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Woman Mistakenly Sets Her House Ablaze While Trying To Rid Her Sofa Of Demon

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A woman burned down her house after trying to perform an exorcism on her sofa. JoLynn Winn, 53, was so convinced the devil had taken up residence in her settee that she took a match to the piece of furniture.

Firefighters in Louisiana, USA, were called to the scene before the Fire Marshal later arrested Ms Winn when it became clear she had started the blaze.

Ms Winn was booked into the Livingston Parish Jail on Friday for the fiery ritual – an act she claims she undertook to “get the devil out” of her sofa.

On August 11, the 4th District Volunteer Fire Department contacted the LAOSFM about a trailer fire in the 11000 block of Arnold Road.

The news channel WAFB reports fire fighters found Winn at the scene suffering from smoke inhalation.

She then  told the fire fighters she had set the couch on fire in order to rid her home of the demon.

Winn had been taken to a local hospital for treatment before investigators arrived at the scene.

They found fire damage in the trailer’s living room and determined the fire started because of the burning couch.

Ms Winn faces a single charge of arson

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