Sunday , April 2 2023

PDP accuses Buhari of illegally giving FIRS, CBN, NNPC jobs to his friends in APC

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday in a series of tweets on its twitter handle (@PdpNigeria) alleged that the 350 (three hundred and fifty) people illegally recruited into Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) are all children of President Muhammadu Buhari’s friends in the All Progressive Congress (APC).

According to PDP, “They tell you they are fighting corruption, they give their children CBN, NNPC, PTDF, FIRS, HOS jobs while you defend them here for crumbs.

“They tell you they are fighting corruption but they are sharing dollars in Central Bank of Nigeria & doing illegal forex deals.

“All the government has successfully done in 1year is to shut down the economy, ruin businesses, drive away investors, then give excuses.

“It is important to remind Nigerians that this Government has not awarded a N10m contract since its inception 1year ago except, helipad in Daura.

 “When president Jonathan started the Abuja-Kaduna Fast Rail in 2011, @APCNigeria and its members said it was a colonial LOCOMOTIVE.

 “Is it not ironic that ‘Buhari’ who cancelled Lagos Rail Project initiated by Jakande 3 decades ago will now commission Abuja-KD Fast Rail.”


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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Are they Nigerians? Are they qualified for d job? How did they do it while in charge? Tell us.

  2. WHATdo you expect? Will he give it to the opposition, enemy or you.

  3. The provlem i have with those who quickly rise up to support the tyrant in whatever he does wrong or right is that they never reason that should a govt that campaigned against impunity seen to be going the way of the one they condemed? If the gullible supporters don’t see anything wrong in what their hero is doing, then what has changed?

  4. anything buari lik make him do thing i knw for sure dat is not staying dare forever

  5. Weldone! PMB!! You did well

  6. @ Adetola sir, tnx u so much for ur intelligence. D juju powder dat was blown to his supporters is still working. How can a man see a grave nd instead of enjoying life he jumped into d grave. I pity all this blinded follower of APC. No jobs in naija yet dre kids who snife drugs are d one’s to occupy places like CBN nd etc. While those willing to work sit down at home or roam d street in search of Jobs. Thought PDP was bad but APC is worst nd shame to them all

  7. And dis is not a lie or PDP making some noise. It is actually true. Atleast CBN didn’t deny dre’s. Dey came up openly to say yes dey gave jobs to pple they feel dey could give jobs to.

  8. U r not a Comrade n u can never be. If dat is how judge or fight 4 True, u wil remain backward, Comrade my foot

  9. Are u surprise. where we’re u when he he appointed all northerner s his service chiefs, and his sycophantic fools said that he gave the job to the best Nigerians. so he is employing the best hand’s. We aren’t seen nothing. He thought we are still in the military era

    • Are Cheif of Defense staff, Cheif of Naval staff, Inspector General of Police part of the Northerners appointed by Buhari ? I pity your School teacher who certified that you are learned person. Shame on the certificate you are claiming to have acquired.

    • That’s wy u appreciate selfishness. because it has favoured u . hw many south East officers are there. But instad he shortlisted them for retirement. on certificate n teacher. ..hahaha just take my laugh. that is all l can offer selfish sycophant

    • As an occupants of hell which u are. continuing with the chart is to make irelevant mind relevant. May God bless the truth. which l have spoken n punish the lys that u have always live with

    • @ johnBosco u know northern pple will not condemn their brother no matter how evil he did, if northern pple will sponsor boko haram and till now their brothers ar supporting what dey did, than u hv to expect more evil from northern pple.

  10. Is this how they want do opposition. Low brains. Are they not Nigerians or nor qualified. During your own time, did you employ APC people. You people are damn lazy to be a good opposition.

    • At times I wonder if we are serious in this country. So jobs should be on political patronage ? So if one does not have a political power now, one children does not have right to work. So people in power children have superior right than other Nigerians children for jobs ?
      If such continue, definitely only one party won’t rule forever, when another party win they should also be putting their children in places that ought to be filled competitively ?
      Time will come and is near when masses will rise up in fury and swept all elites politician in this country to oblivion. When such time comes it won’t be PDP do this and APC must do their own it will consume everybody. Then people like you whose children are benefitting now will have no where to hide. Poor people suffered to train their children just to come out and end up roaming the streets while politicians lord over them with impunity and you people justifying this immoral act gleefully. Why can’t they make the job vacancy known to the public and let everybody apply and whom ever passed the job interview get employed. Everything must be APC. Are we all not Nigerians. Where is the change now. Anyway time is ticking when it will happens you people will have no where to hide.

