Tuesday , October 3 2023
House of Representatives-

US Sex scandal: Accused lawmakers deny allegation, insist on proof

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The House of Representatives on Tuesday, mandated its committees on Ethics and Privileges and Foreign Affairs to investigate alleged sexual misconduct against three of its members.

This followed a motion brought under Order six, Rules two and 22 of the House Standing Orders by one of the accused, Rep. Mark Gbillah (APC, Benue).

In the motion, Gbillah described the action of the U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr James Entwhistle, in petitioning the house, as a move to tarnish the image of the lawmakers and the hallowed chamber.

He said that no such incident occurred as reported by the ambassador, and insisted that the envoy should provide proof to support his allegation.

Gbillah, who was accused with Samuel Ikon (PDP, Akwa Ibom) and Mohammed Gololo (APC, Bauchi) of the crime, said that none of them was interrogated by U.S. authorities over the allegation.

He said that there was, therefore, the need not to draw conclusion on the matter until it had been properly investigated.

The motion was unanimously adopted through a voice vote.

However, Rep. Nnena Elendu-Ukeje, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, cautioned that the matter should be taken with utmost seriousness so as not to jeopardise Nigeria-U.S. relationship.

In his remarks, the Speaker of the house, Mr Yakubu Dogara, urged Nigerians to tread with caution on the matter until the persons involved were proven guilty.

He therefore referred the matter to the relevant committees “to be handled in line with international best practice’’.

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  1. Dey want to tactically sweep dis under d.carpet . Do we really v morals. To dem all id it not a normal tins dey do freely in dis place. Is it bcos anoda country dat demands integrity esp frm leaders re involved. Let’s all watch & see hw dey wld handl dis.

  2. In ba rami,me ya kawo rami?

  3. see mumu lawmakers demandiing for proof,CCTV Camera will expose their anuses to the world or abi they think them dey for Nja ni

  4. Its rather unfortunate dat d 3 members hav gone 2 waste tax payers money 2 actualise dier selfish interest. B4 is made public there must b documentry evidence. Highly advanced country, wit surphiscated advanced cctv camera must hav taken dier nefarious deeds. It is ahame ful nd embarrassing 2 d country, Nass nd dier families. If found guilty dey should return dier estacodes nd all expenses incurred on dem.

  5. My people, dis our country needs our prayers dan ever before. This a serious case ooo. Can our Reps dem make such allegation about d oyibos? Just wondering.

  6. I pity them they think thier dealing with Nigeria,Oyibo poeple will suprise them.they are dealing with America And nt South Africa

  7. What else than denial would one have expected from members of a “fantastically corrupt” legisLOOTERS?
    The clowns in the house are laying foundation on how to whittle down and carpet the serious allegation.
    I would rather believe the Ambassador than the crooks in that house.
    Oyinbo hardly cook lies except for Islaam!

  8. Can all of d afected law makers swear publicly as regards their unruly behaviour at America only to deny their action

  9. Our politicians re always crazy abt sex, we knw dem, we knw wt they can do. They did it

  10. …reintro WAI, pls esp for dese sojourners oooh!

  11. The same way they corrupt our young girls in secondary school & university girls respectively With reckless abandon in their various govt guest house With impunity & no question asked,as such they felt untouchable & want to take it to another level ,perhaps to feel d taste of Western cuchie” for a change……after all na change we dey!!!

  12. They wan try America? Ok they will be surprised to see their black yash on hitec cctv cameras if they insist. All this agidi na to please their partners. Oga we know una more than una know unasef. Womanizing is part of una legislation and America too much for una to handle that matter the Nigerian way or fowl yash go blow open upon that wind wey una wan blow. Don’t start what you cannot finish. Quietly go and ask your wives for forgiveness and go on with your promiscuous life.

  13. Whenever they wan kill issue for naija… Dem go set up one yeye comiti… National order of clowns (NOC)

  14. Who vote for them ? You get what you deserve.

  15. NIGERIA, SORRY, but Your PRESIDENT IS ‘FANTASTICALLY’ FRAUDULENT ■ Majority of you Nigerians are now convinced that their president is terribly fraudulent. From fake school certificate; fake “Aisha” passport, to fake medical diagnosis – President Buhari and his Wife plus children. Re incredibly corrupt and has no moral grounds to fight fraud. The only reason NIGERIA’s system has remained corrupt is that those who champion ethical changes are ‘fantastically’ corrupt. So what next? falsify the constitution

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