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Suspect Dies in EFCC custody

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Desmond Nunugwo, a suspect under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, passed away today June 10, 2016 few hours after he was taken into custody. His demise was confirmed at the hospital where he was rushed after he suddenly took ill.

Late Nunugwu allegedly fraudulently obtained N91million from an acquaintance after he tricked her into believing that he had high net worth business associates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates who were at the verge of buying Nicon Insurance and convinced her of their disposition to help her stock fish business. Consequently, she wired N91m into Nunugwo’s nominated account (Mainagge General Merchants) in Diamond Bank.

After the transfer of the funds, Nunugwo became evasive forcing the complainant to report the transaction to the EFCC.

Consequently, Nunugwo was arrested in Utako, Abuja at about 5.33pm on Thursday, June 9, 2016. His statement was taken, where he admitted receiving the money from the complainant, with the additional information that he transferred N30m of the said money to Norway. But he could not explain the whereabouts of the balance of N61m.

The suspect was detained at about 7.30pm, in the absence of anybody to take him on bail.

Six hours later, he suddenly complained of discomfort and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The incident has already been reported at the Wuse Police Station, where investigation into the cause of the sudden death has commenced.

Wilson Uwujaren
Head, Media & Publicity
10th June, 2016

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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. What a sad news, he pass away with public funds in his head.

  2. Double wahala for death body.

  3. If for any reason, he is innocent, then we hv a generational curse in our hand.

  4. Still presumed innocent stage…..

  5. He want fair hearing, no confidence in EFCC as he want God ti judge his case. Fare well

  6. Political killing, efcc must tell Nigerians what happened to him if at all is true.

  7. Efcc must be arrested, God hs taken d case for judgement.

  8. Stain of blood on ur mesager

  9. There have kill him o,chai there is God o

  10. Efcc shld stop excessive force on those they arrested, they shld learn to be more diplomatic, bcos all those arrested are presumed innocent until proved guilty….. Thats the law..

  11. We say we are Christians yet we don’t talk like one we say be believe in God yet our actions prove otherwise we don’t get to no a story or news before we start commenting the news says the man died few hrs after he was arrested do we no if the man hard health challenges? Do we no if the man was tortured or he mistakingly slipped and died? Please lets try to get our facts right before we make certain comments

  12. Iam happy lets all z looters die ameen

  13. The man remember Dasuki gate nd die, na wao RIP

  14. If it is true there must cook the body and eat

  15. Buhari boys has done their master job

  16. devil incarnate govt agents

  17. EFCC must a question to answer

  18. We most collect the stolen funds after en burial the next day. Thief’s have started going to face the heavenly judgement, than to face EFCC. Shame to a death thief.

  19. D man fear.
    If u know chop GBI u can not die GBI

  20. Who gave efcc to turture suspects.?

  21. Ceemoni Chuks Aku pity urself and ur generation can’t u make ur point without abusing others? That is exactly what am saying we say we are Christians and believe in God yet our words/actions prove otherwise please learn to be civil and respect others. I did not make a bad comment to warrant the insult from you

  22. Its in country like US EFCC will answer question but if its this animal farm bros forget.

  23. Why he will not die, people outside never see food or light , then how can someone be alive in Nigeria detention?

  24. I don’t know how many here that are commenting have been to EFCC. Let me tell you that EFCC men and women are very nice people. They handle people they arrest with care unlike police and soldiers. I like EFCC than any other notorious force. If EFCC fails to release someone like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, you don’t need a prophet to tell you the reason behind their action. A learned person will know that EFCC is acting on the order from above (Presidency) then must you blame EFCC officers for obeying? And if you are in their shoes will you diobey an order from above and still have your job? I distaste the way most people think especially the use of insults and abusive words instead of reasoning well to bring out good things.

    • How does this relates to Nnamdi Kanu? Have you investigated the cause of the man’s death as to know who to blame? Are you a staff of EFCC? Have they arrested you before? How do you know that they treat people fairly? If they are Angels as you want to portray them, why must they want to keep their job by obeying buhari by detaining an innocent person against competent court order?

    • while” buhari himself is a criminal, u want to defend them see ur mouth who is efcc? if i may ask are they not ur fellow nigerians trained by criminal politicians or are they angel from heaven, wait soon u shall hear their scores of corruption. nigeria dna is made up of evil, nigeria is a cursed land can u trust any one in this country?the way early white man christians brought us christianity its the way we practices it today? then u talk about muslims in nigeria are they following the right rules of holy quran teachings islam?nigeria has fails, her fruits is all about evil, deceit, innocent killing without justifies etc.

