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Sad: 24-Yr-Old Mother Of Four Strangled To Death By Boyfriend As Kids Played

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A 24-year-old mother of four was killed by her boyfriend while her kids were outside playing.

Police say they were called to a home on Bonnie Dell Drive in the United States for a welfare check just before 3:30 a.m. Wednesday. When they entered, authorities found a woman who had been strangled in an act of domestic violence.

Detectives said Xi-anna Graham, 24  was strangled by her live-in boyfriend, 27-year-old Christopher Gene Scarboro,11alive reported.

According to the arrest warrant, Christopher is accused of grabbing the victim around the neck with his bare hands, choking her, then throwing her lifeless body onto the ground.

Police said at least one of her four children was home while she was killed.

The warrant says the suspect knew a child that was present and the child described hearing the “loud commotion.”

“The kids were always playing outside,” neighbor Keith Detwiller said.

According to 2018 court documents,  Scarboro has a history of violent behavior. During an incident on July 4, warrants state he struck a man in the face. On another occasion months earlier, on May 27, police were called after Scarboro allegedly headbutted another woman.

The other charges listed on the warrant are homicide-murder and aggravated assault.

 24-year-old mother of 4 strangled by boyfriend while her kids were outside playing?

 24-year-old mother of 4 strangled by boyfriend while her kids were outside playing?

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  1. There is definitely meaning and the title fake news. This title article fake and much of the information is all so fake. Yes my daughter was 24 with 4 for kid’s whom she loved Dearly and whom was loved by her family and she was strangled to death by this animal Christopher Gene Scarboro in her family home early in the morning and the Murderer( Christopher Gene Scarboro) never lived in the home he lived in Acworth GA with his family. And no one in “Our” family ever saw let alone spoke to anyone or any organization let alone the media of any form of press or news. I cry everyday and when I looked his name up today and saw all this are you my child I thought oh what a world so cold and heartless.

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