  149. I wish to use this medium to call the attention of South South and Southeast people to stop deceiving yourself about the North being parasite to the South. My humble question is that how a region like North with agricultural potentials that takes care of itself agriculturally and others be parasite to another region like South South? And very soon the North will join the leaque of oil exporters.

  150. Naija deltern dsave billions of naira cos day r water no fish no land

  151. I don’t know how some of you guyz think
    you can never fight the government and win

  152. Pls let dem go ahead because dat is there right , i hate dis government


  154. You have not spoken as someone with good sense. What is the militants up to? To bring the nation to a stand still? Or to rule the country and dethroned the president. I want you to know that when it comes to war the masses always bear the brunt. My questions now is in what ways has the government of the Niger delta contribute meaningful to the well being of the Niger deltan people. What advantage do those that vandalized the facility bring to those who cannot afford a square meal per day in the region. They only force themselves on people when they go abroad to leave an affluent life at the expense of the poor man in the region. Let us be patriotic to the corporate existence of Our country Nigeria for any act of sabotage the government at the grassroots should be queried for negligence. All contractor awarded to develop the Niger deltan region the regional forces collude to ensure the project is not executed. If that happens whose fault. Instead for the militants to form a pressure group to ensure that contract and project are properly implemented at federal, state and local governments level. If you clamour for war you will see that it will not be as Jonathan take things with levity. You will not be surprised that your men from the zone will lead the war against his own zone.

    • Mr poster I fully support what my brothers are doing. Northerners dont know diplomacy what they know is Violence. If u think am wrong look into Nnamdi kanus case. We ppl of niger/Delta dont need nigeria anymore, We want to be on our own. nigeria has expired

  155. Rubbish Niger delta continue

  156. Nobody is boko haram unless the niger delta militants,so B/haram finished,they came out with new stretagic ways of destroying,government properties with the help of some other governments dignitaries,, Because there is atime Tukubo Asara stated that ,if they want attacks north there is a easy ways to enter north,so now i reffered niger militants as boko haram linking with our northern people.

  157. May people any war again in this country, it will be the end of this generation

  158. @wula.We don’t need their food

  159. Mo fire mo fire! May our Ancestors guide and protect you. Iseeeeeeeeee!
    The Zoo must fall!

  160. Buhari is a man of his words.he has spoken they will be crushed like BH.let’s wait and see.

  161. Before if children misbehave,Elders rebuke them immediately.But now what we have is both the children and Elders are carrying arms,kidnapping,assassinating and drinking ogogoro and apeteshi together.Remember that there is no free money again.Your “ATM” brother is no more there.By the time security agencies start their work on the criminal act, go there and disturb them.An elder who does not have any good sense of history.

  162. Does Niger get oil from river? Libya Saudi etc does this contry get oil from river? Cool down time will tell.

  163. Nigeria should no how to approach them, more compensation because there is no work, land been polluted, no water, there elders, chiefs sold all for nothing, my brothers stop creating more problems to your children, children, instead lets come to round table and correct the mistake of our fathers, all this political vultures can use you to cause confusion and still dumb you as usual, let our blood not be shared for nothing

  164. Fire own you are on your own

  165. who is playing with the ijaws? stop playing with d gods of the sea..

  166. Reasonable fight, no life was reported lost, but our senseless boki nd herdsmen sre targetting harmless pple. This is how to tacle a govement. This affects them directly

  167. The raw militants should be crushed by the army theyre fools

  168. Leave our oil alone ooooooo boko haram fifo.

  169. Destroy every darn thing and kill Hausa/foolani on sight. Soldiers from Biafraland should not go close.

  170. Whatever happens who caused it and to what benefit.

  171. The earlier we forget about oil, the better for the country.

  172. Dis is d hand wrk of those operating ilegal refinaries dat were distroyed by d nigeria joint task force.

  173. The criminals, vandals, cowards, terrorists, hate mongers & enemies of one united Nigeria called the Niger delta militant are not the true representatives of the Niger delta region people of Nigeria. Nigeria is not a lawless country & Nigeria does not belong to the criminals. They shall be treated as enemies of Nigeria like the way the PMB led government has been treating the Boko haram terrorist in Nigeria. PMB is not their problem because their vote was not part of the Nigerian peoples’ vote that have made PMB the President & their vote may not be able to stop PMB come 2019 if he choses to re-contest, GOD’s willing! Democracy is a game of number & not a game for the criminal.

