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Chevron oil facility on fire

As Security personnel, IYC confirms latest attacks by ND Avengers, FG pleads for dialogue

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After about two weeks’ lull, the Niger Delta Avengers on Saturday commenced its oil and gas pipelines vandalism blowing up Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL and Nigeria Petroleum Development Company, NPDC crude oil trunk lines and oil wells in Delta State. The Avengers claimed five attacks between Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Secretary to the Federal government Babachir Lawal has called on the Avengers to embrace dialogue, further stating that their acts of sabotage is having a serious impact on crude oil export and electric energy supply.

“Government is not averse to discussing with them (militants) but we need to know who is in charge and who we can discuss with meaningfully; that’s the dilemma of the government at the moment”, he said.

“There are so many groups making it difficult to know who to talk to and the level of control that group will bring to the process,” he said

Saturday and Sunday’s attacks have been independently confirmed by a security officer and the spokesman for the Ijaw Youth Council, Eric Omare.

 According to the Security officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, “I just spoke with my men in the area and they confirmed the attack”.

“Preliminary investigations so far from our men in the field is that dynamite was used to blow up the facilities just like in previous attacks.”

Also, IYC Spokesman, Eric Omare confirmed the Friday attack on the NNPC pipeline saying people living in the fishing villages dotting the winding mangrove creeks heard the attacks.

“Yes, I got calls from locals in the area who heard the blast,” he said.

The attacks break a relative lull in violence and show that the Avengers are still capable of strangling Nigeria’s oil production.

Last month, junior oil minister and NNPC head Emmanuel Kachikwu visited Niger delta communities and President Muhammadu Buhari met with a delegation of community leaders and promised to “rebuild” the region.

But despite rumours of truce talks, the Avengers denied putting attacks on hold, saying their “high command never remembers having any agreement on ceasefire with the Nigeria government.” The Avengers, who are believed to be highly skilled former rebels with insider knowledge of the region’s oil and gas infrastructure, have warned against repairing the pipelines until their demands are met.

“What is certain is that the Avengers are now being taken very seriously, as they have been credible in following through with their threats,” Rhidoy Rashid, a London-based analyst at Energy Aspects, told AFP.

“The attacks have been well-planned and cleverly executed, and have demonstrated a level of sophistication exceeding typical attacks on oil infrastructure in the Delta.”


About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. What a man sows, that is what he reaps. However, I plead for cease fire and dialogue.

  2. Let d bombing cont up NDA. But i pity u @ d end. How can a sane person b destroying himself bcos he is angry with d rest of us. Y don’t ask ur leaders past and present wot they know abt ur problem.

    • Yoruba idiots are figating. Wetin concern d yorubas sef?

    • Beta go home and educate ur pple dat they r only bn unreasonable. I insist dat u shd ask ur leaders past and present wot they hv bn doing with ur moni.

    • The leaders past made a great mistake for not destroying those pipelines, that is why we are suffering today. I thank God 4 d Avangers who are doing what our past leaders couldn’t do to liberate us that time. The Yorubas go hear…am bcos of dia laziness and dia cowardice.

    • Do u want dem to remain in in darkness forever as d security gaurd who watch over pipelines dat travel from dia father’s backyard to Kaduna. They can not farm or build sky scrappers in dia own land bcos of those useless pipelines which dey are not benefiting anyting from. They are no longer fools.

    • And I insist you yoruba and your thieving hausa Fulani oligarchs to return their oil bloc’s and release #NNAMDIKANU.

    • Isiaka, you talk with your nyansh and not mouth

    • What. This people are despicable. Happy at destruction. Igbos only have very minimal oil reserve in Abia State but they want NDA to fight their battles for them. They want destruction everywhere in Niger Delta. But if anything happened in their landlocked region they will write to UN,World Court,USA,ECOWAS,etc. I wondered why this agitation wasn’t started during GEJ tenure. These,people are wicked and wickedness is in their gens. For your info most if not all Yorubas wanted separation and we all know that South West will be glorious and successful. South South is not part of Biafra. Why is it only igbos commenting on pipeline destruction. I really wonder what’s their business in another’s problem?

