Wednesday , March 22 2023
Godwin Obaseki

Obaseki, Oshomhole’s choice emerges as Edo APC governorship candidate

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Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s preferred candidate and Chairman of Edo State Economic Team, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has emerged the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress in Edo State.

Mr. Obaseki polled 1,608 to defeat incumbent Deputy Governor, Dr. Pius Odubu who polled 471 votes.

Scores by other aspirants are Charles Airhiavbere got 11 votes, Blessing Agbomhere secured five votes, Prof. Ebegue Amadasun had eight votes, Emmanuel Arigbe-Osula garnered 10 votes, Austin Emuan got seven votes.

Others are Peter Esele who secured eight votes, Barr. Kenneth Imasuagbon popularly known as Rice Man got 247 votes, Chris Ogiemwonyi polled 137, Prof Oserheimen Osunbor garnered nine votes and Tina Agbarha got three votes.

The primaries which was peaceful was held at the Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia stadium.

Voting began at about 6pm and ended at 10:50pm.

A A total of 2582 delegates were accredited to vote in the governorship primaries of the All Progressive Congress in Edo State.

These are the number of persons that presented themselves for accreditation out of a 2771 names on the delegate list.

Former lawmaker, Hon Razak Bello-Osagie described the party primaries as a show of the party’s democratic values.

He said, “This is internal democracy of the party. So, I do not expect, quite naturally, any rancorous situation. Imaginary boundaries within the party should be removed so that we can have a formidable platform for the general elections. I do not see any reason we should be dissipating energies on those things that will not reinforce the integrity of what we represent as change agents.

“We need a candidate whose activities are predicated on vision, purpose, integrity, leadership and service. It is a family affair, so I expect that the process will go on peacefully to the glory God Almighty and to the benefit of humanity.

Agbomehere had earlier said he would accept the outcome of the primaries as a loyal partyman that supports unity of the party.

Hon Philip Shaibu representing Estako Federal Constituency said, “That is how I see Obaseki, as one person that will take such top decisions and will continue with the infrastructural development that the governor has laid.”

Obaseki wins Edo APC governorship primaries

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  1. Eyyeahhhh deputy governor just take it easy.It’s normal deputies hardly inherit the seat in Nigeria.

  2. @ Abayomi Olaore, it is because of our corrupt nature. Deputies know a lot and have also endured a lot. Letting them win could mean probe and exposure of covered crimes.

  3. With Adams Oshiomhole’s dream fulfilled in Edo state by making sure his preferrde candidate emerged at the just concluded Apc’s guber primaried. The corrupt, maladministration and impunity will continued from where he’ll stop. God forbide… Edo people must not allow that again, no matter who is behind Obaseki.

  4. It is a tradition in Nigeria dat if a dog is to be supported as candidate by an incumbent governor he will surely win d election .

  5. Pdp will win d governor sit mark my word

  6. That is to say that APC is out of Edo State,if Oshiomole ordains him!

  7. oga u wil not go anywere pdp all the way

  8. By God grace u have already win general election. Apc all de way

  9. Pls can someone tell us the Edo state under this present government and that of pdp which one is the best because the last time I check some years back Edo state is rated among the last performance state in this country but now it rated as one of the best performance state in Nigeria.pdp destroy the state while oshiomhole bring out its best.Congratulations sir wishes you more success.

  10. We hope he ‘ ll continue were his boss stop in infrastructural dev of d state, God willing if he wins. Goodluck, Obaseki.

    • Ok u even declare him as governorship winner in Edo state? u better wake up bcos I know u ar dreaming, let us see how apc will win Edo state weather is magic? See their is not seat 4 apc in Edo state, bcos what Buhari and his apc ar doing to Nigeria now has voted apc out in Edo state.

    • Jerrison Sam, u are joking. We don’t want 2 go bak 2 Lucky Igbinedion era, where PDP dealth wit us 4 8yrs. U talking of Buhari not Oshiomole. PDP cannot deliever dividents of democracy 2 Edo people. All dey know is 2 share govt money. We will resist any attempt 2 allow dem. D present challenges dey facing now clearly shows dat dier house is not in order nd may affect d gov polls in Edo state. Obaseki ride on we shall vote 4 u.

    • @ amina momoh you are saying we are as if you are from edo state nawa oo

    • Am frm Edo state, frm Akoko edo LGA, so i mean what am saying, Eunice.

    • Am 4rm.edo state..we say no no no to APC

  11. I give my full support to Godwin Obaseki

  12. Obaseki can not be Edo state governor, apc do u think we ar fools do u think we will continue living under deceivers dat ar planing to kill poor pple? u ar only making noise in social media, let us see how apc will win Edo state, u ar not in Edo state claming apc will win Edo state I think u will come and join us vote 4 them. Let us see which kind of juju oshimhole will use to win Edo state 4 apc again, what Buhari is doing 4 Nigeria now has voted apc out in Edo state, watch and see shame will catch oshimhole and his yeye candidate, the person that nobody know him in Edo state oshimhole hv to bring him to be a governor in Edo state. Oshimhole and his yeye candidate the son of obaseki will see hell true what apc government ar doing to Nigeria now.

