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Oil refinery

Is Buhari’s turn to Niger Republic for crude oil import a wise decision?

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By Charles Igbinidu


For perceptive analysts, it is obvious that the primary goal of the government of Buhari is to reduce the dependence of the northern part of the country (where he is from), on the south. However, for him to achieve his objective, he still needs funds from the sale of crude oil from the Niger-Delta.

Instead of genuinely concentrating on finding a lasting solution to the militancy in the Niger-Delta, so that there can be unhindered flow of crude oil in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari is said to be shifting his focus on importing crude oil from Niger Republic. This is ostensibly a stopgap measure in the hope that crude oil would be discovered in the northern part of the country.

It would be recalled that one of the first major decisions of his administration was the directive that Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) should recommence the search for crude oil in the north after millions had been wasted in previous exercises.

President Buhari seems to be obsessed with making sure that crude oil is discovered in commercial quantity in the north. His push for the exploration of the crude oil in the north started when he was the Minister for Petroleum during the military administration of General Olusegun Obasanjo, the search began again when he became a military Head of State. On both occasions, huge funds were invested and the outcomes were negative.

From being a major producer and exporter of crude oil, Buhari is set to turn Nigeria into a major importer of the commodity. The government is also poised to invest huge amount of money to construct about 1, 000-kilometre crude oil pipelines from Niger Republic to Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company.

The revelation was made recently by no other person than the Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Maikanti Baru during a town hall meeting with management and staff of KRPC in Kaduna.

The decision is informed by the challenges of moving crude oil from the Niger-Delta to Kaduna.

 According to him, “Due to challenges with the aged refinery and crude oil pipelines that had been breached severally, the operations of the refinery has been epileptic. This we are determined to resolve through various intervention methods, including evaluation of alternative crude oil supply from Niger Republic through building of a pipelines of over 1, 000 kilometres from Agadem to Kaduna. That effort is being championed by Mr. President himself.”


He said: “It was important to explore alternative crude supply to KRPC, which has been affected by vandalism of pipelines and obsolescence, assuring that the initiative will reduce downtime of the plant and ensure optimal utilisation.


“The Corporation has already started engagements with the Nigerien Minister of Petroleum and the Chinese that are operating the field at Agadem (The Agadem Block is located in the East Niger Rift Basin) Baru, pledges to drive the energy supply project to power industries in Kaduna by ensuring the completion of the Ajaokuta-Abuja-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) gas pipeline.


For perceptive analysts, it is obvious that the primary goal of the government of Buhari is to reduce the dependence of the northern part of the country (where he is from), on the south. However, for him to achieve his objective, he still needs funds from the sale of crude oil from the Niger-Delta.


About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Bad leadership, de president will only increase our debt profile thereby adding to de pains of nigerians
    He should address de militancy issues now bf it’s too late

  2. We shld not shy away from the truth, Who are the stake holder of dat refinery ? We are too big to be caught in an English man net


  4. Very wise one.we failed to threaten Jonathan to develop ND.

  5. It’s such a shame, we have crude oil in abundance but the refineries are working below capacity, if working at all. We all know about the problems being faced by that sector: internal terrorists ….

    Now off the top off my head I can sense that if we import crude oil or it’s finished products from Niger republic who won’t require dollars in order to pay? – I stand to be corrected. That will save us the ever so expensive forex.

    Even if we have to pay in dollars it’ll be cheaper for us to import from our neighbours

    My view

  6. It’s obvious that equity is not in the dictionary of Mr President.
    However looking back, he supported a candidate from Niger over our on.
    He quickly desbursed 21 million dollars to the Niger army as contribution to task force fighting BH.
    Opened northern borders to allow importation of textiles which was on the ban least.
    President of the Fulanis in West Africa.

