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Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Crown Court

Ryan Giggs ‘promised me kids & demanded sex all the time – but was dating EIGHT women behind my back’, says ex

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RYAN Giggs promised his ex-girlfriend kids and demanded sex all the time while he was dating eight other women, a court heard today.

Kate Greville told detectives she thought the former Manchester United ace was her “soulmate” and he had vowed to start a family with her – but he had actually been unfaithful for years.

Ryan Giggs arrives at Manchester Crown Court on August 9
Ryan Giggs arrives at Manchester Crown Court on August 9 Credit: Getty
Kate Greville has accused the former footballer of abuse and assault
Kate Greville has accused the former footballer of abuse and assault Credit: Refer to Caption
An artist’s impression of Giggs watching the police interview of his ex in court
An artist’s impression of Giggs watching the police interview of his ex in court Credit: SWNS

In a police statement which was read out to a jury, Kate said: “He would tell me he was somewhere and it didn’t add up.”

By December 2018 Kate claims she “knew” he was having an affair.

Manchester Crown Court heard how Kate received an anonymous email saying, “just so you know, Ryan’s been in another relationship with another girl for a year”.

When she confronted him, he allegedly told her she was “weak” and he was “always being accused” before adding: “If you’re not strong enough then you need to get out, don’t be so pathetic.”

Her suspicions grew while on a Christmas night out when she spotted the former Wales boss chatting to another woman.

Kate said Giggs claimed they were “just friends” but a pal told her they were in a relationship.

“He started screaming saying ‘I don’t like it when you talk to anybody about me’,” Kate said.

“He then blocked me. I was like, ‘what the hell’s going on?’, but then I’d believe him.

“It was like this draw. He’d constantly tell me it’s all me, that I’m psycho, that I needed to trust him.” 

Kate told how, despite Giggs “flipping out” and becoming aggressive, she believed he was her “soulmate and best friend”.

She claims the footballer promised her he’d left his wife Stacey but she later discovered: “He’d been living with her the whole time.”

He even called Kate by his ex’s name “all the time”, which she described as “the ultimate insult”.

But he still regularly told her how he wanted a family – and always got her to come back to him by saying he wanted them to have kids, she alleges.

Kate also told cops how she received a naked picture of Giggs from an anonymous sender, who messaged saying: “I’ve found this on my wife’s phone.”

When she challenged him, he insisted it was all lies, she said.

The pair “sorted things out” and went to Dubai – but that was when Kate claims she discovered the truth.

“I knew he was in a relationship with two other girls, I’d just been so naïve to it all” she said.

I’d just been so naïve to it all. Kate Greville

“This Zara started messaging me and asked to follow me on Instagram. 

“I knew he’d been seeing her so I split up with him.

“When I was in it I still felt like he was my world. I desperately wanted to have a family, to move in with him, but the actual reality was very different.”

She claimed to know of a total of eight women he was having affairs with during their relationship.

In the police interview, she said Giggs constantly denied he was cheating on her but she “needed to know the truth” so she checked his device.

She said: “The reality of what I had found on that iPad was way worse than I could imagine.

“Eight women he was having affairs with while he was with me. Full-on relationships.”

But during this time, Giggs allegedly still wanted to have sex with Kate “every other day” and treated her “like his housemaid”.

She said: “He’d want to have sex all the time. He didn’t force himself on me but he’d use sex to get me.”

She added that he would “take the p***” out of the way she loaded the dishwasher and told her that the way she made the bed was wrong.

“It was like I was a housemaid, I was his staff member,” she said.


One one occasion, in a row over another woman, she recalled how he threw her out of a hotel suite, leaving her naked in the hallway with her belongings strewn on the floor.

Kate said the pair were in a club when she asked him who he was messaging.

He claimed it was his daughter and they both went back to their hotel before he allegedly grabbed Kate by her arm.

Giggs is accused of then “pushing” his ex to the floor, grabbing her belongings and throwing them into the hall.

He subsequently slammed the door in her face and refused to let her back in, a jury heard.

Kate said: “I was naked and all my stuff was in the middle of the corridor.

“It was humiliating. I had to get back in with like a towel round me.”

She also described a similar incident at a hotel in Dubai where Giggs allegedly grabbed her bag to stop her from leaving to go to the airport.

“He pulled on my arm really hard and I fell forward on my knee,” she said, before adding that he eventually let her go and she went to a friend’s house rather than taking the planned flight back to Manchester together.


Earlier, the court heard how Giggs allegedly bombarded Kate with sexual messages and threatened to publicly share X-rated videos of the pair if she didn’t reply.

Over an almost three-year period, the sports star sent streams of abusive texts and blackmailed the PR executive, she alleges.

Kate said: “He wouldn’t leave me alone.

“He sent me an email once with blackmail and it was a video of what we’d done.

“He’d say, ‘I’m going to send these messages to people if you don’t reply’.”

Giggs is also accused of threatening to send emails to Kate’s friends and employers about her sexual behaviour, as well as making unwanted calls when she tried to break off the relationship.

He also allegedly turned up unannounced and uninvited at her home, workplace and gym, and chucked her belongings out of his house when she asked him about his relationships with other women.

Giggs has been charged with causing Kate actual bodily harm and engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour between August 31, 2017, and November 2, 2020 – claims he has denied.

He has also denied attacking her sister at his £1.7million home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on November 1, 2020.

Giggs, who is on conditional bail and must not contact Kate or Emma, won 64 caps for Wales and had a glittering playing career with Man Utd, winning 13 Premier League titles, two Champions League trophies, four FA Cups and three League Cups.

He is also a co-owner of League Two side Salford City.

He stepped down as Wales manager last month after going on leave when he was charged in November 2020.

The footballer said he did not want the country’s preparations for this year’s World Cup in Qatar to be “affected, destabilised or jeopardised in any way by the continued interest around this case”.

Ryan Giggs' ex-wife Stacey pitch-side at Old Trafford in 2011
Ryan Giggs’ ex-wife Stacey pitch-side at Old Trafford in 2011Credit: Reuters
Giggs is accused of controlling and coercive behaviour against his former partner Kate
Giggs is accused of controlling and coercive behaviour against his former partner KateCredit: PA
Kate arrives at a hotel in Manchester with Giggs in 2018
Kate arrives at a hotel in Manchester with Giggs in 2018Credit: Jim Clarke – The Sun
Giggs celebrates a Manchester United goal in 2008
Giggs celebrates a Manchester United goal in 2008Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

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