Friday , January 27 2023
Jimoh Ibrahim

Ondo PDP: Jimoh Ibrahim heads to Supreme Court

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Sequel to the judgement of the Court of Appeal earlier today which ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to recognise Mr. Eyitayo Jegede as the validly nominated governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim has stated that he is sure of getting justice at the Supreme Court.

In a statement released after the Appeal Court judgement, Mr. Ibrahim said: “I have read the decision of the Court of Appeal delivered today (Wednesday). We have nothing to lose, as the Supreme Court sits on the same case tomorrow.

“We shall get justice at the Supreme Court and if PDP wins Saturday election, we shall have our four-year mandate to rule Ondo State.

“Let me advise you not to abuse anyone or fight over this one day ruling. Mimiko will not succeed himself with Jegede. This is too sure.

“We continue with our work and remain in our great party, PDP. I love the great people of Ondo state and I thank you all for continuous support.”

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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Some body is playing the music that he is dancing

  2. He even looks like a fool and he’s unkempt. Stupid impostor

  3. u will loose again. failure is ur portion already. dr4 go nd sleep nd u will meet ur waterloo again in court

  4. Jimoh Ibrahim, shame to you, shame to Ali Modu Sherrif, shame to your pay masters. One thing you should know is that Ondo state is and will never be for sale.

  5. U r ntin but a coward,detractor,impostor.

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  7. Apc man. Agent of satan. He will surely fail again.

  8. You don’t know who is an impositor, you will soon know. Hisss!

  9. @ Godswill Uho, you are nothing but a beast.

  10. on the march again.
    Supreme court is even very very angry now.

  11. This guy is a mole planted by the caliphate. So despirate to ruin PDP and Ondo state. He is a spoiler, but one thing is certain by the grace of God. Jimoh will be shamed. What an adventure in politics.

  12. This guy is a mole planted by the caliphate. So despirate to ruin PDP and Ondo state. He is a spoiler, but one thing is certain by the grace of God. Jimoh will be shamed. What an adventure in politics.

  13. Hmmm, drama, drama all in PDP entertainment center. Money the root of all evil. No poor man dare this.

  14. Animal what if you lose the election

  15. Biafrans from the east who will not vote in the said election are the ones ranting and berating Jimoh Ibrahim here. Only those resident in Ondo State will vote please!

  16. Jimoh can go he will fail. Shame has no boundry. A person dat did not do primary just emerge as a candidate, up nigeria judiciary, a primary inec nd security witnessed, aba wa? Judiciary u don dey wake up o.

  17. @Thomas some pdp planted them there but very difficuilt to uproot now,Fayose and Wike invited Sheriff as caretaker chairman so they should blame themselves for the mistake and bear it.

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  19. Ore dnt worry about them,we need good leader not corrupt one.

  20. Are u sure he is still in Nigeria?

  21. Somebody is playing de drums and jimoh is on de stage dancing

  22. Even if we the pdp did not win we are ok wit sending away jimoh ibrahim out of the contest

  23. JiMOH should note that there is no ABANG at the Supreme Court to do his bidding.

  24. God we punish you jimoh go to ECOWAS court mumu

  25. Jegede or ibrahim jst bring dem on cus APC rock

  26. Majority of the people that commented are from the South East. What is your concern here? Are you from the South West or are you voting? You have brought your hatred over to South West again. Pls don’t divide this country and in particular Ondo State. Jimoh Ibrahim is PDP and not APC. You Ibos you have come again. Go and face your state and leave us alone.

    • Look at dis old fool wen u people discussing about Edo,Bayesa and River state election did anybody tell u to shut up so Wit dis ur age u still do triber things wat are u going to tell ur children about one Nigeria dat u people are claiming

    • An old fool like you cannot respect himself. Can’t even condemn impunity at your age, then you will remain a fool for the rest of your remaining useless life. Its time for you to leave the stage for the younger generation

    • Okoye and Anayo it is a pity your parents did not train you enough on how to address elders. I am not surprised because that’s the way you address your father. The two of you needs some home training. Probably you were trained but you did not adhere to it. I will advise you to go back and re-train. I did not abuse anybody when making my comments, why then did you resort to abuse. It shows you two lacks discipline. I don’t blame you. If you will go far in life you don’t abuse those ahead of you. Good luck.

  27. He has forgotten that gone were the era when PDP Caucus hands pick an unpopular candidate as against the popular opinions.Let him go and waist some of his party mbrs resources the more bt i blv if he is really a PhD scholar he may not attempt,except an honorary dash,he would be grown wide enof to decides earlier on b4 it degenerate into an unrecovered lost.Politics,who get wat,wen and how?An authoritative allocation of value.NIGERIAN pattern,a winner win all bt a loser lost all including lif in some aspect.Lois.

  28. you are wasting your time.

  29. Pls Jimoh d deal has fail,Jegede is Ondo choice

  30. Jimoh,that is ur foundermental right, over look biased persons. but let PDP know that election is few days from now before they come out to blame APC in the end. what a party full of inpunity

  31. Mimiko take it or not, Jegede/pdp has fail Ondo people. If u think he will cover ur bastardized Ondo resources.

  32. All dis APC men in PDP God ALMIGHTY Will disappoint you piple soon…. I blame shariff

  33. Lol,, by the time supreme court turn their current anger on you, you’ll move to customary court

  34. Jimo Ibrahim is d only judas we hv in Ondo stae, full.

  35. Jimoh or Ibrahim u should go and sit down bcs u and ur sheriff re spoiler and agent of darkness

  36. Good jimoh sld contest d judgement in supreme court and if he wins and also pdp wins hrwld take back his mandate instead of castigating INEC 4 their internal unsolve eyes problems

  37. I wonder why some people can be hell bent in causing trouble in their state. How much was Jimoh Ibrahim paid to cause trouble in Ondo State ? When the trouble becomes serious, E ni duro.

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