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Abubakar Shekau

“Stop telling lies to the people,” Shekau, Boko Haram leader tells Buhari in new video

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Boko Haram’s elusive leader Abubakar Shekau appeared in a new video on Thursday to dispute a claim that the jihadist group had been routed from its Sambisa Forest stronghold.

“We are safe. We have not been flushed out of anywhere. And tactics and strategies cannot reveal our location except if Allah wills by his decree,” Shekau said in the 25-minute video, flanked by masked armed fighters.


“You should not be telling lies to the people,” he said, referring to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, who said on Christmas Eve that the extremist group had been defeated and driven from the forest, its last known bastion.

“If you indeed crushed us, how can you see me like this? How many times have you killed us in your bogus death?” he asked.


It was not immediately clear where the new video was shot, but Shekau, who spoke in both Hausa and Arabic, said it was filmed on Christmas Day.


Shekau last appeared in a video in September where he disputed a claim by the Nigerian military that he had been wounded in battle. He vowed to continue fighting on until an Islamic state was imposed in northern Nigeria.


“The war is not over yet. There is still more,” he said, vowing no “respite” for Nigerians. He urged followers around the world to “fight and kill infidels.”


“Our aim is to establish an Islamic Caliphate and we have our own Caliphate, we are not part of Nigeria.”


Boko Haram, which last year pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, has been in the grip of a power struggle. The IS high command said in August that Shekau had been replaced as leader by Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the 22-year-old son of Boko Haram’s founder Mohammed Yusuf.


– ‘Largest crisis in Africa’ –


The fresh video came after Buhari announced that a months-long military campaign in the 1,300 square-kilometre (500 square-mile) forest in northeastern Borno state had led to the “final crushing of Boko Haram terrorists in their last enclave in Sambisa Forest”.


The government in Abuja and the military have frequently claimed victories against the jihadists but access to the epicentre of the conflict is strictly controlled, making independent verification virtually impossible.


Attacks have meanwhile continued, casting doubt over claims that Boko Haram has been defeated, despite undoubted progress in pushing back the group.


Boko Haram is waging a seven-year-old uprising against the Nigerian state that has claimed more than 20,000 lives, with the insurgency spilling over the West African nation’s borders into neighbouring states.


The insurgency has left around 2.6 million people homeless, sparking a dire humanitarian crisis, with the United Nations warning the affected region faces the “largest crisis in Africa”. The UN estimates that 14 million people will need external help next year because of the violence, particularly in Borno State, the jihadist heartland.


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  1. Dan uwarshi qarya yakeyi campaign after election kenan angama dashi

  2. No wahala Shekau pikin wey say em mama no go sleep himself no dey take eye see sleep. Na blood dey run thru ur vein also, so carry Go

  3. Hahahahahaha shame to u buhari

  4. let d animal call shekau com out

  5. Just dey laugh. What’s special about this boko of thing. They created it to fight Jonathan so they should deal with it. Is not our business

  6. Can a suppose DEAD person still be TREATING like this? they left SUBSTANCE, pursuing ORDINARY SHADOWS, PMB is rejoicing for only his common FLAG & QUR’AN, who is to BELIEVES now, Burutai or Shekau?

  7. Bastard….come out and put up a combat if ur alive

  8. Keep on saying its the product of the north, the reality is that gej supported it and the pdpigs are corvering their faces in shame, in no small time nigerians will know the brains behind it, shekau you have no hiding place time will catch up with you as it did the youth you put their lives in jeopardy. Sai BABA

  9. Very useless of so called book haram leader

  10. If na ur baba & na ur mama born you , show ur face. BASTAD

  11. True, Lying is the first most important Project of APC. It is when Shekau is captured and KILLED that Boko Haram is crushed.

    • We know you people are not happy with the crushing of Bokohara by PMB. GEJ wasted tax payers money for 6 years withou success. PMB came just within 19 months he crushed them, indtead of you to term with the reality you are busy creating false information about the sect. We know you are not HAPPPY, but go and die, he did what your incompetent ex president could not do in good 6 years . SHAME ON YOu ENEMIES Of progress. If they are not crush as your wish by God grace they willnrelocate to your areas since you dont want them crush.

    • Musa, you’re Jealous! You’ve sent your fulani herdsmen to our states to kill our people and we didnt pay back that is why you’re Rejoicing. Do this again and we’ll pay you 7times.

    • Are igbo part of Fulani Hedsmen? Recently an igbo man was caught fighting along fulani hedsman in southetn Kaduna, what can you say about this? Is this part of you plan B to ditrupt the peace of Northern Nigeria as you did with Bokoharam , when so many igbos were involved?

    • Igbos are SANE PEOPLE, they’re not Stupid to go tie Bombs to die because of Imaginary 7 Virgin Girls with Blue Eyes. Or, their women to die because of Imaginary houses.

  12. Let him appear in Sambisa forest nd talk, if he thinks he is powerful.

  13. This is a robot nt a human being, let him appear in sambisa forest nd talk to Nigerians nd we will believe him.

  14. shege karyakka shikkau karshenkayazo makiyin allah

  15. Biafrans will not kill person with laugh,first you said you don’t believe there is anything like boko haram all this is political your posting rubbish telling Nigeria shekau has not be defeated I never see hopeless and illiterate set of individuals like this biafra organization .if you want test the straight of our soldiers behave like boko haram and see whether our army are telling lies or truth .bravo our gallant soldiers we are proud of you .shekau why hiding if your that strong come out and show to your brothers biafra that our army are telling lies by by been brave and face them,anyone can hide and make video but what we want is for you to show yourself and make such claims.

