Tuesday , December 6 2022
His Royal Highness Anselm O Aidenojie, the Onojie of Uromi

Outgoing Governor Oshiomhole sacks Uromi king

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In a move described as very vindictive by critical observers of Edo politics, the outgoing governor of Edo State, diminutive Adams Oshiomhole has issued a statement removing Ojuromi as the monarch of Uromi, Chief Tony Anenih’s town.

But, indigenes of Uromi have described the action of the government as unprecedented. Succession to the throne is by the principle of primogeniture. In other words, the throne moves from a father to the eldest son and a son cannot succeed his father until he is dead.

The face-off between the Edo state government and the monarch really started because of his support for the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu in the last governorship election in Edo State.

The minuscule Oshiomhole announced the removal of the monarch in a statement on Wednesday signed   by Edo State Secretary to the government, Professor Julius Ihonvbere. The letter addressed him  ordinarily as Mr Anselm O Edenojie.

The government statement  which was entitled:  “Deposition from Office as Ojuromi of Uromi: Addendum”, read:

“Please be informed that the initial Exco decision of 26th October 2016 has been further affirmed.

“Consequently, you have been deposed as the Ojuromi of Uromi pursuant to Section 28 (i & ii) of the Traditional Rulers & Chiefs Law, 1979.

“Kindly, therefore, disregard our letter of 4th November 2016 on the subject “Re: Letter of Apology to Edo State Government.”

Oshiomhole on  28 September accused the king of assaulting a woman during the polls.

He was also accused of interfering in the conduct of the election, leaving his palace to canvass votes for the PDP candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

Government gave him a query and ordered him to apologise to the woman assaulted.

The king was said to have ignored the letter and travelling out of his domain, overseas.

Government placed him on a 7-day suspension and still demanded a letter of apology for snubbing government and failing to apologise to the lady assaulted.

On 4 November,  the government  stepped up its sanctions by  suspending the king known as  Zaiki Edenojie II for one year, effective from Monday.


In addition, the monarch was stripped of all his rights and privileges that he had hitherto exercised. He was also to lose a share of the five per cent revenue accruing to the local council.


But the monarch took the Edo State government to court and requested for N1billion damages.

And now the sledge hammer: he is now to lose his throne and become an ordinary citizen: Mr. Anselm O Edonije.

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  1. oshiomole well come on saturday u too will become an ordinary citizen, dis your power too much o, since you have made yourself a mini god that cannot be touched, when has it ever been heard that a king has been sacked.

    i cant even imagine dis, we all know dis is a political fight n you intend to use all your power because of the office you hold, though you tried as a governor i really do regret having you as a governor because what you did in edo state is what a normal governor will do, to me u have not done anytin extraordinary cos during ur tenure dere was excess money as edo state is one of the oil producing state. kings are not made but born n u cannot rewrite dat.

  2. Osaretin Imahiyereobo

    Will the directive last? Oshiomole leaves office soon.

    • The dimunitive man is just being vindictive. It is obvious that his dictatorial trait was put in check in the past by the PDP. Now that his Political Party is in power at both the federal and State levels, his real nature is now showing

      • Osaretin Imahiyereobo

        It is just for a short time. Let him start dancing publicly to the music, very soon he will realise that the power he hold now is not for ever. The days of his going to his village with chartered helicopter at government expense, travelling in long convoy with security escorts, chartered private jets to Abuja or elsewhere, or taking first class at government expense will soon be over and will dawn on him that power is transient. He will soon be queuing at the airport like others to catch a flight to anywhere. He may enjoy some support for now but it will not be the same even if PMB makes him a Minister or gives him any appointment. Going to his village from Benin or from Abuja, he will need to pass through the bad road he refuse to repair. If he thinks his surrogate will remain loyal to him, he should ask Kwankwanso to brief him on how Gandhuje is dealing with him

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