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Valmont Water is produced using ultra-filtration process says Giant Beverages

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Valmont Water, a premium bottled water brand from the stable of Giant Beverages Limited, is elegantly bottled using the highest standards for quality and purity.
Speaking at a select media tour of its world-class factory in Ikorodu, Lagos, Mrs. Bose Ogunyemi, Marketing Manager of Giant Beverages Limited disclosed that Valmont Water is produced using the best ultra-filtration processes, without exposure to air until it enters our unique bottles, thus preserving its freshness and purity. Our water meets the strictest global standards”.

Commenting on the unique bottle of the brand, she said, “Whenever you look at the bottled water aisle of your favourite supermarket, you will be besieged by a sea of blue-branded bottled water products. All of them, totally undistinguishable by features or quality. This is why we have introduced Valmont Water…”.

Valmont 12
It is called “Valmont” for its strong, rich, and sophisticated background to accompany fine food and luxurious lifestyle. Its striking red cap, which signifies prestige, clearly puts it in a class of its own. Its transparent and minimalistic packaging gives it an extra touch of class”, Ogunyemi said.

Enumerating the unique selling points of Valmont water, she revealed that “the Source of Valmont is located in a pristine and natural environment with minimal commercial and industrial activities and low population density.

The source, she further disclosed “is a deep aquifer that is over 300 metres deep. This depth comes with enough pressure that ensures that any leakage is forced out rather than inside the source to prevent contamination. Valmont has different layers of filtrations that ensure no impurity from the Aquifer enters into the bottles.

“All Water sources have their unique natural identities which is the chemical and mineral composition of the Water. The identity of Valmont is its unique blend of Calcium, Silice and other minerals. The quality of Water is best preserved when there is little or no interference with the source. That is why Valmont makes its over 300 metres journey from the source to our bottling plant without any interference.

“There is total automation in our bottling process for Valmont so you can be rest assured about the quality of our Water. We not only pay attention to the source of the water, we also take utmost care to ensure the bottles are also clean. That is why we bubble ozone into our rinse water system to disinfect the bottles before they are filled with Water.

“We ensure that the natural character of the Water is retained in our bottling process. Our Bottling process is highly computerised with no human contact in the rinsing, filling and capping process. We have a world class laboratory that test and certifies every batch before release to consumers”, Ogunyemi stated.


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  1. This company, Giant Beverages is really making waves. I really about another of its product, Vitamin Water few weeks ago, today it is Valmont water, I wish them the very best in this hard time

  2. Beautifully packaged water brand

  3. The red cover of the bottles makes it different from others but Giant Beverages have to work on distribution. It is not everywhere

    • Not been available everywhere may just be a deliberate strategy. It is possible that the brand is being positioned as a premium brand, as such it will only be available in the areas where the target consumers are

  4. Water is water, the only different is the red cap of the bottle

  5. Nwuruku Emmanuel

    am proud 2 be a partner.

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