    • Nwosu/Chiboy, your points are well noticed. If you can have access to all my comments on issues of Niger Delta Avergers, Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu you wil know that I hate injustice. (2) However, am not a staff of EFCC but am very close to most of them who are better than police and soldiers. The point I was trying to present is that there is no way EFCC will disobey order from above (Presidency). Even though I know the issue discussed was on a man who died in the office of EFCC but the man didn’t spend a day with EFCC then how can anyone says EFCC killed him when the word “Immediately” was also used?. (3) In Nigeria, we have three arms of Govts ( the Executive, the Legistatives and the Judicial). The Executive arm wants to control the Judicial arm which is very wrong. That is what is withholding our brother Nnamdi Kanu and ECOWAS Court is there and World Court is there to get judice if it fails in the Country. Nevertheless, things are too bad in this Country.

  25. Buhari is killing corruption before it kills us. More investors will now rush in to boost our dwindling economy

  26. Not a good development for either side . Their you be an enquiry to the sudden death .

  27. :
    Lets clap for buhari and Apc for
    killing an
    apparently innocent person.

    Whoever support the killing of
    that man by
    buhari and Apc, may accusation
    come his way
    and may he also be killed the
    same way.

  28. He has been tortured 2 death.

  29. So What?
    Death can take you even in your beautiful luxury houses,
    Don’t allow Buhari Hatred turn you to lunatics.
    Be wise.

  30. RIP…….the corruption battle must continue till the last man vomit all stolen funds


  32. Metuh’s broda. Dying wit anoda person’s 91 million naira.

  33. That wil not stop them from getting wat they want, they should hold the dead body to ransome, why wil he just die when they did nt even start with him.

  34. Another innocent blood has joined d cry to bullhari’s ear adding to his ear cancer problem. Bullhari well done

  35. Jeremiah Nwanze thank God u are not a senseless fool but since u are very sensible how come the man was in EFCC custody for almost a month and rearrested again by the same EFCC Mr sensible come clean

  36. So efcc have started killing suspect. Buhari and apc shud know dat power have a fixed ternor

  37. The wages of corruption is dead, lesson for others looters that hard time awaiting them under buhari government. Is either they willingly returned the stolen money or they don’t leave to enjoy it.

    • Don’t be too fast to pass judgment. According to our constitution, you are presumed innocent until proofed guilty by the competent court of law. So you should be concerned to find out what the Man actually did and what killed him.

  38. What kind of nonsense is this, look out how Nigerians is dining like fowl every day

  39. The death has taken him nt bcos of the Case he had with efcc

  40. Pls let efcc always conduct tests to know the medical conditions of suspects henceforth .Heart attack is a fast killer but it shall not know our address in Jesus name.

  41. Anything that happened is not my concern but all i know is that Buhari has come to kill people again through detention just as he did between 1983-85

  42. Those innocent blood we speak against APC government and there supporters one day. Power belong to God let them not forget that, 8years will still end one day

  43. Before efcc invites for any corruption related offence,underground work abt u has commenced in three months ago,if u are invited,know for sure u are guilty. All what u are doing here is just a mere sympathy of fantastic corruption. Dont Mourn this man but mourn for urselves

  44. What so ever buhari and APC government should no is that God is powerful than what ever the they think. Let them also remember the past if they don’t want to learn from it that is there business. Let them also remember the law of gravity. I rest my case

  45. Efcc is responsible for the died of tht man,the family of the decease should drag the chairman of efcc to the court of law.

  46. Yes it could b as d result of d arest bcos an unexpected situation causes hypertension nd it killed faster, backup may nt yield better result

  47. Efcc.. What is happening secretly in your office Killing.. Killing.. Killing

  48. What we human beign can’t see is plane to God. The man might have got certain ill health b4 he was arrested n with d shock of been arrested can lead to HBP that cause his death. See d two Supper Eagle Coach died recently, am sure no one can boast of knowing that they were sick b4, n now they both die of Cadiac Arrest n Shaibu who complaint of chest pain overnight dies @ sleep whom would u blame 4 that? So only God can safe us, bcos we live a dagerous life n that is y we need to be careful in fighting oneself. I would have advise that they should do d post-mortem of d deceased. May d Lord be with everone of us. Amen.

  49. #Umude pls stop fooling urself

  50. U are very stupid, whether he is a suspect or not all we know he died in there custody, this so call EFCC over do things and think they will go scot free, if he was your brother will u be talking like this..

