Wednesday , May 31 2023
Avram Glazer and Joel Glazer, the Co-Chairmen of Manchester United (Image: Getty Images)

The Glazers don’t care about Man United, the fans need to know the truth, says Cristiano Ronaldo

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CRISTIANO Ronaldo has slammed Manchester United’s controversial US owners the Glazer family — saying: “They don’t care about the club”.

He revealed he has never exchanged a single word with any of the family since his return to the club, despite being one of the world’s biggest soccer stars.

And he accused them of being more interested in United being a “marketing club” rather than a football club so they can pocket more cash.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner told Piers Morgan he believed the Glazers “don’t care” about the club and only see it as a cash cow.

He confirmed he had “never” spoken to the owners because they put the club in the hands of CEO Richard Arnold.

In one exchange Ronaldo said: “The owners of the club they, listen they don’t . . .”

Ronaldo: “The Glazers, they don’t — they don’t care about, about the club. I mean, professional sport.

“As you know this, Manchester is a marketing club. They will get its money from the marketing, the sport, it’s . . . they don’t really care, in my opinion.”

Asked: “Do you ever talk to them, the Glazers?”, Ronaldo replied “Never. No. They give all the power to the president, sport director.”

Ronaldo also urged United fans to continue protesting against the Glazers’ ownership.

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