  7. Very good for north people and bad to nigerdelta people,by this let stop this vandalised of oilpipe.

    • How is it bad for Niger-Delta. The stupidity of the decision is that they still need Niger-Delta money to pay for the crude oil from Niger and to construct the pipeline

    • Yeah just like agric produe money frm d not was use to construct does pipelines

    • Aondover Yanbiam That is the big lie that you people have been made to believe. There was never a time that the Southern part of Nigeria depended on the North economically. Go back to 1914, the north and the south were amalgamated by the British because they needed money from the south to support the north. Please go and read a little about the political history of Nigeria and be well informed

    • No, ionigeria, you’re the misinformed one here. Where did the money come from that started the oil exploration? You’re really gullible to think niger delta oil is presently the only source of income for Nigeria. Wait and see wheather Nigeria will pay Niger republic or not. Keep blowing up the pipes.

    • Gabi. Why is the budget failing? Because the bench mark was pitched on oil. Oil money is what the FG will be using.

    • Then keep blowing up the oil pipes to sabotage govt efforts. The economy is diverse. Nigeria’ll survive because thou shall not live by bread alone.

    • abeg are the British people Hausa’s? somebody just said d north and south were amalgamated because the north need southern oil, stupid comment when was the oil discovered was it prior 1914 or after?

    • is lyk were getting it all wrong hre plz Niger delta oil re 4 sales 2 make not use by Nigeria’s but dis Niger oil tin is buy nd use so tell me d economical gain of it plz

    • The British themselves brought us together to help poor North, since 1914 Amag, the north has never been productive in any angle, the British used coco/coal money all from southern Nigeria to establish oil facilities, so the north re just consumers.

    • Nnaji @ the cotton and granut pyramid is frm where?

    • Nnaji, then stop complaining if the “consumer” north decides to look elsewhere away from hate-filled niger delta.

    • what about BIAFRA breaking out of the nizooria, ,will BIAFRA’S exit affect the zoo ?

    • Gabi usman. Pls go to niger and leave our oil. You can also carry your food, we dont need them. We no longer need the north, they are cog in the wheel of progress, they are parasetic. They can ioin niger, they have the same culture of begging. Pls leave us and our oil alone.

    • Never in the history of Nigeria have the north contributed more to the national treasury than the south, so I don’t know were the idea that the money from the north was used to develop the oil in the south is coming from, and again you don’t need money to develop oil all you need is to have oil in your land and the oil companies will develop it and still pay you, So stop telling us that the money from the north was used to develop the oil in the south because its not true.

    • My own opinion is to stop spoiling our pipeline and develop Niger delta and improve living, life of power people in the area no story.

    • This hausa/fulani ppl are very funny. Without ND Oil, their civil servants & political appointees including Buhari cannot be paid salaries. Ingrates

    • gabi we know u people as parasites and beggars, u people dot pay house rent sleep in an open places and underbridges,you people dot developed another man land dirty human being like animals, pls dot talk in public again

    • Before oil, north,south,east,west hv resources they really upon be4, now everystates hv back to old ways try and find coca,grandest,rice,tin,bitument, sink, even oil at badagry pls let move forward.

    • Nnaji AkaJesus .. Do you mean to say that oil discovery in Nigeria dated back to as far as 1914?
      When was oil facilities established, before or after independence?.. When you are talking, know that intelligent people are mulling over your utterances and not taking it as it’s haphazardly forming in your head!

  8. Is the decision of the niger deltans to destroy the pipe lines wise? If yes, then Buhari’s decision is correct.

  9. Is a welcome development thumb up for my able president, more grease to ur elbow

  10. At least there should be a way out.

  11. What do u want him to do when nd refused dialogue

  12. Buhari knew Nigeria ll soon divide, is a wise idea 4 them

  13. Let then drink d crude oil . Enough of the bluff.

  14. It’s a deep message to the southern leaders. Pointer to the tomorrow NIGERIA.

  15. The crude is kept for de future go and buy it from hell

  16. He has come to finish the remaining glory of Nigeria. We are watching him and obj

  17. If not for stupidity of the avengers, how can you be burning and setting your own house ablaze just because u’re angry with sumone else. Is that not crazy? Or should i call ill reasoning and lack of eduaction of our youths?

