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Bullying: Defining and reproaching it with disingenuity

By Andrew A. Erakhrumen “……. [Not long before the end of 15th century] the British Isles and western Europe in general were but distant backwaters of the Mediterranean world. Little of importance ever happened there. Even the Roman Empire – the only important premodern European empire – derived most of its wealth from its North African, Balkan and Middle Eastern …

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Insecurity in Nigeria: Whither are we bound?

By Andrew A. Erakhrumen, PhD Today’s Nigeria is dangling dangerously from a precipice, considering the height insecurity has soared to in the country! However, most of those in and around the government circle do not want anyone to talk about this obviously depressing reality for reasons damn unrelated to patriotism to Nigeria!

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‘Non-state actors’ and Nigeria’s warped educational trajectory

  By Andrew A. Erakhrumen, PhD All of us will be deceiving ourselves, collectively, as a people, if we claim not to know that the Nigerian formal system of education had long been in jeopardy and currently in the phase of progressive steep decline. If there are people still in doubt about this, some facts will be advanced, soon, for …

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Systematic demeaning of Nigerian academics

By Andrew A. Erakhrumen, PhD Our dear country, not named Nigeria by us, may not be a nation yet in the truest sense. Nevertheless, it is predominantly inhabited, undoubtedly, by good people who are largely still communal even – using paraphrased words of Michael Peel – as they have been oppressed for decades by dictatorship, poverty and corruption, thus making …

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