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Video: 3 Day Old Baby Girl Exhumed and Dumped on the street by Fanatical Muslim Clerics

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A group of fanatical Muslim clerics dug up the grave of a newborn baby girl’s body, dumping her body outside the wall of the graveyard. 

The three day old baby belonged to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community which often faces persecution by other Muslims because of their beliefs. Ahmadi Muslims are frequently declared ‘infidels’ or as being outside the fold of Islam by clerics in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Within hours of the newborn being buried, a group of clerics gathered at the graveyard, chanting slogans against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and objecting to the funeral taking place. Soon after, the mob dug up the grave of the newborn, leaving the body on display in the street.

Despite police being called to the scene, no action was taken against the mob, with the family of the baby being advised by authorities to rebury the child at another graveyard.

Finding no other option, the newborn’s bereaved relatives were forced to take away the body and rebury the baby, just hours after having already done so.

“Her crime is she was born to an Ahmadi Muslim family,” local Ahmadi Muslim leader, S.M. Selim, said.

A distressing photograph of the girl’s body laid on a straw mat on a road has been widely shared on social media.

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