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Melissa celebrating her huge £4million win

Taxi driver wins £4million lottery, vows not to share money with family

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Melissa Ede, who was born a man called Les, says she would like to reconnect with the four children she lost contact with many years ago – but not for financial reasons.

A transgender taxi driver who scooped a £4million scratchcard win says her children have “another thing coming” if they think they can get money out of her.

Melissa Ede’s estranged children, who she has not seen or had contact with for years, told her she could stick her fortune after she hit the headlines this week.

But now the 57-year-old, who recently transitioned to life as a woman, has hit back at claims she “snubbed” them and says she would only help them out under one circumstance.

“I would only ever give them any money in the short-term if one of them was seriously ill and my money could help that,” she said.

Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail, she added: “If anybody, including my children, think they can come back into my life because I have got £4m and not because they want to come back into my life – because they want to see their parent again – they have got another thing coming.


“Now, if they do come back into my life, it is going to be a very long time before they will get any money out of me.

And Melissa, who was born Les, said she is only interested in reuniting with people if it is genuine.

“It’s brilliant I’ve won this £4m but, as I said, I don’t want fake love because I have got money,” Melissa said.

“Two of my children, I have said when things die down, everything is up in the air at the moment, give me a bit of time for things to die down and I will meet up with them and let’s see where we go from there.

“But I said, ‘If you are doing this purely because of financial reasons, it’s the wrong reason’.”

Melissa said the media interest in her family life has been full-on since the news that she won a whopping £4m on a scratchcard at the weekend and says her children have been “hounded”.

This week, it was reported how one of her children said she could “keep every penny” with another saying he would “never ask for anything”.

Her son, 34, said he was seven when Les walked out of her family’s life.

He said: “He sent a birthday card with an IOU for £20. He took us to McDonald’s every other weekend, then stopped turning up. A few years back we went for a pint. He was still Les and gave a sob story and asked to borrow money. I would never ask for anything off him.”

But Melissa previously denied those version of events, telling Tim Wheeler on the JVS Show on BBC Three Counties Radio on Friday morning that their mother left her for one of her own best friends.

She said: “The truth behind that is that their mother left me for one of my best friends at the time, a prison officer, walked out, took the children, went to live with him.

“I can’t remember the exact, but it was between three and six months, they set up a home in Hull together, that went wrong between them and she expected to walk back into my house with the children and I should forget everything.

“That was not happening. How can you, after somebody leaving you for your mate to set up home, walk back into your life?”

And she said none of this was down to desires she had to become a woman.

“She left me because, what happened was, I’d had an accident at work, I’d smashed all my leg up, I couldn’t work at the time,” she said. “I had two compound fractures to the leg, he’d had an argument with his wife so was living at my house and that is how they got together.

“At that moment in time, I wasn’t transitioned, I wasn’t living as Melissa or anything.

“So those two children did not have to go through my transition, they were away because their mother had done that.

“I tried to keep contact with my children but it never happened. Not through me, it was nothing to do with my transition.”Tim Wheeler also asked Melissa if there had been an increase in contact with her family following her win.

“Of course,” Melissa said. “Yes.

“I have spoken with two of my children and told them I need time, I need things to settle down a little.

“In a few weeks’ time, I will speak to them but I did make it a firm point that don’t think they can walk into my life and, a few weeks down the line, I’m just going to hand them a load of money.

“If they want to be in my life, I want them to be there because of me not because I’ve got £4m.”

Tim then confronted Melissa about why some people may believe she should share her winnings with her children.

“There may be some people listening that would feel that the extraordinary experience that you have unfortunately had to put your children through, of the sense of losing a father, the disruption, that it would be incumbent upon you to definitely share some of that money with them as almost an apology for the difficulties they have faced,” he said.

“Even if those difficulties, based on your emotional experience, were completely unavoidable. What would you say to that?”

But Melissa was not backing down.

“Money is not the answer to everything,” she replied.

“I think if we could love each other, that would be far more important than any money that I could give them.

“I would want to give them my love and them to give me their love. Money can’t buy love.”

Source: The Mirror

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