    • Igbos going through their posts cannot discuss intellectually except, using abusive and aggressive language. What exactly is biafra? Can’t igbos agitate without hatred and abuses?

    • @Adewuyi u should go and do ur research first before u comments. ..this NDA activity started during GEJ tenure know it now…again u said NDA to fight igbo battle. ..who is NDA and Who is Biafran also who is igbo …answer urself dis questions. .thanks

    • How do u differentiate south south and south east..are u the one to decide their geographical locations when time comes?

  3. Na their land but ur president is pleading I don’t blame u cos u don’t know the effects of it

  4. There’s no sense destroying what u ll later need

  5. I strongly support the Avengers.

  6. Buhari shd kal 4 dialogue he shdnt tink mayb he s capable of stopin dem.but wat buhari sew s wat he s reapin now

    • Buhari is now recieving his wickedeness on poor masses, he thought he can stop dem wit force

    • Chidi.neva wil buhari stop dem wit force.he knew ntin he must pay 4 he sew

    • Wat did buhari sow. Buhari withdrew troops from the region to give way for dialogue, Buhari invited leaders from the Niger delta area to talk to the militants, Buhari openly begged the militants, Buhari constituted a committee to dialogue with them but the militants openly said they are not interested in dialogue, what else do you want. Buhari is proposing to clean up the land which your sons and daughters abandoned for years, all they did was to steal this country dry, and you don’t see anything wrongx with that? So buhari crime is catching these thieves, na wa ooooo. When are we going to face the truth for crying out loud

    • You should have known by now that Buhari is fraud, he says one thing in the open and do another behind the scene. I thought as at friday we heard a news that the SSS and Nigeria army have arrested some of the key leaders of the NDA? So where is this new attack from. You hide the truth and want others to tell it. Please hold your peace

    • Like you said, you heard has the avengers made any claims to this news?

    • Buhari succeeded in planting fulanis in key positions and looking down on other tribes…that’s what buhari did! Shey u don hear am ..usman

    • I never worry with the so-called avengars case. the will cry in near time. let them destroy the whole of their region.

    • Adam s true bt dnt let us c it dat way let be unite to make our contry move 4wad

  7. The issue is not only Niger Delta affair. It is a Nigeria question and should be dealt with holistically. If we stand for change, our constitution should reflect the federal nature.

  8. pls lets pray for Baba because he is confused

  9. God will punish with the looters

  10. we are now happy and clapping hand for our great militant heroes for destroying the oil/gas we all depent on. after this I wish we will continue to happy and clapping when the finish and nothing to blow again. The president will not suffer this is we the hand clappers and the poor will be suffering.

  11. Do u want dem to remain in darkness forever as d chief security gaurd who watch over the Zoo pipelines dat travel from dia father’s backyard to Kaduna. They can not farm or build sky scrappers in dia own land bcos of those useless pipelines which dey are not benefiting anyting from. I think d Avangers are no longer fools to be deceived wit ur useless one Nigeria.

    • So they are no longer fools by causing more harm to their lands, waters and their people? What an argument

    • Garba Usman you are a goat! Which land are they destroying? Is pipeline a land? Which water are they polluting? Is pipeline water? Which people have they killed or destroyed? Do U think they are ur boko haram vampire brother headed by Muhammadu Buhari. You have made urself a fool by replying my comment.

  12. Where is d crushing? Even prophets warned Buhari but he wouldn’t listen. David Cameron also did. Even US ambassador to Nigeria. He thought it was a child’s play.

  13. Let’s fight corruption proper with fairness and equity, making some tribe 1st hand citizens against others in Nigeria is corruption. Sharing of portfolios in the president’s kitchen cabinet to one tribe is” KWARAPSION”, granting students with low JAMB SCORES admission to study the same course with students of high JAMB SCORES is high level of CORRUPTION.

  14. NIGER delta avengers stop vanderlising and demolishig of pipeline it would not bring remedy to your obstacle. rather it has tarnished the image of the region. put an abolish and shun sabotage.