    • That time is very near”REVOLUTION”

    • Olaposi Rabiu.. Good point. Hope your ‘you’ is not referring to me. If so, it is directed to wrong person. I pay more over a million naira as tax to govt and I don’t get a single benefit for it . I am not a civil servant nor politician. I have never in my life sought for government patronage. I don’t belong to any political party. However, it pains me when PDP raises an issue which they were guilty of when they were in government. They immensely contributed to where we are now. Every points you raised I agree with with you but alleged reference to me. All politicians are evil and they don’t fear God.

    • Have in mind that almost 80% of apc are pdp members that have benefited from all areas of governance and that they only cling to apc to cover their dirty past and still do what they did in pdp.

    • If u pple ar talking about past administration government, I want u to remember 90% of them ar in apc government now, and their doing dsame things they did in past administration.

  11. I beg u PDPigs leave baba Buhari alone, go and settle Makarfi and Sharif.useless party for useless citizens.

  12. Only 350 that’s too small because if it continues like that then we cannot not be able to recover as a nation because would have to as a matter of urgency do away with hundred of thousands of criminals that got employed through back door during the doomed days of PDP or people destroying party so I suggest that would have to double off the numbers .

  13. I could remember when mama P some few elements shared more than 600 slots in the Nigerian immigrantion service after sacrificing the lives of more than 50 applicants nation wide so I think the FG is on track. No shaking

  14. John bosco or john idiot where were you when jona appointing his keens men every thing in this country so I suggests it is too early for you to start complaining.

  15. If the previous administration did it and it was not good enough and if the change administration is still doing it then where is the change that they promised?
    Hypocrisy, tibal and religious begotry will not take this country too far!

  16. Wise people surpose not to been waisting time talking with fool because why talking with him or her you are teaching him or her something and he or she cannot pay for it allowed them but for information no champion for ever

  17. Poor people suffered to train their children. This politicians have no moral at all. In a good society with moral such things won’t happen. I remembered sometime ago we conducted examination for prospective employee in my working place. A clerk brought a particular applicant to also sit for the exam along with managers and our Managing Director candidates. Out of sixteen that sat for the exam our MD’s candidate came sixth while the clerk candidate came fifth. Vacancy is four only 5 people, when our MD saw the result he approve the first 5 while his own candidate dropped. This is moral. How can we fight corruption if such attitude continue and with all this noise about change. No children is higher than the other. If this is true then what corruption are fighting ?

  18. Why is dis PDP party so full of shameless pigs. Haba,

  19. But the rest of you have been asked to register for teaching jobs. Lie says they’ve kept their promise. When next government comes, they sack all those ones & put their wards. They’re fighting corruption in the fantastically corrupt country.

  20. They are insane how many jobs do they give under Jonathan?

  21. Buhari is untourcherble in this country wallahi no body is interested in P D P any northerner that is involved in Dasuki gate will see what will happen to him Or her soon or later shameless human beings

  22. He should have given the position to ever J or Asari ko tompolo

  23. Corruption in a high order

  24. Destruction on dah sector

  25. Who do they want them to give jobs to, PDP members and their cronies? So that Yam eating will continue right? Sorry!

  26. How wives did he married that g
    ave birth to 350 children s?

  27. Evidence of Change. Avengers to d rescue.

  28. if a govt that promise change go abt givn employment to family’s n relations alone neglecting the provision of law in the most sensitive organisations in nigeria..lik cbn.nnpc n firs last week.tell us wos CHANGE is all abt,,i take a swap to all my apc apologists fb followers…this govt so far has fail in all area of existence as a nation….they v made average poor man children to go tro huddle of internet adakadabra of nPOWER.,more suffering evrywhr ds Apc came on board..persons go to cafe on daily basis js to get registered yt all ntwk problem.,.y deir families n relations seat home to b givn appointment letters into d best established organisations in nigeria to work wt preference.,,,ooh God,,,some take walk again to nigeria n see hw n those of whom v re-created for deir own purposes,,,pls Help us Lord

  29. No wahala. De time wey una de power abi na apc members wey una give positions

  30. Posterity will forgive you for doing something wrong ,but will not forgive you for doing nothing at all. So the fact remained that some people has been employed ,when another 500 people are employed again the problems of unemployment is solved gradually.

