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Ogoniland Clean-Up: Govt. will no longer tolerate oil theft — Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday warned that the Federal Government would no longer tolerate the current theft and illegal refining of crude oil in the Niger Delta.

Buhari, represented by Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo, gave the warning at the launch of “Clean-Up of Ogoniland’’ at Bodo, Gokana Local Government of Rivers.

Buhari urged the regulators of oil industry to carry out their responsibilities in line with best practices.

“The current oil theft and illegal refining will not be tolerated. The regulators in the oil industries must live up to expectations.

“They must ensure that oil companies carry out their operations in line with universal best services,’’ he said.

Buhari said that government was laying a foundation for change to ensure the rule of law and safety of the people.

He said the aim was to diversify the nation’s economy and provide jobs and wealth for the people.

According to him, the clean-up of Ogoniland will have sustainable development components will benefit the people.

“The methodology for the clean-up will ensure job creation for young people. The agro-allied industries required for processing of agricultural produce will also be put in place,’’ the president said.

Buhari also said that approval had been given to set up necessary institutional framework to drive the implementation of the UNEP Report.

Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers commended Buhari for inaugurating the implementation of the UNEP Report on Ogoniland.

He said that the state government would provide the platform for the smooth implementation of the Report.

The governor said that environmental degradation had affected ecosystem and wild life of communities in the Niger Delta.

The minister of Environment, Miss Amina Mohammed, said that government had taken stock of the work done in the past to start the implementation.

She said the clean-up would require collective responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure its success.

Mohammed said the implementation “requires transparency, accountability, genuine partnership and proper representation of the people at the grassroots in what we are doing in investing in their future,’’ she said.

Mr Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP, said the organisation’s team had produced a document of what happened in Ogoniland.

He said that the team would stand with the Nigerian government to ensure the implementation of the report.


About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. What about your boko people?

  2. But there are lots of illegal refineries in the North and outside Nigeria, 4 u to see the amount of hatred the Housa have for Biafrans. Mad people.

    • Niger deltans are not biafrans and will never be biafrans. fight ur own war and leave us to fight ours

    • @Madumere, he is talking abt Niger delta here which isnt and will neva be part of Igboland, allow them to fight for themselves.

    • Hahaha.. We are historians and no body can defeat Biafran argument. What were ur fathers b4 d creation of the so called Niger Delter? Do u knw those dat created Niger Delta, S/S, THE IGBOS, & S/E to divide us in hatred and to make sure they bury our indegenous name of Biafra? Do u knw that all these names were created after d war to divide us? What do u answer b4 d war? Why didnt they divide the west and the North? Is it proper for d Housa political leaders to change ur indigenous name to Niger Delta to make sure they divide you? May be is a fulani man that impregnated ur mother to cause confusion among us like the case of Rochas Okorocha who is a pure Housa man. We are restoring Our indeginous name Biafra. Nnamdi kanu prophesied dat any group that stand alone outside Biafra land must fall. Watch and see. WE ARE ALL BIAFRANS, except na Housa man be ur biological father. Thanks.

    • @Maduneme, u said u are a historian and u didnt know that idea to divide d nation into 6political zone e.g, sw, nw, SE etc was opined by our elder stateman Dr Alex Ifeanyi Ekwueme Gcon. Yes, we were 2geda b4 but, now we nologer 2geda. Okwa inaghota.

    • Now have u seen why d Housas divide us after d war? So that we will not agree in comon when Biafra would be mentioned so that they will be busy taking our resources to build the North. Who are d wise and who are fools? But the housas have already failed bcos we have come to our senses to know dat we all are one.

    • Eugene steven base on the division was why i ask u the question; ‘WHO ARE WISER AND WHO ARE FOOLISH?’ Atimes we call d housas cows but we ourselves are foolish. The same Housas are coming to Ogoni to buy the minds of we the Rivers people to say dat we are nt part of Biafra in the name of cleaning of Ogoni land, dsame thing they did in the time of Kenule Saro-Wiwa and we foolishly opened our arms to welcome them. Their plans is to make us to say dat we are not part of Biafra. My brother remember dat any kindom that stand against itself shall fall, and u think that d housa dont kw wat dey are doing. Pls we need to change. Not APC chanji i mean oo. Hahahaha…

    • Do u knw dat Ogbonnaya Onu represented Nigeria in the Islamic conference?(Abomination). If the whole Nigeria would be islamised today what will u say about Ogbonnaya Onu of Abia, Rochas Okorocha of Imo, Willie Obiano of Anambra, even our Governor Nyesom if they endorse the grazing bill? bcos all of dem are slaves to Buhari. That was how those people from d eastern region u mentioned above were slaves to the Northern political leaders in d 70s which all of us are suffering today. Today who are wiser and who are fools? Let’s be thinking with our head.

    • Oghenekaro n Eugene pls can u pple tell me who r d NIGER DELTAS n how many state dat made up d Niger deltas?

    • If ur mother ties two pieces of wrapper you are a Biafran, this is the common culture that makes a nation. Our tribes are; Itshekiri, Izon, Ibibio, Ikwere(we came from Nkwere in Imo state and we speak Igbo naturally and Ikwere), Idoma(in Benue), Igala(in kogi, they speak Igbo), Igbanke(in Edo, they speak Igbo but their Igbo is upside down like our Ikwere lang.), Efik, Urhobo, Igbo, Ijaw, and other tribes in Igwuocha. All these tribes have a common or related cultures with one another including 4 market days. Then why should we allow those uncircumcised Fulani who came from no where to divide us to hate eachother for their own gain? Bikokwa we are no longer fools. Lets support Nnamdi kanu nwoke oma.