  15. If u like nigerdelta avengers,fabricate any eloquent tactis go ahead distruction of Nigerian pipeline up to next decate you must tired and leave Nigeria United, this is Allah’s will, one nation born.

  16. Most Northerners would often hear d sounds of vandalized pipelines but would never hear d crying of children dying frm ache caused by pollution.They kw how many juwelries Diazini has but dnt kw how many oil blocks their alhajis own.what do u call that?

  17. Good job,may the good Lord continue to protect u guys

  18. Can the appeal for dialogue continue endlessly, while the war continues?

  19. Yeah he thought this one is boko haram

  20. Listen to the problems & give them what they want

  21. For federal government to wage war against dem can b d best remedy, dialogue will b d best, fg must d do wish of Niger delta avengers,.. Datz only way to put an end to diz mata…

  22. There is time for every thing, Buhari has no option than to listen to the pivot of Nigeria Economy” ND “

  23. Make hausa people go chop there yam, make una no dey put eye for another man property oooooooooooh

  24. Correct that mistake now that there is still time. The clock is still at your favour. Nigerians are suffering this was not the change you promise Nigerians. The Biafrans, Niger deltans are agitating to go. Why Now? Are they really the pillars of this country? if yes PMB should keep pride aside and dialogue reasonably.

  25. Is it difficult to understand that holding nnamdi KANU is holding peace,release KANU is release of peace?

  26. Ionigeria, stop spreading falsehoods, federal government did not at anytime plead with the criminals, let them go ahead with their criminal activities until the long arm of d law catches up with them one by one


  28. Continue to destroy good boy you are doing good for your future in that area.

  29. Nigerian government so terrible

  30. Kudos to Avengers, already Rivers, Delta and Bayelsa despite receiving 13% derivation are having difficulty paying salaries, just salaries.
    I hope you will do Us a favor and Bomb your way to the end of the year and let’s see what happens, so Boys, keep Bombing.

  31. My ppl well done, plz i nid more booom

  32. No body 4rm zoo can can stp dem, monkey dey work then baboo dey chop. Com chop again mak we C thiefz

  33. If una stop dat means una mama no born una well. Portharcourt refinery en worri refinery are still working, i think you guy need to visit those site.

  34. Let the federal govt not b provoked over this situation nd continue to find peacefull way of dialogue with these ppl

  35. No retriet No surrender keep blowing your future ,,,,Nigeria must surely survive

    • Yea, without the sale of crude oil abi. Keep lying to yourself that you are not afraid that Aregbe, Amosun etc would not receive any allocation if Nigeria does not see crude to sell

    • Iroegbu Obinna Go back to history class Great university of I fe was built with cocoa money and host of Oduduwa investment still existing till date…the end will surely justify the means

  36. Mr president sir, please, do not dialogue with the militant avengers. ..allow the avengers militants to destroy all the oil installations and their environment…you also concentrate on the economic diversification as you are doing… so that at the end we will all know exactly who is foolish and stupid…rubbish.

    • Without oil Nigeria is not one so please for get about your so call diversification. Wait and see .

    • with revenue from tomatoes and onions?

    • James Excellence,sir, that is what many Nigerians believe. ..that Nigeria will not survive without oil. ..but before the discovery of oil the Nigeria economy was doing even better and with the way and pmb is going ..the economy will do even better now. …the militant avengers think that they are holding Nigeria to ransom. ..but they are rather foolish…now in the western Nigeria, cocoa plantations and farms are coming up again. …in northern Nigeria,old farm lands and minning sites are coming up again…why down the south-south oil pipelines are blown off and the environment is being polluted and destroyed and people like you are clapping for the avengers …let the avengers militants continue at the end we will all know exactly who is foolish and stupid??

    • The Nigeria of old without Oil did better than the Nigeria of today with Oil.