    • Hahahahaahhaa… so u dont know that the ppl of the south have woken up? U are still dreaming that we will still be with u ppl in your one nigeria come 2019. Sorry on Biafra we stand. Northerners are Parasites

    • Biafra my foot. History will tell

    • Preye, u cannot even win election to become a councilor in ur place, who have then given u the right to even speak on behalf ur own people in the first place? We are in a democracy, if u think that u are popular among ur people, go & prove it by contesting for an elective position first. U are only here expressing ur ignorance, hate, disgrace, defeat & frustration because ur people have not asked u to speak on their behalf. We have the Niger delta region peoples’ representatives in the NASS there in Abuja, they have never said to other Nigerians what u are here foolishly vomitting to deceive some ignorant people.

  174. Avengers thumbs up,Its a welcome development since the president thinks he can achieve all with recalcitrancy and obduracy instead of consolidating on the already established diplomacy.

  175. All the Hausa foolani are all thieves including pmb they’re all thieves. What is it in the northern part of this country that is a benefit to all ? Nothing. Bunch of thugs, rascal, perpetual criminals. We want you to know that times have changed. Baboons.

  176. Well done boys, but not this places instead fulanies

  177. Destroying project costing billion of naira in the name of expressing ur feelins is totally unacceptable. I dont think any true son of Niger Deltans will invoke such a mass destruction not minding the employee who are directly from that area. Think about it bcos when d ships are down little men will be on their own. Its very eazy to destroy but it take years to repair.

  178. Must u announce?the gates are opened,jst start cumin,I can help u people with direction since u guyz locked up in ur region,Pls find the guide below:If it’s Abuja?Frm Benin, go straight to Auch,frm dia u’ll enter Okene then Lokoja,keep going straight n u’ll get to Pategi(Kogi State)frm dis it’s jst 42 km to Abuja.If u r goin to Lagos,frm Benin u take left and follow the express linking Ondo State n Edo State,u’ll pass through Ore,then keep goin until u get to Ibadan(Oyo State)frm dia u take left,it’ll take u down to Lagos.Safe journey guyz

  179. If these guys thinks that their actions are affecting Buhari alone, i think they are dreaming. They are only inflicting pains on them selves and their parents alone. It dos’nt stop Buhari’s salaries allowances. At d end of his tenure, he retires to his cows while u people suffer in ur communities.

  180. Oya!!! Keep on destroying, good people i will reward u if u can destroy all the pipelines in a day so that we can celebrate.

  181. One thing you miss is that the more you destroy the more it affects your region and your generation unborn will never be happy with you, now that our economy is being diversified.

  182. I support the militants for their motives behind this. Since the north has decided to turn our God given blessing to a curse on us

  183. We are not negotiating with terrorist. let them continue with d bombing.

  184. This boys are 100% better than Islamic territories so called B,haram.
    because they are fighting for their right and not after the innocent blood.

  185. Reading funny comments what will happen will surely happen.

  186. All of ar fools only fulani stoped u from ur activits pls shut ur mouse robbers kidnapers

  187. Fighting for there pocket another billionnares in the making through another Amnesty programme

  188. Pls guys dont forget KASTINA


  190. I cant laugh, before, it was Biafra that was yearning to be free, all because they want to have the oil to themselves and now, its the niger deltans. Abeg i cant laugh, this really shows selfish interest of these niger deltans and the so called Biafran. Can you imagine, the niger deltans said it before that they are not part of Biafra, while biafra insisted they are part of them, you guys dont even trust yourself enough to really on eachother, everyone to their selfish interest. The so called avengers are just another thieves that sprout out of old political groups to terrorise this government. I lived in the niger delta for sometimes and i can tell you, what these guys enjoy, we are not enjoying 1/3 of it in the west. Infact a particular state dony have Nepa, as in the gorvernment generate electricity for them without using nepa, no payment of electricity bills and they have very stable light. When its time for bursary, we know how much the students collect, compare to other western states. The gorvernment produces free buses, not small bus oo, as in big coaster buses to pick amd drop all students for free, as in free, but yet, they wont go to school. Saying oil has spoilt their land, is a very big lie, companies never release waste oils on their land, its not done, what happened is that the land in those areas have very high iron content, that even if you drill borehole, you need to treat the water, orelse you see the water turning.brown the moment its exposed to air, which shows sign of iron content and not oil. Because they refuse to go to school, so they wont understand most of these things. Where is asari dokubo that was fighting blood and water all because of this same oil then, he now made money and now retire to ghana and travel round the world, can you imagine, he now owns a university outside his town he was fighting for then, he cant even have an investment in his own town. And tompolo, maybe some people dont know the millions tompolo made in the so called fighting for my land, what have they done for their land and their people. Any niger deltans trying to destroy things all in the name of fighting for their land is just a liar and very selfish. Go and ask your leaders, the one that are assigned to develop your state and locality how much is being allocated to them and how much they spend or where they put it first. I was opportuned to meet some of the high status politician among these nija deltans sometimes back, advicing them to invest and provide employment, you know the answer i got? 1- i cant invest for some guys to just wake up one day and destroy it, telling me they are fighting for justice in the land. 2- he said, do we need to even invest in our area? We have the oil in our land and they said in the next 100years, it cant finish, make we dey chop d oil money na, ma our money. So tell me, you are now saying you are the avenger, abeg what are they avenging for?