  18. You dont like the Niger Deltans yet, they fed you and you grow big with potbelly. You always go to their backyard and suck the resources in their domain. And you expect them to sit down and watch while you exploit the resources in their yard? See Worri no de take last oh! You had better seek for other altanative to feed your saints and cows.

  19. He that called this wise decision is a fook

  20. Biafra must come because Chukwuokikeabiama is involved…Nice.. Let him bring back our oil they dumped there in niger. No more drilling of oil in the niger delta. Bombing of oil facilities continues according to the millitants.

  21. A man that goes for shield or cover in Neighbours’ house when his house is on #Fire , always gets into #Trouble wth that Neighbour. Instead of looking for a way to SETTLE & put Ur house in order… What a shameeee!
    Hmmm, giant of #Africa indeed !
    All Peoples’ Confused Party-APC!

  22. It is wise because the niger deltans think Nigerian cannot survive without their oil. In no distance time they will feel the impact of wromgful action.

  23. He promised making the refineries work? How far now?

  24. Yes if u niger Delter millitants are destroyer nd enemy of change

  25. Division drum sounding and loading…………….

  26. how does that affect the niger delta ? even if you stop production entirely in the delta who does it affect?that is exactly what the avengers are looking for if you must know, some people are just funny, talking as if you have boxed the niger delta to a corner or that you have achieved a major milestone meanwhile, you are just confusing yourself.ok lets see who will be worse off. today you will claim to have seen oil in maidiguri, kano, sokoto, bauchi etc , tomorrow you want to import crude from benin republic, next tomorrow you want to lay 1million km pipeline from niger,Libya, sudan etc another,you want to diversify and do agriculture, you want to manufature, total confusion and baldadash,all motion and no movement just pity this old fulani man.

    • Stop talking rubbish, it is not a claim that crude oil is found in the North, i.e, Benue, Bauchi, Gombe, Bida, lake chad basin, etc but the truth. But the development of the oil intallations or exploration cannot be done over-night, it took the Federal Republic of Nigeria, after the discovery of the crude oil in the Niger delta region more a decade before the oil sector infrastructure was developed in that region or Nigeria. PMB is on a salvage mission, & the Jonathan-PDP sponsored Niger delta Avengers (Terrorists) cannot prevent PMB from working to salvage the nation. They can continue with their bombings on oil installations in that region, because Jonathan lost his 2015 re-election bid or to cause distraction for PMB’s fight against corruption in Nigeria. There was a Nigeria before the crude oil revenue from the Niger delta region & by the Special Grace of GOD, there shall be a better Nigeria after the expiration of the crude oil revenue in Nigeria. NIGERIA is not a slave of the crude oil found in the Niger delta region.

    • Pls nobody is contesting the abundance of oil in your region, just go ahead and develop, explore, drill, sell and keep the dollars, improve yourselves/region, thank God and we are all happy for you.


  28. Will PMB also construct dams and withdraw his cows and herdsmen from south?

  29. Sure! It’s good in fact very good, he’s really getting the North ready for the Nigeria’s disintegration so that they won’t feel the pains that much.

  30. Yeah good for him and Yoruba people…..,they should leave our oil for us

  31. Is better for the northerners and they should not only connecting pipes but they should also apply for oil wells in Niger after all the hole northerners ar from Niger and Chad.

  32. Ekerette Bassey you’re very intellectual brother that is the secret, Buhari is making every effort to save for the north because it is going to happen sooner than we imagined.

  33. Power is in his hand,he can do and undo as he abuses power. If he decides 2 tap from Jupiter, its his choice. What a pity, what a waste! Someone issuing,,where does he get the money from,let meals ask him the N150b to Hillary Clinton where did he get such a money from?

  34. A smart move, once the purpose is achieved. Then northern retaliators will commence the bombing of the roads leading to the south south and south east areas, to disconnect the food supply chain, thanks to the Niger delta boys.

  35. If were avengers,I will bomb the new pipeline and kaduna refinery too.Nigeria has expired.Buhari is using niger delta resources to prepare future for the North.he claimed that oil was found in maiduguri but its a lie.