    • Denen Steven my problem with Nigeria is hypocrisy, tribalism and wickedness of mind, NDA had agreed on negotiation and dialog to rectify whatever grievances, but who is forestalling that process, a lot of you have called on FG to disregard dialog and move in to kill the people for the deposits in their land, now you are all talking about agriculture now but most of you have easily forgotten that agriculture has become an outdated for of becoming one of the richest countries in the world or whatever because most countries of the world have gone into agriculture. And when Nigerian economy depended on agriculture the North was taking mandatory 65% total income, that’s derivation, without any environmental pollution and dangers for their land even though the western Nigeria was known for her large Cocoa input and Eastern Nigeria known with her palm oil contribution yet the sharing formula was as mentioned above. I’m not from Niger delta, I’m not in support of pipeline vandalism, they said they want review of allocation oil blocs, how come none of the indigene has an oil blocs, and how would someone cancel a near functioning University, Federal Maritime University, and they have listed their conditions… So it is important the government find a way to address this critical issue…

    • Develop agriculture wt ur testis abi?.Its either dialogue or anarchy which maight lead to Nigeria’s demise.Can’t u see d hand writing on d wall?.

    • Maga talking. They are wiser than you.

    • @denen stop reasoni wit ur Anus ok

    • Steven, I know how you feel. Destruction can’t be the solution to grievance. But, which diversification efforts would yield immediate results during the first term of PMB? Or would we continue to experience so much hardship without end? I am a salary earner but I pity others who suffer thru no fault of theirs. Inflation has reached its ever high. I therefore settle for dialogue. Both parties must be sincere for dialogue to work. Any breach on either side would spell doom.

    • Adelokun Adedapo nothing like dialogue with federal government because northerners believe they own this country how can northern criminals come down to old eastern region to own 90% of oil wells it won’t work like that again because there arrogant behaviour they believe they conquered south easterners nd south south . is time for northerners to go face their agriculture that’s the only solution. is time for every region to manage what they got ok

    • How do u diversify without funds. Diversification takes decade if u wish to know

    • Emera Don, I appreciate your concern. We can still jaw-jaw and avoid ill feelings. I admit however that the government’s body language should show sincerity. Many people don’t trust bcoz of bail without release.

    • Emeka, during the jawjaw, both parties should be ready to sacrifice to allow the other to live. Animosity would weaken us as a country. Have you thought about what to do with Cameroun if Niger Delta is alone? Suppose a party colluded with Came to u now and Chad against South! We should remain strong pls.

    • Environment has been degraded before, so we don’t care if the NDA will destroy the pipelines provided we have our independence.

    • Unekwu Kanayo Onuche,sir,I should know that without money there is only very little you can do to diversify your sources of revenue. ..but should pmb fold hands and sit that there is no enough money to diversify the economy? ?? noooo…something has to be done and pmb is doing it well. …we also know that it may take a little time before the diversified areas of the economy may start yielding results and pmb is appealing for patient? ??….but many Nigerians who are used to the usual ‘sharp sharp’ way of doing things never wants to listen. … when the recent past administrations had all the opportunities to diversify the economy….they never did anything. ..they preferred to shamelessly loot,steal and embezzled all the the monies leaving Nigeria and Nigerians to suffering….

    • Denen Steven where come from

  37. The true federal character never dialogue with criminals, this ones are hoodlums give them any name occultist group avengers

  38. That is just the beginning. “Genesis 1:1”

  39. Nigeria had long expired, dead and decayed.
    Why would foolish Buhari promised to crush Nda? Pls that animal that crush time is here. BIG FOOL

    • chukwu Sunday, Sir, if Nigeria has expired….and biafra is a mirage… and a hollow pipe dream of a girl child to change into a boy child… what a miserable life you are…. pmb is moving Nigeria forward. .

    • Chukwu Sunday, does a pastor talk like this? U claim to be a senior pastor and u talk like a motor park tout.

    • I am still flabbergasted to the reasons why west and North are afraid of Biafrexit. When has autonomy come a crime

    • @Afolabi, it’s you the tout who lives in motorparks knows knows more about parks.
      But let me draw your attention to knowledge “a contraption is a contraption” you can’t cover sin Buhari is nothing but paedophile.