  31. What killed this country is party interested, if what you calmed during your campaign you really believed then work for the interest of the country not secretly employment and it is true why can they join those you want to employ in agriculture sector this country belong to all but not few individual

  32. I feel sorry for this country people criticize the last govt for this same reason saying they are corrupt but buhari will give us change but now he does the same thing d last govt u criticize did and u say it’s okay so where is d change and ending corruption is,i don’t think Nigeria will ever recover from religious and ethnicity phobia someone would rather live in abject poverty and suffering instead of been ruled by anoda tribe or religion

    • Before you waste your emotions on evil posts why don’t you go through what the minister of Petroleum said on Buhari.If than that will not convince you then there is a problem

    • You cant convince the igbos. They are just paranoid. They hate buhari n apc. Convincing dem is a waste of time. At any rate those given d jobs are Nigerians

    • Agustin God bless u for the truth

    • @Yunusa Tanko Abdullahi pls don’t make this about igbos been ethnic,hating buhari and apc believe it or not during the last election I have at least 4 friends that were igbos dat have fanatic support for apc and buhari some still is,so what am saying is a large percentage of igbos didn’t vote for GEJ bcoz dey believe he didn’t give them what he promised many even criticize him openly many of them now is quiet bcos things are worse than it was during gej but if you look at any post not even this one that speaks against buhari large percentage of people defending him weda d Post is right are northerners even if the president does something wrong dey say it is right even if d country will crumble they would rather let it than b ruled by anoda tribe or religion not all of them but if they should tell themselves the truth dat is what many of them believe

    • @ Austine Okonkwo,why responding to d likes of Yunusa Tanko Abdullahi ,that doesn’t make sense in his comment, can’t u see his reasoning, that those that benefitted from d illegal” job placement are Nigerians… Yunusa Tanko, missed d point or purposely do not care of d illegal hiring bcos, obviously is mostly northern benefactors & for that is alright. Shame to u Mr Tanko..


    • B4 u feel sorry for Nigerian first feel sorry for ur self & ur family

    • you can’t use this method to against the current president!

    • @Austin thats a gud criticism that some of us voted for him does nt mean that he cannot b criticised n b corrected too.@ Osita, don’t u fink that kind of statement is uncalled for? I schooled in north n west n also served in d east. Until we youth stand on our tentacles n say no to infidelity n bad governance, only then we can achieve. God bless Nigeria

    • @ Rabiu Lukman,u made some sense on d youth stand their ground on some bad governance & corruptions going on in this nation, though, I do not see it coming to fruition bcox of ethnics sentiment & differences, nevertheless, sir, I didn’t use any disgusting language or neither insultive to Yunusa Tanko, though he deserve to be insulted for his bigotry – naivety….. Let’s hope for better Nigeria Mr Rabiu… Ur a rear specie & few elite ones…be blessed.

    • FIRS never give appointment to anybody. So why all this accuse?

  33. Did PDP has the gut to talk of illegality here??

  34. Well, we really need God to rule this country.

  35. abeg make una call una papa. na fathers day. leave buhari alone, or post a fathers day message dedicated to him. what have u done for ur country? what have u even done for urself? keep waiting for govt and other to help u. dont hustle


    • u are a fool if u think only government officials relatives have white collar jobs. ur mates are hustling ure on facebook crying like a bitch. u’ll cry to ur grave if u dont wake up from sleep and start working hard

    • Than what is the meaning of change dat apc preach? Is that mean words of change is mean deceive? Pls I need your explanation here.