    • This brume of a thing hasnt even grown beards i was really upset when i saw his comments until,i was forced to check his profile now i understand his foolishness,youthful exuberance,what do you know about biafra? You are not even upto 20,mtchew i thought an elderly man was talking…

    • ‘Whether big or small, upland area or riverine area, we all are Biafrans’ says; Nnadi kanu.
      Chrysler May be u r just passing by, & u didn’t make any meaningful point bcos a 5yrs child is now talking about Biafra. I thank God everybody is now talking about Biafra both d big & small which many vowed not to talk about it b4. The prophesy of Nnamdi Kanu has fulfilled once again to d glory of Chukwuokike Abiama.

    • Once again; ‘No body can defeat the Biafran argument.’ This is bcos we are educated, whiter than white. The more u argue… is the more d prophesies of Nnamdi Kanu will be fulfilling, the more it fulfills… the more Biafra comes nearer.

  3. Oil theft? While the housas are busy stealing the oil in Biafra land. Hypocricy.

  4. He would have gone there to tell them by himself.

  5. Buhari keep making noise from afar. Go to ogoni land you said No ahahahahaha

  6. But he will tolerate d killings of innocent pple by his brothers called fulani herds men, he is talking that to himsef

  7. Please leave biafra oil and land alone. one Nigeria only when you need oil.

    • pls where in biafra land did u find oil? or are u referring to palm oil? niger delta is not biafra pls. stop dreaming. better fight ur war by urself

    • Oghenekaro Brume stop exhibiting your ignorance here. Is Onyema Ugochukwu not former NDDC chairman? Abia, Imo, Anambra states are among NDDC. IPOB coordinator in Rivers State is an ikwere man. Speak for yourself stop using the word we because you don’t represent the people of niger delta in all ramifications.

    • Oghenekaro Brume pls what’s d meaning of Niger Delta ? If u don’t keep quite and stop disgracing ur self in public.

    • that boy is a fool come to my community alone in IMO I will show you at least 20 oil wells ..stupid boy

  8. North nd west eye on oil, chai killing our people bcos of our oil, d time of revenge is near nd God wil give them into our hand.

  9. D zoo is already divided. So we refining our oil chikina. Go refine tomatoes and groundnut. Idiot.

  10. Go there and tell them old beast

  11. Illegal mining activities are steadily on going in the north these are precious stones, gold etc. No complain from PMB. This guy is biggest problem nigeria has to deal with now!

  12. Why are you blunt, can’t you just give ur submissions with facts and ample examples without being biased ?….
    Some of you guys need go to moral schools

  13. Pls. Go and stand on their soil and give this warning so that they listen to you. And stop hiding in between Aisha’s legs to talk to people in distance

  14. When the Legal refineries are not working what do you expect if not the Illegal one

  15. I see some deluded igbos claiming the oil wealth belongs to biafra. If this is ur aim, it will never happen. Niger delta will never belong to biafra. greedy cowards that want niger deltans to fight their war for them then hand over our oil wealth to them too. better fight and die fight for biafra if u really want it. niger delta is for niger deltans. we don’t know biafra

    • ur dead father is very stupid. idiot. its on facebook ure fighting for biafra. onyeberibe

    • YOU ARE VERY VERY STUPID , IDIOT , did you think we are here because of oil ? we are fighting for our freedom and not oil . there are oil almost in all the BIAFRA land ,no 1 Anambra 2 Enugu etc so just Stop that nonsense

    • Ur head is Empty go & read history

    • anambra and enugu are not part of niger delta. mumu. and when u say we are fighting, does that include u? how have u fought for this nonsense biafra besides being a nuisance on fb?

    • the issue being discussed is ogoni not biafra. take ur rotten biafra talk elsewhere. we don’t care.

    • I’ve read history and biafrans are nothing but losers from the civil war. ur fathers got tired of eating lizard cos biafrans couldn’t even feed let alone fight. so they accepted defeat and crawled back into the zoo like the animals that they are

    • brume its ok.nobody is asking you to be igbo.go drink all the oil.see as u dey vex fornothing

    • I go drink am. Thank u. simply ask ur fellow biafrans to stop attributing every single thing niger deltans do to biafra. we r fighting for our rights as nigerians. we don’t know biafra or what to be a part of it

    • why do urhorobos hate igbos. this figth for freedom is being spearheaded by igbos and ijaws and akwaibomites.your brother akpodoro is busy selling out to the north.can you swear that an igbo man have taken your thing by force.this figth is all about freedom. you and itsekiri are busy saboteuring your ijaw brothers who is figthing for your freedom.why dont you get the freedom first from your oppresors then decides your how to associate with the igbos haba!!

    • bruma wuoldnt want to be a fellow country with someone like you…go drink your oil!! i dont give a fuck about you n your niger delta shit…stop attacking your shadows .ifnot for nigeria constitution i wouldnt have known somewhere like your place exist.

    • shut up there. igbos can never fight for anyone but themselves. and these stupid ijaws are fight for Jonathan. Jonathan is from bayelsa. let them fight in bayelsa where ijaws are and leave delta state alone. we r too intelligent too allow anyone destroy our land and livelihood of those in the riverine areas just to please one ijaw fool that lost an election as a sitting president

    • our people have a saying that if a snake and an igbo man enter your house, kill the igbo man first. igbos can never b trusted

    • Even with ur oil ur still a beggar in ur land, for ur information Niger Delta goes beyond South south States it consists of about 9 or 10 States in Nigeria including IMO and abia States, stop ur stupid prejudice Oghenekaro Brume

    • you people did not fight yaradua but when amnesty come you and itsekiri want kill yourself for it. i hope when ijaws get the freedom envy will not kill una people. ayiri emami is now reaping from the effort of tompolo

    • and also if an urhorobo enter your house kill an urhobo before killing a snake

    • Please tell them again sir.