    • Denen Buhari is moving your mothers ass foward is’nt it? Listen you can never convice anybody with all these your trash, what do you know, so you think that this country will forge ahead? Then you are not being sincere to yourself, keep on fooling yourself

    • That animal from Daura with dead brains who only came to fulfil Islamic agenda as if Nigeria is his father’s property. I guess he casted spells of blindness of many people to remain blind over his foolish seriousness for Islam

  40. Blow more in all part of the region including pipeline in Abia and IMO state

  41. So the FG will just keep silent watching them destroying National Assets and? And begging for dialogue? I wonder what sort of Govt we have in Nigeria. This people are not ready for any dialogue. You can see the conditions they gave. Buhari, please wake up to your responsibilities Abeg.

    • If he tries anything funny he will go down in history as the last president of Nigeria.

    • And so? Is that a new thing? Even countries that doesn’t have crude are faring better. In early Nigeria did we have oil? Were we not better than today? And yes those are National Assets, why? The crude u are so concerned about is explored with the money gotten from the North and West, namely cottons, cocoa, groundnut and Tin from Jos and some other things from Enugu like coal. Was crude there then? Nigeria can survive on Agriculture if well developed OK.

    • If u ask jos person to chose between north and south he will tell u he is not an northerner but middle belt, what did u know about jos? Go and pack well abeg.

    • Do you see how pathetic you are? My mum is a full blooded Plateau person. You don’t tell me anything about the whole Nigeria. Am not a semi literate like you.

  42. I thought Buhari said he will crush them? proud n Arrogant grandfather. I still cry over the death of late president Yaradua #BestNigerianpresident

  43. The avengers pls come to dialogue with govt d door is open now l believe d govt is concerned

  44. Hmmmm ! My take on this please i am calling on all my people from the north to ignore making comments on this sponsored media hype! Let the Biadogs continued with their BARKING! Can you see ION.NIGERIA is sponsored by some Biafrauds!

  45. If your action will bring Buhari on his kneels just continue.

  46. We have lost a lot and we can’t continue like this to be better tomorrow. Please I beg the NDA to ceasefire and imbibe dialogue

  47. Biafra or nothing, blablaba enter craeke if

  48. Think twice ND Avengers,your purpose should be one that will benefit us all at the end.not dialoguing for what will make us suffer at the end…

  49. Well done boys. The zoo must surelly fall. The level of injustice is too much

  50. More bomb pls make dem no say we no dey joke

  51. For northeners and some APC Yorubas talking rubbish here, please hold your peace. Since you people say you can do without our oil, fine, leave us alone, we have been praying for resource control and independence and we can refine the oil locally.

  52. as they are destroying there land were developing region. since the tink tru their anus.

  53. Now i know that it is not only buhari that is deaf,but his ministers too it runs in their blood. For how long will the avengers keep telling you that it is only KING NNAMDI KANU that is their mediator or you dont know who he is?

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  55. PMB never negotiate with criminal let be fire for fire. Let us see the strength of Nigeria army, Air Force, Naval, Dss with to see whom will win.

  56. You idiots make some comments when oil pipes is tampered but when hausa /fulani destroyed and kill farmers in their various farms in their own village you would not be able to make any comments

  57. Since d government dnt want us 2 enjoy it they ll nt enjoy it 2, one one na draw

  58. left to me,NDA should destroy everything that the union may be re-negociated.

  59. Is not true,this is the first attack befor FG govt call them for talk. I have the pixs of all attacks ple,so nothing after them

  60. Allow them to finish there land I beg !.

  61. Have all of u on this platform heard the original name of the NDA…hmmm. Na juju name o…no one can defeat them on water or in their land.,they r fortified to d end of life, as long as dat region is concerned…

    • PMB is like a chicken in dia eyes..who b military, na grass for their eyes…make we answer dis guys o, try federalism is d answer, else forget Nigeria

    • If Nigeria is re-structured to true federalism and the component units are allowed to develop @ their own pace, there will be peace and concomitant economic and social stability and no more agitation for Biafra.

  62. One word for u zoo people. The days of i am born to rule has gone.

  63. Where is our Navy and foot soldiers where are they when this damage is being carried out.? And the DSS by now should have discovered the sponsor of this bastards. Who are hiding in the Senate, among PDP and among the state Governors. And among the cronies of the last regime of Jonathan. Once caught with substantive evidence. Just arrange them for firing squad. To me l think its time for military offensive in a big way. Despite the Olive branch dangled by the FG. This bastards are not ready for dialogue. So best approach is to give them Fire. We cant continue with this nonsense. Present your representative to dialogue with FG you refuse. So best approach is to meet madness with madness. Nobody has Monopoly of violence. Because we are in civilian Era does not mean we should be lawless.