    • change starts from u. change the way u think. if u dont love urself enough to work towards success how do u expect ur president that doesn’t know u to love u? We all know times are hard and Nigeria isn’t exactly the best place to work but people are making money and even employing others without going into crime. people do so well in school that companies struggle to employ them. first work on urself. improve urself. dont just sit down complaining everyday about others instead of trying to help urself. May God bless our handwork with success and bless our Great nation.

    • Brume what nonsense re u even saying? are u the one feeding nd paying their bills? did the y come to u for help? you are here replying nd insulting every harry nd u feel ure making sense right. if i can’t complain to govt, na ur papa they go cry too? just because ure seeing small change, should make u be full of yourself. learn how to pass your message across.

    • who be this one? it’s not mandatory that u reply every comment. and u can cry to my dad if u want. with ur legs open. Someone posts his opinion without mentioning anybody’s name and some schmuck decides to take it personal.

  36. Useless propaganda. Let them release the details.

  37. Name the beneficiaries according to their states and let us see

  38. that is just the meaning of opposition to Nigerian politician .nothing good comes out from their opponent

  39. Is this what the change is all about Lol shame on buhari

  40. If the formal administration was bad this one should not also be bad, buhari is the president of Nigeria not a party president. What will stand him out is to stop what has been on ground that are negative. No need to insult each other. Nigeria belongs to all of us, however they leads us will reflects in our daily life whether Negative or Positive.

  41. U expect may he give to his enemy as u rule out his friend.

  42. People who they give job does not matter.APC can do what they like when this APC was coming to told people that they will be like PDP or worse.but the issue now is that the era of Nigeria is over.PDP united Nigeria some how now APC have divided the country the situation is worse than 1967.American prediction is coming to over people. Nigeria is gone.

  43. Buhari should dash biafrud people abi

  44. This Nonsense Must Stop, b4 d hangar of God take place in ds nation

  45. Fools,did u expect Buhari to appoint PDP criminals into his cabinet at d expense of those dat fourth tooth & nail to giv him d presidency!

    • Have you ever heard about due process of law. We have laws in this country about civil service employment. Don’t you know not following due process is corruption? When they CBN employed was federal character obeyed NO. They were children of politician that already looted this country, then what is common man hope?.

    • Who is talking about the cabinet here? Better remove your glass if you can read well.

    • Ingrate,do know wat is meant by cabinet as regard d subject mata,or u’re just going out of context by speaking disparagingly witout restrain or respect!

  46. Did pdd has mouth to say anything, useless ppl

  47. When it was your(pdp) turn, did u give jobs to ur enemies?

    • Wasn’t that the reason they(APC) said, PDP was corrupt? Did they say they will ‘CHANGE’ and do things differently?

    • Don’t 4get PDP has ruled together with 95% of current government today, if u wnt to talk u just go street to the points and 4get past administration issue bcos they did it together with apc members. @ usman if support what current government is doing than where is the change dat apc preach?

  48. Do you want him to give his enemy, rubbish talk go there and give your enemy

  49. I pity those that defend them on Facebook,they are ruling us wrongly now ,they give their kids juicy jobs so they will rule our kids in future and the cycle continues. WAKE UP my people we no escort dem come dis world.

  50. Up nigerdeltans republic,,,,,,,,

  51. I want ask d PDP Nigeria dat post dis post, has dere b anytime during d PDP administration, PDP employ any APC members in dose offices dat was mentioned above. Y will PDP will not just allow d sleeping dog to lie for God sake.

    • @ Christopher what ar u saying? 97% that ar running Buhari government today ar PDP members and many of them work under past administration, example saraki Dogara Ameachi Dakuku Kaduna state Gov kastina state Gov etc ar dey not PDP members? Secondly apc own their is religion In apc government, bcos if u cheak list of those dat ar working in CBN NNPC u will see Christian ar only 20% while 80% ar Muslims, than is this a government abi Islamic fellowship? Abeg u pple they cheak what is going own in current government no the issue of party.

  52. how can illiteret know what is good or bad buhari is illiteret primary school drop out

  53. The worst is that some people are still in support of the tyrant & his archaic policies.God save us.

  54. In everything,let us pray.

  55. Yet some shameless APC sympatizer will tell u buhari and APC is not corrupt.After killing the economy,the little job left off now is being giving to his family and cronies

  56. Pdp pls be ashamed after sixteen year’s of loot. Pls allow apc for just 12 years and see the deferment.

  57. Those jobs are not meant for the public, they are for the children, relatives and friends of the political class! #fighting corruption!!!

