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Man Kills Nine Children, Injures 10 Others In China

A knife-wielding man with a grudge reportedly killed nine middle school children and injured at least 10 others in northern China on Friday. Authorities said the deceased were returning home from school when the incident happened saying the incident is one of the deadliest rampages in the country in recent years. Seven girls and two boys were killed, the official …

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MIRACLE: Baby Born Four Years After Parents Were Killed In Auto Crash

A ‘miracle’ baby has been born four years after his parents were killed in a car crash. A surrogate mother gave birth to the baby boy using a frozen fertilised embryo from the dead couple. Parents Shen Jie and his wife Liu Xi had hoped to have a child through Invitro fertilisation (IVF) when they were killed in a car …

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China Bans Online Sale Of Bibles

Bibles can no longer be purchased online in China, despite the government publishing a new document claiming that it allows freedom of worship. It’s been reported that searches for the Bible on e-commerce sites and don’t produce results. Although China had always controlled sales of the Bible by only allowing it to be distributed and printed by state-sanctioned churches, it …

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