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Renewed optimisms for Chibok girls as alleged rescued student/baby meets Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday said there was fresh hope for the recovery of 218 Chibok schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram more than two years ago, as he met the first student to be found.

Amina Ali, 19, who was discovered by civilian vigilantes and troops on Tuesday, and her mother, Binta, flew to the capital, Abuja, to meet the president at his official Aso Rock residence.

Buhari said afterwards he was “delighted” at her release but his “feelings are tinged with deep sadness at the horrors the young girl has had to go through at such an early stage in her life”.

He added: “Although we cannot do anything to reverse the horrors of her past, (the) federal government will do everything possible to ensure that the rest of her life takes a completely different course.”

The government was doing “all it can to rescue the remaining Chibok girls,” he said, adding: “Amina’s rescue gives us new hope, and offers a unique opportunity for vital information.”

Amina’s mother said in a statement she was “thankful to God and thankful to everyone that participated in the rescue and recovery”.


Boko Haram fighters seized 276 girls from the Government Girls Secondary School in the remote Borno state town of Chibok on April 14, 2014. Fifty-seven escaped in the hours that followed.

The abduction provoked global outrage and brought worldwide attention to the conflict but until Amina’s release, there were few indications of the girls’ whereabouts or possible release.

– Reunion –

Community leaders said she told her relatives at a brief reunion at the family home in Mbalala, near Chibok, that most of the girls were still being held in Boko Haram’s Sambisa Forest enclave.

But Amina was quoted as saying that “six were already dead”.

Nigeria’s military has been conducting operations in the former game reserve for weeks in the hope of flushing out militants and destroying Islamist camps in the sprawling semi-desert scrubland.

The abducted girls have long been thought to have been taken to the forest. Satellite imagery provided by the United States and Britain reportedly identified the location of some of the students.

But Nigeria’s military failed to act on the intelligence, Britain’s former ambassador to Nigeria has claimed.

Former president Goodluck Jonathan’s delayed response to the abduction and overall handling of the insurgency was seen as a major factor in his election defeat to Buhari last year.

– Medical treatment –

Amina was brought to the Borno state capital, Maiduguri, by air force helicopter from Damboa 90 kilometres (56 miles) away with her four-month-old baby and a man she said was her husband.

In photographs released by the military, she appeared tired and thin, as she held the baby, named Safiya, in her arms and apparently received medical care.

In another, her purported husband, identified by the army as “suspected Boko Haram terrorist” Mohammed Hayatu, cradled the infant on a hospital bed.

The army said he was “undergoing further investigation at (the) Joint Intelligence Centre” and was being “well-treated”.

Boko Haram has used kidnapping as a weapon of war in the conflict, which has killed at least 20,000 people, forced 2.6 million from their homes and devastated the northeast since 2009.

Young women and girls have been forced to marry rebel fighters, becoming sex slaves and even suicide bombers in the group’s campaign for a hardline Islamic state.

Men and boys have also been seized and forcibly conscripted.

– Victim support –

Boko Haram is thought to have kidnapped several thousand women and young girls but there have been calls for Nigeria to do more to support former hostages.

Buhari said Amina would receive “the best care the Nigerian government can afford” and disclosed she had undergone medical tests for about five hours and met Unicef trauma experts.

The resumption of her education would be “a priority”, he added. “Every girl has the right to an education and a life choice,” he said.

Francisca Vigaud-Walsh, from Refugees International (RI) said earlier such specialised care was not available to most former hostages.

“On the contrary there is a seemingly arbitrary and haphazard approach to dealing with these women and girls,” she said.

RI and other agencies have highlighted in particular the lack of facilities for victims of sexual violence and psychological services.

Northern Nigeria, which is largely Muslim, is deeply conservative and kidnap victims have reportedly been shunned on their return home.

UN rights experts said in January there was an “urgent and pressing need for effective measures to address stigma, ostracism and rejection of women and children” because of their abduction.

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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Yes, progress in reverse!

  2. If the rescued chibok girl is 15 now, that means she was 13 when she was in ss3 and a foetus when she was in primary 1. . This is a wale Adenuga production

    • 19 not 15. Haba! Open your eyes and read. Why the haste to comment!

      It is reasonable to say that a 17 year old was writing SSCE two years ago.

      She wouldn’t be the first SS3 student that cannot confidently speak in English too.

    • If u cnt speak write nko? From aisha to amina ali abeg which one be her name?

    • Hmm una sabi lie i finish my school wen i was in 15 years old

    • Listen attentively to news before posting .

