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The suspect, Abiodun Amos and the detonators found on him

How Police foiled attempt to bomb 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos

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The Police have arrested one Abiodun Amos, 43, suspected to be the leader of a militant gang planning to bomb the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

The Police Spokesman, DCP Don Awunah, said in a statement in Abuja on Thursday that arms and ammunition recovered in connection with the crime are; two cartons of explosive devices, 125 detonators and two AK 47 rifles.


Awunah said that the Intelligent Response Team (IRT) of the police arrested the suspect through the use a technical platform of the force before he and his gang could carry out the heinous crime.


He said that Amos, alias Senti was arrested on Nov. 2, at a hideout at the bank of Majidun River in Ikorodu Area of Lagos State and the two AK 47 rifles were recovered from him.


“The principal suspect is an Ijaw man and a native of Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State.


He is an Explosives Expert who specialises in assembling and modifying large scale Improvised Explosives Devices (IED) for terrorist act.


“The suspect also volunteered confessional statement to the Police and named other members of the militant group that are still at large.


“In the course of further investigation into the case, one of the suspects at large mentioned to the Police by the principal suspect as the person in possession of their explosive devices was trailed.


“The detonators were trailed by the IRT operatives on Dec.26, 2016 while being conveyed in a Toyota Camry Car.


“Two Cartons of Galantine Dynamite Explosives and 125 Detonators in the boot of the Car in a location in Ikorodu Area of Lagos state were discovered.


“The suspect was on his way to link up with the other members of the militant gang to blow up the 3rd mainland bridge.


“The suspect, on sighting the intelligence response team operatives jumped out of the Car and escaped into the nearby bush.”


According to him, further investigation is being intensified to arrest all the other members of the militant gang still at large.



About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Just imagine, Stupid Animal.

  2. This may not be considered terrorism since he not a Muslim.

  3. Abiodun abi Wetin u call am?? Na una family matter nah

  4. He is neither a millitant nor a terrorist, he might be taking a contract from either.

  5. Nigerians has just cerebrated Army for locating camp zero built by IBB in zambisa forest, today our police is working hard to have theirs as well. Is better we ear from both sides because Our people are funny people. You need to ask,where they arrested this trader ? Is it on 3rd… Or Lagos /burglary coming from Benin or…. Has he granted any life personal interviews by media? On till then….

    • My brother u are a wise man, this present government full of lies and propaganda and don’t suppose to be taken serious in issues like this!

    • U ve already interviewed him. You know him as a trader. An innocent trader. You show an insinuation dat d police want to use one of ur brothers, an Igbo guy as a gunea-pig for cheap propaganda. But do u ask urself natural questions. Wot will d Police gain? Is it only Ibo persons they show is involved in crime? Is d Police charpter in Lagos made-up of only tribes known to u to hate Ibo people?

    • @ Samuel nice comment,but where did all this igbo u mention come from? Becos i didnt read anyone mentioning igbo here.

    • #kappo its #abiodun Igbo name?u ar a bastard son with a bastard brain

    • Some educated illiterate like this kappo,is the reason we’re in mess from this good for nothing govt….#govtofliesand propaganda

    • Samuel Kappa , what is the different between you and buhari , cow brain like u , and u are the types of people that is holding Nigeria not to go forward I hate human being who reason like a goat you are suffering 4
      (Nigerians mentality)

    • ” pray that your loyalty would not be tested” and ” l can’t wrestling with the pigs” An army robber was arrested in November 2nd and a man saw police block while coming, he leaves his car and ran into a bush and police get and saw imported Dynamic in cartons. Later, Mr Abiodun who was in custody since convers on 26 December that, he wanted to booms 3rd Mainland bridge. And…. I may not doubt our police, Our system today is full of dramas, the more you watched the more the scene unfold. Where you not in this country went Dss and police arrested two sets of armed robbers of five each in Edo state of which the two separate gangs conversing simultaneously that they are the killers of Ashiomole AIDS? How many strange people conversed against Saraki, Metu, etc,etc of which they have never known them? Lia Muhammad said that they have collected #3.7b from looters, this month presidency published the total of #288b, Fayose have #4.7b in Zenith bank that lead to protest in Ekiti , the bank recently published #82m and #300m. So who are you going to believe today with…. God will help us.

    • U will live long @ Jeremiah u ar a wise man.

  6. Story story story
    onceuphon the time,time time

  7. Na wa Ooo, for wat now, ooo ga oooo

  8. Militant or Terrorist? But let say he bear Islamic name now they will say Muslim terrorist

  9. pls allow the press interview him publicly to enable us ascertain the truth from the horses mouth. lies in this gvt sells more than truth.

  10. People wit funny comment,must he be a militant or Islamic terrorist? Enter the street of Lagos u’re know that there are alot of angry guys than the two set.when u see an evil deed,condemn it first,don’t fight bcos of where he comes from or religious affiliation.#peace out

  11. @Prince Skater. God bless u.

  12. Chee na gun he wan take blow the bridge ni?

  13. Believe this then you believe anything. Nigerian police is evil. Somebody who wants to keep his job is spinning all these fabricated stories.

  14. Some are just there doing but promoting religious tribal and sectional diffirences in the society, na God go punish dem.

  15. Appreciating job done, Ngrs want 4fm d police

  16. The unfortunate governor is a kill joy.

  17. What will be their gain for doing this?wicked people

  18. Thanks prince Skerta, what u said is true. One should Condem any bad action or behaviour first, before making any bias comment

  19. Idiot,so third mainland bridge is now your problem?you wanted to bomb it,you are such a jackass,you will soon find out what you got yourself into punk

  20. Haha e tink say na bus area e dey God go arrest anybdy wey won destory this country mad man

  21. Kill that idiot and stop making it a news before there sponsors will call for there release.

  22. God will surely deliver us in this country, he will touch the hardened hearts and melt them

  23. For what reason it is devil man police have to fish out the remaing people

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