  36. It is indeed wise since in his own Country there are saboteurs to his regime

  37. Is a ploy to decieve nigerians by syphoning nigeria’s oil to reserve at Niger

  38. Let him spend that money to develop NigerDelta area. Ours is ours.

  39. sign of a bad leadership, u ple can go to Saudi Arabia to import oil if u like

  40. Just as the USA imports crude from us, it does not mean that Texas or Alaska does not have large reserves of crude. If Niger sells cheaper to us, why not. After we still import PMS?

  41. Yes of course, keep on vandalising the oil pipe

  42. What type of a fulani question is that ? Has buhari ever done anything wise? Why ask a question when u already know the answer ?

  43. He promised to diversify the economy that is what he’s doing… hahahahaha brainless anupamu. Let him construct another pipeline to Sambisa forest.

    We the Concerned Niger Deltans are happy for the development. The next person im pitying is Dangote complete building the refinery in Lagos state preparing to feed it from Niger Delta Oil abi ? We shall see. Thunder wey no get break is waiting for them them

  44. Yes because it will give BH boys something to blow too

  45. Our so-called agitators & those who applaud them have to see. There is on the rise, a culture of laziness & self-destruct that has permeated & continues to bedevil the Niger Delta region.
    From nowhere, in the name of resource control, greedy politicians seeking leverage in national politics empowered & encouraged criminal groups to cripple oil installations. This graduated to kidnapping of expatriate oil workers for ransom & then vandalization & bombing of pipelines. Where has all this left us?
    A teaming horde of jobless youths who think the surest way to easy wealth is intimidation & violence. They are even against the development of their own communities.


    • Mr Philip, can u advice your blood brother or your son to go into militancy, pipeline vandalization, kidnapping & robbery, simply because of unemployment?
      The challenge of unemployment must be faced by all Nigerians. Evil is evil, no window dressing. Pls note “evil has no class, no colour, no ethnicity & no religion.

    • yes millitancy is evil, , but islamic terrorist like boko haram and fulani herdsmen killers are the worst, ,people that value cow more than human lives

    • Chibueze, u just wasted your time writing comment just to incite or create the ember of discord.
      There is never any evil that is good, regardless of region, religion & ethnicity. Bokoharam, Herdsmen killing people, militancy, cultism, kidnapping, raping, robbery, money ritual, pipeline vandalism, etc are all termed as evil. And there is a great punishment awaiting all evil doers. Pls set aside tribalism, ethnicism & parochialism. Say no to evil

    • Hmmm! Mr suleiman unemployment contribute 90% of wht dis avengers are doing?

    • Jennifer, no evil is conditional. Evil is evil. Don’t support evil doers. Are they the only unemployed youths in Nigeria?
      Why are u not a militant? Can u allow/advice your child or your blood brother to join Militancy due to unemployment??

    • May God Almighty destroy, eliminate, & erase any kind of evil & their sponsors in Nigeria. Amen

  46. If he likes he should include importation of cows, his cup of tea. D fear of Trump as d US elected president is on him”BUHARI”

  47. #BreakingNEWS: Crude oil has been found in commercial Qantity across the 19 Northern States of AREWA! Thanks to terroris/rapiest Muhammadu Buhari and his fellow uncercumsied 19 Islamic governors!

  48. u 9ija people are goat niger delta are wise ur plan we naver work

  49. which money do they use for all this blablabla they are saying

  50. That one is left for you because you were busy bombing our pipeline, destroying our economy, making things unbearable when he deny what you are not suppose to accumulate, that is why avengers were used to cease all what belong to us by looters community. But with God they will all perish one by one. Sai buhari.

  51. That is to show them we can do without their oil.

  52. Ndi hausa do ready finish wise up

  53. Yes very good for we the northern Nigeria and very sad for the Niger Delta do u think u people are important a heal with ur fuel

  54. PMB is wise he preparing for Triumph decision the USA president elect,the Gadafi of USA

  55. Yes he I’ll soon invade them & kill, destroy &loot every thing they have bicus of their oil as they have been doing in Biafras AIR, land Sea, & ppl for yrs .

