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Trump Requests Change Of Name Due To “Shameful Embarassment

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Actor, Daniel Thomas Trump, 33, who’s trying to make it in Hollywood has gone to court to formally change his last name.

The L.A. actor/filmmaker, who is not related to US president, Donald J. Trump in any way, filed legal documents to change his last name, because according to him, “The name ‘Trump’ is a shameful embarrassment.”

Daniel who played a role in ‘Red Dead Redemption’, says he got the surname from his biological father who has never been in his life. However, that’s not the reason he wants his last name changed.

Daniel says, “It’s the name of a president who is the living representation of everything I stand against.”

However, looking at records, Daniel has been going by the name Daniel Van Thomas for 8 years, not Daniel Trump, so it doesn’t sound like he’s been burdened with the ‘Trump’ last name.

He’s probably trying to use his 5 mins of fame to get his name out there.

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