  58. Turn by turn. Propaganda. Any evidence say pmb de send list or na una wicked rumors of hate.

  59. The election is OVER !!
    Jonathan lost , he has moved on , but some of you that don’t even have a voter’s card are still snivelling 1 year later….
    PDP ruled for 16 years ….!!
    Were they meant to rule forever…??
    Haba !!

    • 95% dat ruled in 16 years of PDP ar in APC government now, than what is your point about PDP 16 years again? I wonder how person will just opun his mouth and mention 16 years of past administration and 4get obasanjo ruled 4 8years.

  60. I hope he does that bcoz same was done when the complainants were deaf and dumb.

  61. Re they from Nigeria n Nigerians re they cullified them is normal, do me I do u tym

  62. One-day he lives that office for another person so don’t worry plz

  63. When PDP was in Government at the centre did they ever advertise any job at all . Even the SURE P to States and federal government was never known to anyone .They now want to reap where they did not sow .

  64. Are u sure of wat u are saying? I doubt it much.

  65. Na PDP for dey there? The blind still dey support Jonatnan.

  66. PDP during your time every body knows your government is family and friends and you even have the guts to say anything to APC dispite Thea facts that up till now you are still having key parastatals in APC Government.shame on you.

  67. It’s not every thing you see and read on a social media you swallow like a fool, you first weigh it on the scale of maturity and scientific objectivity, not just assessing everything through a prejudice dogma.

    • But u believe everything from liar Mohamed. everything said in d write up is true

    • Adekunle Adetitoye, you don’t have to respond to the rantings of these people who are so blind both in the eye & mind. All they see & think of is hatred. Why I won’t join issues with them is, only a handful of them went to school or have formal education, hence they quickly engage their filthy fingers to respond to anything one them shared on fb. The truth is, they are going to remain this way till eternity unless they change their way of reasoning. A deposit this has started a long time ago after the civil war. Go to their states, it has remained underdeveloped just because of their hatred even to themselves.
      Majority lives in Lagos, Abuja and few in Phc. Ask them to go back to their different states, they won’t

  68. After beating a child, u cannot prevent him/her 4fm crying. PMB carry on wit ur gvt. Allah will protect, guide, direct n support u. Ameeeeen

  69. Tells me you didn’t know Buhari, he can’t not do that, that’s Jonathan style and others but not Buhari sorry we didn’t share your opinion

  70. This is unfounded and baseless news to further charge the gullibles..

  71. This party and its members have lost focus. What interest them now is trivialities. What we are expecting from them is profounding alternative policies to the APC ‘s. Are you expecting PMB to appoint his enemies to his cabinet

  72. D ppl God rejected , shameless looters

  73. Favoritism and nepotism are also corruption. Even the worst part of corruption

  74. Has buhari led apc govt anything 2 offer nigerians?,it is d more u look d less u see from a voodoomen

  75. Are the new employees foreigners? Are they not Nigerians? Please look for something more useful and stop wasting people’s minds with hate posts and antagonism

  76. No one like to be surrounded by the enemies and when you gave a hoe to a mad person or normal no options.@A.B.I.

  77. I am for everybody and i am for nobody. They shouted change change! Sai Buharia! Sai Buharia!! But little did they know that they are voting for Lucifer’s kinsman.

  78. People are funny the report says appointment were give to friends. Who are the friends? Will you appoint your enemy to work for you?

  79. Padi padi government, its a shame, just like what in CBN, shaaammmeeee

  80. Friends, spare yourself this stress. It is all about settlements and preparations for 2019. They will fail in a grand style. Then it was PDP to be changed. Now what will they use for their campaigns – corruption! We will openly defy them and tell what they don’t know. Wayo cannot work this time around; they have failed and they have failed.

