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Odubu and Oshiomhole

SERAP condemns N300m retirement benefits for Ex-Oshiomhole & Deputy

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Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has condemned the N300 million mansion retirement benefits for immediate past governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, and his former deputy, Dr. Pius Odubu, and called on governor Godwin Obaseki to “immediately withdraw the bill, and use the funds to clear the backlog of pension arrears spanning between seven and 45 months.”

This followed reports of amendment of Law for Pension Rights of the Governor and Deputy Governor by the Edo State House of Assembly, with the immediate past governor and deputy governor expected to be some of the beneficiaries. The new amendment contains provision of residential buildings worth N200m and N100m for the governor and his deputy at the expiration of their tenures.

The bill also provides that the buildings could be sited in any location of their choice.

But in a statement dated 17 November 2016, SERAP executive director Adetokunbo Mumuni said: “Coming at a time the Edo State government can’t even pay its pensioners and salaries of workers, the amendment by the Edo State House of Assembly is immoral, unfair, unconstitutional, unreasonable, and a rip-off on a massive scale. Governor Obaseki must reject this grotesque bill if he’s to fulfil his election promises and lift millions of Edo State pensioners out of extreme poverty.”

“This so-called proposed legislation means that millions of Edo pensioners and workers will have to fund the massive and unjust pensions for former governor Oshiomhole and his deputy and others that will come after them.”

The statement reads in part: “Many of the retirees whose pensions have not been paid have been evicted from their apartments due to their inability to pay their rents‎. According to SERAP’s information, one of such retirees is Ihama Friday who at 60 is now squatting with friends. Another pensioner Osa-Aighobarueghia who retired as a headteacher continues to live a life of debts because the Edo State government has refused to pay her 30 months’ pension benefits.”

“SERAP is aware that the Edo State government is not the only state passing such obnoxious pension laws to provide outrageous retirement benefits to former governors and deputy governors and that many of them are already in the National Assembly receiving multiple benefits and putting their personal bank accounts ahead of the common good. SERAP is finalising a comprehensive legal strategy to challenge these unjust laws and to name and shame those who continue to benefit from such laws.”

“Nigerians should not be made to subsidise these bloated pensions and clearly undeserved perks. Governor Obaseki should not see disadvantaged Nigerians and poor pensioners according to Orwell’s Animal Farm dictum: ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’. Approving the amendment by the Edo State House of Assembly will amount to a fundamental breach of the governor’s constitutional oath declaration to serve the interest of justice, common good, transparency and accountability.”

“SERAP is appalled by this apparently unfair and discriminatory law. There is absolutely no justification for such law at a time the pensions systems across the country are in poor shape, and pensioners continue to be denied the fruit of their labour. Former governors and their deputies can’t lawfully give to themselves a steady stream of public funds for life at a time millions of pensioners including in Edo State face cut to their pension schemes and remain in poverty without any state support.”

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  1. If Godwin Obaseki continue like this. Hahahaha. I sorry for u

  2. How long will it take Edo people to rialise..with this were we dey go

  3. How can he withdraw it when he will be a beneficiary in the long run

  4. Dere is a serious problem obaseki just need to be careful wt wat he is doing if not he will die lik a chicken b4 his time

  5. one thing i come 2 realise is dat retirement benefit 4 politicians shld be stopped since they already hv accumulated enough 4 their 10th generatn. let d life of a common man be improved. many families cannot afford 3sq meals. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  6. I can now see d big diff btw black n white people. When Donald trump want to collect $1 annually. Our evil politicians want to use government money to pay stupid retirement

  7. So u av money to to build mansion for x governor and u dont av money to pay civil servant and pensionier …..who is foolin who??

  8. Greedy & selfishness leaders we hav

  9. When is dis madness going to end?

  10. Osho spoilt did one big time.

  11. foolishness of Nigerians, 300m as pension for working for 8years, while 20, 000 for some one who suffered for the same state for 35 years is difficult to pay. Some even has died waiting to be settled all to no avail

  12. Nigerian politician are pushing d masses to d wall. I foresee outbreak of great anachy & revolution against d public office holders, be it selected or elected.

  13. Oh pay back time for rigging him into office I am sorry for Edo people

  14. Gody u know quite well that this one is not Godwinoooooo u have started in a bad way

  15. Has he started playing according to the written scripts of Adams and their party without thinking of the state? May God have mercy on us IJN

  16. Oshiomhole is enjoying the reward of his cat and mouse tactics of Labour sell out to pave his way to State House.

  17. In fact, Nigeria case is getting out of hand, we Nigerians, I mean common man should think of how revolution can take place. We have no leaders in Nigeria, we only have devourers and armed robbers at the helm of affairs. Masses Who voted them in are living a miserable life but they are accumulating wealth for their unborn generations. They no go die well. Foolishness and stupidity of the highest order

  18. This is wickedness. God will surely bring these people to book. So after all the wealth he has gathered he still wants benefit? This is greed. God will judge

  19. So such money exist,and you cant pay the retiree,big shame to Nigeria politicians

  20. This is coming up bearly 1 week after coming in of Obaseki. Only God know where the state will be be4 the stolen mandate will be recovered. I fear for the common man.

  21. wetin cocern SERAP if d EDO state assembly say they are buoyant 2 say thank u 2 their past govenors ? !!!

  22. APC change mantra is questionable.This is coming at a time they are in recession not having any tangible economic blueprint.My only prayers is if d masses/electorate can be wise 2 cast their votes 4 prayerfully God sent leaders and protect d votes in subsequent elections A man DAT just married his granddaughter and foisted his stooge on Edo people what do expect.Having been a one time labour leader is dis not a dog going back 2 its vomit.Godwin Obsseki welcome 2 d oil rich state.God is watching.

  23. As if they didn’t collect salaries during their stay in office with free food and exotic wines and to be collecting pensions monthly. A civil servant who served the nation meritoriously for 35years is not a beneficiary of govt gratitude but left to suffer in retirement. God sees us all and our doings on earth and shall pay everyone according to his/her deeds.

  24. What a senseless & insensitive bill All these politicians have sold their souls to d devil They have forgotten d pensiober on Grd lev 16 who served for 35 yrs but has less than #6million to collect!!! Wait,Just a little time from now,they will all be stoned on our streets & will all die unmourned!!!!