  13. Say NO,to All Promises Cancelled!!!

  14. No matter who emerge as d goversorship candidate, people ‘ll still fault or complain about d process, if Adam Oshiomole’s deputy had won d primary, it ‘ll surely look like a cover up, but now dat another person emerge, is still a cover up

  15. lovly i wan to tell u shallon


  17. Y ar u sayin is adam’s choice?

  18. all promises cancelled indeed! Ogao,wonder shall never end

  19. Must U people always present ugly people to govern EDO state?

  20. Mmmm…..obasanjo…sorry obaseki

  21. Oshiomole wants to cover his stealing , which makes Lucky Igbinedion a hero. Arrangee from start to finish. Shameless man. Thank God he has not mentioned GEJ . You want to be Godfather when you refuse to be a Godson. Banza

  22. Who will cover up his impunity.

  23. Are they no harmsome men in Edo state or why is the baboon handing over to gorriler

  24. He has put another thief like him

  25. Is not ur fault my brother, U can say anything dat comes 2 ur mouth, wen u dont move out frm Edo-State 2 see wat is happening in d outside world. Even d nearest state dat shared boundary wit Edo-State, (Kg/sta) 2 know d good work of Gov Oshiomale. Is it d good Roads, bc, i’m a Time T, traveller, or payment & increase in salaries, soo many like dat. & mark U, No one, i say no one again, will do such a wonderful job 4 his State & allow a looters 2 come frm nowhere & spoil dem. Ayo Glory.

  26. Men I pity edo. They seem to be blessed with ugly governors. .

  27. Mumu tAlk, na Oshomole conducted the pry election?

  28. Cum nor b dis obaseki na b manager of spdc abi na wich portfolio he hold back den in d 2000’s… During obasanjo regim???

  29. Ppl still dey vote for Apc?

  30. Next stop…. Propaganda against the opposition… Lies from the pits of hell… Crisis, violence, staged assassination attempts and lots more.. Typical APC smear campaign of its opposition.

  31. So sit nah I.M 4 9ja corruption continue voting don’t count Y oshio allow d pple 2 choose who good 4 dem oook 10q?

  32. PDP must lead Edo. Pdp, power to the people.

  33. Buhari has kill APC, let bring PDP back again

  34. Well vote wisely during d main election.Afterall candidates fm other parties will be competing with him

  35. HaaaaAAaa, the man too fine

  36. When OBJ pick jonathan as his choice to replace him.
    OBJ later regretted it publicly in words ‘d series of public letters !.
    Tinubu pick Fashola to replace him; Tinubu was able to stand shoulder high !.
    If Oshiomhole also see some qualities in Godwin Obaseki ‘d prefer him to others.
    There shouldn’t be anything to start crying about on such development.
    Those who are not satisfied are free to go and hang.
    It’s up to them; as heaven won’t fall !.

  37. Without pdp edo state’s nothing,,,,,,,,

  38. Those who defected to APC with the intention of securing the party’s ticket had bloody noses. They want to reap where they did not sow. Osho Baba, well done!

  39. Now Edo people have another chance to rewrite the wrongs from those who want to kill the state with borrowing millions of dollars without thinking of tomorrow

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  41. He should cover his face in shame, he is Oshonhole candidate not d Edo APC candidate & u all clapping hands should be ashamed that u don’t even have a say in who governs u, where is ur preferred candidate? Democracy is said to be a govt of d pple by d pple & 4d pple, not 4 a governor by a governor & 4 d governor, where is ur self esteem, why are u becoming slaves voluntarily when u were born a free born?

  42. does it mean no handsom men in apc and edo state

  43. make you na run ooooo ,apc don come again , this one na die ooooooooooooo

  44. The man fine, like him God father!

  45. PLS DONT VOTE APC SO DAT U WIL NOT SURFER LIKE OSUN STATE WORKERS. Ekiti State workers are now surfering as a result of former governor Fayemi (APC) lootings & debts.

  46. Lolz.this man hennnn.and ishiomole na the same oh.

  47. Ugly. Kwaaa is dia no handsome Edo face again? Lol

  48. I hear so, but I also understand that he has case to answer before the efcc

  49. Congratulation. Wish you success at the polls. Surely you will build on Adams Oshiomole achievements and even surpass it lJN. Edo State is forever Free. It was hard fight, fought and won. It can only be God. The opposing forces were massive, employed the most vicious Campaign ever witnessed in Nigeria Political History against Gov Adams Oshiomole but God delivered him. It was not easy but God looking at the suffering of Edo masses delivered it completely and as it stands PDP is no longer exist in Edo

  50. y is dat edo state governors are always very ugly

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