    • Hw come she dnt undastnd english?in just two yrs she cnt speak even pilgin again,or was she writing her exams wt hausa languagethere is God ooo

    • Her name is aishamin,combination of d two names,nd 4 d grammer wey she no fit speak….hmmm dat means dem dey use hausa teach dem nd dont bother about hw she go pass jamb,cos de will jam everything 2geda to mek sure she comes out as a complete graduate

    • Sincerely speaking, after watching the drama and melodrama that came out of the rescued chibok girl, one cannot but agreed that something is wrong somewhere. Nigerians Nigerians pls, the emphasis was on SS3 girls writing their final year exam as a secondary school student. one is not saying that she might not be a rescued girl but obviously, not the chibok school girls we are waiting for. A spade must be called a spade inrespective of one political divide. Those chibok(219) school girls must be found. Politics must never come into play in this matter. Credence to our Military, for doing a good job. Nigeria we Hail thee…..

  3. God is watching u all nd soon de truth ll come out

  4. This kid with a child in her hand hmmmm, Look, we were told she was preparing for her WAEC exams but cannot make a sentence hmmmm. Govt stop deceiving us for we are not mumus. Fake people. Fake story parkaged agst democracy day.

  5. is dat child she careing not a product of bokoharam ?

  6. Buhari ane apc dont know that this girl rescue alone is revealing their lies and stupidity. There nigerians who are more intelligent and insightfull than buhari.

  7. Buhari and apc dont know that this girl rescue alone is revealing their lies and stupidity. There nigerians who are more intelligent and insightfull than buhari. One day all of us will know the truth u cant fake this none sense for too long.

  8. 4 Ur mind every body is mumu abi Chibok girl indid

  9. This is a super-story, a big deceit.

  10. All dis igbo people’s,u peoples need to separate out of we can hv peace in nigeria.

  11. No body was kidnapped last 2yrs dnt mind them.

  12. Which kind president be this self?

  13. Log back this story not true

  14. I saw d 3rd chibok girl in jos 2dy

  15. Senseless president and nonsense post

  16. Na confirm boko haram u dey carry so,dat baby na epitome of bomb blast

  17. Anniversary package achievement

  18. Dis is superstory produce by apc nd directed by buhari

  19. You can only decive the yorubas wth this chicken n cow story. Taaa!!!

  20. African china really saw d future wen he sang abt arrangy government

  21. A product of falsehood by falsehood.

  22. Baba boko n ki omo iranse e.

  23. Wale adenuga production season two, full of scam

  24. Please Let’s hear from Oby Ezekwesili.

  25. Pls let d bmb detectors watch dat tin wrapd nd gvng 2 our Presido b4 it explodes exerpts perhps d presido knws where they r cmng 4rm

  26. nollywood film directed by buhari

  27. Havest they plant their are reping

  28. The fact that Gej couldn’t rescue them before his shameful exit doesn’t mean that pmb will as well not do it.believe it or not the military are making progress and we are happy about it.

  29. this is chibok girls season two. Am anxious to see season 3

  30. Yes really pmb is better than good luck founder of boko haram

  31. The problem with our people is that we talks too much and any how, haba, arrange ur talkings well pls.

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  33. Fake rescued chibok girl… rubbish!

  34. senseless story 4 senseless abokis.

  35. When God unveils APC’s lies, nigerians wl see its disgusting nakedness

  36. i neva knew dat waec now sets there exams in hausa language lolz or perhaps Apc tink we are all dimwitted liked rest of dem hahahahahahahahahaha show me d jss 1 student in d south who cannot make a sentence in English and i will show u anoda Apc scam

  37. APC are deceivers. Nothing like missing Chibok Girls

  38. Dis story is irritating.tufiakwa to all apc.a party founded on a lieing foundation

  39. so the man is enjoying himself too despite being a boko haram

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  41. MOVIES….jst like in d 60s.

  42. Who is fooling Who.Shame to Apc and their lies

  43. Hhaaa,very soon all the women in borno state wil become chibok girls, so that persido wil receive them at aso rock.nonsence ppl.dont forget that lies may travel for hundred miles,the truth wil over take it one day.such is life.

  44. Sorry my ppl even d blind cn see this nasty lies by apc n buhari, pls buhari shld bear it in mind that Nigeria today is nt Nigeria of 1983 ,liars ok myself is also among d missing chibok men since na business, madness

  45. Oby Eze, pls i want to here the truth from you biko

  46. we knows who fabricate chibok stuff, cux it’s not reality. na aeroplane come pack dem away from school, who una wan deciev? when they form Islamic children negotiates with boko haram and their parents, you will come and tell us that they are missing girls. thunder wire them like Syrian airstrike.

  47. APC nd Buhari will soon turn all the beggers in borno to Chibok girls.Fake pple.

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