  191. i will be Grateful if that one will be accomplish

  192. Is better for the F.G to takes serious action behind dis Matters!

  193. pls stop using the word my oil. the oil blongs to nigeria. nigeria blongs to the majority north and intelligent west and others

  194. Lagos has join the oil state remain maiduguri.

  195. Na wa for all these baby factory children.

  196. They will fail and will never succeed

  197. They don’t need to bomb Lagos and Abuja. Just stop the oil from flowing and the resident of those places will do the bombing.

  198. Emmanuel, you’re talking. The North and the West never wish us well.

  199. Forget oil . For your information, crude oil does not have value in world market anymore. Very cheap to get. Oil money has dried up. The oil cannot even save nigerian economy now. I wonder why you people are still fighting and talking about oil. Better diversify into palm oil before it is too late or generally agriculture. No part of Nigeria is useless. There are countries without oil that are doing far better than us. The only thing growing in Nigeria now is population. Nigerians do not have standard of living right now

  200. No body should blame buhari it’s his illiteracity, hw can a blind man be leading a seer.nizooria is a cuse we ve nothin in common wt them nt by tradition / Religion /Academic/fashion or believe nigeria giant of Africa is nw giant of curroption. God ve mercy

  201. Tra la la, tra la la.Lefam o.E think say na by force.Tra la la.Make im go ask uncle Shege, make im ask o.Im no know say times don change.Abegio make una help me tell am the difference bw geriatrics and pediatrics o.Make una help me tell baba o.

  202. It is pitiable dismal-pismal, it is regrettably lugubrious that some unscrupulous elements also known as Niger Deltans have lost their senses to Corruption, how on earth will a normal and sensible human being defend or support evil? Anyway, “a bad tree does not yield good apples”; they’re parents/grand parents are evil doers, so what do u expect from them?

  203. lol!#Abeg make ona come lagos o…

  204. Will it bring solution the hardship we’re currently facing?

  205. We are waiting for them in lagos

  206. I am made to understand that those that bombed the pipelines are from Niger, Chad, Cameroon (in fact foreigners) just like the herdsmen are not fulanis, but foreigners.

  207. God will strike the hell out of buhari,he can never islamise nigeria, that was his plan right from the begining. We are in suport of niger delter

  208. pls go ahead and destroy all d remaining pipelines who cares., na u go suffer admist d pollution disasters eg dwarfism, conjoined twins, maternal unproductivity, soil degradation, wildlife fire etc. Therefore in years to come Come ur community will be no more. MARK YOU NORTHERN NIGERIA IS BLESS WITH ABUNDANT PETROLEUM BOTH IN D CHAD BASIN AND, GOMBE, BENUE ETC. AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION NORTHERN NIGERIA WILL START ESPLORING OIL AT D END OF THIS YEAR

  209. What are your demands? Enough of militia destructions and economic sabotage. This will not solve the problems you are trying to solve, rather it will escalate it. Finding political solution to the problems is the best. A word is enough for the wise.

  210. I think this guys are dreaming. May be the hard drugs are working negatively. U can only destroy ur environment but to attack Abuja and lagos, u really need to rethink.

  211. good steps my powerful fearless brothers i love d action carry on

  212. Easy………………….

  213. They should continue pls. Na their trade mark

  214. I did my NYSC some years ago in an oil producing community in imo state egbema precisely… through out my service year I have never experience power… so every body uses generator… so one day ask one of the indigen why the lack of power…. he said that shell wanted given them free Power supply but the community leaders and chief suggested that shell should be paying them money instead so that they can inturn be paying for the community nepa bill… so shell have been doing that… and the chiefs and leaders were just busy collecting this money shearing it among themselves without unwinding there people

  215. Please don’t dear what the federal govt can do. If you’re trying to destroy PMB, he won’t hesitate to destroy your life . Remember whatever you’re doing with your selfish act is affecting 70% of your people . Crude oil had been discovered in Lagos, Madurgri , Ilorin , ogun state and more. Remember the entire Nigeria had once depend on Cocoa which mostly came from south west (cocoa house in ibadan) and Norths and if you’re not born then to witness how it survives many nigeria including your locality, your grandmother n grandfather are benefit of it unless you wanna call them glutton. Please life lost will never be regain . Boko haram is becoming a story and militant can be history. Please be warned and call your loves one attention who claimed to be a good citizen of Biafra inside Nigeria government..

