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Governor Fayose

Pastor Adeboye commends Fayose, urges other governors to emulate him

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has advised state governors to emulate their Ekiti State counterpart, Mr Ayo Fayose, in protecting the interest of their people.

Adeboye stated on Saturday in Ado-Ekiti at the palace of Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, Oba Adeyemo Adejugbe.


The renowned cleric, who paid a call on the monarch before attending a crusade at the unusually crowded Oluyemi Kayode Stadium, Ado Ekiti described the governor as a great defender of his people and their cause.


He commended the governor for taking great risks of defending and protecting the interests of his people.


“Your Excellency, we thank God for your life, courage, boldness and being willing to take the risk.


“You are doing this so that your people can be protected and I know you are aware of what I am talking about.


“You can be sure that we are praying for you and you will succeed., i hope other governors will stand for their people like you and defend their people and say enough is enough,” he said.


Adeboye who prayed for the restoration of the lost glory of Ekiti, also commended Oba Adejugbe for leading his people in the way of the Lord.


Earlier, the governor said Nigerians appreciate the efforts of Adeboye at taking the gospel round the world‎.

“We ‎know that it is at this time of the year that you go round and we pray that God strengthens you.


“Your visit is annually and when a man of God passes by, we want to take that advantage for him to bless us, we appreciate your efforts at taking the gospel round the world‎,” he said.


Oba Adejugbe described Adeboye’s visit as a blessing to the palace, and the people of the state in general.


Pastor Adeboye later held a revival at the stadium and later visited Ikere Ekiti, Ilawe Ekiti as well as Ogotun-Ekiti


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  1. Well spoken man of God.ur among the few that hold on to the truth.

  2. Ma only Yoruba governor hope u are planning well for ur state coming forth election against thy wolfs

  3. God bless U man of God for always saying the truth.

  4. EXCENLLENCY GOVERNOR FAYOSE is out spoken man A man wt integrity brilliant Young D LORD is ur strength we believe u no complain


    • God bless you. A heartless man keeping/ holding firmly to d blood money ( just bcos of d stupid immunity in d constitution ) is bn praised while his crime colleagues are making tangible refund. I don’t think he knows it dat he is leaving evil inheritance in d spiritual treasure for his children. It is abt GOD, not abt man-of-God . As a christian let him read abt d story of king Ahab, how d prophets were afflicted by d spirit of lies bcos God wanted to kill him. Let Fayose listen to d whispering of d spirit of God. The spirit dat can never lie.

  6. Fayose really helped his people when he begs and seek forgiveness from Fulani herdsmen for the fear of their revenge after he declared war with them….Fayose proved to be real indigene of ekiti state and dullest among many literates Professor, Doctors, Masters etc in Ekiti state.

  7. When Fayose is not paying Salary what help is he doing to his people except spending money on over-head bridge in a city that have low traffic flow may bé for the future but such spending is not justify during reccession

  8. Am sure d great man of God is not aware dat d governor has not paid his civil servants August till today salaries. As it is in d bible dat a labourer is entitled to his wages. They give wrong impression of themselves to these men of God. God will judge.

  9. That’s how he annoitted Gej.

  10. Those useless nigerian 4rm another state commenting rubbish is fayose ur governor go nd comments ur state governors is dey r better Dan him.

  11. Those useless nigerian 4rm another state commenting rubbish is fayose ur governor go nd comments ur state governors is dey r better Dan him.

  12. If man of God,said they should emulate fayose,that mean is not truely man of God.

  13. Mallam Pastor Adeboye when did u bcame Fayose’s campaign manager??? Dats one ting wit our pastors or imams ones dey hav meet wit any of dese politicians deir preaching change a tune jst 2 mislead ppl. Fayose is a rogue.

  14. Emulate fayose on what? on corruption? No I don’t believe the Pastor GO of rccg can say this.

  15. Do u people know he stop the herdsmen frm terrorising the people,Do u he enforced the reductn of foodstuffs.U people shd be careful the way talk to men of God.

  16. emulate who. propaganda governor

  17. instead of him facing governance. he is busy talking about prediction of which. ALFA OR PASTOR THAT SAYS THERE IS GOING TO BE HUNGER ON THE LAND. REMEMBER HIS OR HER SONS OR DAUGHTER WILL NOT EAT GRASSES…

  18. baba fayose z lyk u visitd him dix xmax?