    • This Brume fool is not worth arguing with. He should be ignored cos he knows nothing.The oduduwas are there for him and his generation to join

    • im working and earning good money. Daniel kenkwo. I don’t need to fight any body when I can simply work and earn like I’m doing

    • Brume u will remain slave 2 hausa , foolani pedophiles u ur family not urhobo at large

    • israel esikwe u, ur family, ur friends, and igbos at large became slaves the day ur cowardly fathers lost the civil war. idiot

    • Bume want have gain since u starded dis ur betrayin act, hausa can never like u if not d oil in urhobo land

    • Bume u have animals brain

    • igbo man can kill his own mother for one naira. so who am I betraying? what has igbo done for anyone? greedy lot. fight ur war and leave niger deltans to do their thing. Nothing concern us with biafra. we have enough problems of our own.

    • Brume d fact is dat u re 4rm Urhobo u re jst bearin d name of urhobo go and ask ur mother who is ur father.

    • the fact that ure from a baby factory doesn’t mean u shouldnt have a Brain Esikwe. Pls use ur brain.

    • Can’t you see that Brume is alone in this matter?

    • brume you just showed the level of your ignorance. niger delta cannot be a country. you can migrate and join hausas when we get Biafra. aboki

    • yes. takes just one Nigerian to bring biafra down. just like before. Thanks for pointing that out

    • do you think oil is the only source of income or will you eat oil. you cant even farm vegetable in your land. other states too has what they are blessed with. so get lost

    • Brume is not alone o,people are reading & sharing his thoughts as well.

    • i have seen your pix. you are a small boy

    • see this mumu? biafra is a country? where r u getting allocation from? biafra is wishful thinking at best. Nothing more. nnamdi kalu will die in jail and nothing will happen. becos u are cowards. its on social media u have mouth to shout biafra. done worry. there’ll be biafra on facebook for u idiots

    • Brume I commend ur courage and intelligence, it shows from all indication that u know wat u stand for. # thumb up for u bro#.

    • Bruno……sorry i meant to say”brume”u talk like a child but honestly u need to grow cus u are a child

    • @ Brume am a full blooded Niger Deltan.I nearly call u a fool for all ur post but thank God for home training.u are too rude wit ur speech n pls who made u a Niger delta spokeman?

    • isaac…. Sorry I meant to say “eye sore” u dont have sense. u honestly need to have sense. u dont have to comment on every post. especially if u have nothing to say

    • Brume is giving news at 3.

    • u are a fool. ur name shows it. carry u scattered brain and make ur our comment. its annoying getting notifications and seeing retarded people replied to my comment.

    • Brume ekpa have ask ur mother d ABOKI spermatuzua dat form u

    • baby factory people. stop replying my comment ooooo. onyeberibe. nonentity like u.

    • Aliyu Maina there is oil in eastern zona e.t.c Imo state oguta and coal in Enugu

    • One thing is dat Brume mother made mistake on dat faithful she slept with dat Aboki man she wuld hav demand 4 1Condom dat shld put an end of dis fool called Musa Brume

    • so anyone that doesn’t support ur foolish biafra must me hausa or Muslim? nigerians in general don’t like igbos. its not just the North. kill an igbo before a snake. crazy greedy bastards

    • why xchanging words wit brume who has shown his dislike fo biafra.No body is forcing any one to be nigeria or biafra for me let dis country split fo peace. I lv biafra, but not fo me to xchange words wit any body.Handle media issues wit maturity nd u people shuld stop abusing ur selves tnks.

    • U don’t like igbo,but God almighty love and care for them and will always care and love them…so we didn’t even see ur face

    • Brume 4 ur info am Urhobo by tribe am frm Ughelli north lga of delta state Orogun is my kingdom Igbuku is my village den tell were u 4rm.

    • Oghenekaro Brume it’s just okay. U knw what u are fighting for at least if Nigeria gov are not good. They want to be good for cleaning up ogoni land and people are still criticism the gov. And most of the people criticism are not from the land. That’s what the young man is fighting for

    • Igbos doesn’t need your oil please stop this fallacy and reason with your brain not anus!. The records of who will put their life on line for your oil is clear, emancipate yourself from metal slavery please…

    • Brume u are a glorified big for nothing fool,we have oil in abia and anambra states,we are saying dat d northern leftist agenda must stop and u are here talking trash,may satan seal dat ur ogogoro mouth

    • @OghenekaroBrumeWho…who are you, this loosed wild porcupine ranting like he just took cow milk directly from a fulani cow huh?
      What do you know.
      The Igbo tribe do not need oils to thrive.
      World acclaim has that it that they are the smartest tribe on earth.
      The phone you use to type this stupid lines has internet cos, Philip Emeagwali is the father of the internet.
      All over the world, this tribe has survived and had built mighty orgs n coys that your 10 generations to come will not achieve.
      Even the real tough Niger Delta citizens like Asari etc, who has giving that region its current popularity, that gives you that shit hole of mouth you brag upon now, agrees with the Igbo movement.
      You are a tiny little lilipoocian, who is empty and has fingers to type these curses on your generation.
      Who is sponsoring you?
      You should rather discover your life rather than make childish comment because you have a phone to use.
      You are nothing and will obviously amount to anything in your entire life cos, out of the emptiness of a fools head, he speaks.
      Go and drink poison and die or live to see how fooling you are as things take a good turn in favour of the igbos.