  51. They. are always hale and hearty when ‘chopping’ the money, but sickly and dying when case comes up

  52. This administration is more than military era, Buhari hunting dogs has fulfill their job.

  53. Y was he arrest in first place,he is it wit nigeria money if yes.. Is either he return it or die lik dis,bcos all die na die.. Bcos they are mak ppl to die bcos of money d dey stole.. D money tht was made for development…

    • My dear, go and repeat ur secondary education, that’s if u had one.

    • Angel Nikky,Jamaicans will say u no easy ,u put d dude in a low corner where he deservedly belong…. I don’t understand a thing he said or trying to say & is shameful how too many folks can’t write or speak a f… king English in that country anymore…shit pieces off man!!!

    • @angel if u hv notin gud 2 say jst shut up. check ur dictionary nd find out wat a complete communication is! that is, wen d decoder is able 2 comprehend d message of d encoder so, u understand d mssg dat’s y u could replied dia4, d communication is completed. tnk u “Austine” 4 ur comment.

    • Nikky you be immodesty English your language?.#Glorifiedimbecile

  54. Nazora is never a kwuntry that have consince

  55. All these idiot Igbo’s re here commenting rubbish

  56. As 4 now gov’t property,nothing

  57. If what he did was bad that led to his arrest and subsequent death, he caused it, i will never indulge in criminal acts.


  59. Blood of people that is use to watch hand in buhari regime

  60. Death came when least expected.Its a known fact that he died but what is d cause?We were told he took ill & later rushed to hospital.What else do you wast EFCC men to do?Are u saying they should not perorm their legitimate duties?

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  62. Efcc Will Learn Her Lesson By Continous Detening Suspects Wu Av Bin Cleared By D Court

  63. May his soul R.i.p. But if our money dey wit u gv it 2 u 9ja b/4 u go rest. Abeg

  64. Hausafulani they are it again

  65. HE DIE FOR HIS STEALING…… He’s not better than those that die in poverty due to their corruption!

  66. A movie only in nigerian shit.

  67. as many claimed or trying to play hard ball wit an innocent live…..d question is,if he was sick b4 his arrest….y arresting a sick man without giving him a proper medical care? now dat d man has died….wl dey put a dead man in detention? now dey wl allow d family to take d corpse home and bury him____even close d acclaimed case against him

  68. The situation is the man died under EFCC custody. Just refer to the constitution and decide on whether compensation for suspect like him should be paid to his family or relations by Government. EFCC and other security agencies should be careful in their interogations. In fact is not wrong to find the health history of a suspect before putting him/her under interogations.

  69. Dis #umude sure knows how to talk trash. Stupidity elevated.

  70. There is time for everything.

  71. There is no way corruption will completely vanish away from the Nigerian soil in as much as we still have some elements within our midst that sympathize with the corrupt elite that successfully built a corruption empire. One thing very funny with these corruption backers is that you will never see them when the corruption is taking place and they will never understand the effects of such actions on the economic, political and social well being of the country. It is only when the case is going on that you will see them talking of rule of law and human rights, forgetting the other sides of rule of loot and human lefts. Criminal is criminal, let them continue be dying like fowls, after all, their actions have killed many either directly or impliedly. Nonsense.

  72. The family should press charges, if they cannot get redress in Nigeria court they should proceed to ECOWAS court, it is unbecoming of efcc

  73. They will give account of tje man and pay for human life. Too bad

  74. Una don dey kill pple any how ndi Efcc God is watchin u all ooo nd ll judge nd punish u all

  75. Nigeria is gradually going to war i saw it coming, if these injustice continues sorry to say

  76. Useless APC and their killing tools

  77. did he return d money b4 his demise? if not detain his dead body 4 meat, bcoz EFCC&dia BOSS re flesh eater’s& blood sucker’s! ANIMALS IN THE ZOO!

  78. Naija is a place anything can happen.killings in Nigeria is becoming normal thing and is very is valueless in this part of the word

  79. Political Silent Killing on all corners. May God strike our enemies.

  80. who is efcc? if i may ask are they not trained by the evil politicians in this country?or are they angels from heaven they are control by order from above,(buhari)soon everybody shall hear their scores of corruption too,while buhari and his apc group of criminals cant better this country,nigeria is a cursed land take for instance early white man christians brought christianity to us,today are we nigerians practices christianity the way its was brought to us?while we made sunday days as the day lustful act furnications aldutry homosexual, lesbianism, the day we suppose adore God, and keep holy for almighty God, instead we use for the day of evil act. then talk about muslims in nigeria are they following the right rules of the holy quran teachings islam?with out killings of innocent soul, terrorism and religious hates here and there tribalism its what islams teaches them? answers to all this no, we still along way to go lets us be wise bcos no time.

