Sunday , April 2 2023
Okowa shakes Oshiomhole

Oshiomhole accuses Okowa of recruiting thugs to destabilise September 10 election

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Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has accused his Delta State counterpart, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa of recruiting thugs in order to destabilize the forthcoming governorship  election in Edo State.

Speaking through his  Information And Orientation Commissioner, Prince Kassim Afegbua, Oshiomhole said ”it has come to our knowledge that following the commencement of the Continuous Voters Registration exercise in Edo state preparatory to the September 10 gubernatorial election in the state, the Peoples’ Democratic Party in connivance with the Delta state Government, has started recruiting thugs and hooligans from Delta State to register as voters in communities sharing border with Edo state.

We had earlier taken the information with levity when we received it a few days ago, but we now have it on good authority that indeed the PDP Governor of Delta state, His Excellency, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa is involved in this sinister move to send political thugs to the fringe villages between the two states to fraudulently register as eligible voters with the intention to use them to cause untold mayhem before and during the elections, on September 10th.

According to information at our disposal, forty political thugs have been dispatched to each of these border villages with the sole aim of registering them as voters before engaging their services to perpetrate violence during the September 10 election.

We wish to place the security agencies on notice of this untoward intention of the Delta State Government with their Edo PDP collaborators to cause a breach of security in Edo state.

The fact that our people are generally known to be peace-loving should not be misconstrued as a sign of weakness, it is just to make the point that we believe wholesomely that democracy is a game of contestation of ideas and not one of contestation with guns and bullets.

We have put our people on notice to keep an eagle eye on their environment and resist any infiltration or attempt to undermine the peace and security of the state.”

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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Hmmm my guy forget da tin PDP don collapse since for inside Edo st.

  2. Oshimole don start to fear already, cz pdp is takin Edo

  3. What of you nd Tinibu that recruited fake soldiers that rigged kogi guber election in favour of APC with ballot papers from lagos nd kano

  4. Okowa dont have ur time, he is well educated not like you fool

  5. Hmmmm tell them my brother

  6. Which PDP?that death part?They will not in this country again

  7. I mean rule in this country & APC will will Edo,let’s wait & see.

  8. The fear of okowa by Adams is a sure victory for pdp in Edo state. PDP all the way.

  9. Foolish senseless man wether okonwa is 4rm edo r gulity consience.

  10. He is afraid already PDP will win Edo state

  11. Fear don dey crip Adams, so now pdp can not be compared to a loaf of bread? Hmm …Adams the fear of pdp is the beginning of wisdom

  12. Afolu Roberts and miusbahu the people of Edo state are telling you that they are not voting for APC they are voting PDP and you. are there making silly comments

  13. Who is osho crying to? Buhari or soldiers? So he was just making month. I think he told Okowa that if election is conducted for him and okowa in delta state, that he we win okowa hands down.


  15. For where, no fear the election is still far

  16. When d head is sick forget the body!

  17. Oshomole you cry wolf when you know too well that even buhari won’t vote for your candidate, not to talk of the good citizens of Edo state, due to the party’s poor agenda/performances

  18. Is too early 4 oshimhole to start shouting, oshimhole himself never wnt APC to rule Edo state again, if not oshimhole will not rejects tops APC aspirants that will win and support obaseki dat nobody even know him as apc member, Oshimhole is an insult 4 Edo state pple. after pple gave him chance to ruled Edo state as ugly him be he also go and bring another man dat uglier than him, we ar waiting 4 oshimhole and his ugly candidate coming September 10 we will show them hell true voting them out in Edo state.


  20. Oshiomale has not find cure for his diarrhea mouth up till now? APC, the chief complainant and looking whom to blame for their failure all the time.

  21. Oshio shut up! Okowa is Delta state governor. Face Edo state right now or??

  22. Whats d business wit Gov Okowa organising thugs 2 Edo 2 distablise an election coming up in sept dis yr. D present challenges he is facing is enough 4 him.

  23. I never kney that oshomole is this foolish.

  24. What’s okowa’s business in Edo state. Oshomohle stop crying foe

  25. Oshiomhole is a disgrace to governorship and d labour movement,it seems he is already sensing defeat,

  26. Gov. Oshimole then you recruit God angels

  27. Oshomole organized only one local government election in eight years and came out as the worst that ever in electorial exercise in Nigeria when Edo State APC failed in last Presidential election he broke the state’s vault to buy up the state’s assembly election knowing that he’d have been swept off the seat by now, and ended up going heavy aborrow for a quick fix projects, in case he might regain the favor of the Edos knowing that he’s lost it after the first tenure. Rigging and thuggery is Oshomole, any state he’s found you’ll jam rigging and thuggery, now he knows it won’t work for him any more is the reason for this panic accusations

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