Tuesday , February 7 2023
Major Gen. Babagana Monguno

NSA, Kachikwu, Nguru, Boroh meet militants over pipeline bombings

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As part of efforts of the Federal government to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing sabotage of oil and gas installations in the Niger-Delta, representatives of the government held a meeting with about 50 ex-militant leaders in Abuja on Wednesday.

Representing the government at the meeting, which took place at  the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja were the National Security Adviser, Major-General Babagana Monguno (rtd)., Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachukwu, Niger Delta Minister, Pastor Uguru Usani Uguru and the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, Brig-Gen. Paul Boroh, (Rtd).

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, was also at the meeting but left after a brief discussion with those in attendance.

Similarly, the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, Brig. Gen. Paul Boroh, has relocated from Abuja to the troubled region to hold discussions with the militants to sheath their sword and embrace peace.

The Presidential adviser moved from Abuja on Thursday to be able to meet with some of the aggrieved Niger Delta leaders in Delta, Rivers, Edo, Bayelsa between today and the weekend before moving to the other oil-bearing states for similar discussions.

“The whole aim of my relocation to the Niger Delta creeks is to enable me to identify the aggrieved individuals and groups and hold extensive discussions with them on the need to keep the peace since the government is working hard to put things right in the Niger Delta and other parts of Nigeria,” the Presidential Amnesty Programme Coordinator, said last night.

From available records, the Federal Government has not reneged on its amnesty package to the region and is working hard to improve the infrastructural needs of the Niger Delta, one of them being the Calabar-Lagos Coastal Railway which is already captured in this year’s budget.

The central message passed down to the Niger Delta elements by the Federal Government team, was for them to stop further destruction of critical government oil assets but to seek peaceful means of expressing their grievances.


Kachikwu, who addressed the Niger Delta leaders drawn the oil-bearing communities, said it was imperative for  the perpetrators of the bombing of oil facilities to realise that such actions were inimical to the country and its people.

“Nobody benefits from any destruction and we need to stop anything that can lead to the destruction of lives and the environment,” Kachukwu said.

“The Federal Government will continue to take steps to ensure that the issues agitating the minds of the people are genuinely addressed for the overall interest of all.”

It will be recalled that the blowing up of oil facilities has intensified in recent weeks, cutting off Nigeria’s oil output by nearly 700,000 barrels per day.

The development has also pushed up oil prices in the international market.


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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Dialogue is the best option. Thank you for that wise decisiong . ‘Nor bi soldiers matter as our warlord leader dey see am’!

  2. Is better to resolve in the table than to go 4 war.

  3. Militants wil soon fight against militants mark my word

  4. Buhari will not known peace atall,

  5. Why is the meeting held in Abuja instead of the creeks

    • Is true you igbos are cursed. Any negative comments are from igbos

    • Abba ur mumu get bomb.

    • Abba, u sound foolish. don’t u understand that igbos are anxious of having biafra? how do u think they’ll support anything that’ll keep us together as one when it’s obvious we’re not of d same lifestyle, culture, religion, etc. we value human life, but u’re always ready to kill. see how bokoharam & fulani herdsmen are wasting precious lives. instead of u 2 be saying something that’ll soothe them and u’re talking about curse. if we’re cursed, why are we prospering than u people? we’re business-minded, we can come 2 ur place and dominate it with our trading prowess. if we must stay together, u must value life more than religion. i heard that someone used koran and clean his anus, u people came and beheaded him. why not allow allah 2 kill him? that’s why christianity is d best for all. it values life of human being more than anything in life. that’s why Jesus gave his life 4 d redemption of mankind

    • Chukwu, you have summarized almost everything in one go.

    • Okojie, who wants to die? Abuja is comfortable for those fools. Again, they want to keep the ex-militants in costly hotels with bribery that will not last for long. And the circle of wahala in South South and South East continue. IT WILL BE VERY STUPID IF THE AVERGERS AFTER ALL THESE DAMAGES GIVE UP WITHOUT THEIR DEMANDS MEET AND GIVE IN TO FED GOVT which will attract the World to laugh at South South and South East people. Worse yet, Hausa and Yoruba people will rejoice, bet me.

  6. You’re are dealing with pure business men not militant leaders. This new restiveness is bigger than them from the look of things. What government wants to do is to practice the northern hegemony of divide and rule in the south just to set brothers against brothers. Am just passing.

    • We are more coordinated than what you think! We must ensure that Niger Delta becomes a dream come true.Have you heard the killed a soul in all of their operations? They have a target to meet.

