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Bukola Sarakli

Plot to remove Saraki responsible for non-release of Rivers NASS election result

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Three months after the state and national legislative re-run elections in Rivers state, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) have curiously refused to released some of the results of the election thereby denying the people of Rivers State representation at the National Assembly.

Whereas INEC claimed that it suspended the announcement of the results because of alleged widespread violence during the conduct of the elections but it went on to release results of the Rivers State House of Assembly but refused to formally declare the results of the National Assembly.

Investigations by has authoritatively revealed that INEC’s refusal to release the result of the National Assembly is a fall-out of the politics surrounding the leadership of the Senate and exemplifies the lack of independence of the electoral umpire.

According to very dependable sources within INEC, the results for the National Assembly are ready because they were declared at the polling units and ward levels but INEC is being prevailed upon by the Executive arm of government at the national level not to release the results because the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) won the vast majority of the seats including the three senatorial elections.

President Muhammadu Buhari, according to our sources, is hell-bent on removing the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki. The calculation was that by now the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) would have convicted Senator Saraki of the charges leveled against him thereby compelling him to resign. Without the three Senators from Rivers State, it would be easier for the All Progressive Congress (APC) to produce the next Senate President.

APC currently has 60 Senators, with the 3 Senators from Rivers State, PDP will have 49. If Senator Saraki resigns as Senate President all that is needed for PDP to produce the next Senate President is for 6 APC senators to support the candidate of PDP. This can easily be achieved as all the senators from Kwara and Kogi are loyal to Saraki.

However, with the planned removal of Saraki using the instrumentality of the CCT dragging, President Buhari’s government has come up with another plot. Senator Saraki and his deputy, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, are now to be arraigned before a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory on charges of criminal conspiracy and forgery of the upper legislative chamber’s Standing Rules, 2015.

Saraki and Ekweremadu are to be charged along with two others, a former Clerk of the National Assembly, Alhaji Salisu Abubakar Maikasuwa and his deputy, Mr. Benedict Efeturi.

Commenting on INEC’s refusal to release the results of the rerun elections, Mr. Peter Egbegi, a legal practitioner and former Attorney General of Bayelsa State said: “The constitution requires INEC to conduct elections not later than a month in the event of vacancy to fill a seat like we have in our hands in Rivers State”.

“Section 76(2) of the constitution, Part V section 25(2) of the Electoral Act 2010 as amended, adopts this position but is specific that vacancy to be filled not later than 30 days. However, INEC is playing with the fact that neither the constitution nor the Electoral Act provides for time to conduct elections and announce results after inconclusive elections.”

We can only infer that such inconclusive elections should be concluded not later than 30 days after the inconclusive exercise. We can argue so because it cannot be the intention of the legislature to leave the constituents unrepresented for a day longer. That will not conduce with representative democracy. INEC can be compelled to conduct elections in those areas said to be inconclusive not later than 30 days from inconclusive election and proceed to announce results.”

Continuing he said, “INEC is obliged to give a substituted date for elections rather than wait forever. See section 26(1) (2) of the Electoral Act”.

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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Amicable Martins


  2. Olori ofofo, talking gibberish. What are your proofs? Does anybody need to “plan” to remove a liar, forger and a thief that has been collecting double salaries and a pension from an impoverish and undeveloped state like Kwara. Your myopic prejudice and jaundiced perception of the truth is alarming. How could a reasonable person even consider taking sides with the Sarakis and Ekweremadus of this world? There is a disease and a sickness in your mind. May the Almighty God deliver you people.

    • Such intolerance as depicted by your language is not right. Is it possible for you to make your points with decorum?

    • What do you say to your president that send people to kill at will

    • Be responsible as you talk to those that rules over you, we are here to learn to insult each others

    • Yahaya, has the court passed any verdict that agrees with your claims here?.

    • Is buhari not worse than saraki?keep shaying away from the truth will continue to enslave u people for life,though is bitter. But must b heard,what crime did saraki committed that buhari has not done more?