  16. shekau, shekau shekau, d truth is dat buhari is d founder of gbokoharam, & he is their leader.

  17. People get time…this is a real drama…stp telln people lies sound like an empty threats frm d pit of wailers.Any animal can say anything and claim its frm boko haram.No more bombing of churches and mosques like when Jonathan was feeding them wd milk . open a new page jare.

  18. no mor book haram again in Nigeria pricedent buhari have finish with them

  19. If Book Haram leader Shekau is still alive,he should come out rather all this,may his generations perish in Jesus name.

  20. He who know yusuf will belive his post

  21. Lies my foot, u don’t know road to abuja ne? Come down to villa if u knw dat is ur mother dat u nw so dat u shd tel buhari urself idiot y are u hiding nonsense man

  22. Politics…some politicians are jealous already…

  23. Local achievement, with all the billions GEJ left for him, looter.

  24. Why didn’t he slug it out with the army?. He for no run! Murderer!

  25. Until I see d corpse of shekau

  26. Engr Simon Peters,your parents have been sacked from Sambisa forest that is why you are frustrated

  27. Come out ! Come out !! Come out !!! Come out !!!! From the place you are hiding and face the government . In dai ka san kai yaro ne wanda iyayen sa suka haifa to ka fito sarari ka fuskan ci gwaunati ido da ido . In dai kai ba dan shegiya da shege bane .

  28. Buhari maybe lying to the ppl, yes! But idiot shekau u the most ungodly creator if I have ever idiot, come out and fight, anuofia.

  29. How sure are you the innocent are not arrested in the place of BH. whence all the poeple they claimed have been captured are resurfacing?.God help nigeria with all this high level of playing game with the life and blood of the helpless citizens.

  30. Thank god we are fools any more,general buhari is the key leader of bokoharam, we notice everything… Every day you people jeep own telling us that shekau is dead but why is he stil realize new videos

  31. Buhiri is a liar from day one…..

  32. Come out and face burutai if you r truly fighting the infidels.

  33. Francis, i know that you will not be happy with the military successes on boko haram, because the boko haram r your siblings.

  34. no,more boko hara,Now remains biafra people

  35. Buhari the grand patron of boko aram commanded them to go hide until after he wins 2019 election, I refused to be deceived.

  36. The snake was killed without it’s head and tail, the forest no longer safe………. Any reactions from the Military

  37. Boko Haram, IPOB, MASSOB, Biafra and Avengers are all PDP property if not so then what’s so delightful in posting the terrorists propaganda and having your supporters showing their excitement for it?

  38. I said it that the Nigerian armed forces should not celebrate victory over boko Haram until this man is caught and chibok girls rescued if at all chibok is not a scam

  39. Who do we belive,bcus pmb/shakau ar both renound registered liers.

  40. your response are deeply appreciated but the fact of the matter is BH have been sack from there HQ and renegade criminal will be hunted to the finish am sorry if you are disappointed but just get use to it

  41. We all knew that biafra they are all Boko haram how can you pple continous decieved us about boko haram then by Allah willing Biafra and Boko haram will become history in this great nation

  42. My people lets pray for the said boko haram cos de knew nothing of what they are doing no time for criticism please let cry to God for solutions lets us not blame any one is only God the final whistle to every of our problems

  43. Young idiot keep your mouth short there is no Boko Haram in Nigerian I badly believe that ur in existence

  44. Did he mention Buhari in his video.

  45. Wat fake , some ar more fake dan d fake story. Just like una radio

  46. Let PMB, Burutai,NA spokeman, Shekau, Fayose, FFK, Sahara Reporters, CNN, BBC, Aljasera, etc, continue to feed with Boko Haram news; all geared towards 2019. “HISTORY will vindicate the just” (ZIK 1978)

  47. The army speak in the open come out of your hiding and speak out

  48. The army spoke in the open, come out of your hiding and speak so that we can take you serious. We can see your dead foot soldiers.

  49. we dnt want too much of making noise,jst come out n do d way u did in d year 2010-2015

  50. thanks for calling us our name”BIAFRA”

  51. President Buhari has serious deal with bokoharam, in fact bokoharam helped Buhari to get to aso rock, and till date Buhari and bokoharam are doing business.

  52. If yiu know you are a man and what you are doing is right it is your gods that tell you that is good. Monkey, fool come out from your hiding goat in human flesh.

  53. Waste of time trying to convince pple full of hatred @biafara nonsense

  54. you must be fooled for your expression

  55. you and your brothers invented i and someone is clearing you off , next thing is to insult

  56. Shekau go and sleep , your days re number , our gallant soldier will surely catch up with you and you pay for all the life lost atrocities committed in Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

  57. Afterall majority chibok girls are still with him.

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  60. Quiet unfortunate, every region of this country has Shekau but shield. For instance Kalu is to igbos, Tompolo is to NDD,Fayose is to Yoruba and so on

  61. Hahahaha uncle shekau we know that already… tell that to the gullible parasites!

  62. You keep making videos,which of the movie industry do you belong to,nollywood,hollywood,bollywood or bokowood??

  63. Its a lie shekau has gone since is no more

  64. so we ‘re people not animals, ur generation nd the unborn will answer for ur consequence.

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  66. Shekau Is Allah’s Fighter And Buhari Is Allah’s Fighter Too , , Shakau And Buhari Is Eqaul To BOKO HARAM, , I hope i m wright ?

  67. Nigeria will never die to imagination, the door is open for you to walk out

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