  7. NDA is jst weighing up d balance of the segmention of governce;Bokom Haram,Herdsmen who are the presidents brothers also d issue of kidpd or escpe Chibok girls,mstly the style in which d fght 4 corrptn is fought,favrtsm,nepotsm statmnt;i will crush dem.U no say if u tnk wetin dey happen 4 dis fantastically corrupt country u ma go vessx tro bomb.Give dem amnesty and remember d goose dat lays d golden egg deservs extrassss.

    • No more amnesty but Freedom and Independence with release of Nnamdi Kanu are parts of their demands NOT amnesty cos they are NOT interested in that useless amnesty.

  8. Why the peace talk na? I thought the FG will treat them like boko haram. Eeyah FG want to dialogue at last.

  9. U cant bribe them with dat peanut after many years of oil business.EVERYBODY SHOULD GO HOME,OIL IS FINISH,NORTHERNS SHOULD TRY FARM PRODUCT AS BUSINESS 4RM TIL ENTERNITY.

  10. Congratulations on the destruction of your own fatherland. Nigeria shall rise above oil dependent soon and, u shall live to tell the story to ur children children.

  11. Good move. Don’t talk of force – force when the issues are clear and legitimate. Use politics to solve political issues. Than the use of Tyranical or military approaches.

    • God bless you sir, you are a proactive leader. Others just make comments without reasoning.
      This does not imply that am in any way in support of the avengers.
      But it you are smart you will realise their action might be one out of many strategies aimed at suffocating the government and the nation at large.
      I have always told people here on Facebook that war is expensive.
      I strongly believe if the government is flexible, we can survive this nightmare which we have found ourselves today.
      Vote Enimizufa Diepreye for president 2019.
      ”Let’s get it right for the first time ”

    • yb. u are correct bt even politics can not solve d issue on ground,only reality approach needed here.

    • It’s quiet unfortunate to see mortheners now talking of peace why are you guys not boasting of the buhari generality and his military might.

    • We will not gain anything from fighting ourselves. All we need is good leadership. It is a pity if at this age we still feel that religion and regional politics is the way out. Note that Ameachi, Okorocha, Dr. Onu etc are not northerners. Nigerian problems are many culminating from greed and selfishness. I will ever lived to respect GEJ even in the face of the stiff opposition he past through. If Nigeria must survive, we must tell ourselves the truth and then face the challenges squarely. But killing and destruction of property will not help us. In the case of the Niger Delta Militants, I don’t blame them cos I know the ecological problems they are facing due to oil exploration and since we operate a mono economy, why not be reasonable in handling them so that the economy is not crippled and as you do that, look broadly at other revenue generating segments, say the solid minerals such as gold etc? May God help Nigeria. Amen

    • sir, ur comment make me to educate other pples that ar saying war with out knowing what is call war ? i pray to GOD to increase ur days on this earth amen.

    • There is nothing like peace on earth, but it looks as if hausa muslims loved trouble more, they used boko haram against Obj and GEAJ, just to make their regime ungovernable for them, and now that Buhari, a strong supporter of boko haram is in power, the same people who made things so difficult for another, want peace to reign so their own could rule at ease. Well, i wish you success in your effort to pursue peace now

  12. FG dialogue with the militants is mission impossible….It’s It’s Biafra or nothing

  13. They are not looking for peace but some corrupt politicians weapons to cause chaos

  14. We dnt want Peace talk,we want equal rite & justice,d Govt shld tel Avengers hw dey wil fix tinz,d Govt shld say it openly 2 Nigeriaxs,Buhari tot he cud use force 2 silent dm,rubbish

  15. It is a welcome development on the part of federal govt.

  16. no no nobody above the government but is OK like that if dey refuse to accept dialogue send them to graves!

  17. Tnk God d fed govt has succumd 2 dialogue wit d militants at last. Its a welcome dev, d need 4 d community 2 b part of d security of d pipe line should b considered. Also certain percentage of revenue frm d oil b set aside 4 d community. D challenges we facing as a nation is self inflicted, cause we are abundantly blessed as a nation. D President should pls, melo down, as old age is on his side. We cannot afford 2 hav two major challenges of boko haram nd militants simultaneously, it will adversely affect d economy, ad d resources 2 procecute dem are limited.

  18. They won’t have gone to meet with them,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thought Buhari want dem crushed

  19. Belated action but not too late.

  20. Smart one. “If u plant hornesty u reap trust….”- Col.Moduck.

  21. They are militants. Use military to dislodge them.I don’t know their grievances after granting them amnesty worth billions of dollar

    • If you follow it that way the economy of the so call Nigeria will be crippled and so shall it be until KANU is freed

    • Buhari stopped the amnesty and started paying the so called repentant boko haram, 80% of the oil blocs re controlled by northerners, since u dont know what they need but stay inside ur room and want others waste their lives, what they need is equity

    • They have passed amnesty ,their conditions are clear.