    • Buhari show us ur certificate

    • What would you, Yahaya say concerning the deals of Rotimi Amaechi when he was Governor of Rivers State and Campaign Chairman of APC Presidential Candidate? You have any idea? Ask EFCC, if no is your answer.

    • Daniel Asuquo, you and your co-travellers are just being mischievous. If you people have proof of evidence(s), facts and figures of, not only Amaechi, but ALL APC MEMBERS corruption and what have you, just go to the EFCC, ICPC, CCB, CCT or any of the anti graft bodies with your petition(s). You are over flogging the issue(s). You people are all noises and movement with no motion. The Benue state case is instructive. Follow suit or else forever keep your peace and stop being a nuisance on the FB.

    • Has Buhari shown his forged certificate? why are you siding a certificate forger?

    • This is Facebook. Upload your picture.

    • Isaiah Ekpenyong, you are too low based to be argued with. You are shallow and narrow minded. If you are still on the certificate issue then you belong to the archives of humanity. And what has his cert got to do with what we are discussing? See your myopic mind set? Take your case to EFCC etc that’s all. End of discussion.

    • Yahaya u are just exhiting ur political inclination by not being objective. Why are u doggedly imposing ur opinion about Saraki and Ekweremadu as facts,where is d proof on d other hand why are u trying to dismiss other commentors opinons about ur saints again without proof except mentioning d efcc and insulting other cotributors. Efcc is an agent of d accuser Buhari and by extension u and their accusation is not tenable until proven in court why are u blowing up ur top. Are u trying to be d accuser and d judge at d same time. Have they been found quilty as accused by d court. For goodness sake u are not talking to ur pupils.

    • My wicked,evil grand ma who s late now bears yahaya,just wondering hw wicked d person yahaya will b

    • Mohammed yahay abi yahoo, do you have sense at all? I doubt! If you do then you should know that Buhari your mentor and father of all forgers almost had his ass kicked out of aso villa a fortnight ago. Now he threatened the judge and subsequently ordered him to strike out the case.. You’re here spewing rubbish out of your gworo infested teeth!

    • Herbert Okolie, Amadi Uche and Ceemoni Chuks Aku. 1st of all Herbert, I did not “impose” my opinions on anybody. If you are intimidated by my stand so be it. The case of Saraki and Ekweremadu was in the first place initiated by their fellow senators and not even the police, EFCC or ICPC that you are likely to call Buhari,s agents. The case was under investigation by the police for almost a year and they were found to have forged the document and subsequently indicted, so what facts are looking for again? You are intelligent and educated but too biased and prejudiced to call a spade a spade. By distorting facts and reading negative and jaundiced opinions into anything and everything about this govt you are not helping anybody, including yourself. For Ceemoni Chucks, you are a strange one recently dug out from the bottom of the deepest pit or illiteracy and ignorance. If their are still unrepentant mugus that believed PMB has no school certificate then its very unfortunate. He rose to the rank of a General, attended staff schools and colleges abroad and at home and he is presently interacting with world leaders in an intelligent and educated way, speaking English of the highest quality yet there are sukumoose in this country that are still asking for the school certificate of a 72 years+ old man. Chuks, do you have a school certificate? Amadi Uche, biko the FB is not for witches, wizards and which doctors. My name YAHAYA, is Arabic and it’s translated into English as JOHN as in John the Baptist. It’s your grandmother that you are condemning. You too will go same way if the only thing you think about is evil and wickedness. It’s not my portion. Finally Emmanuel J Etti simply told me who and what he is in a simple 2 worded sentence; utter rubbish.

  3. Yahaya, honestly your glarring intolerance, disrespect of opinion of others ang quick to insults attest that you are guilty as you charged if not more! Pity

  4. Mohammed Yahya or whatever name u called urself, u actually needs deliverance. Are u the judge that tried Saraki & found him guilty?