  64. Blow all the pipes……,Northerners must leave our oil.

  65. Let them continue instead of living these wealth in the hands of few men in this country.

  66. Thought the system allow everybody to make comments but one should mind what he/she say on this issue. The issue on hand is a child play, people should stop playing politic with it, if you have good advise the government to tackle the issue and settle to minimise lost the better. Whatever name given to the boys will not stop but dialogue.

  67. Denen Steven my problem with Nigeria is hypocrisy, tribalism and wickedness of mind, NDA had agreed on negotiation and dialog to rectify whatever grievances, but who is forestalling that process, a lot of you have called on FG to disregard dialog and move in to kill the people for the deposits in their land, now you are all talking about agriculture now but most of you have easily forgotten that agriculture has become an outdated for of becoming one of the richest countries in the world or whatever because most countries of the world have gone into agriculture. And when Nigerian economy depended on agriculture the North was taking mandatory 65% total income, that’s derivation, without any environmental pollution and dangers for their land even though the western Nigeria was known for her large Cocoa input and Eastern Nigeria known with her palm oil contribution yet the sharing formula was as mentioned above. I’m not from Niger delta, I’m not in support of pipeline vandalism, they said they want review of allocation oil blocs, how come none of the indigene has an oil blocs, and how would someone cancel a near functioning University, Federal Maritime University, and they have listed their conditions… So it is important the government find a way to address this critical issue…

  68. Let them settle those boys now….

  69. If you people are not interested why drinking paracetamol on another person head. Leave the oil for them , they can refine and sell locally. Nonsense. 90% of the oil wells are owns by the Hausa. Who is fooling who?

  70. They should not stop ooo.idiots

  71. Igbos biafrauders are the avengers, not Niger Delta ooo

  72. Where are the northerns that said the president should not dialogue with the Avengers? that if he do they will resort to another civil war.

  73. Pls IYC,as the mouth piece of the Avenger,give them this message,let them not only blow up pipelines they should destroy all well heads,flow stations and oil platform they know all over Nigeria,but remember you are not going to hurt the president of the hausa/fulani man in any way,your only hurting your self their in delta State,let them not forget to blow up the permanent site of the maritime university too and make Okerenkoko or kurutie humanly uninhabitable, Lol,GEJ spent 6years and they ate, kept quite and maintained “table manner” they just woke up now for their Niger Delta not the one I come from.

    • Eze shut up u dont anything. U be fool

    • Mr Eze stop gushing dirty things pls… Your reasoning is damn jundiced.

    • Eze, u are one of the few sensible ones from the east. I respect u.

    • So almajiri school better pass university for delta? Chei ! You are degrading your environment, and you think you are winning, chei! Its a shame. Nice comment Allwell eze.

    • Like the hausas did with BH…. I.e table manner

    • When your eating. You don’t talk,when ur in power via proxy you don’t talk so that manner will fall constantly

    • Eze i respect you for having the guts to stand up for truth against your people. Let them call you names as they are now doing. You and your generation unborn will witness Nigeria of your dream. Industrialized, just, egalitarian and united country. Amen. You make my day!

    • Eze u ar noo qualify 2 bear dat nam

    • Eze,May God increase u wisdomly for dis ur submission.U ve spoken d truth.

    • Allwell Eze ur a shame n a disgrace to ur generation. U will never in us life time stop being a captive n a traitor. Imbecility is not only an evident upon debasement but a curse kind of. I’m sorry for u n ur likes.

    • During d war, we had ur likes as saboteurs. It was them that made us lose d war n that has taught us d lessons we needed to learn, now u r coming let bcos, we already hv armed ourselves properly for traitors n imbeciles of ur class though, ur real origin is in question cos no real son of our soil can be as myopic as I’m seeing in u. D name ”Eze”u bear is not ordinary therefore, i doubt ur originality. U must be a Fulani housa man or ofemmanu person. Allwell Eze

    • go back to niger republic wia u come from.