    • if my comment dey pain u rush drink poison. Nigerian hate igbos. I hate igbos. in fact if I was buhari I’ll do what fashola did. deport these bastards from Nigeria. animals

    • in fact I’m happy all these igbos are reading this. all of u are miscreants from a no good race. u should all have died in d civil war. we should have starved u all to extinction. lizard eating bastards

    • If una like make una rant & abuse frm here to birnin-kebbi, all i knw is dat we d ipob(d real igbos, nt any ohaneze ndigbo or any sycophantic movement for dat matter) hav said it loud & clear, #we_want_biafra… so since u guys are smarter and hav d oils, why dnt y’all give us our republic 4 gods’ sake? let our people go plz

    • why don’t u all move out of nigerians territory? are u lost? u dont know where igbo land is? ure living in abuja, kano, lagos, warri, benin, and ure shouting I want biafra. mumu. ur leaders still queue to buhari for allocation. still want to b part of Nigerian politics, but u want biafra. keep dreaming

    • SKV ; am from Delta state if your mother or wife or girlfriend is not from Imo state you dey miss something, they are good, great and gentle, in Nigeria what we have is East, West and North which one do you belong, Delta and Imo people here i greet una special.

    • Niger Deltans let it be clear to everybody that Igbos are not fighting for oil,that is the propaganda of the Hausa-Fulani and a distraction for the freedom from slavery where the Hausa-Fulani is in total control of the resources of the Southern Nigeria and subject our people to untold hardship and suffering.We are not begging anybody to join Biafra,rather any day you discover that your people are being maltreated and cheated,then you will fight for their freedom.For us as it stands today,it is Biafra or death.

    • Mr brume or woteva u call urself i dnt hav any doubts dat people frm ur village are living in germany, america, britain etc, hav u told them to come bk to their country? u’ve jst proven urself a misguided little boy, i woulda considered ur thrash if it was coming frm someone of note, u’re a nobody & let it be known to u dat without d igbos, 70% of lagos state will still be in swamps, 85% of hausa lands will still be bushes i dnt wnt to waste my time goin into details but u and ur nigeria should be grateful to d average igbo man

    • my dear i wont course you but will suggest you go and refresh your knowledge acquired. the men fighting are not making noise! well they have not told you yet that they are fighting for biafra bt rather niger delta republic. so why come up with such controversial post on social network?

    • @Brume ,,,,where r u from? U r not from Niger Delta ,,,I am from Agbor,, ika local goverment ,Agbor obi kingdom,Delta state , Niger Deltans r well trained people and we know how to use words…if u don’t like Igbo’s that doesn’t change anything ,,in fact who r u to like or hate people, Niger Delta r train people with good culture background….. I believe in peace but when some people feel that Nigeria belong to them then we let them know that we r more intelligent than them…i rest my for now ….I am waiting for u tell to me where u r from? Niger Deltans r peace loving and we don’t hate people……that is why we still one Nigeria …anybody from any part of Nigeria love Igbo’s …d people who don’t,like Igbo’s r only afraid of Igbo’s because they feel d Igbo’s with dominate and control them…. But deep inside them they love Igbo’s…fear is their problem….that phone u r using and that shirt and d jean u r wearing is imported by Igbo man ,,which I am one of them….Go home receive training bro….God bless Nigeria ,,APC r Criminals only start praying for d country ….

    • Brume, u are nothing but a Basterd. u have nothing in brean than dust. where was Niger Deltans when igbos fought the 1st war? your people was busy supporting Nigerians. now u just waek up from ur sleep because an igbo man Nnamdi Kanu has Riseing up again to fight for our freedom. you are a barsterd. fool!

    • AIl of you are insane! I’m sure many of u were not properly brought up…

    • Gud bcs igbos is the must un trusted in this word that’s why nobody will gree joy uwner gud guy i like ur comment nice 1

    • Obinkem, are u writing ibo English? Your dictions are bad! It’s a typical ibo English.

    • Hmmm sometimes i wonder why wont d poor suffer we fail to view the reality and instead we try to believe what the rich men think we should what a shame be u a nigerian or a potential biafran

    • This is foolishness in the highest order most people don’t even know where they come from because some are mixtures of Fulani cattle in human form’s blood with Biafra blood. I rest my case here cos a true Biafran u would know by speech or coordination either from SS or SE. My respect to NDA.

    • Pls my brothers & sisters ignore this dead ant called Brume, he doesn’t worth our attention.

    • Muhammad is devil..Islam is a occult and some Muslim and some hausa are animals

    • My dear dnt allow what comes out frm ur mouth to kill u….be wise..u must not comment…ok

    • We are 1 .& will remain 1 they have not put to bed who will stop Biafra Restorations and Imag

    • Brume is a sickler from north. Stupid idiot!

    • Hmmmm they want collect Niger delta from nigeria,see Niger delta is not Biafra

    • mumu real men are fighting u are der saying rubish

    • Some people don’t know the meaning of Biafra, some people don’t appreciate what Biafra stands for. Without Biafra you are finished, without Biafra you are nobody, you are just like an animal living in th Zoological Republic called Nigeria, created by a White Man. Do you understand?

    • No 1 Brume or whatever You called your self i strongly believe that You imean You are no body to Niger Delta , try & listing to RADIO BIAFRA , and hear Young bold men talking , and your here talking like amateur baby still sucking breast

    • Broom…or what…IGBO’s are better with or without ur..oil…

    • make una drink poison die untop my post. im remain a Nigerian, a niger deltan, 100% urhobo, udu plus ughelli. biafra will be crushed again. I no dey see agbor, or ogwashi or asaba as deltans before. they remain igbos. crazy igbo. fuck em all.

