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Protesters Tear Down Sculpture Because It Looks Like The Devil

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Protesters dressed in black have torn down a sculpture shaped like an angel and broken two of its wings because they believe it looks like the devil.

The 8-metre high sculpture is called “Phylax” which is Greek means “Guardian” and was erected in the coastal town of Palaio Faliro.

The sculpture was made by well-known Greek artist Kostis Georgiou who has exhibited both at home in Greece and in other countries.

Since it was erected in December, the sculpture has attracted a lot of criticisms, mostly from some residents, religious conservatives and supporters of far-right political groups.

Residents have protested its presence by spitting on it or throwing white paint at it.

In an effort to cast out whatever demonic spirits are suspected to be inside it, a priest has tried to exorcise it by sprinkling it with holy water.

Nothing happened.

According to Mayor of Palaio Faliro, Dionysis Hatzidakis, a group of 10–15 hooded persons tied it to the back of a truck and drove away, pulling it down.

Its wings are now broken,” said Hatzidakis who has filed a lawsuit. “It has been severely damaged.”

So, if we don’t like something we destroy it … for political purposes?,” Hatzidakis said, adding that he suspected the attackers were far-right.

The sculptor who created the work is similarly displeased.

All this violence against the sculpture since the first moment it was installed has left me speechless,” he told Reuters. “It should remain down on the ground as a memorial of the irrational rationale.

“Phylax” had a very short run and while the hate may have been misdirected, the government of Palaio Faliro will be more sensitive to the religious beliefs of its people.

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