  19. Baba Adeboye, pls sir don’t involve urself with d Nigeria politician sir God bless u

  20. Fayose is a man that speak against oppression and injustice. I love your integrity sir.

  21. man of God no more than we d followers he must have ses something unique in fayose

  22. Yes, baba Adeboye has spoken. Fayose deserves to be emulated especially by the boot-lickers & other lily-livered politicians. The Ekiti state governor is a reference point in courage & boldness. Bravo.

  23. I always emphasized Fayose is a boil on the knob of Nigeria. Its time to pop that sucker and clean up the clutter”

  24. Why is all the useless Northerners, the cows in human body, not talking about their governor? Every State in this Country has a governor, let those cows from the North tell us what their own governor has done. Governor Fayose is the voice of the people. He goes for what he want and believe in. He went to School and he can prove himself anywhere not the stark illiterate who cal himself a president.

  25. Austin Essien, yeeeh wetin u throw?.


  27. What type of quality can other governors emulate from him?

  28. pastors should not be followed like God. Pastor Adeboye said his own side of view which has nothing to do with the reality

  29. Hard truth. Eye service towards Buhari vis a vis party’s interest will not permit many of them to be on d side of their people

  30. Let our new generation churches’ pastors say the truth.Tell those govs that are not doing the wishes of those who voted them there.I don’t know what Pastor Adeboye wants us to emulate in Fayose.This a man who refuses to pay his workers salaries and pensioners allowances.There is nothing to emulate here.Pastor Adeboye himself should emulate those prophets in the Bible who told erring kings the home truth.

  31. Ohun ti o ma je lo nwa.he knew how he went to see the bulldozer politicians invoke.forget.happy christmas and happy stomach infrastructures.yoruba will say,bi ebi onje ba ti kuro ninu lse,lsee ku ranpe.but o dowo gbogbo wa ooo.recall,history will not forget fayose.good or bad.

  32. Some people will die or get cursed of what they know nothing about. Don’t be quick in insulting any pastor or Imam on what does not benefit or concern u. U better don’t regret ur life after now.

  33. Pastor Adeboye perspective to Gov Fayose is different from the public. Every body have pros and cons .So for Pastor to call others Gov .to emulate Fayose may has his own reason. Thank you all.

  34. Hmmmmm looting to continue ? Lobatan

  35. He is my best governor for now, his people first

  36. To emulate thugery adeboye misseed it

  37. I love fayose so much, even though am not from his place but I love him

  38. other governors fear d presdo b/cos of there coruption but fayose dont mine i love him

  39. @mufu or what u call ur self, do u ever know mining of Governor or there responsible as governor? If one of ur family attack by this useless Fulani , u cud av understand what the man of God is saying, the Man his not talking about fayose political but saying fact about fayose protect his people from useless Fulani Muslim , okay

  40. Emulating stubbornness. And lnsults,,,

  41. D fearless lion of justice keep talking,indeed u ar a true democrat,I look forward to meet u sir.

  42. I wish south east governos wil be like fayose

  43. Daddy G.O was referring to how Gov Fayose nibbed the problem of cattle rustlers in the bud before it led to a serious problem
    Am sure if the Gov of Bornu state has done some thing at the initiative stage of Boko Haram he too cloud have saved the lives of his people So the Governors were advised to emulate how peace can be maintained in their territory
    You can fault the gov in any other aspect and f governance because he is human but whoever does not applaud him in the way he handled that crisis by enacting a law must be a sponsor of Cattle rustler n whoever is annoyed because the G O praised him must be an enemy of progress of Ekiti state
    Cattle rustling is neither a religious or Political matter It is ploy of destabilisation n d gov has acted well in that regard His other actions like his prophesy n direct attack on the President can be subject to debate but this one,no controversy

  44. Only bad people support bad things I thrust in Jesus my Lord and my saviour, there are no men of GOD again and that’s why I worship my GOD at home every Sunday, only papa kumuyi doesn’t involved in political matter. Hmmmmmmmmm pastor ageboye Christ or of PDP

  45. All the so called men of GOD should also emulate papa kumuyi the only true man of GOD

  46. And adeboye should prepared to be the next PDP chairman

  47. Is this adeboye we no or not. Wen did adeboye be come a curopt pastor. That will be in support of curopt devil like fayose. Wen did the devil over adeboye that will make him say a thing like this.

  48. Who is man of God?Only God knows His people and those who are worshipping Him.Man’s judgement is in the hands of God.Please thou shalt not judge.

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