  56. It is a welcome development if Avengers or Revengers maitain their bombing spree. The cost of moving crude oil from Niger to Kaduna is lesser and more durable than from overseas since new pipelines will be laid. However, Niger also needs Nigeria’s harbour for some her international trades. Comparatively, it favours both countries and further strengthens our ties with Niger.

  57. It’s a wise decision in as much as our environment would remain save from pollution of exploitation without solution.
    Resources control would finally come else otherwise

  58. Yes dats a very good development.

  59. He will reverse himself. This is just gra gra.

  60. Let the Niger Delta people drink their own oil as we are satisfied with what we will get from Niger Rep coupled with the oil wells we have in the north shikenan

  61. Would he get d crud free from Niger? Why not put ur house in other.

  62. It’s a wrong idea if the government will embark on this non-feasible project. Importing crude oil from Niger Republic to obsolete refineries in Nigeria as made mentioned by Mr. Kachukwu?

    Then,how will obsolete refineries,refine imported crude oil,abeg?

    How could this government waste money to import crude oil that it can’t refine?

    It would have been better for the government to import already refined products.

    But,come to think of it….if 1000km of crude oil pipeline is laid from Niger Republic to Kaduna refinery,wouldn’t the people who the pipelines cut across their land vandalize these pipelines?

    It happened some 4 to 5 years ago in Lere Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

    So,the government should be precise on what they want to import.

  63. A welcome ideas, as Niger delta are bombing our pipeline thinking the are doing it for Nigeria rather waste much of there time, Northerners will soon stop carry food items to them let them continue to drink fuel. Idiots

  64. When hausa man talks you go know bcos they re nothing but waste bins,what concern them with our oil if buhari wants let him go to afganistan to import oil,we dont care,our oil wil be preserve for our NATION BIAFRA.nigeria is an expired nation

  65. Let see if book haram will allow it for them….but I thought they said they found oil in the north?… Abi na groundnut oil they found?…. He is from Niger and pumping zoo money back to his people over there….. Namas

  66. Very nice and indeed very good idear

  67. He should go ahead , we are not worry about his decision. Fuck him, Aboki

  68. we can market our oil, so who says it bad for Nigerdeltans

  69. avengers can go ahead wits their bombing. Let the idiot bats dare Niger republic and see.

  70. Yes, since some element thinks dey created de crude by themselves..

  71. A very very wrong decision if does dt it means he is a coward. I think d best way to deal with a problem is profer a solution bt nt to run away from it.

  72. Safety for growth and development. Nigeria ,most progress

  73. You are all caword bkos you stupid Hausa’s hate truth and I must keep on telling you the truth OK hate me or like it buhari has hidden agendas how can he say that he can’t give them the 60% instead he will give 100% to Niger his brodas

  74. Hahahahahaha see Islamic terrorist dogs talking trash. Is he going to get the oil free as the northern zoo called Nigeria have been doing in Niger Delta?

  75. Let them keep on vandalizing the pipeline in niger delta, since they are boast over it, so now new way has come for getting crude oil… thats good news.

  76. Don’t you know that 60 – 70% of hausa and Fulani in Nigeria are from Niger republic or why is it that Nigeria has border with cameroum, benin republic etc but nigerian border with Niger is too upon in fact no border bkos if you go from sokoto to ilela is very free the truth is that Hausa has spoiled nigeria

  77. I think it is better that way. The Niger delta will be better off that way. You come to my house, get my pot of soup, share it and take the bigger share, then hide your garri in a cave so I can’t share with you. I will be foolish to allow you continue taking my soup. Now let us buy outside and use it together while your garri stays in the cave and my soup remains in my refrigerator, we both can now eat at the restaurant n pay from our pocket. Besides, thought oil was discovered in the north, was it part of the lies?

    • Haba! Emin Emin,your advice implies that we are no longer brothers talkless of living in one entity need to revisit your opinion and put into considerations that when oil was discovered i n n/delta,our garri, cotton,and g/nut’s money was used for making it reality.