  216. to God who made me NigerDelta boys no skills of war like bokoharam and now bokoharam are surrenderd withdrows their weapons i very sure these militams will soon regrets

  217. keeep bombing all d oil in south south, one d u guys will realise ur mistake,, fools destroying there are own property..Gold a lone that was discovered in Kaduna is more than the Gold in south Africa..all this destroying can not stop our president salary we are one suffering it.

  218. Is Lagos n Abuja part of Niger delta? Useless pple wat of d billions that enter dis this useless body in d past administration wat difference does it make than majority of them lavishing them on women,drinks n expensive car that they can not maintain them

  219. Its high time fg deploy troop 2 clear this mess b4 it get out of hand,this guys sabotage d government of Johnathan

  220. Useless people! Una brother Jonathan ruled for 5yrs, he do nothing for una. Na aboki wan do am? As our army de take boko haram learn ground battle, na so navy & air force go use una learn their own battle too.

  221. Yet, these tadpoles called avengers has little more times to repent and surrender. Who ever want to advice them, let do it now b4 it’s over.

  222. Chituru u talk lik dis bcs u ar not patrotic…..did dis country belong to buhari or any northern person… Dis country is for all of us nd if buhari finish his tenur he will leave lik hw obasanjo,jornathan, nd all oda president did so if u tink ur ppl ar doin dis bcs of buhari nd d northernan only dat means u should retink bcs d damage affects d whole country nd not only d northernans ooo

  223. God will be the control.

  224. Truth is bitter,niger D. Militants should take thins easy.when your broda jona is dere as president he did not do anytin for niger D.nw s nolonger there again.your so cal elders just dey share d money.opportunity come but ones.militants i wish them well.remeber,nobody can fight government.

  225. Lagos and Abuja are not like the Creeks in Bayelsa that you bomb and run into one community and hide. Their day of reckoning is here . This government is not like any other . They will be arrested very soon and our elders would be begging for their release.

  226. They are welcome as most of ljaws are living in Lagos and their missiles can’t differentiate them from ljebus, llajes or Urobos.
    How l wish their king men’s would be the 1st to be hit with their bullets.
    So that they can carry them home for delivery to their silence elders now.

  227. Is gud 2 gvt fyt dem as de r fytin bh no nonsense

  228. U ar right my dear.@ Emmanuel

  229. Pls if you call on the name of the living God, allow vengiance to the Lord.Remeber when two elephants shake body is only the grass that get injured therefore nigeria is more than an individual or a hand full of people, we are on our knee praying for peace in this land.

  230. Long time I though They are boko haram

  231. When a northerner roles south will attack n when a southerner roles north will attack. So It’s a vice versa

  232. @ Idemudia you and I are from S/S the people GEJ and Yadua settled with were sincere .Do you support these destruction. PMB Will not be there for ever. N/Delta got amnesty, NDDC, Ministry for Niger Delta and presidency for 6yrs what happened? This anger should have directed to their political leaders who shotchanged them. The govt is just 1year you want him to do what our person failed to do in 6yrs? If you blow up oil installations mark my words Nigeria will not go under. It’s you and I that will suffer not Buhari. During fuel crisis did you see Buhari, minister’s, senators ,Governors quene for fuel?Look at the N/E destroyed by b/h who is suffering now Yoruba, and Igbo? No. Even if it’s re-built it can’t be the same again. Ok tell me why planning to attack Lagos There is no ethnic group not represented here. To me our politicians failed us including GEJ he made individual billionaire from the region are we to blame PMB?

  233. The Niger delta militans have the right to destroy oil and gas facilties in their region. Boko haram have the right to kill and maim innocent nigerians, and probably, to islamise their region, not the whole Nigeria. Fulani herdmen have no right to attack southerners in their lands. They can attack innocent nigerians in the northern part of the country, not southern part of the country. If fulani herdmen continue the attack, the southerners has the right to violate the law of the land and fight back. We should know our limitation. Please, niger delta militants don’t attack Lagos. Lagos belongs to yorubas. If u attack Lagos, yoruba may retaliate. We have been living together peacefully as brothers and sisters long. Don’t do anything that will harm the peace.

  234. People do not have to be illitrate to know to defend themselves.

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