  5. Buhari hate those who opposse him

  6. Yahaya u lack manner of approach u are a compound fool

  7. When will all these political drama ends

  8. Not until buhari brings his original certificate

  9. Do you think everybody is a foolish like you

  10. Watin concern agberu with overload?

  11. That’s your opinion, it is allowed.

  12. Those waiting for PMB certificate, will wait till 2023.

  13. PMB needs enough time to clear the mess & start d process of rebuilding Nigeria nation.

  14. Buhari is Nigeria’s problem not solution. I sincerely see an incompetent and die hard dictator at work in the person of Mr. Buhari. What would one expect from a man that disrupted the first democratically elected government in Nigeria? By now we would have been developed if our democracy of 1979 was not aborted by Mr Buhari. Thatz my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

  15. The agents of corruption are still defending this man inspite of evidence of collection of double salaries and false deceleration of assets.

  16. A Titan in the upper chamber. “omo aye”.

  17. Nigeria is now a private business of buhari he controls Everthing operations deaf , talk and be arrested or label you with one alagation for trial

  18. Sycophants . When will Nigerians start to reason like normal human being. We are seeing one sided government that is victimizing people everyday, we still want to shy away from the truth?

    • Ken where were u in 2014 when a governor was blocked from entering government house his security details withdrawn? When 5 Governors were block from entering Ekiti for campaign? Am not a political marauder but Buhari has tried if he wants to pay back evil I tell u…….

  19. This is just what violence can do for a people. …A society that have accepted violence,disorderliness, chaos and cannot accept a civilized way of doing things as simple as elections we always come back to blame everybody for its backwardness and failures…the rivers people are now blaming Inec and pmb for not having all their representatives at national assembly….

  20. Come to think of it,what crime did senate president commit that is worst than the once president buhari has committed? Is it bcs is buhari?u will always paint him full of integrity, even in the face of all the thgs he has been involved in. Sorry continue to enslave ur self for life.

  21. Seriously, where are we going with this government

  22. Everything about Buhari fake

  23. The truth about this country is that, its built on falsehood n bloodshed.
    Everybody is supporting one person or the other. Buhari was a criminal, he planned coup n overthrow.
    He came in without result to contest for election, with treat to kill everybody in the country he emerges a President. He doesn’t respect court orders .
    How do u want others to take court orders?
    He who has power to fight, let him fight. He who can destroy let him do it well, cause Nigerian is a jungle, only the strong survive. Until the name Nigerian is no more, there will be no peace in this country. Very soon. The Hausas will start to slain the Yorubas . cause that’s the tussle in Aso rock now. This once u r discussing are just preambles.
    The main war is underground revealing itself little by little.
    Who has brain let him think.

  24. Well if u say so hw about th killings that was responsible for cancelation of th results. I hop that’s is also caused by FG to remove saraki. If he didn’t forge Senate rules and under declared his asset nobody would have bothered him. There is a say that whomsoever brought an ant infested fire wood has asked lizard to come and be wit him.

  25. Pls if you attack buhari you are risking your account been frozen. So get ready now… Baba no get certificate and the case has been adjourned indefinitely. Baba is above the law Simple! Zoo country indeed

  26. This democracy is available anywhere in the world but Nigeria. This is milidemocracy

  27. Why are Muslims, been highly fanatical on issues concerning Buhari, who never mean well for our dear country (Nigeria )

  28. There are loss sheep of Nigeria in this forum

  29. The ball has heat the wall now, reverse is now the answer,APC you must reap what you ve sown whether you like it or not.

  30. Everyone one who speaks evil against the president of this great nation holy ghost fire. Why won’t you allow the man to do his work. Do you think to govern Nigeria is all that easy?

  31. Gents! All these political revelations helps to fuel the anger of the Niger Delta Avengers. We need to tell ourselves the truth, *Are we truly saying we want to leave together as one country*?

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  34. If there had not been violence and killings in rivers rerun elections would there be delay?

  35. Na wa for some evil minded people pls let our president be or face the wrath of God

  36. In a true democratic environment you will not get this. Denial of representation is wickedness in high esteem and undemocratic. God is watching

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