Saturday , March 25 2023
Niger delta Avenger

None of our operatives have been arrested – ND Avengers

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The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) have reputed claim by the Nigerian Navy that some of its members have been arrested ‘

In a statement on Sunday the NDA said that: “ Stanley Tonghan and Felix Miyenminiye that were arrested and paraded by the Nigeria Navy are few of the sleeper agents working for Nigeria Military in conjunction with one Ayiri Emani and Michael Johnny. The Suspects (Tonghan and Felix Miyenminiye) were paid 5 Million Naira to give Nigeria military intelligence on the activities of NDA. On failing to deliver the suspects were arrested and tagged NDA members. What a shame?”

According to the statement signed by Brig.Gen Agbinibo Mudoch, the NDA said: “Stanley Tonghan and Felix Miyenminiye are not member of NDA we don’t know or have any connection with them. The Navy Commanding Office NNS Delta, Warri(Commodore Joseph Dzunve) is trying to impress his Boss in Abuja but arresting sleeper agents recruited by his predecessor. Any criminal arrested is now an NDA member. Since we (NDA) started the struggle none of our operatives has been arrested. All those in detention in the name of NDA are not part of NDA the world should know this.

“Nigeria military have not seen embarrassment. NDA will keep embarrassing you because the only thing you are good at doing in the Niger Delta region is arrest and killing of innocent citizens of the Niger Delta in the name of looking for NDA and illegal bunkering. If the Nigeria military is serious about arresting NDA let them come to the creeks of the Niger Delta, that is where we dwell not the city. If I (Brig.Gen Moduch Agbinibo) was the Commanding Officer NNS Delta (Commodore Joseph Dzunve) and commander of the so-called Operation Delta Safe (Rear Admiral Joseph Okojie), I would have been in the creeks instead of sitting at the comfort of my air-conditioned office.

“To the elders of the Niger Delta, hope it clear to you our elders that the Buhari led government is unreliable, unreasonable, unresponsible and not ready to dialogue. Can you tell the world the government official you been dialoguing with? Is it the President? Or is their any committee that is set up for it? We respect you our elders, as such stop behaving, as the Niger Delta is a seized region and stop acting like you begging the government for dialogue. The worse the government will do is to bombard our villages and towns in the name of looking for NDA. So our elders should trend carefully with the Nigeria government.

“The reason behind military harassment of towns and villages in the Niger Delta is because NDA have not confronted the Nigeria military in battle. We are not scared in confronting you. The creeks of the Niger Delta belong to us so defeating the Nigeria military is not hard for us. We have made it clear in many occasions that our business is to cripple the Nigeria economy not to kill military. The Nigeria military should not we (NDA) avoiding them is a sign of weakness.


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