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President Buhari Turned Back A Govt Official Who Undermined Osinbajo By Coming To See Him In The UK- Garba Shehu

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Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, today shared a story of how a senior government official went to the UK to meet with President Buhari to attend to some documents but he was turned back for undermining the office of the acting president, Yemi Osinbajo.

Garba shared the story this in an interview with Channels TV when he spoke

“Let me tell you a story. I am aware that a senior official had gone to President Buhari in the UK with some documents for him to deal with and the president said: ‘no, I won’t. The man responsible for the country is in Abuja, go back to him”

Garba added that it is disrespectful to the acting president for anyone to say Osinbajo is being undermined by some government officials.

On the assumption that some government officials are more loyal to President Buhari since he appointed them into office, Shehu said

“Anybody who says that doesn’t understand the implications of the Constitution of this country. Once the president has transferred power, if you are the Inspector-General of Police and the acting president says: ‘go and do ABC,’ you are fired if you don’t do it. So, nobody will joke with his job. Yes we love the president, we are loyal to him but everyone knows that this is the locus of power and authority”.

On why the government officials who were turned back by president Buhari weren’t fired, the presidential spokesperson said may be they made a mistake and that President Buhari’s action shows he is one that respects law and order.

“If this was a president that wants power only for himself, he could have been giving directives from over there, but he said no I have done the right thing. I have handed over to the acting president, deal with it and that is how the right thing should be done” he said

Garba disclosed that the Buhari-led government has fought corruption to a standstill.

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