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Marry Mubaiwa was remanded in custody in Harare

Zimbabwe vice-president’s estranged wife charged with his attempted murder

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The estranged wife of a Zimbabwean vice-president has been charged with attempting to murder him.

Marry Mubaiwa, who is already accused of corruption, appeared in court in Harare on Monday. She denies all the charges.

Prosecutors say she tried to kill Gen Constantino Chiwenga while he was receiving treatment in South Africa.

Gen Chiwenga played a key role in overthrowing then President Robert Mugabe in 2017.

The general alleges that Ms. Mubaiwa tried to prevent him from getting medical treatment in South Africa six months ago. When he was admitted to hospital in Pretoria, it is alleged she pulled an intravenous drip out of his arm.

Gen Chiwenga then went to China for four months of treatment, returning last month.

Ms. Mubaiwa was remanded in custody with bail denied.

When she was arrested on Saturday, police said Ms. Mubaiwa was accused of fraud and money laundering charges totaling about $1m (£750,000).

BBC Africa correspondent Andrew Harding says the case fits the pattern of a country where the elites accuse each other of assassination plots and poisonings and where the police and courts are often used to settle scores.

Zimbabwe is currently still gripped by hyperinflation, power shortages and mass hunger.

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