Sunday , March 3 2024
L-R: Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar, Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok Ibas, Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, Deputy Governor Ipalibo Banigo and Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Tukur Buratai after a meeting at Government House, Port Harcourt on Monday.

Wike to Army Chiefs: We will help you fish out militants

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Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state has declared that nobody will be shielded from the military operations against militants sabotaging the nation’s economy.

He stated that all Niger Delta governors opposed the use of violence to settle grievances, pointing out, that the governors are billed to meet with the Vice President on 7 June 2016 to discuss and proffer solutions to the security situation in the region.

Speaking on Monday at the Government House, Port Harcourt when he received the country’s military high command led by the Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin, Governor Wike said: “What’s happening affects our state revenue. We shall help the military to fish out militants blowing up oil pipelines in the region ”

The Chief of Defence Staff was accompanied by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Tukur Buratai, Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok Ibas and the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar.

The governor said that the State Government is worried about the resurgence of militancy in the Niger-Delta as it negatively affects development in the area.

He said: “As a government, we cannot support economic sabotage. What is going on is economic sabotage. Production is being negatively affected, with the revenue of states dwindling .

“There are ways to channel grievances and it is wrong to do what will negatively affect the people of the region”.

He assured the military high command that the government and people of Rivers State will support efforts to secure the area.

While commending the military for the sacrifice they have made in providing security in most parts of the state, he urged them to work towards improving security in Ahoada East, Ahoada West, Abua/Odual and Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Areas of the state.

Earlier, the Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin said the recent resurgence of militancy in the Niger-Delta is of serious concern to the military.

“Recent activities of the militants have led to the sabotage of oil and gas infrastructure”, he said.

He said economy of the nation is threatened by the resurgent militancy, hence the need to stop the insecurity in the region.

General Olonisakin urged the Rivers State Governor to reach out to his colleagues in the Niger Delta to resolve the conflicts in the area.

He said that the military high command was in the region to interface with the leadership of Operation Pulio Shield and other service commanders on how to put an end to criminality in the region and protect the nation’s economy from total collapse.

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  1. I will also help you to fish them out

  2. What do there want in d first case?

  3. Taaaah!!! If u hear!….which northern governor has helped us fish out the killer herdsmen?

  4. Guys, watch your backs, this Wike is not to be trusted at all, be mindful of ambush o. he is one of d enemies of this adminstration..

  5. yes tell them what they want to hear,to make them look gud.we all knw dat d terrain is even beyond 5million of u..

  6. Which notharn governor has helped u fish out boko haram ,

  7. Wike,will help military to fish out militant,is accepted

  8. How many Northern Governors, hv come out in the open to condemned the activities if boko haram & that of their counterpart, the Fulani’s herdsmen, rather it was Buhari that said that an attack on boko haram, is an attack on the Hausa’s.. Gej made so many mistakes , of which letting such unpatriotic comment like dat untouched is one of them….

    • That is our problem in the South, we’re not united and so don’t speak with one voice……. Tell me now, who told dis man to say all these rubbish he just vommited? In the South, everybody is a king, nobody controls anybody……. We’re always faster dan our shadows!

    • That has always being d case we r facing… Eye service statement, kudos to fayose he will never make such blasphemous statement..

    • Wailer! We’ll crush you biafrauds after we finish with those idiot militants like the way we did to your created boko haram. Idiot

    • And you chidiebere so do you think we don’t know your evil plans against this administration? Hmmmm Buhari is too wise to you hypocrites. And remember all the shegantaka when he was in military knew them ooo. So you can’t sabotage his administration you idiotic elements.

  9. Hmmmmm. .nobi small thing oh…

  10. Indirectly saying he will help you to go and die

  11. Wike dont be gullible. Wike after fishing out the freedom fighters you call millitants, they will fish you out. Wike dont allow the seat of governor to delude into self-destruct which will destroy you and the people forever. Wike where was the millitary when an incubent president was stoned in Bauchi? Is that not presidential sabotage? Wike you saw the role of this same millitary in Bayelsa election. Wike these men are enemies and have come to kill, conquer and islamise. This is a battle for urvival. This is a battle for freedom. Wike you are a lawyer and you know when an agreement has expired. Nigeria almagamation is a lease of agreement for 100 years and it has elapsed. Why are they jittery to face the truth? Wike you are aware of the hundreds of innocent lives lost in the hands of fulani herdsmen. Wike do not act like Pontius Pilate. Do not sabotage your people. Those people are fighting for you. Wike you are the target of this murderous goverment of buhari. Be wise and stand with the people. Fish the millitants out and buhari will finally fish you out. Cant you reason?

