Sunday , March 26 2023

Top Army officers planning to overthrow President Buhari, Militants allege

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The Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, NDLF, Wednesday, revealed that some top Army officers allegedly planning to overthrow President Muhammadu Buhari had approached Niger- Delta militants to continue bombing oil installations to give reason and justification for a coup against him.

The militant group in a statement by the Commander, General Duties, Joint Revolutionary Council, JRC, of JNDLF, General Akotebe Darikoro and others, said: “We are constrained to let the cat out of the bag today that President Muhammadu Buhari should be wary about the security of this country as some military men are making move to remove him from power by instigating civil unrest in the country. ”

“Some top military men through their civil agents approached us to cause and continue the vandalization of the oil and gas pipelines in the Niger delta region to use as an excuse to take over the government from democracy to military rule in the country,” the group asserted.

It added: “We said no, as such plan will not work and not in conformity with our genuine desire of agitation. The military want to disgrace him now and let him quickly look into the issues and make pronouncement for his administration to be in peace.”

JNDLF asserted: “Let the President analyze certain memo from the military concerning Niger Delta region before taking action or otherwise the military will use that as a platform to remove him”.

“We know the issue of Niger Delta is political and we prefer political solution to resolve it, but if the president refuses, we strongly advise the President to take a holistic approach to solve the Niger Delta problem.

Top Army officers planning to overthrow President Buhari, Militants allege

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  1. PMB must move quickly to round them up and try them for reasonable felony He must not repeat his 1983 mistake when despite security reports he did not round up IBB

  2. There is no smoke without fire brother so don’t wave it away

  3. The greatest joke. If it is true, will they say it out? when their intension is to bring down the government. It is just a way of diverting government attention.

  4. Not rumor the hardship is really telling on the common men on the street,since the president hear is block then the military should come in

  5. Hmmm. Is the military in uniform better than the military in agbada? Let’s think twice. EFCC beware, you shall be their first target.

  6. let them try and see, no soldier will be convince by any useless officer to support coup, this day soldiers are wise not zombi soldiers any more

  7. Same military that keep dis country background

  8. Emeka maybe you should help buhari to round them up if you can believe this lies you can also believe that honey is made from water ,

  9. Nigeria!!! It is no longer funny. This music we are dancing, hehheeeee! Let it not consume us, we are suffering under demomillitary government, una don dey talk of military, make una park one side.

  10. No serious military officer will talk about coup because of trust. Diya and Bameyi inview.

  11. Buhari just retired all top military officers he doesn’t trust. So tell me, who will overthrow him again? Stupid talk!


  13. there is no smoke without fire, buhari has demonstrated incapability in the highest order.

  14. it iz good when a child knw tht he/she do wrong to his father/mother he/she wll look for a way of forgiveness iz tht not wht the holy bible n the holy quran teaching us, so lets pray for our contry nigeria n also our brothers in niger delta tht God Almighty should open our eyes so tht we can see the good things tht the Lord has bless us wth it, it wll surprise each n every nigerian.God bless nigeria n every country in the world Amen.

  15. This is dirty disinformation

  16. Let them trying it and see

  17. Weather for rain for sun the solution of every problem now is give us our Biafra and rest in peace i Buhari and Nigeria rest in peace when Biafra is out

  18. Hmmm this country with wicked and selfish leader,they want to destroy us with the looted money,think thrice.

  19. They are really backward, coup is outdated and obsolete even if they do there ll be international sanction and fight against them cos Nigeria has signed so many treaties that bond democracy together and trust me our one and lonely maradona the brain man IBrahim Babangida has restructured millitary that no millitary coup can succeed. Hmm its a very dangerous moves.

  20. Big joke any attempt they will die if convicted

  21. Name them, dust bin pickers.

  22. Any army officers dat plan to overthrow our President will never succeed n i pray dat they will never know peace n their family unless they cancel d evil thought in their mind.

  23. Nigeria is under uno say no to military rule

  24. Let’s see how it goes. All these speculations of evil over this govt.will fail.Corruption we must fight,and this govt.under our Daddy Buhari shall succeed.

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