  81. oh….he should have gave his enemies

  82. Please who is the nigerian president,and who is ruling? Buhari, is like potrate in catholic church whom every body sees,but his not the man ruling,let us have pitty on this man, nigeria is too big for him,now his having ear problem, because noise of an innocent sules whom he killed @ younger age,herdsman is confuse,may God, help him.

  83. Thanks Salau, let them give us some of the names of those employed. Nigerians can believe anything.

  84. Your hatred for Buhari can never shade him an inch . It would rather serve as fertiliser for his progress.

  85. No need to talk, he said it in U.S. That he will favor the 95% who voted him into power.

  86. You can go and give jobs to your enemies.

  87. PMB the man that no man can match and the best to Nigerians now and forever. PMB till 2024 or infinity. Badluck jonathan enrich himself with looted fund and gave nigerdelta militants arms to destroy their natural environment, arms the bokoharam to destroy the north and gave biafraud hope to actually their dead dream of biafra. woe to the badluck jonathan for his attrocities when in govt. One day worst regime of PMB if any in which there is NONE is 100% best to the world as acknowledge by OBAMA and other world leaders, best to Africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud, bokoharam, nigerdelta avengers criminals that looted our treasury and give our PMB sleepless night in rebuilding it and taking us to d promise land. PMB one year in office worth more than celebrating. Nigerians are proud to be associated to PMB as a leaders with all best credential to lead: Looking critically at those criticizing our leader, the best leader in Africa and among the world leaders PMB are 99% pdpigs biafraud criminals who fails woefully voting badluck jonathan the worst leader Nigeria has ever have since independence and they will forever dies as a losers. i can still bate if election is to hold today PMB will 100% beat any contestant in Nigeria, pls wait and try it again. No amount of demonstration will make us PMB not succeed in determination to fix Nigeria to a proper shape. must of those against PMB didnt vote for him before and fail woefully for voting badluck Jonathan same thing will be in any election, anytime any day.. PMB is always a winner, anytime, anywhere and everywhere, PMB till 2024 or infinity. No amount of intimidation will stop PMB in changing Nigeria for the best future or tomorrow. the biggest differences between badluck jonathan and PMB is that the former legalized corruption, the most corrupt leader Nigeria has ever have since independence, clueless, religion big got, very sentimental, promote sectionalism, he is not sincere in all his action, the promoter of bokoharam in the north, the promoter of Nigerdelta militancy, the azikiwe biafraud criminal during election and beyong etc and the worst president Nigeria has ever have since independence. But for our dear and sincere PMB is zero tolerance to corruption as confirm by Reverend MBAKA of Enugu, London archbishop and queen of england, the best president in africa and among the best world leaders, one day worst of PMB if any in which there is not is 100% best to the world, africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud bokoharam nigerdelta militants regimes that wastage our resources, looted our treasury and put us in these messes that PMB is having a sleepless night to put the nation into a better shape for us and out future generation to come tomorrow. PMB till 2024 or infinity after him a yoruba man tested and trusted matured minded people will rule the country and will be rotated in that order to the north and yoruba only. NEVER again even in dream shall we allow pdpigs senseless un matured selfish, saddiest biafraud criminals d like of badluck jonathan rule us again, NEVER!!!.

  88. And he claimed he’s not curruppt

  89. Before you support or castigate, get your facts right. The poster did not give us the statistics of the people employed according to states, sex, tribe etc. He owe us that information so he doesn’t get accused of been mischievous and malicious in his write up.

  90. Hmmmm…what do you expect? Give the job to you?he has to protect the interest of Gov,,he needs loyal people in those officess so that his Gov will not be challenged,,,,,dnt think I like him,for one year he has spend what goodluck spend in 3yrs & nothing good have come to the masses

  91. Life na turn by turn oooo So make dem carry go

  92. Even ordinary sure p GEJ gave it to pdp,the only employment made public was immigration scam now PMB trows open employment for police,teacher etc,hypocatic wailers what else?

  93. Pls kindly furnish d public with d names of d friends with d names of d people employed

  94. But did they apply for teaching??

  95. So, h should give it to his enemy in pdp

  96. People will just be opening their mouth wide making comments for every post on fb without investigating then convinced us with authoritative outcome, but will be comments blindly because of hatred & sentiment. Almighty God is watching all of u posting unfounded information to misled d public, it is only d illiterate ones like them dat jump & make comments without substantiate their claims. Well done ooooo continued.

