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How traveling the world can positively impact your business

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By Josephine Wawira

I am about to get convinced that traveling can be the solution to almost everything related to the human species. From curbing depression to spending your latter days; and now, making an impact on your business. I believe that a healthy workforce makes a productive human resource and in turn an affluent business. Most businesses/companies have put in place programs to encourage proactive stance including team building activities. Did you also know that travel, for you and your employees, could go a long way in positively impacting the development of your business?

The last thing you want is a burnt out workforce that can hardly meet the company’s set goals due to physical, emotional or mental exhaustion. The most likely results of this is employee incompetence, dissatisfaction and almost certainly a drop in your business’s profits. Besides, a negative spillover into the staff’s personal lives and relationships is distinctly possible to cause long term negative reputation to your business. With an idea of worst case scenarios, why do I insist on travel to revert such state of affairs?


In striving for your business’s thrive, it is extremely important to strike a balance between work and the privies of those involved in driving the objectives, including you. By so speaking, take frequent leaves off work to holiday around the world; remember before being a business owner, you are first a human being prone to consistent ennui. Keep things enthralling by globe-trotting, as a way of avoiding fidgeting doing the same work day in day out. Take a break from the boardroom and employee management to engage in outdoor activities with friends and family, while disconnecting from your workaholic personality. While you are away, the staff will also get some breathing space from the ‘Boss’.

It’s not just about you. You need your team to grow your business which makes it only fair that they too get time off the daily grind. Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Your staff may not be as financially privileged as you, so go ahead and implement loyalty programs for best performers.

This will not only encourage fair competition in the company, but it will also be a motivating factor to ensure maximum productivity. By partnering with travel agents such as Jumia Travel, you can assure your employees of best price guarantee plus amazing discounts for their bookings during their itinerary. Besides, if the company is catering for the jaunt, be it for business or leisure, the scheme will go a long way in cutting cost that could be used for alternative business developments.

Stepping out from the routine for a massage is energy resuscitating and how best to resume work feeling ebullient and ready to conquer the Monday blues that always tend to ruin the entire week? While improving staff engagement and retention, you are also by far benefiting your business by increasing productivity and a possible ripple effect into the revenue upshot. Keep afloat your business, while not bypassing your leisurely pursuit.

Josephine Wawira
Jumia Travel

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