    • Salisu Musa Ringim tnx for this wonderful reply. When I saw a reply from “Musa” I expected an abuse but you disappointed me! Kudus! But know the cause of my stand is the eternal injustice that has been meted to the Niger Delta region. 2016 budget has > 70% capital expenses to be executed in the north, to be funded majorly by oil revenue and people will give ‘justifiable’ ressons why it should be so. Why wouldn’t the people from the region be angry? Remember, when garri, groundnut, cotton were resident in the northern region there was coal, cocoa, timber, palms in the south. The idea that groundnut money was used for oil exploration is very illogical since timber, coal, cocoa n palm were, and are still more expensive than groundnut n cotton. As a person I still believe a united Nigeria where justice reigns will do all of us more good than going our separate ways.

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  79. Very nice idea, since Niger Delta Avengers are planning to destroy our country, they never want PMB to succeed

  80. You will so far we get our on oil in borno let devide the country we a re wai ting

  81. Very wise decision indeed, in fact.

  82. Who told u Boko haram will not bomb d pipeline cos it must pass through sambisa forest. He wants to empower his boys

  83. Yes cos we can not be on our knel for niger Delta

  84. And let me remind all of you that, 21 wells full of oil had been discovered in the desert called north according to Buhari. Why can’t he turn to that in the north and start explore it which is within the country. Buhari is only deceiving Nigerians.

  85. Waste of resources what a pity?

  86. Anything that was built with niger delta oil money ll going to bomb i trust avengers

  87. If it pays to Nigerians, its a welcome development to avoid daily vandalizauion of the militants. Allow them to be drinking the oil.

  88. the higher percentage gave to the nigerdelter region from the national burget shld be reduce&niger delter ministry should be scribe too..

  89. The crocodile smile? I said it Army cannot not take upper hand in all cases. Buhari is just doing gara gara he needs to sit down and think. if he is too busy I will do it for him and give him a better solution. Mark my word, the project will be sabotage mid way by the cabals.

  90. Let the Niger delta boys continue their bombing

  91. When someone crosses hands on the road that you won’t pass through, such a person has forgotten that there are several other roads for you even though, it could be longer, you will still reach your destination. Enemies don’t want Buhari to succeed but, God is above their treacrocy


  93. Turning to Papa’s land for oil deal

  94. Is very nice decision since niger delter majority gone mad

  95. Water must take it’s level. If it is good for buhari to get his oil from niger, then he should consentrait on niger republic and leave niger delta alone.

  96. There is oil in Igala land. Are we not Nigerians? The Igalas are marginalized by this govt

  97. this is the most foolish decision a president can make. niger deltans demand a review of the oil blocs allocation and giving the security contract back to them. the federal government is paying more on that security contract now so why not pay less and hand it over to them, secondly oil blocs review is not funds allocation. so the govt has to pay only for security and the rest is free. but now he will pay more security because it’s now international route, pay to build new pipelines and pay for crude oil so all of you hailing him should prepare for inflation of fuel price and other things.

  98. Yes. Obum nagi weya na atuwu aka.

  99. A leader is one who always think for a better solution to a particular problem, it is the obvious qualities that distinguished my amiable president from the clueless GEJ. Up PMB. The decision of importing crude oil from Niger is a right step in a right direction that must be welcomed by any well-meaning Nigerian not biafrauds. The economic advantage of this decision is that the pressure on our local currency will be reduced as the demand for dollar is reduced. Long live President Mohammed Buhari, long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

    • Well done militants for destroying your environment thereby making it difficult to farm and have good drinking water whereas, here in the north we have a fertile land for food and other cash crops production, good drinking water, etc and remember that for the first time in the history of Nigeria, government generate N492b with oil only contributed 30% in the month of June which sent strong signal that we can do without oil. Long live President Mohammed Buhari, long live Federal Republic of Nigeria. Up APC

  100. And nigeria ll going to ban avengers nt go to niger to bomb pipeline

  101. insincerity on the part of the Niger Delta leaders worsen their situation and that had undermined the effort of the government bt the niger deltans are not seen to that

  102. its a welcome development bc we can remain the same forever. a good and visionary leader must always think if and offer solutions to any problem that arises. there must be a way out for the recession.

