Friday , April 12 2024
President and Minister of Petroleum, Muhammadu Buhari and Shell Global Upstream Director, Mr. Andrew Brown and MD/Country Chair Shell Companies in Nigeria, Mr. Osagie Okunbor

Buhari assures oil companies of security in Niger Delta. appeals to militants

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President Muhammadu Buhari has assured oil companies operating in the Niger Delta that the Federal Government is taking necessary actions to protect strategic assets in the region from vandals.

The president gave the assurance in Abuja on Friday at a meeting with the Global Director (Upstream) of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, Mr Andrew Brown.

Buhari said that he had directed the Chief of Naval Staff to strengthen the military Joint Task Force (JTF) in the region to deal with the resurgence of militancy and the sabotage of oil installations.

He stated that the operations of the JTF were also being enhanced with increased support and cooperation from the United States and European Union in the areas of training, intelligence, equipment and logistics.

“We have to be very serious with the situation in the Niger Delta because it threatens the national economy.

“I assure you that everything possible will be done to protect personnel and oil assets in the region,’’ he added.

The president urged aggrieved persons, militants and communities in the Niger Delta to drop their confrontational stance and partner with relevant agencies in ensuring speedy development of the region.

He, particularly, enjoined them to work with those who had been charged by the Federal Government to review the Amnesty Programme initiated by the Yar’Adua Administration for the benefit of all parties.

Buhari praised the resilience of Shell in Nigeria in spite the operational challenges of the environment.

He urged the company to do its best to end gas-flaring in the Niger Delta and produce more gas for electricity generation to support manufacturing and job creation in the country.

In his remarks, Brown appealed for an urgent solution to rising crime and militancy in the Niger Delta.

The Shell executive also dispelled speculations that the company was pulling out of Nigeria.

He said that on the contrary, Shell was currently in discussions with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on new joint oil and gas projects.


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  1. use ur power nd force on dem nah!

  2. Charles Ikenna Eze

    In your mind, You already know the truth

  3. Na ur papa farm?

  4. I thought he is a general in d Army that cant appeal to anybody. After d damages has been done, Now na mornin, he must accept their demands. Where are d soldiers to destroy d militants in one week? We are watchin.

    • Don’t Be Fooled By The Calm Before The Storm, Boko Haram Never Thought Any President Can Dislodge Them After Stnckfiling Their Arsenals .

    • which boko haram was dislodge by buhari@ ibrahim? Why do you think every body can easily be fooled?

    • I am tellin u dis a difficult terrain not desert, also they hav wat it takes to cripple d economy. Boko haram can fight for 100yrs it will not affect d economy but just one month d whole world is shakin, swallow pride & negotiate wit them else we will cry for more broke till further notice. Late pres Yaradua was wise negotiatin wit them not force. Remember d economy is at stake.

    • If you negotiate with criminals call militants the nation suffers it in the future because some other greedy ones will rise to demand for theirs,so that’s human beings for you.Where they during the Abacha era?All these happen because we chose to practice democracy which we are not civilize enough for.Go to Russia and see the way you will be treated if you call yourself militant.President Buhari is just having a second taught about the civilians and not those criminals.

    • If Buhari negotiate with these criminals, I would stop supporting him

  5. BH sponsors are same sponsors of the militants and i think even a blind is aware of the way former is dealt with. The militant shouldn’t allow PMB act on their invitation.

  6. What will he say, other than dat. Prevention is better than cure. Its a costly mistake not 2 hav allow his adm 2 settle down b4 treathening d niger delta militants. I pray d good Lord 2 touch sprit, soul nd body 2 gave a CHANGE of heart. Baba, take am jeje old age don come ooo.

  7. Buhari dont have leadership qualities .he promise what he dont have.

  8. Head or tail, Nigeria will win!

  9. It’s a shame that the community is allowing themselves to be used by this militants…The truth is that Innocent lives will be taken if Nigerian Army is to eliminate these idiots…well If I were one thing I will guarantee the community is that that environment will not be cleaned by my regime…They will live with the spill until they start handing over info about these terrorist whom they have been protecting

    • Let the government do the needful by passing the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB)

    • Ignorance is d worst sickness. Examine urself.

    • May God jam u with fulanis men #orji john

    • May God jam u with fulanis men #orji john

    • May ur days on dis earth be short,,ezi ocha.riff-raff.

    • This John is not talking like a son of the soil ,I suppose he is not born and brought up in the south ,Mugu!

    • Are the oil platforms/facilities and oil companies our problem?why are the terrorists blowing them up?its still our brothers that are losing their jobs as these companies shut down.Is that what we want? Oil spillage from the blown up facilities contaminates our water the more n destroy aquatic lives.Is that what we want?Our lands are destroyed, it can’t grow crops as a result of the spillage. Is that what we want people of God? There are other better ways of handling issues and getting what we want without hurting same ppl fighting with us (eg) your brothers losing their jobs,source of good water etc…how many times have your brothers whom you elected into federal houses of rep n senate spoken you people’s mind in the house especially on issues relating to oil n whatever you guys want? Have you ever held them accountable for not representing your interest as a ppl?…but you will be busy here supporting terrorists…well I just spoke my mind just like you guys have spoken yours…good to know Y’all position on this matter…God bless

    • And what other better ways have you come up with, all these years…. Well i see Judas talking in you, better ask God for akonuche before it’s late for you, #advice.

  10. We are waiting 4 his empty threat dat will consume him

  11. I think he has assure them of security ? Let him accompany them to there working places

  12. Is very easy to say but hard to do.

  13. When d going start d innocent we b part of d… On slaught.

  14. He has promised dem ideal environment n security so let him come out n accompany them is d next. Good morning to u Mr president.

  15. If Buhari is old,what about Robort Mugabe?

  16. Let him continue with his arrogant

  17. Pmb Just Release Your Burutai To Them….They’ll All Take Cover In The Mangroove Creeks!

  18. sai baba from now till internaty

  19. sai baba from now till internity

  20. Oga Buhari, you lack competency. You are not the real man for the job. You are old.

  21. What appeal? Release Nnamdi Kanu and create their republic final.

  22. Hmmmmmm i think people should run for their lives ooooooo because brain dead buhari can and will never do any thing to protect them

  23. Good politics is more dan demonstration of power and authority! Let d presidency give better assurance and make more concrete appeal!

  24. This avengers are just a few people so pls wipe them out

  25. Buhari is a died object which every Nigerian knows and he want to crucify himself in office as president so that Nigeria ll give him national bearal

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