    • Brume watch ur comment, i won’t say dat again to u

    • u need a brain transplant because for past 50yrs the north av been eating 90% of the oil when tried to explain to u your brain imploded with information overload even through u can hear that IMO state get little oil and the so call Igbo depend on business and its not all about resource also think about the religion that is coursing more harm now ….thanks if u can understand

    • ur comment makes no sense.

    • Hahahahahaha,,,,,,,,,,Ewu igbos,,,.,,,,,,,,!!!,,,,,,,,,,,Olle igbos,,,,..,.,,.Tell them the truth Mr #Brume,,,,,,,,,.,nigerdelta is nt igbos land,,..,,,,,,,,shameless peoples igbos,,,.,,,,.,,,!!!

    • Shameless ppl.I hated dis so-called Igbo.

    • when the time comes we shall use you to defend a bullet

    • Leave dat urhobo stupid boy na him mama & girl friend dey feed am & almajiri slavery spirit come dey torment am again.

    • Hope ur not deluded? Pls borrow brain if u got none.

    • Broom if u re a christain may GOD purnish u with unending brimestone and thunder, any way poverty has been ur portion, if nigeria is divided wia do u tink Ogoni will be

    • Let not the comment of an urchin like Brume draw any attention. He’s not even a Niger Deltan.

    • Oghenekaro Brume,.. But you will prefer that the northern mongols possess the oil wells and do the refineries..wise up

    • u know alot about wasted sperm na. prostitute. how market this weekend?

    • Lost son. Hausa fuckboy

  16. And u re afraid to go & kick start the cleaning. Barking dog seldom bite.

  17. Tank u. They think they can drag Edo Delta Rivers Bayelsa Akwa Ibom & cross River states to enlarge Biafra because of oil

  18. Oil theft will neva stop,except they impliment true federalism! All this runin in cycle is just a waste of time

  19. Becos d oil belongs to u. Lets see wat wl happen. We wl rather than to live and av u control our oil.

  20. Place dat militant stop u from entering how do u intend to protect it from oil theft hmmm.

  21. This buhari again???? Hmmmmm! But soon u shall learn to keep ur mouth close!

  22. Glad to hear that Niger delta isn’t part of the so called proposed Biafra. The ND are fighting for their rights as Nigerians not Biafrans, so the biafrans should find new allies since they are now on their own. The Ijaw, itsekeri, Urobos, efiks, ibibios, benins etc aren’t part of kanu’s world. Please don’t let them annex your territory for your oil, any territorial union with the igbos is a dangerous escapade. Be warned please!!!

  23. Imo abia anambra is part of oil state so biafra have oil

  24. Story of de day who care

  25. Biafrans knws themselves edos are frm oduduwa kingdom except igbanke and igbakiri there z nothing like s/s and s/e we are all Biafrans haters shld go and die

  26. Badluck jonathan enrich himself with looted fund and gave nigerdelta militants arms to destroy their natural environment, arms the bokoharam to destroy the north and gave biafraud hope to actually their dead dream of biafra. woe to the badluck jonathan for his attrocities when in govt. One day worst regime of PMB if any in which there is NONE is 100% best to the world as acknowledge by OBAMA and other world leaders, best to Africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud, bokoharam, nigerdelta avengers criminals that looted our treasury and give our PMB sleepless night in rebuilding it and taking us to d promise land. PMB one year in office worth more than celebrating. Nigerians are proud to be associated to PMB as a leaders with all best credential to lead: Looking critically at those criticizing our leader, the best leader in Africa and among the world leaders PMB are 99% pdpigs biafraud criminals who fails woefully voting badluck jonathan the worst leader Nigeria has ever have since independence and they will forever dies as a losers. i can still bate if election is to hold today PMB will 100% beat any contestant in Nigeria, pls wait and try it again. No amount of demonstration will make us PMB not succeed in determination to fix Nigeria to a proper shape. must of those against PMB didnt vote for him before and fail woefully for voting badluck Jonathan same thing will be in any election, anytime any day.. PMB is always a winner, anytime, anywhere and everywhere, PMB till 2024 or infinity. No amount of intimidation will stop PMB in changing Nigeria for the best future or tomorrow. the biggest differences between badluck jonathan and PMB is that the former legalized corruption, the most corrupt leader Nigeria has ever have since independence, clueless, religion big got, very sentimental, promote sectionalism, he is not sincere in all his action, the promoter of bokoharam in the north, the promoter of Nigerdelta militancy, the azikiwe biafraud criminal during election and beyong etc and the worst president Nigeria has ever have since independence. But for our dear and sincere PMB is zero tolerance to corruption as confirm by Reverend MBAKA of Enugu, London archbishop and queen of england, the best president in africa and among the best world leaders, one day worst of PMB if any in which there is not is 100% best to the world, africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud bokoharam nigerdelta militants regimes that wastage our resources, looted our treasury and put us in these messes that PMB is having a sleepless night to put the nation into a better shape for us and out future generation to come tomorrow. PMB till 2024 or infinity after him a yoruba man tested and trusted matured minded people will rule the country and will be rotated in that order to the north and yoruba only. NEVER again even in dream shall we allow pdpigs senseless un matured selfish, saddiest biafraud criminals d like of badluck jonathan rule us again, NEVER!!!.

  27. useing what is not yours especially with force is robbery. who is the thief here. the oil you are talking about is it yours. no. so you are the THIEF

  28. Biafrans shuld stop respondin 2 facebook comments. D fight is nt hia

  29. Biafra re nt forcing any body 2 be a member so u re free 2 belong any wear u like.

  30. Stupid and foolish man! We are talking about destroying the oil pipeline this idiot called buhari is talking about protecting oil! He must be an animal!

