Monday , December 11 2023
A woman was seen slamming her boyfriend with a laptop, then punching him, on flight from Miami to Los Angeles (Picture: Youtube/Julia Scorupco)

Plane delayed after woman smashes boyfriend with laptop for ‘looking at other women’

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A flight was delayed after a furious woman smashed a laptop over her boyfriend’s head for ‘looking at other women.’ Passengers filmed the violent lovers quarrel on a grounded American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles on Sunday.

The woman, who has not been identified, is heard screaming: ‘You want to try to fucking look at other women, n****r? No, fuck you!’ She continued her tirade, as shocked passengers cringed, shouting: ‘I wear the fucking nuts, n****r. Watch ’til we fucking get home.’

A flight attended approached the woman and asked her to stop yelling because children were aboard the flight – but the woman didn’t relent.

Yeah, I know, I fucking consoled the fucking child,’ she said. Her boyfriend, who she referred to as ‘Memo,’ finally speaks up and tells her she is ‘out of control,’ then accuses her of ‘assaulting’ him as he walks toward the front of the plane.

The woman seems to become even more furious and stands up, screaming ‘Oh, I’m assaulting you? Fuck you!’ as she follows him down the aisle. She then raises a Dell laptop above her head and brings it down on her boyfriend’s head as passengers loudly gasp.

The woman follows her fleeing boyfriend, hitting him in the head at least one more time with her fist – then seems to know she is no longer welcome on the plane.

She shoulders past a flight attendant to get her purse and is told she ‘is going to get charged with assault.’

‘Fine, whatever,’ she replies.

According to the video’s uploader, Julia Scorupco: ‘This happened right before takeoff, and the flight was delayed 2 hours.’

 ‘She made many malicious and racist comments about the man’s upbringing, background and heritage — most of which wasn’t recorded — so it was hard to watch (especially knowing there were so many children on board)…They were clearly unfit for the exit row.’

 The Miami-Dade police department has not released any information on whether the woman was arrested.



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