    • Let me ask you Alwell Eze? The way this Govt is appointing only people from the north, is it normal?is that democratical?does this govt looks like one nigeria to you? Wake up from sleep!

    • Allwell Eze so it’s the turn of the Hausa Fulani to chop, so the south should keep quiet and allow them enjoy their turn?

    • It is better to blow up everything for everyone to loose than for the Niger Delta to be given peanuts out of their abundants.

    • Allwell Eze, I doubt your true identity. You seem blind and suffering from acute Hausa Fulani slave mentality. We are talking about age long injustices in the federation and you’re talking about table manner. Learn to think straight like a sane fellow if indeed you claim to be whom part of your name seems to suggests. You seem to be a square peg in a round hole.

    • The Days ahead Are Dark And Evil! Eze U speak like A Coward! The Future of Our Unborn Kids and generation mst be Protected now! Or Never! U can follow the Guillible Minds of Ill primitive Hausa fulani’s and Oligarchy yorubars 2rant On media! Bt i can bet U with Assurance! Its Forward Ever! Determination Nd Consistency Is the Key!!

    • Well,one point have made is that we lost an opportunity to transform the EAST when we were given the chance is a fact,If u buy any biscuit,beverage or packaged food if it’s not made abroad then the label will be Lagos,Sango,Ota or any other place in the western Nigeria it’s a fact ,AWO,OBJ and other made it so,the west is an indisputable investment destination,Yoruba guys in d media package the west by under reporting crisis the,iits not bad even CNN does it,If you like import all the drugs the head office of that firm will be lagos why,pls no insults let’s be matured,how many industries are in the Niger /D, Ogun State alone has more than 6 private uni obj issued d licences,all the yoyo bitters u here of are made in the west,GEJ moved a febrication yard meant for Bonny where the raw material is to Badagry only to reverse it after he lost the election though he was stopped through d court trust the Yorubas they are the smartest,my fathers were there in the Willinks commission of 1955 that led the Struggle,I went to school so I prefer mental combat to Mortal combat and that’s what the Yorubas fights even without an oil well they are more advanced,my community is host to Shell,Elf and Total but what am saying is that there are other organised ways to do things,abi PMB hhas borrowed 2.1billion for north east,why didn’t GEJ release the 1 billion UNEP and Shell provided for Ogoni pple,lets leave these arguments.

    • Eze. Don’t forget BH also woke up during GEJ. Where they not there during OBJ and Yar’adua era?

    • I rest this case,COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Isi adirogi mma. @Allwell Eze

    • You have a point, we are not comfortable with the present scheming in the federal government but must we go to these extremes.

  74. Mr Buhari just need to attend to NDA request

  75. They should go on at the end they should bear the consequence

  76. The north is talking about food, Cross State alone have enough land to produce food to feed THE Republic of Niger Delta. Also, when God’ll grant us our Republic, all d damaged pipelines will be repaired. Pipelines destruction is not mineral deposit destruction. If we suffer after independent, it wont be 4eva. The north should leave our resourses for us. If they like to sell tomato and cattles us, we’ll buy with our OIL.

  77. They should know that the sad effect of this covers everywhere and infact worst in the region.

  78. Some are saying them are destroying there land, that ugly statement can not convince them, they are wise modern that statement the biafrans are now wise , the zoo must surrender

  79. IYC always in the biz of confirming instead of condemning these acts,Lol well done ,after all a Yoruba man gave us the opportunity and a fulani man’s death paved the way giving Goodluck 6 SOLID years to rewrite our history,instead what did he do with it,Dasukigate,Oduagate,Metuh says he’s repented from sharing.

  80. Allwell Eze now I know that your father from Hausa Fulani

  81. Break more please. I stand with Buhari.

  82. were are the army, soldiers, dss, and others guarding this pipeline?