  103. I concur with the President’s decision, is a welcome development.

  104. Nothing bad in it, coz we cant continue to aford d activities of d vandals

  105. So the president think that pipeline from Niger republic wil nt be tampered wth. I jus d laf in arabic.

  106. Robing Niger Delta to pay Niger Republic

  107. Yes so dat he can allow our oil to reboom n rest

  108. Let Niger Delta oil rest again.

  109. If One way closs another one open

  110. God dont shut a door with padlock, that is what the niger delta terrorists forgot. PMB just opened another way. Enemies should live to see Nigeria thrives.

  111. Why import when we have no refinery

  112. Yea,let d mallam try dat side,he’ll soon back to nigerdelta,but dey no go give am.

  113. So if N,do not block the road,a new road will not be provided

  114. where wil they get money 2 import d oil? nigeria is dead

  115. If decision of vandalizing the pipelines in the south east by niger delta avengers is a wise decision, then turning to Niger republic for crude oil import is a wise decision.

  116. Allah we give us d cgs,becouse u ar hbg.sai baba 2019

  117. Let buhari pay to have crude for once………… Nigerdelta own is free oil parasite buhari and useless abokis

  118. Let buhari pay to have crude for once………… Nigerdelta own is free oil parasite buhari and useless abokis

  119. The wisest decision taken in recent time.

  120. It is a welcome idea to search for alternative as far as the nigerian oil region dont see anything good with the administration of buhari, for that they organize a militant group to crippl the nation economy through the vandalization of oil facilities to bring the country to zero oil revenue due to their negative sentiment.

  121. Let us render Niger Delta oil useless for them to drink and use to fry plantain chips .

  122. Lawrence Obiorah,you need to join them in the bombing.It is a foolish person who feels is wiser than majority.
    With their oil and bombing,they will be reduced to beggars and they will suffer oil pollution till kingdom come.They will cry no one will listen to them.

  123. Pls ask the militant they are position to answer such question

  124. niger delter weldone may God hlp u in Jesus name ameeen

  125. anyone dat is nt happy wit dis let dat person Dik a ground n enter

  126. Isn’t Another avenue for embezzlement ?

  127. anyone dat is supporting burani will soon vanish

  128. Is d last alternative, at least we can get fuel in Nogeria 2 avoid scarcity

  129. It is good like that but let them also stop exporting crude from Niger Delta. We will also want them to withdraw all the soldiers there and leave us to do whatever we want with our oil.

  130. What do u xpect ,whn a foolish person is d head what do u think would b d outkum of d followers? Cow surly gv birth 2 cow

  131. Buhari can turn to USA for crude oil importation if he likes, all the fedrating units will still share revenue accrued.

  132. Is this how he wants to be solving his problems? Running away anytime there is trouble? Or burrying his head in the sand, like the proverbial ostrich and saying all is well? Any leader that always look for an easy way out, is incompetent!

  133. There is no wisdom in d president’s decision.

  134. Wise for him. Let d govt also neglent d agrement reached wt d country they wish to get d oil frm & see wht d effect wil be.

  135. Is the decision to deny Niger Delta what God deposited in their Land wise? Buhari wants to bless or help his people who’re not contributing to the resources of the Nation and frustrate niger deltans.

  136. Very good idea, niger even nearer to the north. You cont do well when u re getting it free from ur country, i m jst passing.

  137. And who said that boko haram will not attack the pipeline?


  139. very good to arewa republic, better prepare for ur oduduwa republic, than talking about people who has plan for their future

  140. This is part of the infrastructure the $30b loan will be used for.

  141. It makes no economic sense to buy from Niger. But since it is such a porpular decision up north, why dont we go further & divide d country. That way everybody depends on their resources and not robbing Peter to pay Paul

  142. For The lslamic agenda to the permernent site.

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