    • if its about Jonathan or pdp,you will easily believe it,but you doubt it when its buhari,tribalism is a disease that can blind human mind from the truth.Check yourself.

    • God is also watching person that say he belong to everybody and he belong to nobody, God is also watching person that is giving jobs to his friends and family along, all I know dat person will not continue in that office forever and all his friends and his families dat he appoint will out as long he out in that office.

    • Most of the comments people make is just about hatred not objectively done, and the more you continued to have hatred of another person in ur heart, d more u become distablised & confused. Remembered hw a child grows in d womb with d power of God, also there are some children dat came to this world without knowing his/her parents but survived & later become great. There4 pls calm down & been objective by doing away with d notion without this particular person others will not survived. If u are a politician play ur politics objectively & people will reckoned with u, though iam not & nobody can stop anybody fm airing his/her view constructively & objectively. Tanks & God bless.

    • You the educated man, why did you comment?

  97. This wailers everything pmb. Na wao.

  98. i don’t think APC can win some state again. buhari doing his like wise d governors. I don’t criticise one for another. but no different in the country.

    • If they win who will stop them or cancel the polls. My friend, you need to wake up and find something meaningful to do for your tomorrow. So the government of the day should give jobs to PDP? If that’s what you are waiting for, you may have to wait for another 20 years

    • i never vote in my life even in Skool… i got many to do but this is still my country. God bless you Bro.

  99. But the PDP friends we know have betrayed this nation by looting our Treasury therefore keep quiet

  100. Let him give to your friends idiots do you think we wil give any vagabond our post to reckless our money? Mba na BABA friends sons daughters will occupy all sensitive positions, to overthrow incumbent government of guys and thieves is not easy, if it is where GEJ ? In sock away otuke.

  101. B4 nko ? Wht do u expect this one no b topic

  102. Lol.N.power job portal is still working for as many As mumu that want such a job.5,000 per month.but FIRS.NNPC,CBN work are for dia own children and dia relatives hmmmm.sssssssmmmsh

  103. It is only in this part of the world that established criminals and looters come out publicly to talk. If it is in China and Malaysia, they would have been converted into fertilizers through public executions to produce harvests of agricultural products. Shameless people.

  104. And so what, he should give it to anima or who his enemy.

  105. Are u expecting BUHARI to employ pdpig into his government,never it can happened.jonathan badluck appointed several people after he lost di dat their car do his wish .

  106. Let’s continue praying for d president concerning his ear problem… Bcos if God want to punish a country for its sins… God will give Dat country a Def and dumb president…. May God safe this country… I don’t think we are there yet

  107. It’s true.wen you go to that offices you see for your self.

  108. Na waoh PMB why now ? Even job placements are politicised Remember that you belong to nobody but belong to everybody

  109. APC ar making dsame mistake dat PDP did, after all this preaching of change has bcom a history? Than where is the accusations dat apc accused past administration if their own will worst than? really apc has came nor to bring change but to bring plague, anywhere the house dat build with deceive and selfishness will not stay.

  110. pdp should not complain here,they did the same then.

  111. @ Akintade, am sorry for you that you in God dose not mean you don’t hear what is happening in nija that hunger is now what is killing people in our land, you so call President could not even sustain what he met on ground even the N157trillion he could not do anything with it except travelling. A bag of rice now is N20,000 from N8,000 a cup hose for N300 . A very insencitive and more than clueless. Tell him to take us to Jonathan time we prefer it. You Yoruba s sold us to Hausa and thank God your people are suffering it more. Don’t worry the battle is coming and it will be fight to finish with Yoruba and the Hausa s.

  112. No, he will give jobs to his enemies in PDP.

  113. What do u expect them to say? After all with Buhari now in power, nigerians are seeing sanity and no more tension of insecurity in country. Impunity is vanishing

    • No more tension but boko haram hv to killed over 400 pple in Adamawa state last week, dsame week boko haram hv to killed 7 police men in niger state. Abeg u don’t know the meaning of nor tensions, bcos no be your family ar dying u hv right to say nor tensions, but next will happen to your family so dat u can know tensions they.