    • Olatunde, from your comfort zone, go and join the army, and fight for the govt,

    • Dont mind that fool, the war has already started and the millitary already knw that it wasnt easy with the kind of wapons that the millitants are holding, u are on social media making noise, have u seen oil pill in ur life, u think we are joking, yorubas are already knwn for noise making, this country will split, so that the yoruba and hausas, will form their own country, fools.

    • Oluwafemi, I pity you at this your age talking rubbish. Military this Military that. Why not go and join the Military? You want other women whose husbands are soldiers to become widows? NNPC facility that was bombed heavy Military presence is there and the Avergers on that mission were they invisible? Nigeria is dead already. Say whatever you like to say and nobody will stop your mouth from running. America fought British in all fronts before they got their Independence and Freedom. So, this one is not different if that is the way Nigeria will break up. The almighty USSR broke up then how much more your country Nigeria? To your tent oh Israel.

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  23. Crush! Crush!! Crush!!! What has happened to the crush narrative? Thought someone promised to crush his way to uninterrupted oil exploration even if some people perceive injustice? Arrogance has a way of humbling a man sometimes.

  24. Their talk no get head… all we want is separation. Let de good buhari rule his pple and let bad GEJ lead us then stay and watch de difference within 6months

  25. The FG have done harm than good but am afraid it’s too late

  26. Olatunde Olufemi. Use ur brain pls.

  27. No need meeting with the NDA.
    When you MEET their demands they would know from the creeks.

  28. It’s better to jaw jaw than war war!!! I had expected the government to have initiated that move earlier than now instead of threat of military actions. A good father must have a listening ear to his grumbling children. All the same, It’s better late than never!

  29. You guys initially boasted as if Niger Deltans can’t hold the Buhari government to ransom.What is happening now? Has the government not started begging? Nobody has the right to look down on anyone,because it’s only God that has attained such height.

  30. who told u that railway is our problem?this guys gave u conditions and u never did any,well keep playing politics,till biafra comes….

  31. @Patrick adedamola you’re the one to use your number six

  32. Nobody is begging anyone. It’s a normal thing to dialogue. If it fails the needful tactics will be applied
    Note no group or set of people can defeat the federal government in Nigeria
    They will have themselves to blame if they go to war

  33. Kanu Will die in detention. Better know now

  34. Mind you the Avengers are entirely different frm the Millitants or are you telling me that the Ex-Militants methamorphoused and became the Avengers of whom those 50 ex-millitants, are there Leaders. what are the purpose of meeting with them, is it by paying them some ransom to order their boys to stop the bombing of pipelines, if the other way round it becomes “THE ND-AVENGERS Vs THE EX-MILLITANT” Part 2. Good people just keep watching. Lol…

    • Hey! Igbo man, are you people related to devil? Anything bad is what you want. Is as if this saying of you being CURSED is true ooh.

    • No insultive words aboki, your brothers the boko haram and the so called fulani herdsmen have cost more hazard to this nation than the millitants, you people are mad and senceless, dont take it personal ok

    • Abba, 85% oil blocs own by northerners is good in your hearing? The herdsman/fulani killing sounds good in your hearing?? The use of oil money to develop north and west also sweetens your ears??? Say something better, boy.

  35. The greatest mistake on the part of FG is the use of threats and calling the freedom fighters criminals. Sad to say that the president and his crises management team will have to learn how to deal with conflicts of this nature

  36. those in charge of govt in our time are product of a violent religion,they don’t believe in dialogue but in force.

  37. MEET THEIR DEMANDS, chikena!!!!

  38. Boko boys started like this. The initial gragra.and we were made to believe they they are too powerful but pmb proved us wrong. The fact still remain that no militant terrorist group can face a nation army.

  39. They should forget any Talk, They have given them conditions They should grant that or forget any Talk.

  40. Not suppose b wit d ex,it’s suppose b wit d main avengers

  41. Most of those invited are criminals not ex militant

  42. Good Jaw-jaw is better than war-war

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  44. Well if oil from the niger delta is going to remain a national cake,all the cow in the north should be as well.don’t robb Peter to pay Paul.

  45. what ever idont care! military,dialogue,dis integration of nation

  46. I thought he said he crush them the same way he crushed Boko Haram so dialogue is good. Okay oo!

  47. Did they nt knw dat force will rather compound issues 4 to handle? this is wht happens whn u dnt have good advisers arround u.

  48. Boko haram people now want the AVENGERS to surrender for them?

  49. No negotiation just implement national confab


  51. The child who forces a vigil on his mother has likewise disqualified himself from a sound sleep.

  52. It is a welcome development. I like it. After all, Buhari treat fulani herdmen, the murderers and the kidnappers decently. According to Buhari, fulani herdmen are aliens. These big guys are nigerians. They deserve political peaceful solution, rather than killing them for their right. These guys need big money. Fed govt should settle them. It is their right.