  31. when Jonathan was in power, what did he do for the ogoni people? yet people criticise buhari for trying to clean up ogoni land. and the fools doing this criticism are not from ogoni or even niger delta. they say they r not Nigerian but they keep trying to be involved in Nigerian issues. I pray God gives them a little wisdom to know where they really want to be

    • Amen o. I pray they all receive sense too.

    • Ogoni man,I never wanted to reply your stupid comment,but just to remind you that a wise man is never cheated twice.Stupid ogoni man you prefer a Hausa-Fulani man you have no boundry with to your Igbo brothers who are living in thesame Niger Delta with you.Thesame people who are coming to clean your land polluted it and killed your prominent men who spoke against those ills.They used you as saboteurs against Biafra during the civil war and promised you save heaven which you have never seen till today.When they were in power after the war what stopped them from cleaning your land?.Don,t you know that Obigbo,Ikwere,Ndoki,Opopo,Igweocha,Egbema etc are all Igbos including Abia and Imo States which are part of the Niger Delta and those areas are rich in oil.You Ogoni people believe the propaganda of the Hausa-Fulani who do not know the territorial boundary of Igboland.Do you know that from Asaba down to Agbor in Delta State are all Igbos.So mind your tongue and do not allow yourselves to be deceived again.

    • Some comments need no answer more especially if the person is a fool. You need not waste your time on betrayals.

    • we will continue to betray igbos till Jesus returns and continue even after that. we don’t like igbos. no one does. and for good reason. igbos are the scum of the earth.

    • Stupidity is 4 one to be a slave in his own land. Buhari kills ur kinsmen , carries ur wealth to his land, placed his kingsmen on d top of affairs in ur oil, used ur wealth 2ru Amechi to bcome d president only to make ur Amechi minister of transport, while he becomes minister of ur oil. 80

    • better a hausa man than an igbo man.

    • Shot up ur mouth @Oghenekaro or what do u call dont know is politics, if Jonathan didnt do cant another person do, didnt oga Jona worked for d north?

    • U no notin thats all i can tell u as a fellow urhobo man be wise

    • @ oghenekaro I dnt think u’re from Niger Delta and if u are, is either one of ur parent are from the north if not I am ashamed to be identify with u bcos no matter how bad is an hausa man they never criticise themselves but it baffled me to see the people from the same zone like ours abusing themselves on social media u should bury ur face in shame for doing that

    • abeg make una kill una sef. I don talk my mind. if u no like am drink poison.

    • Bruno or na brume u call urself ur a pathetic pitiable ignorant foul mouthed FOOL.u hate urself so much.ur dead while still living.

    • Some people are so naive that they can’t even remember that Nigeria has been ruled for 49years before Goodluck became President.Why must every blame be on him.If we were to relive the Rawlings’ saga in Nigeria even Buhari could have been eliminated.Leadership like life is a relay race.Let’s do our bit(best) and leave the rest to God.Please let’s stop casting aspersions on others.

    • @brume …Brume no be Ogoni man…… Ogonis people r train and intelligent people,APC just run go lunch d clean up ,we r waiting for d cleaning that na another packaging of APC deceive to few people but Ogonis r wiser that….. I don’t support any party but I support justice …..APC r criminals ,,Atiku,Saraki,tunubi,Amechi and Okorochi na saints abi ,,,,because they fund buhari campaign….Buhari every time oil oil oil,that is what he keep saying no be Agriculture again…. God is watching from heaven….I pity Governors wey borrow money campaign with hope to pay back before six month,now that NDA r just blowing up everywhere….God pls Nigeria….Buhari is so afraid now …because what he expected is not what is happening,he can’t even visit Lagos talk less Ogoni land River state…

    • Dont mind the blind foled fool like brume,buhari is looking for free asses to ogoni, after killing ken saro wiwa, na now dem knw road to clean oil spillageabi na wetin dem call self, stupid u nd buhari including apc

    • Jonathan killed Saro Wiwa abi? #metalslavery

    • Brume stop displaying your stupidity. U allow ignorant to jump out of your mouth at your old age. You hausa/fulanyi slave. There own 85percent of our oil wel while the yorubas own 15 percent and you are here thinking through your anus. I refuse to be identified with you as a niger deltan.

    • Fool @ forty is a fool forever.

    • Brume need to be thrown into dungeon.

    • Oghenekaro Brume Buhari is not the one cleaning up Niger Delta bro, Shell is, and that was becos UN and the ICJ instructed Shell to, is its FG that’s doing the clean up how come the 2016 budget didn’t capture it. Buhari and APC government wants to lay claim to what they didn’t do. Be informed before u comment. FG is not committing N1 to that clean up u can google about Niger Delta and Shell court case and the resulting judgement. Stop exposing your ingnorance pls.

    • @Brume, may God bless u for saying that bitter true which wailers don’t want to hear. Hatred for PMB and ethnocentrism will not take them anywhere.

    • if u dont like what I said u can order poison online and drink it. I simply don’t give a fuck what u think. I don’t know u.

    • Ask yourself,is Goodluck president since independence?

    • In my opinion its better GEJ didn’t do it.. because they would accuse him of doin such a magnanimous project in his zone.

    • They will accuse him but the job would already have been done! After accusing govt of spending so much on abuja did the destroy the development there? No! So it can’t be reversed.

    • Brume; u shall receive more blessing from ur God who has made u different among others in ur town by showing us that not all people from east are blind. Once again, God blessed u abundantly. Amen

    • Jonathan fucked your mama that’s why fuckboy is angry. Go fuck your granny.

    • see this ugly thing. ur real fada

  32. oil theft in ogoniland are shell n fed govt.

