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Sylva faults Atiku on fuel price increase after subsidy removal

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Minister of state petroleum resources, Mr Tmipre Sylva has faulted the former vice president Atiku Abubakar over his comments against the removal of fuel subsidy.

Sylva, who spoke to reporters in Abuja, noted that Atiku’s position on the issue speaks volume that he does not mean well for Nigerians.

Atiku had in his tweeter handle insisted that fuel price ought to have dropped in view of the prevailing international oil market prices.

“I am a businessman. I look at things from an economic perspective. Questions beg answers. The price of crude is down from where it was in 2019. In the US and Europe, fuel prices are far lower than they were in 2019. If we truly deregulated, shouldn’t fuel price have dropped?,” Atiku stated on his Twitter handle.

However, the Bayelsa born Minister remarked that it was unfortunate that Atiku chose to score political gains on the issue of fuel subsidy removal.

Recalling Atiku’s position in the build-up to the 2019 presidential elections where he made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency, he noted: “Of course, it is very clear to everyone including yourself that he is playing to the gallery. What other solution does he have?

“This is somebody that already told Nigerians that if he was president he would have sold NNPC. Didn’t he say so before? That is he would have commercialised NNPC.

“Would he have been operating subsidy in an NNPC that has been commercialised? So, we should be very careful with some of these leaders who speak from both side of the mouth because today they are on the wrong side of the divide.

“He said and he swore that he was going to sell NNPC. That means NNPC was going to be privatised. So, a privatised NNPC would have still be subsidising? That meant that he never ever thought one day of keeping subsidy if he were president.

“Today, what other policy direction does he have? Has he suggested something else? He did not suggest something else. He is just playing to the gallery. Is he even here while he is saying this? Is he in Nigeria? I am sure he is not.

“He is probably enjoying himself in some beautiful island somewhere, vacationing, his legs crossed and you believe him? You cannot believe people like that. Is what I am saying here today is it wrong?

“Are you not seeing that we are being truthful about what we are trying to do? This is in the interest of Nigerians and let us not follow these politicians who want to politicise everything. At this time of our national life, we should jettison politics and try to salvage the national economy first which is at risk now in our best interest.”


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