Friday , September 29 2023
Rotimi Amaechi

UK Daily Mail accuses Amaechi of diverting £140million of state funds into Buhari’s presidential campaign

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  • Muhammadu Buhari seen by some as leading the battle against corruption
  • But worrying allegations swirl around one of Nigerian leader’s close allies
  • Rotimi Amaechi accused of misappropriating £338m commission probing sale of state assets
  • Also accused of diverting £140m of state funds into Buhari’s presidential campaign

But although Muhammadu Buhari is seen by some as leading the battle against corruption, worrying allegations swirl around one of his close allies.

Rotimi Amaechi, who travelled with the president to the summit, is Nigeria’s transport minister and is said to have bankrolled Buhari’s presidential campaign.

When David Cameron *(left) was caught on camera last week describing Nigeria as ¿fantastically corrupt¿, the African state¿s president Muhammadu Buhari (right) rallied to the Prime Minister¿s defence by agreeing with him

When David Cameron *(left) was caught on camera last week describing Nigeria as ‘fantastically corrupt’, the African state’s president Muhammadu Buhari (right) rallied to the Prime Minister’s defence by agreeing with him

In the Nigerian press he has been dubbed ‘ATM’ – the American term for cash machine – because of his ability to produce vast sums of money at short notice.

He remains in his post despite being accused of misappropriating £338million by a commission investigating the sale of state assets.

Some of that money is likely to have come from UK taxpayers, who gave the country £1billion in aid over five years to 2014, including £248million in 2014 alone.

Separately, Amaechi is accused of diverting £140million of state funds into Buhari’s presidential campaign, with reports he paid for media, consultants and private jets.

A leaked draft budget for 2016 showed the Nigerian government earmarked £16million for the refurbishment and maintenance of the president¿s official residence, Aso Rock Guest House, in the capital Abuja 

A leaked draft budget for 2016 showed the Nigerian government earmarked £16million for the refurbishment and maintenance of the president’s official residence, Aso Rock Guest House, in the capital Abuja

The allegations come as the president stands accused of enjoying a lavish lifestyle while many millions suffer in poverty.

A leaked draft budget for 2016 showed the Nigerian government earmarked £16million for the refurbishment and maintenance of the president’s official residence, Aso Rock Guest House, in the capital Abuja.

There was also a request for £13million for building a VIP wing at a hospital used by families of the president and his ministerial team.

Mr Amaechi has denied the allegations against him.

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  1. It is not true, bring out a story with a reasonable amount for us to believe. £140m from which state allocation or account?. He spent money but very the amount and the sources before coming out to the public.

    • The problem with some of you is that you do not read before you comment. This is a story in the United Kingdom Daily Mail Newspaper

    • and that is where your own ignorance play out, can you tell me that River state have £140m in their account for just a Governor to take and spend without heaven falling? Come how much is £140m official exchange rate 14000000 x 280 = #3920000000.00 my friend this a big lie.

    • Well then u should have verified/confirmed before re-broadcasting instead of hiding behind “they said he said she said”.

    • Akinola Olakunle it was shared by a friend and I am now trying to inform them that it is a lie of the devil. How much did Ameachi him self worth before he will go and spend this huge amount of money on some one campaign?.

    • Mr Okpanache. is Amechi ur, brother, or u shared from the money & you are scared that ur name will be mentioned along side. supporters of evil

    • Okpanachi John Ugbede Stolen Rivers State government money. I don’t know who made you a spokesperson to Amaechi. Let Amaechi himself react to it. This is news from the international media and it is all over the social/online media, his media handlers cannot claim that they have not seen it. So don’t arrogate to yourself the role of a spokesperson to Amaechi

    • Roli Sanco that is why we are where we are today because of somebody like you that are partial in a situation like this. What has this issue have in common with brother hood or sharing his money. Be wise don’t promote sentiment in any place you find your self. It is big problem of we human being.

    • that is just your level of thinking just because it is from international media. Is international media that will tell you that your sheat is smelling before you will know. Wise up my friend, has the international media announce the high level of corruption in their own economy before coming to Nigeria with so big fact lie for us to believe?. It thief that know thief in secret.

    • okpanachi…this is blind arguments! Before now everybody knew there was something like that snd you are defending the culprits blindly. You better reserve your energy and see how it goes unless you partake in that sharing.

    • Please let’s get truth on any matter of public opinion before we throw salvo of abuse on one another. media be local or international are often given to vendetta in their reportage for or against

    • Okpanachi John Ugbede calculate on 150 not 280 and pls let d law enforcement agencies do d not u

    • Odesanya Harbeehordun Tunde you don’t know what you making comments on pls. What is the official Cbn exchange of £1 to a naira.

  2. When will govt probe APC campaign funds

  3. UK newspaper benefiting from Dezianis Dollars

  4. Sheer nonsense. This news is slanted by infernal nuisance. Where will he get £140m to sponsor such campaign?. Did buhari need that much to defeat indolent & clueless Jonathan?.

    • where did Buhari’s campaign fund come from. I am sure it came from the sky. All the media ads, hiring of private jets and mobilisation of people to campaign venues cost nothing. Very funny

    • What was d entire revenue that acrued to rivers state in d 8yrs of Amaechi that could warrant contributing £140m for buhari’s campaign funds. Buhari did not need a quarter what Jonathan spent to win that election. It is misinformation covertly slanted by Amaechi’s haters. Thank God many people just disreguard d cornerside newspaper news.

    • My friend rivers get up #15b per month how much is that in pound at #300 to a £? Let me help you it’s, £30m for one month and some months come with excess crude sharing? Get your fact before you defend blindly, this amount is petty when you talk of rivers, it’s only some 3 or 4 months revenue out of about 90 months

    • Mr Igbo haters. Go and sit for 0′ level mathematics. Your abradakabra mathematics is full of shit and unproveable. MB Drambi, the fake mathematics teacher.

    • Adewuyi Adesoji shallow people like you can not present facts, can not debate on subject, neither can they comprehend people’s opinion… So you get frustrated by your inability to socialize and you resolve to using words like hater, fake, etc… What do they mean

    • Adewuyi Adesoji show us your Ogun state mathematics. You are so full of bitterness and ethnic bigotry that you thought I am Igbo… I am from adamawa so I hold no brief for any tribe, you just displayed your hatred for igbos. Shame on you. Olodo


  6. Nonsense.I blame the person that hosted this page at first place. Yeye de smell. Nigerians are not as stupid as you anymore. Next

  7. What i kn about Ameachi, Is the man is a Wall hecho, politician

  8. Where is the money kept.

  9. Can you believe that statement is true, if you think what you are saying is from UK paper swear to God. If it is lie May God punish you Ameen.

  10. Fantastically corrupt nigerians

  11. theres atom of truth in any,,,,,

  12. we all knows this b4 now.wueva says its not true doesnt live in nigeria

  13. Oh you mean PDP mail, verify ur source first

  14. At least he fought Boko haram to standstill, God will punish all the those PDP Cabals that diverted money for arms to their friends and family.Shegu matsiyata,mudai a North East sai hamdala.

  15. Useless post!

    & who be uk daily mail?
    If I like I can create US daily mail & accuse anybody of diverting £240 million state funds into GEJ presidential campaign !

  16. This is wike working but he will fail woefully

  17. Does Efcc pursue those in Government good book? Foolish ppl surport foolish president. Where is 2015 Allocations money. What did buhari use it for, foolish Nigerians , the end shall tell who is a beta president

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