  83. Destroy them. after, federal govt will create a Niger delta rehabilitation fund in d budget.. No be only d north sabi

  84. Buhari is now begging.. Lol cow Buharis!

  85. International oil price may go up. The Economy may improve next year.

  86. Chukwu, am not surprised, in IBO land, you don’t respect elders. Every body is a master.No wonder you are always in disarray when important national issues come on for discussion. Your tribe will never rule Nigeria. The only solution is for all to pack your loads and return home never to come back unless you have Visa to enter Lagos. Dede Ojukwu has said it all.

  87. While people ate praising these miscreants. People are abusing the government. Abusing the North and praising the Niger Delta government/leaders. The country we all live in, our only country is going down the tubes.

  88. Joseph Tunde Maiye,sir,you said it all…here in the east there are no elders…every one is ‘oga’ that is the reason why we have no political direction? ? the majority of the youth here are illiterate,arrogant with no respect for even the educated elders that should lead and show them the political direction. …this the most reason why an igbo man will hardly be the president of Nigeria regrettably…

    • from your choice of words it’s crystal clear that you are miserably hopelessly and desperately stupid cow. u say things without reasoning simply cos see others comment u just jump in with your empty headed nonsense fool

    • @@@@@Paulo it is ur comment that doesn’t make any sense that is just the fact.

    • Please don’t be stupid and senseless with your utterance . Who are illiterates. How learned are you and your people. Everyone deserves respect including you. The only advantage your people ever had in education was the 1967-1970 genocide against the Biafrans, masterminded by Awo and that was then. The gap has been bridged. Don’t you ever make such nasty utterance again.

  89. Pls who ar nda that u talking let them come out and face the gout but they destory pipeline or they burn oil well this nonsense that mean they destoring their life and their future u thugs think dont be animals

  90. Are you a good husband or a caring wife seeing your partner having PREMATURE EJACULATION, FIBROIDS, STRETCH MARKS and truly displeased with it. there is a way out with our natural products. we also have solution for those having hard time loosing WEIGHT with Clean9 within 9days For more info call or whatsapp 08132386824. Thanks

  91. Pls nd pls avenger this is ur own land nd ur destroying it with ur hands hmmm, is it not better to look for another way instead of this ur Particular attitude yours. Look for some other way stop this pls ur are busy doing this nd ur president is doing mathematics removing U……………

  92. Fed gov hs ntt shown any remorse from her biased appoinmnts dt favoures only der brothers

  93. Pls bomb everywhere in that area.we have a large parcels of land in Sambisa forest to settle you as IDPs. No one is saying any thing now. If this people are cougth after many years, people will say SS are being persecuted.

  94. War is never the solution.

  95. gud job nda abeg bom every were an d shuld not 4get to go down down d sea were d oil is comin 4rm kudos 2u guys

  96. The issue is that, the Fraud called Nigeria has expired, can’t you see that?God is not happy with nigeria anymore,so nomatter what you do,nigeria is sinking,and will continue to sink, until you can’t see her anymore in the surface.that is the gospel truth.

  97. Let Buhari release Nnamdi KANU to talk to the boys

  98. There can be no peace without justice. Nigeria is bound to the grave because the Hausa Fulani and Yoruba think we’re fools. They use our resources to develop the North and West and leave us in shambles. You think there can be peace? You had better have a rethink! The worst is yet to come. We need our freedom as Sovereign entity. Nigeria is negotiable. Enough is enough. The missiles will fly some day if care is not taken. Let give peace a chance. But I don’t pray it happens because everyone will pay dearly. Referendum is the only answer. I love peace but peace is elusive amid this present terror, Oppression and genocide against Biafrans. Watch out and Mark my words.

  99. Does of u WHO don’t know how to talk, just shut up ur mouth u ar nothing but a fool, pls my beloved NDA continue ur work well done soldiers, I forbid one Nigeria.

  100. Steve, I appreciate your observations.pls start something that can reverse this Trends. When ever you have an important occasion in your family, allow the elders take important decisions even if you are the one picking the bills. By this you will be sending a clear departure from the old idea of person wey get money, na him get idea.

  101. Is this the only way to frown at what we don’t like. Pls stop the bombing of Oil facilities. This country is so unfortunate.

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