  114. pls verify before making comment .

  115. That is the simple way to fight corruption.

  116. How many jobs did the fantastically corrupt rogue party PDP gives Nigeria except death at employment centre in the name of examinations. Those who are employed now are they not Nigeriains?.

  117. I belong to nobody and belong to everybody. All na washiiiii

  118. It’s so sad that that religious and political party sentiment characterize this APC government! Both the ruling party governors and the opposition party governors are in serious competition to see who will become the most loyal to the president. Poverty is so intense that every body now lives like slaves while the president does whatever he likes!

  119. Pdpigs are not in right position to question dt…the the overwhelming population they neglected for the past 16yrs do that. After all theirs have been a reward to their thugs and low brains I.e Agboro in the society to do the job of a graduate.

  120. Shut up, Pdp the worst party we had in Nigeria in fact the whole Africa’s, when you are in power what did you achieve???

  121. Are they not Nigerians,then what is the noise about,they look for better things to do than making noise

  122. I don’t think president Buhari has time for such trivial matter( of favouring his people).

  123. POP is dying not buhari. Sabo da shi ikon Allah ne

  124. Let PDP settle their Patty problem first before they can see well and tell us what pmb is doing wrong

  125. We nigerian have seen the change but biafran vocal minorities can not see coz there is no money now 2 do thankgiving

  126. Just the way it was of your 16 years pdp rule,wailers!

  127. Fellow Nigerian dont vote any body twice in whatever capacity .
    It must be new election ,new people & new govt.
    They have made up their mind to enslave you with your vote ,pls do something on your own to be financially better ,don’t depend in those liars

  128. Well I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that APC’s campaign of change is nothing but a taunt and gimmick for grabbing power.The Truth is that there can be no change except there is a regeneration. But unfortunately the same old wine has been put in a new wine skin and the only thing one can expect to happen is the bursting or ruining of the wineskin and the spilling of the wine.APC government,I’m sorry to say,has already failed since they came to power with insincerity.Nothing has changed and will never,with this crop of people in power.

  129. Too bad.NASS should do their job.Impeachment is their weapon

  130. U did worse than that during ur tenure so u are all dsame

  131. Were you expecting him to legally employ his die hard enemies; wailers and haters!

  132. Much we all always believe everythin we hear

  133. All of you have forgotten that the employment cabal are civil servants still in their offices . How many Buhari go see?

  134. rubbish P D P mambers Fools

  135. Just drink APC and sleep off. These recruited guys are there to work for us in the country.

  136. The president has vector power to appoint whoever he want.

  137. So what? its time baba fend anothe vacancy for anothe friends

  138. Allow PMB to fix this country criticise with facts

  139. This is where we now find ourselves but the irony is those who were calling for the head of Jonathan are the people praising Buhari/APC for doing even worst, God is watching

  140. What is the noise about? Are they employing non-Nigerians or unqualified people? It is a pity PDP don’t know how to do anything right. In power they shared the patrimony amongst themselves and destroyed the Nigerian economy and as opposition party they are far below standard. Good for nothing party.

  141. PDP should shut up their mouths. They plunged Nigeria into these nonsense and still talking. What a hell?

  142. Don’t worry. Next time He will employ His enemies first.

  143. FIRS never give appointment to anybody so why all this accusation?

    • I’m sorry to say you are 100% wrong. They collected appointment letters last two weeks and resumed on 21st June.

  144. Some people like making serious issues over unverified reports. In any case, are NNPC and CBNs’ bosses not Igbos from the South?

  145. A reasonable person don’t have to respond to the rantings of these people who are so blind both in the eye & mind. All they see & t hink of is hatred. Why I won’t join issues with them is, only a handful of them went to school or have formal education, hence they quickly engage their filthy fingers to respond to anything one them shared on fb. The truth is, they are going to remain this way till eternity unless they change their way of reasoning. A deposit this has started a long time ago after the civil war. Go to their states, it has remained underdeveloped just because of their hatred even to themselves.
    Majority lives in Lagos, Abuja and few in Phc. Ask them to go back to their different states, they won’t

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