  33. Why did you not go to ogoni land?

  34. Is gonna those days nt now again

  35. presumably brume just take a look at your self and selfcomfessed.well i won’t blame you offcourse because it’s not your fault.just because that corrupt idiot launched the clean-up in your place that’s what we warrant you to make such a sarcastic and imprudent comments.can’t you be abashed of your self being proud of talking about a vacuous incumbent?well some people lacks ignorant of theirselves. so all this hardship of a thing and so many severe things that has being happening in this nation nigeria by corrupt buhari’s administration you are not observing it at all or you are not conscious of it or what?okey let me ask you a question.when our most able and capable gracious former president being goodluck jonathan was the president did you ever slept in the feeling station before where to buy fuel?the answer is no precisely.but now many peoples are sleeping in the feeling station just because no fuel at all and scarcit of it my dear okey just look at corrupt and vacuous incumbent’s administration so many severe things are happening but for me to mention few like fuel scarcity and high price commodities like bags of rice beans gari and tomatoes etc are very high now in nigeria and you are enjoying it just because of ordinary lauching of clean-up in your place by corrupt president not him by very sorry for you people but let me tell you whether willy nilly we are going to have our own nation biafra and nobody on this earth world we try to intend to stop biafra from being and let me tell you if you try such your name will be sorry not even sorry nah death directly that’s the dear everything we need has already prepared just that we are waiting for the british government to siyn it that’s all.we are proud of our great naition biafra.may God almight with his infinity grant biafra and bless biafra and the good people of biafrans in jesus name will never in your life be better for you and your corrupt incumbent and his generations!!!!!!!!!<%>

  36. Ogene Bruhaha, abi wetin be ur name sef leave dis kind talk for Elders

  37. Why can’t we tolerate ourselves and build bridges across the geo-political zones for the growth of our democracy?

    All these unnecessary comments are helping to bring back the clock.
    2019 is already at hand and you not planning for it, yet the whole Nation will participate.

  38. While do you want them to destroy oil pipe line. What will your benefit this so called militant are fighting for their pocket my dear brother @ Darlington Maduneme

  39. political clean up!! Only time will tell except we are not in Nigeria

  40. Niger Delta must go if Donald Trunk wins U.S president.

  41. Hmmmmmm eeeee beter think of wat u will do to ur Nigeria wen we are farrr gone

  42. SKV ; if your mother or wife or girlfriend is not from Imo state you dey miss, they are good, great and gentle, Delta and Imo people here i greet una special, una too much.

  43. SKV ; i prefer who will not kill, rape and bomb human being, so i prefer to stay in Anambra or Enugu state than to stay in sokoto or zamfara state.

  44. Is he speaking from aso-rock or where?

  45. How is oil your business now,it belong now to the real owners

  46. Ur reply”baby factory”has revealed ur not from south is a documented fact that Muslims breed more than Christians so y d false accusation of baby factory u northerners call d Christian south.ur a northern brume so stop d disguise 2 deceive nd cause division on social media.

  47. Will he tolerate bombing of pipelines NDA, or he’s afraid to issue further threat to them?

  48. Aliyu aalha who whatever that divide nd rule tactic is old now.we now know 4 ur New ameachi Judas friend Bruno or brume has a stark illiterate like d 90%of his northern friends.cos all he has 2do is look up in nigeria how many states are in d geographical region called south south nd he will not regretfully show his ignorance 2d while world.whether d north likes it or not or rather d lslam fulani/hausa s we are going our ways nd taking back our GOD Given natural resources from ur parasitic nauseating control.I guess ur next move now is 2 isolate d igbos nd continue saying they are not Niger deltans etc deliberately 4getting how many igbo speaking oil wealth states are among d south south States.ignorance is not an excuse.we are not one nd don’t want 2b with people who cut off peoples head,rape,loot’s not by force.keep ur hatred 2ur selves,no-one cares.we don’t want 2b liked by northerners.u can sleep eat walk with ur burning hate it’s not important.but a word of advice all that hate will only increase ur blood pressure nd u will develop hypertension.d only way 2 avoid this nd have ur peace is 2 let d people u hate so much 2 leave.can 2 walk(live)together except they agree?NO.d feelings are mutual aliyu.u people don’t have d monopoly 2 hate.

  49. Go and check goe political zone if Niger Detal Is Not Belong To BIAFRANS…. don’t Be a Fool….

  50. How about illegal grazing?

  51. Y buhari no come fear fear presiden na so so mouth he get

  52. Brume stop bragging bros. Keep quite. Niger delta is region not your fathers house. Go tell NDA this your brainwashed story. They owns ur pot off oil while given u in spoon and you braggin here. Stupid ignoramus.

  53. Not untill they recover all the Oil wells in the hands of Northerners and start refining oil here. They are absolute rogues and must be judged with their families . We don’t need their piece of peace but justice and equal rights.

  54. I wonder why fools ll be fooling themselves like dis u say hausa are dominating where were dis south south,south east and south west when d north were carrying dis plans of being dominant? I thinks all d prominent educated fools from d south.east n west were sleeping then. Even this barbaric war against pipe lines n even biafra is waste of time n energy when Jonathan ws d president d issue of biafra was not raise it now? To sum it all d hausa’s ll continue 2 dominate in dis country because there make use of their heads judiciously.

  55. Develop them when caught they will be useful in the refinery industries in future……… visionless president

  56. idiot Buhari, why didn’t visit there to inform them. Fear fear lazy fulani pig. general my foot

  57. God punish all the foolish pple callimg Buhari fear fear,instead of applausing his noble decision of not visiting Rivers himself in order to avoiding a clash btw millitants and the president millitary armoured brigade guard which would have led to lost of innocent lifes,you are now calling the General-commander in chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic a Coward(fear fear).tank his selfless decision cuz if he was selfish and danced to the tune of the millitants…the havoc would have been on the indigenes,you think they can harm him??