  81. God has started warning dem by droing der ear.let dos who have ear here now.instead of nigeria 2 move 4word, we ar lukin back hw can tins go well;

  82. U 2 u will die its not anew something

  83. The terrorists are now in power.

  84. efcc should held responsible.buhari ur demands is improving.ur boys are doing a lucrative jab for u buhari,well done

  85. The trial can still be done even after his death,wen u are in a position of authority,always bear in mind that a day of reckoning might come,it is unfortunately that the suspect died under EFCC,the death could have come also without EFCC,there is no emotion here,the trial should still continue,if found guilty, his stollen assets should confiscated,a thief is a thief dead or alive.

  86. Efcc or whatever they called them they agent of devil

  87. :
    And pls lets get it clear that by
    law, a suspect
    is innocent until proved guilty by
    the law.

    It sound absurd that you to just
    accuse someone,
    whisk him away from his house
    and come
    back to tell his people that he is
    death and yet
    claim you don’t know what killed him.

  88. When democracy suffer in the hand of a dictator. Efcc cant take suspect to court again for trial until the suspect die in their custody. We are rubbishing our image the more before international human right activist and communities. Wickedness in the land

  89. Stop unnecessary blames on Efcc, doctors should perform an enquiry to know the cause of his death, because someone died in custody does it mean efcc will not perform their constitutional duties again ? If doctors report shows any evidence of torture, let those efcc on duty explain or make statement in respect of the death, but if there is no evidence of torture, the corpse should be handed to their relatives for burial.

  90. What is the gravity of the Offence?

  91. One useless man said igbo people re here commenting rubbish. Please house the CNN report how many igbo persons re in that report or South south persons. Hausa fulani looted all the N.D resources but God is ready for them

  92. He does nt deserve such deth cos he was a suspect it has nt being confirm. Okay if it is to be true how are they going to recover d money now

  93. Rip in hell if u are a looter

  94. He died or they killed him.

  95. Court do ur work and justice pls

  96. EFCC will not rest untill the whole Nigerians die in their custody mind u Effc is also corrupt

  97. Even if this govt arrest and kill everybody in 9ja’ some people we say he want to arrest kill and create another Adam and Eve.

  98. My take is that in any case that family of the cadaver should proceed to autopsy to find out the cost of sudden death. I don’t have confidence in efcc since they have become government machineries.

  99. Time has come when we will open fire with EFCC, EFCC has no right to torture any suspect before getting the truth from the person, abeg people of these country have to grow

  100. Nonsense, if the man is a thief, what will you call EFCC and APC, a saint. You are talking of being a Christian, Rubbish a good christian will never support the killing of an innocent man under a lawless country like Nigeria.

  101. One by one, demgo die finish, in 9ja

  102. His case file should be reopened, a thief is a thief

  103. This efcc is also corrupt.

  104. EFCC Thugs And Buhari will not live forever… They will die one day!

  105. jst a suspect not eving a truly teif

  106. Fowl play, they have kill him.

  107. double wahala for dead body,for the owner and for dead body.

  108. New case file opened… Afta de raggae, EFCC play de blues oo…

  109. Thief will support thief,,,,,,, well done efcc, if na my Brother i no care, return our Yam or die in prison!!!

  110. BUHARI AND EFCC don c meat to eat nah,wicked sets of people.

  111. They have beaten him to death and they won’t say the truth abeg come oo who don beat larmonde for the crime he has committed efcc God will judge u people ur oga that is the real thief you have not arrested him sebi you will not come out this his blood will crying in ur ears forever more Amen

  112. Is EFCC still EFCC? They are just there always making uneccesary noise here&there.
    Am certain they might have tortured the man to point of death before taking him to the hospital. If someone is in your custody why the abuses and torture?

  113. Autopsy should be carried out on him because he might have been injected with poison. Make una fear God o!

  114. If he dies of natural causes, fine. Because fear of suspects death should not impede EFCC from carrying its responsibilities. However if efcc tortured him to death then they are culpable and have committed a crime too and must be sanction approriately.

  115. Now dat d suspect has died,whom r dey goin 2 charge to court nw? Their activities shld b more civil especially whn suspect hv not b convicted by d court. U c somtime dey wil deny sombdy fr goin fr propa mdica tritmt. D suspet hs died will dey come 2 arest me?

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