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How Nigerian Artistes can go viral with their songs

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Music is huge in Nigeria and while there are celebrities already dominating the industry, there are quite a number of them still struggling to be heard and seen.

No doubt, for every musician – popular or not, the dream of making every single a major hit is of a recurring nature. But, how do you go viral with your music? This is what every musician wants to know. To this end, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site highlights key areas every artiste should concentrate on to make viral music:

Ensure the song sounds amazing

You cannot expect a song that is not appealing to the ears or lacking great content to go viral, really. If you want your song to catch on and go viral, the obvious answer is for it to be your best work and nothing less. It has to be catchy and easy to sing along to. Listeners should be able to bob their head and smile as they sing along too. Putting out an amazing song is the perfect way to make people want to spread your music around, ensuring it goes viral much faster.

Put out a video

A great way to reach a large number of people and get your music across on the internet today is through video. Video is considered by Google as a higher form of engagement, therefore you have a better shot at reaching more people if you do a video for your music…. but not just any video. It must capture and keep your audience’s attention. Also, endeavour to keep your video short and entertaining.

Share your song on all platforms

While social media, especially Twitter and Facebook are undoubtedly the best and most reliable platforms for boosting the visibility of your song and making it go viral, you should also consider the old media: Radio and TV. They are not “trendy’ as much anymore, but they are definitely still relevant. Push your songs to the relevant guys on these platforms and see the effects of massive airtime play. Basically, know the right people with the right numbers and influence on all the media – broadcast, print, social media and other social networking sites you opt for, and enlist them to support you.

Get people to do covers of your song

A great way to get your music go viral is to get your fans and community of friends to do a cover of your song and post it on social media. With a number of people making covers and tweeting about it, even tagging others on Facebook, it is bound to get some attention and eventually go viral. To spice things up, you could make it a bit competitive and attach a prize to the fan with the best cover. You however must ensure the entire process is transparent.

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