  58. Brume u r a big fool go 2 hell coward like u. u don’t no wat 2 said u r talking like a fool

  59. Brume u r a big fool coward like u go 2 hell with ur idot mouth u don’t no wat 2 said mumu wat did u call dat ur village. Did u no de history of ur vilage

  60. PMB please withdrawn the innocent Nigeria army from the region because Nigerians want to shared the glory of God Almighty with common oil and God want to use the N/Delta to destroyed every thing. Let oil go so that we can seek for God’s wisdom and give HIM all the glory. For those who have ear let them hear !…

  61. Pot calling kettle black, who are the thieves self, the Hausas that owned over 88.6% of our oil wells abi….. Gerara here please

  62. Well i don’t really blame some people here because you know it not, your history. @Oghenekaro, going by your name, you are a brother. What you are saying is no surprise to me because if you want to be a TRUE NIGERIAN YOU MUST BE ANTI-BIAFRA. You are not the first and as such will not be the last, after all Willie Obiano in Anambra state govt house is dancing the same anti-Biafra tune.

  63. U are blind Brume cos you can’t see beyond oil, who is Japan today any oil there who are Germans do they have oil, first chase ur real enemy away b4 oil, have u forgotten there is what is call technology …how can a king be serving as get man and be happy and uncircumcised Ishmealites dishing order to kings and owners of Palace… absurd. Any way u are a child

  64. Is he back from London, he cant say this in Nigerian soil.

  65. The only thing the government of buhari is serious about is to maintain oil blocks for his brothers and allies and kill as many perceive enemies as possible

  66. As we speak the Avengers calls radio biafra on daily basis to give their support,if you doubt if NDA are not part of biafra struggle go through their demands,not all rubbish vomitted by any idiot can be replied,until the struggle is over we shall see who belongs were,i thought north east and lagos are now oil producing zones??why are they still struggling to get niger delta back,useless greedy parasites.

  67. No more oil in d Niger delta .buhari should face his cows onions grandnut .since he is running northern gvnt. No more oil. And he should learn how to keep his mouths shut before Niger delta boys shut it for him more. somebody should caution him on how to talk. Or else

  68. brume are u a fool or imbe

  69. Brume go and drink acid turnder go fire u

  70. my confusion is dis. Upon all d power and wealth hausa and fulani pple possesess in Nigeria. Na dem suffer pass, na dem poor pass, na dem beg pass and na dem sick or kind of dis rubbish diseases. Check it, an hausa or fulani man cn nt go to another state in dis our country and develop it. For a example building a house or 1 development. Den i ask, all dis money they making frm dis oil where on earth is it going? Guys i will like to ask concerning dis my frnd Mr brumo dat said he hate igbo,s. Pls hw many hausa or fulani,s man house u knw in ur area or community. I mean d one dat hausa or fulani man build? Pls i need an answer.

    • If you will be honest with yourself, you will appreciate how land is to your people, talk more of strangers. Ordinary renting is hell, not to talk of acquiring. In some cases, your money can’t even get you a space. So talking about a northerner developing the south is extremely rear. You know what I’m talking about. Your people find life simple in the north and often forget home. To comfirm this,try convience your people up there to come back home and see. Before they mention land scarcity, they will talk about food and love. Grow up mean man.

    • Emmanuel Adamu, they thought we don’t know, even an average Igbo will never like to built a good structure in his state because of his life and that of his family

  71. Politically motivated clean up. Apc will still fell in the up coming re run election. They already know your motives. Nonsense

  72. you are not serious, c who is talking

  73. Even naija delta it self, its not blong the biafra, talkless of oil, let them go and authenticate the truth history of that oil, this oil have being rebuild by power of our northern grands fathers and mothers, these that, still desputed over the oil are all useless people born by factories capacity,

  74. Oghenekaro Brume you are so uninformed. So you don’t know that there is oil in xommercial quantity in Anambra, Imo and Abia states and the amount of gas in Imo alone will feed Nigeria for life? Stop hating. You are just not informed.

  75. They are popular enermies and greedy parasite.these that, specialize on avery stupidity, they are capital terrorist, who depend on oil to loot, this oil is build by power of our ex fathers, but we never proceed with all it beneficts, cos we din’t depend on it, even without this oil we will survive, we are not among the classis of parasites like you’ i urge you to keep sabotaging the pipes lines, its your problems,

  76. U r a fool by making dis comment cos whether oil or no oil Igbos has being living n is lik u have 4gotten dat Igbos has their own oil. Go n look 4 more important tin 2 do with ur life cos only u cant win d race, if at all u truely knw wat is happening in d country now.

  77. Why is there so much hatred in the comments here?

  78. Have a slice of West Point Gardens, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos and Imo state

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  79. The oil producing states are1.Bayelsa state,2Rivers state,3Akwaibom state,4Delta state, and Cross river state.and all these 5 states belong to niger deltans tribe who they are not igbo. Secondy,these are palm oil and gari producing state, Imo,Abia,Anambara,Enugu,and Ebonyi state,and all these are igbo states,but having no sharm at all always you would hear these pigs igbo insulting people on this niger deltans oil,while you can never hear igbo f froud with their palm oil and gari.imagine.

  80. Brume one man batalion u ar a tough striker. I really undastand wat u ar pointin out but most of our brodas n sistas turn it to b anoda tin. Well God bless u

  81. let us divide, nobody is to choose for any body. north stay your own first and let we brothers decide whether we will be one or not. people that value cow more than human being.

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