  53. Buhari was thinking that niger deltans are people like boko haram.

  54. Oyege Nimi Brown. You completely misunderstood the approach. One good things you must note,is that,Democracy is a instrument of peace,but not withstanding,democracy can also drop diplomacy when it idea is not buyable. In any war steps,there are foundamental criterials that are followed,which guides the process of peace or war approach. It is imperative to also resolve for measure to comensurate consensus,when you use threat,and democracy support it,but it fails to work,you go fo dialoug,if it fails,then the last resort of military action will be accepted in democracy,that is the only way buhari govt will gain support for military actions,within the international community,you can not give credict to democracy when human right is not given a foundamental basis for democracy to operate. Dont misrepresent the buhari peace approach for begin,it is a normal process in war approach. Dont toy the General,our economy is in shamble,he will not allow any,to put fire on it.

  55. ex-milantants cannot help u in this issue, just grant us freedom to Extablishe our Nation Bifara. you are meeting the wrong ppl. meet the ND Avangers. Nigeria is due and Ripe for division.

  56. This government that is in power may not give a kobo to anyone o but instead may work out systematic approach to making sure that d derivation given to d Niger Delta is being put to proper use to develop the region & not syphon by their leaders who pretend to be helping them.This in my view will probably be the outcome of d dialogue if d militants will allow for any but if not then no one is bigger than d country no matter d situation or agitation.Besides,sentiments apart,this government is seen to be putting things back on track & not paying to d militants to secure pipelines when we have all manner of security in d country that are being paid.I knew it well frm d onset that paying d militants to secure the pipelines & it’s withdrawal may be a bit challenging but whose fault?Brother ‘GEJ’ of course.

  57. @ idam Sampson I will be alive and nothing will happen to me
    Don’t you know the penalty for treason?

  58. Whether you believe it or not. The militants will be severely dealt with if negotiations fail

  59. He will be out after serving his jail terms if he is not given life sentence

  60. Before Nigeria becomes history they would have become history first
    No region I repeat can defeat the federal troops in Nigeria

  61. de hv nt started beging infact dat’s isn’t enough moreover dat’s de begining nt de end!:!4 ur urgent inform tanks.

  62. Dat a gud u should have take since.

  63. Peace talk is a trap to peaceful war. Gud one, i trust Nig Army. Give the human rights dy own share.

  64. Finally oga don’t want war again ,you beat a child and don’t want the child to cry.buhari stopped amnesty in Niger delta and gave it to Boko haram.what is bokoharam fighting for???? Their groundnut and cotton?

  65. @ Army is a profession.no profession is comfortable without it’s professional hazard.I choose the profession that suits me
    Don’t write on social media because people are writting
    Contribute meaningfully@ Nelson Atti

  66. Buhari was warned when he was dividing Nigeria into 97/5 percent ,when he was dividing and maginalisim southern states by his appointments , when he removed almost 75percent of amnesty given to Nigerdelta, when he was harassing the leaders and political leaders of southerners with DSS , when he was chasing tompolo ,killing innocent people at the process ,etc ,Buhari was warned but his hailers made him to believed tht he is a small god and a supper human . Now he has destroyed the Peace Gej and PDP fought hard to keep, let him enjoy ,but must remember tht if he fail to bring peace back to Nigeria ,as Gej handed Nigeria to him ,he will not be forgiven

  67. Let them keep on bombing the pipeline very well is their future that they are destroying wetin concern me??? See my profile pics i just dey flex

  68. How will u feel wen house feeds the village but the Dont allow u to eat from ur house

  69. Nigerians wish for fruitful discussion and a good outcome

  70. @John Eguzouwa you lack manner. You don’t have to call me names because of my opinion on a subject matter. It shows that you lack ideas
    However I’m not surprised at your level of irresponsibility as your tribe is noted for waking up your father with a kick on the ass. So you won’t respect strangers you share comments with on Facebook. You are entitled to your opinion as well as I am

  71. When did you become spoke person for the avengers? The south south are not part of your biafra rebellion. Go and listen to what wike said in his latest interview
    Avengers are tools in the hands of the south south elders who had badly lost an election

  72. Oluwafemi, are you really a father? You reacts to other people’s comments like a small boy who has no knowledge about Nigeria. You try to be objective.

  73. @oluwafemi you with this your Federal troop, i thought your President gave Nigerian army matching order to crush those boys, what happen up to a month now the order cannot be carried out instead begging. I always tell pple that Niger Delta Region is not SOUTH WEST nor Northern Nigeria, try anything foolish there, you have yourself to blame Obasanjo is till alive only Yara dua is no more to tell his experience. Who stop the so call Federal troop from crushing the avengers before now?

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