    • Is very sad if someone at your level will make such statement, so blowing the pipeline is the best option to register grievances. Common pick up your hiding conscience and speak like some one who was brought up by his parent.

    • A Hammon Yusuf yes it is the best option since the crooks you support have closed their ears and blocked their senses against reason.

    • Mr wailer Nigeria is too big for ignoramous people like you. Wike did the right thing coz if he did not comply? You know remaing story….. GEJ till 2019 do you remember your slogan? God is not human being the way you idiots think, He give the throne to who ever He wishes, be it Muslim, Chistian, pagan or any tribe in this great country and others. Mind yourself in order

  12. Political statement by major general Wike. Hahahaha

  13. That’s if you are not one of thm

  14. This Wike is too cheap

  15. Ok! Wike, Now you’re talking. Crush all the creeks including those pigs here in facebook, they know themselves.

  16. Our ppl somuch like favour, wikke s my man bt he shld nt be toofast in tlkn, northerners r vry smart ppl even till tomorrow no gov from d north hs ever condem herdsmen or boko haram, why can’t we ask how did boko haram started at d first place now they r planning to plant fulani by force in every state n if they succeed sorry s our name, our gov’s shld wake up if boko haram can succeed into south east or south south blve u me this northerners will be so happy, fayose no dey look face, wen gudluck ws fightn boko haram did any opposition gov frm d north promise to help him? Instead they pass informations to them boko haram

  17. Wike sabi naija politics

  18. He only said it. But it is imposible to acumplish it.

  19. Before then they might be vandalized 90% of the pipelines.

  20. mad man hw northern governor help zoo fine boko haram

  21. wike u are coming ur death

  22. That’s good Wike I salute your nationalistic action

  23. #Oga Wike #Fish Them Out Let See Who Is Who Don’t Talk Too Much Mr #Fisherman

  24. Welcome development. All Bokhari Army ll all die. Let them come avengers are reel waiting for them.

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  26. Hmm… Fisher of millitants! Shine ur eyes broe WIKE…

  27. Have U Prepared Ur Grave Before U Make That Comment?


  29. Hausas re now commenting, and they forget that one militant blood is a closed chapter in this country.

  30. Plz help us to fish them out

  31. First time in the history of Wike

  32. D army shull knw they ar not fish

  33. when you are one of them

  34. Wike please sitdown joor

  35. Talk is free. Wike fire on.

  36. Easier said than done. Wike will govern from exile.

  37. Abel olajide….star farming now or hunger wil kill u…….no more oil exploration

  38. Na pretender Pls take the war to there doorstep they will realize what they are sponsoring will bounce back for them

  39. Hahahaha__Political statement just to deceive the gullible hausa fulani boko haram

  40. al south east govrn ar fools, c wat wike ar sayin, OK d tym of gej al d 19 northerns govrns suport boko haram both hausa sojas to mak sure dem spoil gej gvt wit out reasen, same northerns cum dnow to south to kil ur pple who ar freedom fighter nd u suport dem. same north tel southeast pple ur land or ur life, wike wen wil we stand f our right?

  41. Dat is y i lik dis guy call wike he is a right man nt lik dat morster call ayodele fayose

  42. Buhari never fish out boko haram that disturbed GEJ & u’re there promising to fish out people you don’t know.

  43. Now niger delta militant governor is talking while IPOB are crying, u na no fit fight for u na self

  44. Hmmmmmm Nyesom Wike! Nyesom Wike!! Ñyesom Wike!!! How many times did I call ur name. Yọu have got tọ be wary otherwise the murderous Nigerian Soldier wil target u and kill and allege that a stray bullet hit u dead. So stay away 4rm this issue if possible let the Militants and The Military dig it out headon.

  45. Really, is a sabotage to the national economy. Arsons and vandalism to the oil pipelines could leds to economic misfortunes. Those arsonist and vandaliist should’nt go unpunishes. They must regrets their misdeeds.


  47. E b like say buhari dy pay this guy Yusuf dis one his replying everyone please share with me…

  48. Wike death don they hungry u oh.

  49. Igbo are cancer of Africa

  50. Wike ur a disgrace to ur race

  51. Wike is really impressing me dis days anyway i just hope dis is not just one of d cheap talk ooo

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