Friday , March 24 2023
Justice Uwais

How U.S airstrike killed Justice Uwais’ son, other ISIS terrorists

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Ibrahim Uwais, son of former chief justice of Nigeria, was killed in an air strike by US-led coalition forces on a senior ISIS leader in Iraq on May 6, reports TheCable.

Halima, Ibrahim’s wife who travelled with him to Iraq in February 2015, has called to inform her father-in-law, Mohammed, who was Nigeria’s chief justice from 1995 to 2006.

Abu Waheeb                                                                              Abu Waheeb

Ibrahim was believed to be in the convoy of Abu Waheeb, a senior ISIS leader dubbed “the emir of Anbar”, at the time of the US airstrike in a town near Rutba in the Anbar desert.

It could not confirm if he was in Waheeb’s convoy or if he happened to be in the vicinity of the US strike.

All in the convoy were killed in the strike, but only the identity of Waheeb had been made public by Pentagon.

Waheeb had been reported killed on several occasions, but Pentagon confirmed that the former member of Al-Qaeda in Iraq who used to appear in ISIS execution videos is now dead.

Ibrahim, 42, left Nigeria early 2015 to join ISIS in a surprise move, because he was said to have openly condemned Boko Haram for the “damage” they were doing to Islam.

He had two wives and four children at the time he left the country.

While his elder wife was the head of a private school in Abuja, the younger worked with the Debt Management Office (DMO).

Before embarking on the trip to Iraq via Turkey, he reportedly told his wives that they were free to return to their parents.

But both of them said they would go with him and they took all their children with them.

When the retired justice was alerted on the disappearance of his son and his family, he became apprehensive and started to make investigations, eventually reporting to the security agencies.

The Turkish embassy in Abuja was compelled to disclose the details of Ibrahim’s movement through a court injunction, and it confirmed issuing visas to Ibrahim and members of his family.

The details of his arrival in Turkey were made available, while images of CCTV recordings were also said to have been analysed by the Turkish security agencies to establish their movement.

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  1. Was he a member of ISIS ?. Why was he found among them?.

  2. You haven’t you read the full story? He went there to join ISIS.

  3. Then that serves him right. May be he started as BH. His father should be held responsible & should be made to explain…,.may be there will be more to it as up till now sponsors have been arrested. Abi?

  4. Ibro why?fine young man with beautiful children I knew you as an intelligent gentleman that doesn’t talk much all of a sudden after your studies in Malaysia I noticed you were not the ladies man I knew your trouser was jumped up,With beard and you warned people not to call you ibro but Ibrahim the people that brainwashed you shall burn in hell. Bye my friend and RIP.

  5. He will never rest in peace, Amen

  6. He that has cap and head but failed to use them wisely, SHAME!!

  7. He just got himself 72 virgins in paradise

  8. More of that pls. Most of those politicians children are terrorists

  9. I’m saddened because is one the nicest fellas I’ve ever come across,he’s shy, intelligent, educated and he never lacked anything that life has to offer. I’m still baffled,what went wrong he has western and Islamic knowledge but still he was brainwashed. So so sad.

  10. He was my neighbour with a beautiful family, calm, calculated but i am sure he was brainwashed. I wish him fairwell

  11. A currupt judge who thought his son how to hate ppl base on religious differences.

  12. Brainwashed? I think some people should go back and take a closer look at that word in the dictionary. May this guy rot in hell because he submitted, and allowed himself to be used by forces if Satan because he can not decipher between the forces of the evil & the true path which his father has given him. Once again I pray, may he burn in the innermost part of hell!

  13. See how influential Moslems children are involved in terrorism interests are we saying his father is not aware?sure he is for his wife to call home and tell his family its unfortunate he chose the path I hope seven virgins who are hermaphrodites await his entrance in hell. Now we know those families behind terrorism in Nigeria .


  15. @ Lawal I know the meaning of brainwash my comment is based on the fact I know the dude what he did was bad no one should support evil. Be as it may its still touching.

  16. Nigeria’s justices aren’t lucky. Look at Uwais n Oputa! When it is not ISIS it is Charley Boying!

  17. He was just in the wrong place at the right time

  18. RAM Alan,I am no judge but mutalabs father came out with a statement and dissociated himself from his sons terrorist activities so which side are you on for terrorism or against?.

  19. RAM Alan,I am no judge but mutalabs father came out with a statement and dissociated himself from his sons terrorist activities so which side are you on for terrorism or against?.

  20. So the father is in touch with them all along….??? Until we start doing the right….in this country……. He who kills by the sword…..must die tragically by the sword…

  21. So the father is in touch with them all along….??? Until we start doing the right….in this country……. He who kills by the sword…..must die tragically by the sword…

  22. Mohammed Auwal I like your description

  23. Mohammed Auwal I like your description

  24. Fake posting by fake posters .A collection of rotten eggs

  25. You People should not involve his father in this case. He can’t force his son to live a life.

  26. Is his father not an accomplice.

  27. It baffles me how you think you can teleguide my comments…… My opinion …my right… I didn’t cross question you on yours….so don’t come around assuming the role of the post administrator……he was brainwashed my foot……a little boy of about sixteen was sent to Gwoza on suicidal mission… On getting to the police barracks there he gave himself.. On his own……when asked why he did that…he said he conscience wouldn’t let him……he is a Muslim by birth and practicing……. When someone is evil minded a tragic death awaits him or her….stop supporting bad deeds….he got what he desired….

  28. Heeeeeeyaaaah.Hmmmmm.Ikunle Abiyamoooo oooo
    Next time –if there is any,he wont try it.

  29. Bastard son with foolish father and stupid wife. Oluwa je ki a bi omo gidi Amin.

  30. Adebiyi take easy who no tomorrow your very sorry unless apology

  31. Not all Muslims are killers, every human beings has his or her way how to live his life irrespective of parents. He,maybe didnotinform his parents the way he living in Iraq. Many ofourboys herein Nigeria are also killers through Robbery, Curtis or other immortality without the knowledge of their parents. Such is life.

  32. How I wish there could be a better punishment for these evil people – ISIS. To me, death isn’t just the right punishment but so unfortunate that there is none.

  33. I do not know why people are arguing over this wicked man. They must praise God that one agent of Satan has gone to hell.

  34. Let him paid for the Price. ISIS belong to Satan Kingdom.And HELL Fire is for them. Repent God loves you!!!!!!!!

  35. What were they doing in Iraq? Abi I dey work there. Na so them go de die one by one. Ndi ara.

  36. To love only your child it’s some times else to that, RIP.

  37. Abubakar Ramalan what went wrong was that he had everything, so he went for what he didn’t have, he lunched into adventure with his life. The lesson is that we should learn not to give our children everything. Only the very basic support is necessary. Why will I be interested in making money if I have $500,000,000.00 in my account as a student. I will probably look for some other thing of interest.

  38. May this guy continue to die harder in his life to come if there is any.

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